Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

April 2022

Journal Recap:

April 1: I published my March blog post. I read for book club and then had leftovers for lunch. I finished the work day in Chase’s office. I bought a flight to Vegas for when Shinah, Andrea, Dan, Pam, and I go in May. Marissa made taco salad for dinner. The kids played April Fools Day jokes all day. Marissa and I watched The Adam Project and then Drag Race. April 2: Chase got us McDonald’s for breakfast. We went to an elementary school for Capri and Addy’s and then Sawyer and Sebastian’s soccer games. Taylor, Kaitlyn, and Rocky came too. We went to the house and then downtown to a few shops. We took a picture in front of the Welcome to Ontario mural. We got Taco Bell and then got back to watch conference. I went downstairs and took a nap. I helped Marissa and Kaitlyn make dinner. We had fettuccini alfredo with chicken. We ended up booking a cruise for February 2024. Chase, Marissa, and I watched Deadpool. April 3: I said goodbye around 9:30. The kids chased my car up the street. I listened to music and some Drag Race All Stars episodes. I stopped at Walmart, got home, unpacked, and then Kylie and I watched Abbott Elementary, Drag Race, and Vanderpump Rules. April 4: I went into the office. We went on a lunch walk after we ate lunch. I put on American Idol. We got our Airbnb booked for Vegas in May. I donated plasma after work and went to Costco. I had dinner and watched What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. April 5: Super windy throughout the night. I went into the office. I looked at Alaskan cruise stuff during lunch. I left work at 4:30. I put on Drag Race and pieced together more cruise stuff. April 6: I donated plasma at 6:30. I stopped and got gas and then went to my parent’s house to work for the day. I put on Drag Race and worked in my mom’s craft room. I spent the day getting stuff booked for a work conference with Jonathan, Shae, and I in Napa Valley in May. My mom and I went to Taco Bell for lunch. My dad and I booked some stuff for the cruise and got checked in. I went over to my grandma’s to get some stuff set up for her as well. She had leftovers I had for dinner. I stopped at Walmart on the way home. I put on Armageddon and only watched part of it and then headed to bed. April 7: I got out of bed around 8:30. I got ready and packed. I watched a Vogue video of Lindsay Lohan and then Nicki Minaj’s car pool karaoke. We got on the road shortly after 11. We stopped for gas, coffee, and made our way to Moab. We went to the grocery store and then to our condo. We are sharing with Maddi and her family, and Brad and Taylor. Brought all of our stuff in and went to the other condos to chat with people. Maddi, Kylie, Brad, Taylor, and their dad, and I went to Fiesta Mexicana for dinner. Was gonna do a night run but it was too cold. Kylie went. Chilled on the couch. Kylie and I watched TikTok’s to end the day. April 8: Kylie and I got ready around 7. We waited downstairs to see what the plan was. We went with Gage and Kate in their side by side on the Poison Spider run and through some dunes. We went to the pool when we got back. I chilled in the hot tub and laid out. We went over to her grandma’s place to chat. We had a relaxing evening and had dinner. We had people over at our condo and hung out. I showered and went to bed after. April 9: I woke up around 7:30 and listened to podcasts. I fell back asleep until around 11. We had lunch and chatted outside. We went with Brad and Taylor and the rest of the crew on the Flat Iron Mesa trail. There was a spot where there was a drop off on the right. I said a prayer, my hands went clammy, and my body went numb. Blah. We had burgers for dinner when we got back. Maddie, Cesar, Brad, Taylor, Kylie, and I went into town to some shops. We got ice cream. We went back to the condo and stayed up past midnight playing cards, talking, and laughing. Kylie and I watched TikToks to end the night. April 10: I got up early, showered, and went downstairs. I had coffee and breakfast and started cleaning up. I helped people take stuff out. Kylie and I said goodbye to everyone. We did a quick pit stop at the Hole in the Mountain and then went to the rock shop. We stopped near Price for gas and snacks. We went to Trader Joe’s before going home. We watched Drag Race and Abbott Elementary. I made pasta for dinner. We watched Step Brothers. I did laundry, some dishes, got caught up on my journal, and got the mail. April 11: I stopped at Walmart and then went into the office. Kylie and I headed up to Salt Lake around 6. We went to The Depot and saw The Brummies and Aly & AJ. Stopped at Del Taco after. April 12: Snowy weather. We had a team brunch at TruReligion Pancake & Steakhouse. It’s Marco’s second-to-last day. We went to Red Fuego, I had a Coke, and we got a big group picture. Vanessa stopped by our area and we chatted. I stopped at Walmart after work. Kylie and I watched Drag Race. April 13: Cleaning mode today. I washed my laundry, cleaned the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Worked in my room. I watched Drag Race throughout the day and into the evening with Kylie. Ended the night in bed watching episodes 1 of the new season of The Kardashians on Hulu. April 14: I stopped at Dutch Bros and then went into the office. Nicki Minaj playlist kind of morning. Brittany’s friend sold Sarah and I her Hadestown tickets for August. We had a team activity at Fika Reflex Bar. We got the foot/hand massage combo and I added on a scalp treatment. I picked up some wine, Doordashed sushi, watched Titanic, and took a bath. April 15: I worked in my room. I went to Smith’s during my lunch break. I moved to the living room and watched Drag Race. We had book club today. I made pasta for dinner and watched Drag Race. Ended the night with a bath. April 16: I chilled in my room for most of the day watching Drag Race. I went out to get a drink and some Taco Bell. Kylie got home. We watched the Drag Race reunion, Drag Race, and Abbot Elementary. April 17: Lazy morning of waking up and falling back asleep. I got out of bed around 12. I got ready, went to Dutch Bros, Del Taco, Walmart, and then to my parents. They had Naked and Afraid on. I booked lodging and Alcatraz tour tickets for Shinah and I. My grandma and Kayson came over for Easter dinner. Hung out for a little after dinner and then headed home. April 18: I had a dentist appointment, 0 cavities. I went into the office. We went on a walk by the river during lunch. I donated plasma after work, had dinner at Zupa’s with a friend, and went to Walmart. April 19: I went into the office early to decorate Kenzie’s desk for her birthday. Sarah, Kenzie, and I worked in the corner for most of the morning. I left shortly after 4. I went to the mall and then Costco. I had dinner and Kylie and I watched Drag Race. April 20: I went and got my haircut from Kristi right at 9. It’s National Cold Brew Day, so I stopped at Dutch Bros. I worked from home and put on Drag Race. I went to a dermatologist appointment and then to Wandering Stones. I got a handmade talisman, a pink crystal, and 5 smaller polished rocks. I headed home. I put away laundry and the dishes. I did some more work, ordered food, and finished All Stars. I am now fully caught up on RuPaul’s Drag Race and All Stars! April 21: I went into the office. Lindsay Lohan put out the intro for her podcast that’s dropping next week, so I had everyone listen to it. Shae, Zac, Sarah, and I went to 180 Tacos for lunch. I went to the mall after work to return a hat at Buckle. I went to Trader Joe’s and then Walgreens to pick up the prescription. I made dinner. Kylie and I watched The Kardashians and White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch. Bre and Amanda pulled a prank on me that they weren’t going to be getting their passports until the 10th. Kylie helped me hang up some art in my room. April 22: Rainy day. I went to The Coffee Shop. Amanda came in. We went to the Liminal shop and met up with her friend. We had lunch at Black Sheep. I went back home, did some cleaning, and started working again. I watched Survivor. I ordered some pizza and Kylie, Sarah, and I watched the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 14. Willow Pill won! We put on Vanderpump Rules and chatted. We bought tickets to see Bosco and then meet and greet tickets to see Willow Pill and Angeria! April 23: I got out of bed before 10 and got ready. Kylie and I stopped at Beans & Brews and then went down to my parent’s house to drop some things off. We went to Doctor John’s, Liminal, and Platinum Music to check out records. We then went to the liquor store, Walmart, the gas station, and home. We listened to a some records, made pizza, and watched Vanderpump Rules. I started The Real Housewives of Potomac in my room. April 24: I watched more of The Real Housewives of Potomac. I did laundry and took the trash out. I went over to Amanda and Bre’s. We went to Lowe’s, Trader Joe’s, Taco Bell, and back to their house. We watched New Girl, America’s Song Contest, and Drag Race. We had shrimp pasta for dinner. April 25: I went into the office. I ate lunch at my desk and watched The Real Housewives of Potomac. Jen, Sarah, and I went on a walk. I stopped at the store on the way home. I made a teriyaki chicken bowl for dinner and watched more of The Real Housewives of Potomac. April 26: I worked from home. I scheduled COVID tests for our cruise for my parents, grandma, and myself. Lindsay Lohan dropped her first podcast episode. I watched American Idol throughout the day. I made a large iced chai. I had Trader Joes mac n’ cheese for dinner and watched more American Idol. April 27: I worked in the living room. I got Lizzo tickets for Kylie, Andrea, Dan, and I. I watched American Idol throughout the day. I went to the grocery store and made chicken enchiladas for dinner. Kylie and I watched Good Will Hunting. April 28: Another day working from home. I got Stevie Nicks tickets for Shinah, Kylie, and I. I watched The Real Housewives of Potomac throughout the day. We had cinema club today. Kylie and I watched The Kardashians. We exchanged half-birthday gifts. I gave her a Mona Lisa tissue box I got off Etsy from The First Wives Club and she gave me two small crystals. A penis shaped one and a mushroom. I took a bath. The wind was psychotic over night. April 29: I worked in my room. I finished Why We Sleep. I listened to the new music Friday playlist throughout the day. I had leftovers for dinner, finished season 2 of The Real Housewives of Potomac, and read. April 30: I did laundry, started the dishwasher, and had breakfast. I’ve yet to start season 6 of This Is Us and am 14 episodes behind. I watched that and pieced together this blog recap. I went on a drive around Utah Lake and started the Saratoga Springs way. I drove through Elberta and Santaquin. I stopped to get a drink and soft pretzel and put This Is Us back on. I went and got Del Taco for dinner. I got fully caught up on This Is Us before 11.


The Sob Rock Tour with John Mayer and opening act YEBBA

A Touch of the Beat Tour with Aly & AJ and The Brummies 

TV Shows:

Abbott Elementary, America’s Song Contest, American Idol, Naked and Afraid, New Girl, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Survivor, The Kardashians, The Real Housewives of Potomac, This Is Us, Vanderpump Rules, White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch


Deadpool, Good Will Hunting, Step Brothers, The Adam Project, Titanic, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape


Why We Sleep


having a book club at work, having leftovers for lunch, watching a movie and introducing Drag Race to Marissa, Chase picking us up breakfast, seeing the kids play soccer, having dinner and playing games with everyone, drove home safe, team walk, successful plasma donation, watching a movie for the first time, putting stuff together for the Alaskan cruise next month, the plasma place adjusting the money they should have added to my card from Monday, working at my parent’s, my mom buying my lunch, getting stuff organized for the cruise, a new Vogue video with Lindsay Lohan, safe travels to Moab with Kylie, dinner with her family, going on a ride with Kylie, Gage, and Kate, hanging in the hot tub, dinner and hanging with Kylie’s family, another exhilarating, safe ride, good dinner, going into town, playing cards and a fun night, getting home safe from Moab early, relaxing Sunday evening, seeing Aly & AJ with Kylie, team brunch, great coworkers, Walmart’s easy return policy, leftovers, getting some cleaning and organization done, Dutch Bros, getting Hadestown tickets, team activity, Doordash refunding my order, having book club at work, baths, getting caught up on Drag Race, my dad’s good dinners, Grandma coming over, 0 cavities, walks during lunch, another $100 plasma donation, going out of my comfort zone, chill work day, getting new shoes, Costco chicken, haircuts, National Cold Brew Day, getting to the dermatologist, getting new crystals, getting caught up on Drag Race, Lindsay Lohan posting a teaser for her podcast, team lunch, Amanda and Bre got their passports, Kylie helping me hang up stuff in my room, rainy days, coffee shop with my sister, plant shop and lunch with her and her friend, having Sarah over to hang out, Willow Pill winning Drag Race, coffee with Kylie, getting a rain jacket from my dad, getting new incense sticks, celebrating record day, bumming around day with Amanda and Bre, Ben setting up my printer access, team walk, good dinner, getting COVID tests scheduled, Lindsay Lohan having a podcast, getting Lizzo tickets, getting caught up on a show, watching Good Will Hunting for the first time with Kylie, getting Stevie Nicks tickets, Kylie giving me two crystals, iced chai, finishing a book, going on a drive, getting fully caught up on This Is Us