Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

187th Annual General Conference

Saturday Morning Session

The church is a light, the gospel is a light and Jesus Christ is the light! 

L: Look to the future with eyes of faith and hope. God will provide for our needs. The adversary has us focus on the mists of darkness. Look unto Him in every thought, doubt not, fear not.

I: I accepted and rejoiced in His plan. We all lived with God before we came to this earth. There is safety and peace in keeping the commandments. We must choose to accept and rejoice in His plan now that we are here.

G: Greater participation in the church allows us to put on the armor to resist temptation. Gather names of our ancestors so we can perform sacred ordinances for them in the temple. We can overcome overwhelming obstacles if we serve with all of our heart. We must spiritually stretch to receive His power.

H: He really does care. We are never really alone. If we choose to walk with Him, we can find comfort in our Savior in our darkest hours. May we choose to follow Christ EACH DAY. When we fail… which we all do… repent. Jesus encourages us to reform our lives. Jesus is our good shepherd and doesn’t turn away from us when we are sick. Our burdens will be eased as we turn to Him.

T: The more we know about the Savior’s mission, the more we know about the power He gives. Be kind to EVERYONE. Do NOT persecute anyone in or outside the church. Show respect to ALL and hatred toward NO ONE. As we become more like Him, we learn to love others like He does.

We must seek the light.

Saturday Afternoon Session

There is room in the choir for ALL. 

S: Some days are difficult. Stand as close as possible to our Savior who has the perfect pitch. He can listen to our silence. Don’t abandon your role in the chorus. There is room for those with differing sexual attractions. Come as you are but don’t plan to stay as you are.

I: In order to be ALL in, we need to stand up on the inside. If we are faithful, things will work out. Daily scripture study MUST happen. Pay your tithing and save money. Attend the temple as frequently as you can.

N: Now is the time to set goals for your life that align with the Savior’s plan. Those that accomplish most in this life have a vision and set goals. Don’t run faster than you have strength.

G: God is patient with our mistakes. Love God with all of your heart. As we live the gospel, we will become more virtuous. Endure all things patiently. Minister to anyone in need. We can’t be part-time disciples.

We’ll sing and we’ll shout, with the armies of Heaven.

Priesthood Session

Cleave unto charity. 

L: Lift where you stand. Be worthy, stay worthy. The priesthood helps us become leaders.

O: Opportunities to serve others is LIMITLESS! Serve without expectation of a reward. What is the most important calling in the church? The one you have now! You can’t get honor in heaven by competing for it.

V: Value friendships. Send a text, thought or a tweet as you’re inspired.

E: Everyone is a child of God. Be kind. If you walk with the Savior long enough, you’ll see everyone as a child of God with great potential.

Charity is the pure love of Christ.

Sunday Morning Session: 

Read The Book of Mormon every day! 

R: Read the Book of Mormon every day! It must be important if the Prophet, in his short message, said so.

E: It is ESSENTIAL to have your own testimony in these difficult times. We need to strengthen our spiritual walls. Do not lose your faith because of the people around you. We know who we are and what we can become.

A: Act on the first prompting. He wants us to hold on to the iron rod. May we shake at the appearance of sin. That nudge you felt is the Holy Ghost.

D: Do little things for big results. Don’t look around, look up. In our morning prayers, let Him know we are ready. With God, nothing is impossible. He knows our needs. His love surpasses by far what we can imagine. Don’t dwell on the evils of the world. Be not afraid. Move forward with determination. The Lord will fight for you. Find courage.

Become spiritual first responders.

Sunday Afternoon Session: 

Love God and love your neighbor. 

P: Pray with all of your heart. Prayers are answered because of faith.

R: Repentance shouldn’t be seen as negative. We all must go through a refiner’s fire. Watch and pray continually so you don’t fall into temptation.

A: Always listen, listen, listen. The Holy Ghost can help us from snakes. Stay close to the Spirit and the Spirit will stay close to you. Go to church as it brings peace and joy. We will have oil for our lamps if we listen to the counsel of our leaders.

Y: You are not alone in this world. We must not hide our light. I am a child of God, so I must see people for who they are, children of God. Find the names of our ancestors and take them to the temple.

Wickedness never was or will be happiness.