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August 2022

Journal Recap for August 2022:

August 1: I watched Love Island, Big Brother, and had a successful plasma donation. I went into the office. I paid rent and posted my July blog recap post. We had our cobbler competition at work today. Brittany won, Kenzie got second, and Kolby third. Paid off my credit card. I started Women of the Movement. Had a few meetings in the afternoon. I watched more Women of the Movement. Kylie cleaned out the pantry and fridge. I watched The Bachelorette. August 2: I stopped at Starbucks and got a drink for Jen and I on my way into the office. We had a send off lunch for Sarah T. at Cubby’s. I went to Smith’s after work, and stopped at Brittany’s because she had some cobbler for me, and headed home. Kylie and I watched Workaholics and a movie called Possession. August 3: I went to my plasma donation and watched All Star Shore. I headed into the office and watched America’s Got Talent. Chatted with Zac. I got a Green Me smoothie for lunch and headed to the VW dealership for an oil change from Dustin. I chilled in the lobby and finished the America’s Got Talent episode and watched Only Murders in the Building. I headed home and started work again at 2. Had a few meetings. I listened to the Hadestown soundtrack to prepare for seeing it tomorrow. I watched Love Island and finished Women in the Movement. I had wine and Kylie and I watched The Exorcist. August 4: I stopped for gas and Dutch Bros and then went into the office. Sarah, Kenzie, and I had an early lunch. After work, I drove up to Sarah’s apartment. We went to City Creek, had food in the food court, and then walked over to the Eccles theatre. We watched Hadestown. I liked it! August 5: Kylie and I went to Jaidy’s wedding brunch at TruReligion. I went to Wandering Stones after and then home for a bit. I then went up to Jen’s apartment in north Salt Lake. She drove us to the Rice Eccles stadium and we got in line early. Heber and his wife arrived and got in line with us. It rained a couple of times on us that night. We had general admission in Pit B. Kings Elliot performed first, then Macklemore. He and his dancers and band were dressed in green. Such a fun performance. Imagine Dragons headlined. We were so close. There were fireworks and it was an awesome show! We dropped Jen’s friends off at their car after, got McDonald’s, her place, and then I drove home. August 6: I woke up early, fell asleep, and woke up again shortly before noon. I watched Drag Race France, Canada’s Drag Race, and got ready. I watched Jaidy’s wedding ceremony at 3 on Google Meet. I went to Amanda and Bre’s. Makayla and Kierstin picked us up. We ate at The Pie and then went to USANA. Jen was there and we hopped in line with her. Rented some chairs for the lawn. Willow opened up for Machine Gun Kelly. It was a fun show and we didn’t get rained out. August 7: Laundry day. Picked up a package and the mail. Had cereal and watched Canada’s Drag Race. Kylie and I went to Beans and Brews and watched: Drag Race Down Under, The Real Housewives of Dubai, American Horror Stories, and Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. We went to Walmart, had dinner and watched They/Them and Big Brother. I did some journal and budget stuff and went to bed. August 8: I went to plasma and then got into the office early. Jen, Shae, and I headed to Tamashi Ramen & Sushi Bar for a lunch interview with a guy named Will. I left at 3:30 to head to the autobody shop because my airbag light is still on from when I had it in the shop months ago. They printed the paperwork and are going to contact that insurance company and get back to me. Home, watered plants, and got caught up on my journal. I watched Canada’s Drag Race and put on Conjuring Kesha. I made an invite for Amanda and Bre’s going away thing. I cancelled my Discovery+ and put on Love Island. Kylie’s mom stopped by. I heated up leftovers and watched The Bachelorette. Ali was in a singing competition to win $10K up in Wyoming that I watched the live stream for and voted. She got 2nd. August 9: I went to Smith’s and then into office. Jimmy Neutron chat at lunch. “Hi, I’m Carl,” which apparently it’s Paul. Meeting and busy work in the afternoon. I watched Love Island and Workaholics. Kylie got home. Dinner and we watched a movie called Hush on Netflix. August 10: Successful plasma donation. I went down to work from my parent’s house for the day. I watched All Stars Shore, America’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, Only Murders in the Building, and Loot. I had lunch at their house and put on The Challenge: USA. I fixed the email issue on my mom’s phone. Watched The Resort and put on Love Island. My mom and I met my grandma at Olive Garden for dinner. I got fully caught up on Love Island and finished Workaholics. I went to bed early. August 11: I woke up super early but was able to fall back asleep. Starbucks gave Jen a free caramel macchiato that she gave me. I went into the office. I watched America’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, and Love Island. I went over to Kallie’s parent’s house for a sound bath at 8 with Amy. Chatted a little after and then headed home. August 12: I got ready and went to work at The Coffee Shop. Amanda and Bre came. I took Amanda home at noon, got lunch, and went home. I watched Drag Race France, Canada’s Drag Race, Loot, The Challenge: USA, The Resort, and Love Island. I met Shinah at Vegan Sun and we had dinner. We then went to the Orem Cinemark and watched Bullet Train. Headed home and got caught up on Love Island. August 13: I did laundry and watched Big Brother. I went and picked up Tasha from her mom’s in Spanish Fork. We went to Tres Gatos coffee, an axe throwing place, dinner at Mark of the Beastro, stopped at Ciara and Nathan’s, another coffee shop, and then went back to my place. We played a game called Cook or Be Cooked on Tasha’s Wii, Doordashed Del Taco, and stayed up until like 3. She slept over. August 14: Tasha and I got ready, played more of Cook or Be Cooked, went to the drive-thru of The Coffee Shop, and then I took her home. I went to Walmart, did budget stuff, and got caught up on my journal. I watched Love Island and 9-1-1. Kylie got home from her trip to Bear Lake with her family. We watched The Real Housewives of Dubai, Drag Race Down Under, American Horror Stories, and Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. We went to the gas station, had dinner, and watched Big Brother and Brittany Runs a Marathon. August 15: Successful plasma donation and watched Love Island. I got into the office early and watched The Masked Singer. I picked up Papa Murphy’s on the way home. Kylie and I watched Secret Celebrity RuPaul’s Drag Race and then I watched the first episode of Tales of The Walking Dead. August 16: I watched The Bachelorette while getting ready and headed into the office. We went to Wallaby’s for lunch to celebrate Brittany’s work anniversary. I stopped at Walmart on the way home, had dinner, watched The Walking Dead, and did some trip planning. I bought a concert ticket for a show this upcoming Tuesday with Dustin. August 17: Successful plasma donation and watched All Star Shore and Only Murders in the Building. I went into the office. Went to a VW appointment at 10:30 and then the dealership to get my car registered. I went back into the office. I brought lunch up to my desk and watched Love Island and Drag Race Philippines. Productive work day. I went and picked up Sarah and we went to the Hogle Zoo for their Zoo Brew. Drinks, fed giraffes, saw the orangutans, gorillas, went into the small animal building, bears, rhino, got a soft pretzel, chilled at a table, walked through the gift shop, stopped at McDonald’s, dropped her off, and headed home. August 18: I stopped at Dutch Bros and then went into the office. Brittany brought in French Toast casserole for breakfast. We tried some of it with the Fruity Pebbles syrup Seth brought me. I met up with Tasha and Shinah at Peace on Earth after work. We walked over and had dinner at Vegan Sun. We ended the night at Coin Crazy playing in their arcade. Demi Lovato’s new album dropped tonight. August 19: Went up to an appointment to figure out the appointment never booked. I went into The Coffee Shop. Amanda and Bre came in too. Amanda and I left at 12:30, stopped by Bre’s work to get their apartment key, and I worked from their place until 1:30 and headed home. I went and got gas and went to the grocery store when I get off around 4. I watched the following: Canada’s Drag Race, Drag Race Philippines, and Kylie got home. We watched The Real Housewives of Dubai, American Horror Stories, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, and then Orphan: First Kill. August 20: I woke up around 8, read some, and put on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, showered, and got ready. I watched Love Island, The Resort, had lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, and put on America’s Got Talent. I did some budget stuff and got caught up on my journal. I watched The Challenge and Big Brother next. I fixed my hair and freshened up and headed to Amanda and Bre’s. I stopped at the gas station by their house first to get an energy drink. Chilled on the couch. Aubray and Colby got there around 6. We carpooled over to Tamashi Ramen & Sushi for dinner. Katelyn met us there, it was good seeing her. We took some pics outside after. We then went over to the Scorez bar. Had drinks and chilled. Stopped at Taco Bell after and went back to their place. Got home after midnight. August 21: Chilled in my room and listened to music. Amanda and I met up with her friend, Cassie, at Sol Agave for brunch. Amanda and I then went to Barnes and Noble. We spent the day chilling in their living room and watched: Grease, This Is 40, and That’s My Boy. Estefany made no bake cookies and Andrea dropped them off to us on her way home! August 22: I made my way to donate plasma but their freezers were out. I went to Target, got a breakfast sandwich at Ernie’s, and headed into the office. I FaceTimed with Chase. I watched Big Brother and did first of week tasks. Amanda and Bre came in for lunch. I went and donated plasma after work. I then met up with Kylie and Shinah at the Orem Cinemark. We watched Bodies Bodies Bodies. August 23: I went into the office. Local heavy projects today. I got off at 4. Dustin and his friend picked me up and we headed to the Rio Tinto stadium. It was the Good Vibes Summer Tour with special guests: Steel Pulse, Denim, DJ Mackie, and headliner Rebelution. Got Del Taco after. August 24: I went to donate plasma and then headed into the office. I got breakfast and ate in the cafe. I left the office at 11 and went to get a haircut from Kristi. I headed home, had lunch, and watched a webinar. I watched Georgia Rule. Kylie got home and we watched Love Island, had dinner, and then watched Big Brother and House of Dragon. I did some cleaning and fell asleep with my lamp on. August 25: I went into the office. We had a surprise baby shower for Dayna. We played a Guess That Baby game and Zac brought in bagels and fruit. I forgot to wear deodorant. Sarah went on a hunt with me and we found some in a bathroom. We had Facts and Snacks today. Ryan spoke on reality TV, Sarah spoke on the human swallow, and Jason spoke on the cookie wars. We tried cookies from 3 companies and voted. Played pool for my 1-1 with Shae, I won. We had Cinema Club today and I moderated talking about Georgia Rule. I got Jimmy John’s for dinner and Kylie and I watched: Vanderpump Rules, American Horror Stories, Love Island, Big Brother, and Drag Race Down Under. August 26: I went to work at The Coffee Shop. Amanda and Bre came as well. I took an extended lunch. Amanda I went to Liminal and Wandering Stones. I dropped her off and headed home. I started work again at 2. When Kylie came home, we went to her work BBQ. I packed for Bear Lake and watched Canada’s Drag Race. Kylie and I then watched the finale of season 2 of The Real Housewives of Dubai. August 27: I got gas and made my way up to Sarah’s apartment. We stopped at Starbuck’s and hit the road. We stopped at the Smith’s in Logan and then rolled into Garden City. We got food and went to Rendezvous Beach. We spent the day chilling on the beach, playing games, and hanging in the water. I got sunburned. We got food from Zipz and went to our Airbnb. We ate, watched Vanderpump Rules, had margaritas, and pieced together an octopus puzzle. August 28: We packed up, cleaned, and went to Crepes and Coffee. We got drinks and made our way to the Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge. We had a couple of detours. We did the auto tour and drove around slowly. Sarah luckily brought binoculars for us to better identify the birds. We stopped at the Paris Tabernacle and Sarah played some songs on the piano. We had lunch at Cafe Sabor and then hit the road. We listened to a murder podcast and music on the drive home. I got home around 6:30 and put on the VMAs. Nicki Minaj performed a medley and received the Vanguard award. The highlight of the night was Taylor Swift announcing her new album coming out October 21st. She said we’d get more information at midnight. I did laundry and cleaned out my cooler during the commercials. 10 p.m….the album will have 13 tracks and is called Midnights. Exciting! August 29: I watched the finale of season 2 of Only Murders in the Building. I went into the office. I donated plasma after work. Took me longer than normal. I headed home and made a sandwich and soup for dinner. Kylie and I watched House of Dragon, Big Brother, Drag Race Down Under, and RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race. August 30: I used my points at Dutch Bros and went into the office. I had lunch upstairs and watched The Bachelorette. I chilled on my bed and listened to podcasts after work. Kylie and I headed up to the Vivint Arena for the Imploding the Mirage Tour with The Killers and opening act Johnny Marr. We were straight back in the last row. It was a fun show! Stopped at Del Taco after obviously. August 31: I picked up Amanda and we went and worked at The Coffee Shop. Brought in my Dolly Parton mug to order a “cup of ambition.” We stopped at Slim Chickens and went back to her apartment during lunch. We started a show called Claim to Fame. We worked in her living room for the rest of the day. Bre came home. We ordered Costa Vida for dinner. I worked on my blog post recap of August. Bre went to pick up her dad at the airport and I helped Amanda pack and move boxes down to the garage.


Mercury Tour with Imagine Dragons

Mainstream Sellout Tour with Machine Gun Kelly

Good Vibes Summer Tour 2022 with Rebelution

Imploding the Mirage tour with The Killers

TV Shows:

9-1-1, All Star Shore, America’s Got Talent, American Horror Stories, Big Brother, Canada’s Drag Race, Claim to Fame, Conjuring Kesha, Drag Race Down Under, Drag Race France, Drag Race Philippines, House of Dragon, Loot, Love Island, MTV VMA’s, Only Murders in the Building, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, So You Think You Can Dance, Tales of The Walking Dead, The Bachelorette, The Challenge: USA, The Masked Singer, The Real Housewives of Dubai, The Resort, The Walking Dead, Vanderpump Rules, Women in the Movement, Workaholics


Bodies Bodies Bodies, Brittany Runs a Marathon, Bullet Train, Georgia Rule, Grease, Hush, Orphan: First Kill, Possession, That’s My Boy, The Exorcist, They/Them, This Is 40


tasting yummy cobbler coworkers brought in, another month blog recap post, paying off my credit card, new Starbucks drink, lunch with coworkers, caffeine, getting a second donation in for the week, my brother’s employee discount at the dealership, wine, no line at Dutch Bros, seeing a musical, brunch for Jaidy, hanging out with Jen, a fun concert, sleep, concerts, not getting rained out, cereal, show days with Kylie, interview lunch, helpful reps, leftovers, fun lunch chats, coffee creamer, watching new scary movies, successful plasma donation, getting through some shows, very productive work day, dinner with my mom and grandma, finishing a series, being able to fall back asleep, free Starbucks drink, attending my first sound bath, coffee shop mornings with Bre and Amanda, dinner and a movie with Shinah, laundry day, hanging out with Tasha, concert refund money coming through, crossing the pay scale hump at plasma for the month, team lunch to celebrate Brittany’s work anniversary, getting back into The Walking Dead, organizing trips, another successful plasma donation, getting my car registered, productive work day, going to the zoo with Sarah, Brittany bringing in breakfast, good food, fun arcade games, working with Amanda and Bre at The Coffee Shop, getting off early on a Friday, in bed mornings watching TV, dinner with Amanda, Bre, Colby, Aubray, and Katelyn, yummy brunch, buying new books, movie and chill day with Amanda and Bre, free morning, still getting plasma in with the delay, seeing a movie with Kylie and Shinah, coffee, concert with my brother, having a cafe at work, Kristi cutting my hair, good reality competition TV, series premieres, fun baby game with coworkers, great department, Facts and Snacks that Holly put on, having cinema club, another coffee shop day with Amanda and Bre, bumming around with Amanda, fun beach day at Bear Lake with Sarah, seeing cool birds, listening to Sarah play the piano, Taylor Swift announcing her 10th album called Midnights, plasma worker adjusting the needle, not eating out and eating food at home for dinner, points at Dutch Bros, seeing The Killers, spending the day with Amanda