Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

April 2024

Journal Recap for April 2024:

April 1: I stopped at Dutch Bros and then went into the office. I packed for NYC after work. I had dinner and Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Villa. I stayed up late listening to podcasts. April 2: I got ready and went into the office. Kenzie came with me to the mall during lunch. I got new shoes. Shae and I went on a walk for my 1-1. I finished up packing. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules, The Valley, and Watch What Happens Live. Shinah came over and we drove up to Amanda and Bre’s. Devin took us all to the airport. We took off after midnight. April 3: I hardly slept on the plane. We picked up our bags and took the AirTrain over to the car rental place. We went into Mattituck and had breakfast at Love Lane Kitchen. It rained all day. We drove around and up into Montaulk to see the lighthouse. We saw a Kmart on the way and had to go in. We returned the car and took an Uber to our Airbnb. We ordered in, watched Catfish, Broad City, and some music videos, and played video games. Fell asleep pretty quick. April 4: We went into Manhattan and stopped to get bagels at Tompkins Square Bagels. We ate in the park. We went up to the Met and then explored around Central Park. We sat and listened to a singer in Strawberry Fields. We had pizza for lunch. We saw sea lions fighting while walking through the zoo. We walked down 5th Avenue and over into St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Popped into the Lego store. We walked through Times Square and then had dinner at Hilltop Tavern in Brooklyn. Back to our place to change. Shinah and I made our way to the Barclays Center for the Nicki Minaj concert. The whole crowd was so energetic and electric. We got in our seats and there was a DJ hyping the crowd up. Nicki came on. Toward the end, Nicki left and Monica, 50 Cent, and few other rappers performed. Had some leftovers when we got back and headed to bed. April 5: While we were getting ready, we felt an earthquake that happened in New Jersey. We went to Good Ol Days Diner for breakfast. We explored China Town and Little Italy. We stopped at a restaurant in Little Italy for drinks. We went to the upper west side and stood in line at Neue Galerie to see Gustav Klimt’s work. We went to Okinii for dinner. We walked over by Stonewall and then got drinks at the Duplex. We got pizza, saw rats in the subway, and went back to our place. April 6: We walked to Peaches for brunch. We stopped at Brooklyn Tea on the way back to our place. Amanda, Bre, and I changed. We made our way to the Ambassador Theatre to see Ariana Madix in Chicago. In our seats 5 minutes before the show. It was really fun! We stayed after for the bathroom. As we were walking out, a bunch of people were outside. We were right by Ariana. Her body guard motioned for us to go the other way. Ariana signed Amanda’s cocktail book and my play bill. We made our way back to Shinah. We took an Uber over to the Time Out Market. We got food and had a great view of the Manhattan skyline. We watched My Unorthodox Life and headed to bed. April 7: We packed up all of our stuff, headed out around 10, and dropped our luggage off using Bounce. We took the Staten Island ferry over and back to see the Statue of Liberty. We walked up to the Charging Bull, stopped for a drink and breakfast sandwiches, saw the Fearless Girl, walked around a graveyard, and then up to the 9/11 memorial. We stopped for drinks at a beer garden. We then walked by Taylor Swift’s place, saw the Ghostbusters fire station, and made our way back toward our bags. We walked to a park for the bathroom and then made our way to the airport. Got food and sat down at our gate after 8. We started boarding around 8:30. Shinah and I sat next to each other. I listened to podcasts, did journal stuff, and slept on and off toward the end. Devin picked us up, got my car, and headed home. April 8: I got up around 8, got ready, went to Dutch Bros, and went into the office. We went out during lunch to look at the eclipse. I went over to Kristi’s after work for a hair cut. I unpacked, did laundry, showered, and chilled in bed listening to podcasts. I had Costa Vida for dinner and watched Homicide New York. April 9: Up at 7, listened to podcasts, got ready, and went into the office. It’s Jonathan’s birthday! We went on a walk instead of having one of our meetings. I posted pictures and videos from NYC. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules, The Valley, Watch What Happens Live, Vanderpump Villa, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Summer House. I posted stuff from the Nick Minaj concert. April 10: I slept in, listened to podcasts, got ready, and packed for Moab. I bought Pete Davidson tickets for Amanda, Bre, and myself. Kylie and I loaded up the car, put on our Moab playlist, and made the drive down. We went to the grocery store and then to the house. We got in the pool. Kylie, Brad, Taylor, and I went to Pasta Jay’s for dinner. I bought Orville Peck tickets myself and Kylie. We hung out and then went to bed. Kylie and I were on the downstairs couches. April 11: We had breakfast, got ready, and then Kylie and I joined Jed and Tyce in their side by side. We went on the Hell’s Revenge trail. I went up Hell’s Gate with Gage. Made Gage and I a sandwich when we got back. Got in the pool and laid out. We played Five Crowns. We had nachos for dinner and then went on a night ride on Steels Bender. We saw a turkey gobbling at us in a tree. Passed out fast when we got home. April 12: Up at 7, breakfast, got ready, and back in the side by side with Jed, Tyce, and Kylie. Today’s trail: Cliffhanger. This one was scary. Jed and I got out in several spots, including the stretch that was a drop off. I walked up the last hill as well and accidentally scraped my back on the trail sign. Kylie and I got in the pool and hot tub, laid out, then got ready for dinner. I watched some golf. We had pasta. We then went into town, got gelato, and listened to a singer named Siddney Montana. Back, chilled, and went to bed. April 13: Slept in a little later this morning. Kylie and I went up to have breakfast. Today’s trail: Poison Spider. Her cousin’s truck lost power steering and Gage had to go into town to get a part. The rest of us continued on the trail. This was probably my favorite one. When we were coming down, we got to a part where Gage and Kate had flipped. Made our way back to the house, got in the pool and laid out, then showered and hung around until dinner. We had burgers, beans, and pasta salad. Taylor, Kylie, and I played Phase 10. April 14: Kylie and I packed up our stuff in the car. I chilled around both houses while everyone packed up. We hit the road around 10 and listened to Monica’s Viall Files episode the whole drive home. Stopped for a bathroom break and gas at the Spanish Fork Maverik. Unpacked, did laundry, showered, and planted my butt on the couch. Kylie and I put on Summer House. We then watched: Summer House: After Show, Vanderpump Rules: After Show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Abbott Elementary. I listened to podcasts in my room and went to bed. April 15: Slow morning. I got ready, put my laundry away, started the dishwasher, and put out the recycling bin. I went to Dutch Bros and then into the office. I listened to last week’s new music Friday playlist throughout the day. I watched Survivor and worked on my journal at home. I had Panda Express for dinner and watched RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World. April 16: I went to work at The Coffee Shop. We have a partner in town. We went to lunch at Edna’s in Lehi and then to Thanksgiving Point for their Tulip Festival. I bought some tulips on the way out. I dropped them off at the apartment, ran some errands, and then watched RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs the World and Bluey. April 17: I went into the office. I got a tetanus shot at the clinic. I went to Trader Joe’s, got lunch, stopped at Walmart, and worked the rest of the day at home. I watched Survivor. I made the Dolly Parton cornbread for bread club tomorrow. I chilled in my room listening to podcasts, music, ordered Red Robin for dinner, and watched Portlandia and Back to the Future. April 18: I went into the office. We had bread club. Sarah brought in her pepper and everything bagel goat cheese. Yummy! Our team then went to Thai Village in American Fork to celebrate Kenzie’s work anniversary. Kaylee got engaged! I went to Harmon’s after work, headed home, chilled in my room, and then left around 8. I went to Andrea’s. We went to her friends in Salt Lake who is hosting a The Tortured Poets Department listening party. We had some snacks and treats. Taylor announced that it was a double album. The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology. I listened to it on the drive home. April 19: I went to my dermatologist appointment. I worked in the living room. I went to Walgreens to pick up my prescriptions during lunch. I watched Survivor and The Amazing Race throughout the day and then Taylor Swift’s Fortnight music video that premiered at 6. I listened to the album again. Kylie got home and we watched Summer House. April 20: Kylie and I watched Abigail at the American Fork Cinemark. We then went to Chili’s. I got an espresso martini sponsored by Katie and Scheana. We chilled at home, got our swimsuits on, and went to our apartment pool. It was closed. I listened to Taylor’s album on the couch while Kylie worked. We then went to 3hive Record Lounge in Provo since it’s Record Store Day. I got a mystery bag that was Carly Rae Jepsen’s side B and then a Cyndi Lauper vinyl. We watched Our Living World and then got caught fully caught up on Quiet on Set. April 21: Kylie and I made our way to TRUreligion Pancake & Steakhouse, however, the wait was nearly 2 hours. We met Sammie, Brendon, and Jaidy at Black Bear Diner instead. We went to Trader Joe’s. I went to visit my grandma. I then went to my dad’s around 3:30. Amanda and Bre came. We helped clean up the basement. Brooke and Emma came over to visit. We had dinner. I headed home. I sat out on the deck, read, listened to music, podcasts, and then went to bed. April 22: I went to Dutch Bros and then into the office. I watched some of The Voice throughout the day. I chilled in my room for the night. I watched Disneynature’s Tiger, and then listened to Taylor’s new album. My current top 5 are: Clara Bow, Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?, So High School, How Did It End?, and Florida!!!. April 23: I stopped at Target on the way into the office. I decorated Kenzie’s desk for her birthday and then went over to the clinic. I watched Vanderpump Rules, Vanderpump Rules: After Show, and The Valley throughout the day. The RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 9 cast was announced. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules, The Valley, and Watch What Happens Live. April 24: I did some chores and worked in the living room. I listened to some Beyonce, Kacey Musgrave’s, and Ariana Grande’s new albums. I chilled in my room. I watched A Real Bug’s Life, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, and Portlandia. April 25: I went to Dutch Bros and then into the office. Kenzie brought in homemade goldfish snacks for bread club. Nate, Sarah, and Briant came in my car and we met Shae and Kenzie at Bistro Provenance in Provo to celebrate Kenzie’s birthday. I dropped some of Kenzie’s goldfish off to Brittany on the way home. Kylie and I watched Abbott Elementary, I put on A Real Bug’s Life, had dinner, and then we watched an episode of Vanderpump Villa after she called her sister. April 26: I went to an appointment, got Dutch Bros, and then went to Amanda and Bre’s to work. Amanda and I listened to The Tortured Poet’s Department throughout the day. I met my friend Raquel at Redemption Bar at 6. We had dinner and then went over to the Zions Bank Stadium to watch a Utah Warriors rugby game. Rainy weather. They won. April 27: Up, had breakfast, did a load of laundry, and got caught up on 9-1-1. And then… the sickness kicked in. Achey body, Fever. Spent the rest of the day in bed and slept. April 28: Another day feeling like death. Slept on and off in bed all day. April 29: I went to urgent care. I have Influenza A. I picked up my prescriptions. I slept on and off throughout the day. I watched A Real Bugs Life. April 30: Another day sleeping on and off in bed. I got caught up on So You Think You Can Dance.

TV Shows:

9-1-1, A Real Bug’s Life, Abbott Elementary, Bluey, Broad City, Catfish, Disneynature’s Tiger, Homicide New York, Master’s, My Unorthodox Life, Our Living World, Portlandia, Quiet On Set, RuPaul’s Drag Race, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs the World, So You Think You Can Dance, Summer House, Summer House: After Show, Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Valley, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, Vanderpump Rules, Vanderpump Rules: After Show, Vanderpump Villa, Watch What Happens Live


Abigail, Back to the Future



new month, lunch errands, VPR night, Devin taking us to the airport, easy process renting the car, fun exploring around, seeing a Kmart, Ubers, night in ordering food and watching fun shows, bagels in the park, walking around Central Park, seeing Nicki Minaj in Brooklyn, so much good food, going to an art museum, chilling and having drinks at a bar, seeing Ariana in Chicago, her signing my playbill, fun dinner with a view, using a luggage drop off service, ferry rides and seeing Lady Liberty, chilling at a beer garden with Shinah, Amanda, and Bre, getting to the airport on time, Dutch Brethren, seeing the partial eclipse with coworkers, night 1 after a vacation of doing laundry and chilling, team walks, TV night with Kylie, going through my NYC pictures and videos, getting good, cheap Pete Davidson tickets, fun day 1 in Moab, getting Orville Peck tickets, riding the side by side with Jed and Tyce, going up Hell’s Gate with Gage, chilling in the pool, playing card games, night rides, that I could get out of the side by side in horrifying spots on the trail, great food for dinner, gelato and music in town with Kylie and her siblings, another fun trail day, playing cards with Kylie and Taylor, fun long podcast for the drive, getting home safe, relaxing and productive afternoon, chill first day back at work, chilling in my bed listening to the rain, fun work activity, going to the Tulip festival for the first time, Vivint clinic, new flowers on the counter, good bread club, team lunches, Taylor Swift listening party, new Taylor Swift albums and lyrics to learn, new prescriptions from the dermatologist, new Taylor Swift music video, horror movies with Kylie, fun day going to lunch and a record store, book club breakfast, chilling on the deck, chill night in my room, having a clinic at work, working from home, listening to music, Dutch Bros morning, getting to go to lunch for coworker’s birthdays, working at Amanda’s, hanging with Raquel, going to my first Rugby game, my bed, sleep, urgent care, prescriptions, Kylie bringing me home drinks, medicine, my bed