Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

March 2024

Journal Recap for March 2024: March 1: I woke up, did some cleaning, got ready, and stopped at The Coffee Shop. I went up to work at Amanda’s. I ran an errand during lunch and got Subway for lunch. Amanda went to get her nails done. Bre and I hung out in the hot tub […]

February 2024

Journal Recap for February 2024: February 1: I went into the office. Kenzie and I went to the mall during lunch. I spent the afternoon getting caught up on tasks. I showered, had dinner, and finished packing while chatting with Kylie. Marissa picked me up at 8. We went to Ciara and Nathan’s. Nathan took […]

January 2024

Journal Recap for January 2024: January 1: Hungover. I chilled in my room and ordered breakfast from IHOP. I watched The Parent Trap, paid rent, and did journal stuff. I showered and got ready. Amanda and Bre came over and I drove us down to Brooke and Andrew’s to watch the Michigan/Alabama game. I played […]

December 2023

Journal Recap for December 2023: December 1: I went to The Coffee Shop. Briant came in as well. He left at 12 and I left at 1. I went to the store and then worked the rest of the day in the living room. I listened to the new music Friday playlist. Kylie and I […]

My 2023

My 2023 Recap 2023 Highlights: Sundance Film Festival with Shinah Disney Club Night with Kaylee Florida to visit Tasha with Shinah, Walt Disney World for the first time All-Star Weekend Afternoon Tea at the Grand America Hotel Taylor Swift, The Eras Tour, Las Vegas Night 2 with Sarah M. Seeing penguins with my mom Wallace, […]

November 2023

Journal Recap for November 2023: November 1: I paid rent, got caught up on my journal, published my blog, and posted pics from October. I got ready and worked in my room. I took down the Halloween decorations during lunch. A plant was overwatered and went everywhere. I cleaned up, vacuumed, mopped, and took the […]

October 2023

Journal Recap for October 2023: October 1: I did some cleaning got ready, paid rent, and published my blog. Kylie and I went to Dutch Bros, stopped at a gas station in Springville for her tires, and then went to Mona. Maddi, Brad, and Gage all blessed their babies today. We had soup, rolls, and […]

September 2023

Journal Recap for September 2023: September 1: I got ready, listened to podcasts, and put on the new music Friday playlist. I paid rent, published my blog, and posted pictures from August. I worked in my room. I went to Michael’s and Macey’s during my lunch break. I had lunch. I had a very productive […]

August 2023

Journal Recap for August 2023: Fun little tidbit… there is way more to each day that I don’t share on here. August 1: I went into the office. I went to Target after work and then home. I packed for New York City. I had dinner and watched My Unorthodox Life and Harry Potter and […]

July 2023

Journal Recap for July 2023: July 1: I got ready and went to Trader Joe’s. I had lunch, watched Succession, and then chilled in my room. Sarah came to my place. We met Jen at The Smoked Taco. We then went to the Stadium of Fire. Journey performed. Loved seeing the dancers, skydivers, and the […]