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16 days…!

Below are the speakers listed on the program for the conference as well as individuals we have the chance to meet outside of the conference. Click on their name to view their accomplishments on their LinkedIn Profile. Linda Shipley Martin – Partner and Managing Director at Porter Novelli PR Firm Cori Fox – American Idol Faith Tusieseina – […]

PR-related topics in the news

I am going to focus this post specifically on an article found on www.prweek.com titled: 10 reasons why Snapchat is the platform du jour for brands. This specific article states there are about 100 million daily active users and a niche  18-24-year-old demographic. From the article: “Snapchat is on a sharp rise,” she says. “So if brands can […]


Our professor has highlighted items that need to be checked in preparation for our Los Angeles trip. Such items include: reading The New York Times, creating and posting to a blog, perfecting our resumes and printing business cards. More items to come as we progress throughout the semester. I have been reading the Business and […]