Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

A Series of Fortunate and Unfortunate Events – March, 2020

March 1: Spent the day at my parents typing up my journal entries and watching A Million Little Things. Went to Payson Market with my mom. Had dinner. March 2: Our Jimmy Fallon tickets went from waitlist to approved today! Watched The Women Tell All. March 3: Kylie and I made dinner and Amanda and Bre joined us for Pod Save’s live coverage of the Super Tuesday results. I voted for Elizabeth Warren. We cut out pictures for our vision boards. Amanda did some updates to my board later in the month for me. March 4: Basketball game break with Kenzie. Watched Survivor. Katy Perry came out with a new song, music video, announced she’s pregnant and her next album is out this summer! March 5: After the gym, I went to Walmart to get travel stuff and some new clothes. Had lunch with Brittany, Kate, Jacob, Cole, and Kallie. Hung out with Amy and Kallie at Peace on Earth after work. Went to the mall, packed and watched Demi Lovato’s new music video. March 6: Last work day before my vacation! Bre and Amanda took me to the airport. Met my friend Shawna for the first time and headed off to Denver. March 7: Had an incredible day at Oprah’s 2020 Vision tour about setting our intentions for 2020. Her main conversation was with Gayle King. Hung out a cool park after. Shawna and I had dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Morrison. March 8: Off to NYC. Landed around 11:30. Made my way into the city. Staying at Emily’s house (Tasha’s friend). I spent the day exploring Central Park by myself. Sat in Strawberry Fields and a woman was singing songs from The Beatles. I watched the sunset down in Battery Park with the Statue of Liberty in the distance. Got some pizza, missed a subway, and took a tram back over with a view of the city lights. March 9: Natasha and I went to Good Morning America. Saw KJ Apa, Nick Offerman, and Daymond John. Went to Stephen Colbert later in the day. John Krasinski was the guest! We hung out at the apartment after and went to a bar for an hour or so. March 10: Natasha and I ate at a delicious French vegan restaurant. Saw Stonewall, the Friend’s apartment, Taylor Swift’s place, and the 9/11 Memorial. We met up at Beetle House, a Tim Burton themed restaurant. Natasha and I then went and watched Beetlejuice. Loved it! Her friend and his fiance manages The Duplex. Late night there playing Bingo (I won), a drag show with Jacklynn Hyde, and the piano bar downstairs. March 11: Chelsea Market and the highline. Walked part of the Brooklyn Bridge. Emily, Natasha, and I had our magical experience at The Cauldron. We mixed two potions. Natasha and I then went and watched Six! Back to the apartment and watched part 1 of The Bachelor finale. March 12: Natasha and I walked around Rockefeller Plaza. Saw Radio City Music Hall and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Because of the corona virus, Jimmy Fallon (Mandy Moore was going to be on) and Company (our last broadway show) was cancelled. We went to a couple of bars with Natasha’s friends. Back to the apartment and watched RuPaul’s Drag Race and part 2 of The Bachelor finale. March 13: Tasha, Emily, and I hung out at a coffee shop and played games. Had lunch, packed up, and made our way to JFK Airport. Took off around 8 and landed in Utah around 1. Delite picked me up. March 14: Lounged in bed all day catching up on sleep. March 15: Road trip up to Ontario, Oregon. I don’t have to be to work for two weeks so I’m going to visit Chase, Marissa, and the kids. Marissa and the kids are heading down to Bluffdale until Thursday though. Finished Naturally Tan by Tan France. Chase and I had dinner and watched Uncut Gems. March 16: Day 1 of working from home. Caught up on some shows. Chase and I had some Thai for lunch. We watched Gone Girl. Phone recorded a movie with devil sounds, haha. Found out it was because it recorded in slo-mo. March 17: Day 2 of working from home. Miley went live with Demi on Instagram today! Chase and I listened to Irish music for St. Patrick’s Day. Met their cousins that live up here and played games. March 18: Day 3 of working from home. Woke up to like 42 texts. Earthquake in Utah and I wasn’t even there to experience it. Marissa and the kids got home. Had dinner, watched The Voice, and went in the backyard to look at the stars. March 19: Day 4 of working from home. Sarah, Marissa’s cousin, brought us tacos for lunch. Ended working around 3:30 and took a nap. Stocked up on groceries. Watched Survivor and Three Identical Strangers. March 20: Day 5 of working from home. Marissa made cinammon rolls, yum! We went on a walk and fed horses. Played Hand and Foot. Watched Lost Girls. Video of Kanye talking to Taylor came out, the full clip. Taylor told the truth. March 21: Posted my pictures from my New York City trip. Played Hand and Foot. Went on a nature walk with Sarah and Joe. Saw a turtle and snake. Dinner and games. Marissa and I finished Three Identical Strangers. March 22: Had church in their living room. Made lunches and drove about an hour away. Short hike into a waterfall. Watched Joseph Smith’s First Vision in the car. Marissa made a pork roast dinner. We watched Hook. March 23: Work. Watched some shows. Went in the backyard with Chase and the kids as they flew their kites. Had pizza for dinner and then watched Bridesmaids. March 24: Worked on the couch. We had Sloppy Joes for dinner, watched American Idol, and played Hand and Foot. March 25: Marissa made some waffles today. Worked. I watched The Masked Singer. We went on a walk and then watched American Idol. Ate dinner, played Hand and Foot and started Tiger King. March 26: Worked. Watched The Voice and This Is Us. Grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch. We had burgers and hot dogs for dinner. Lindsay Lohan went live on Instagram today. We watched Ellen’s Game of Games and then Tiger King. Dua Lipa put out her new album! March 27: Work. 10 Pushup Challenge. Did a couple of TikTok’s. Watched Miley’s live with Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, and Michelle Visage. We ordered Domino’s and watched Ellen’s Game of Games with the kids. We finished Tiger King. I got caught up on 9-1-1 Lonestar. March 28: Hung out in the backyard and played Kubb. Watched some of Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen with the kids. We drove and had a fire by a river. Made hot dogs. Got shakes, watched Survivor, funny videos, and then headed to bed. March 29: Rainy day. Fed horses with the kids in the backyard. At home church. Worked on my journal. I watched A Million Little Things and Drag Race. We had dinner and played in the backyard. Played Phase 10 and Chase, Marissa, and I laid out back to look at the stars. March 30: Worked. Ran some errands at lunch. We watched American Idol, Ellen’s Game of Games, had dinner and then watched Armageddon. March 31: Went on a rainy morning walk. Lindsay Lohan announced a promo to pre-save her new single on Spotify, OMG! Listened to Lover with fellow Swifties across the world. Braden and Pam (Chase and Marissa’s friends) are in the process of moving back to Utah. Spent the night. We had dinner and played games. Experienced my first earthquake. It was a 6.5 about 4 hours away in Idaho. We watched 100 Humans on Netflix.

Gym/Workout Count: 6 times. So, yah.

TV Shows: 100 Humans, 9-1-1 Lonestar, A Million Little Things, American Idol, Democratic Debate, Ellen’s Game of Games, Pod Save’s Live Coverage of Super Tuesday, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Survivor, The Bachelor, The Circle, The Masked Singer, The Voice, This Is Us, Three Identical Strangers, Tiger King

Movies: Armageddon, Bridesmaids, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Gone Girl, Hook, Joseph Smith’s First Vision, Lost Girls, Uncut Gems

Music: 5 Seconds of Summer, Conan Gray, Dua Lipa, Demi Lovato’s: I Love Me, Heartbreak Weather by Niall Horan, Mandy Moore’s new album, Never Worn White by Katy Perry, The Weeknd

Books: Naturally Tan by Tan France

Fitbit Steps: Total steps: 265,996. Average per day: 8,581.

Gratitude: dinner at my parents, snowy weather, getting to bed early, getting Jimmy Fallon tickets, Gaga and Demi announced new music, seeing Irie at the gym, job security, pasta, my manager, Katy Perry’s announcements, lunch with old coworkers, Elizabeth Warren‘s campaign, Demi Lovato’s new song, new Mandy Moore album, Bre and Amanda taking me to the airport, safe flight, meeting a new friend, Oprah Winfrey, the opportunity to see her, Golden nuggets and A-Ha moments, a new friend, safe travels, and two squirrels playing with each other ;), Shawna taking me to the airport, being able to navigate throughout the city, Emily allowing us to stay at her place, NYC sunset, getting to be part of the audience for Good Morning America and Stephen Colbert, site seeing, seeing the beautiful 9/11 memorial site, creepy night with Tim Burton and Beetlejuice, made it to our reservation at The Cauldron on time, seeing more of the city, seeing Six, got a Jimmy Fallon hat, the beauty of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a night in, new album from Niall Horan, chill last day in the city, Delite picking me up, my bed, Amanda getting me food, safe drive, working car, time to listen to an audio book, being able to work from home, experiencing watching a movie for the first time, Thai food, podcasts, Demi and Miley on Instagram live, meeting new friends, game nights, everyone safe from the earthquake, Marissa making dinner, seeing shooting stars, naps, being able to afford groceries, a bed to sleep on, Marissa made cinnamon rolls, feeding horses, walks, nature walks, saw a turtle, church in the living room, waterfalls, Marissa’s cooking, cake, rainy days, headphones, flying kites, Bridesmaids, my boss, being organized with work tasks, new music, Marissa making a good breakfast, Enya, Hilary Duff on Miley’s live, good place with my finances, new music, Lindsay going live on Instagram, Miley’s live, TikToks, catching up on shows, yard games, hung out by a fire, Arctic Circle shakes, fed the horses, at home church, that I’ve been consistent with a journal, looking at the stars, productive work day, watching Ellen’s Game of Games with the kids, familiar movies, got a good workout in, morning walk, working car, Digital Marketing shoutout at work, spaghetti