Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

June 2024

Journal Recap for June 2024: June 1: I chilled on the couch, had breakfast, paid rent, did budget stuff, and published my May blog and pictures. I listened to podcasts and music. We watched The Voice and Drag Race: All Stars. We ordered Spitz for dinner. We went to Milk. We saw Eva Chanel Stephens, […]

May 2024

Journal Recap for May 2024: May 1: Another day in bed not eating much and sleeping on and off. I watched Portlandia and Velma. May 2: So tired today. Slept on and off throughout the day. May 3: I woke up feeling better. I went to get gas and then to get mashed potatoes from […]

April 2024

Journal Recap for April 2024: April 1: I stopped at Dutch Bros and then went into the office. I packed for NYC after work. I had dinner and Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Villa. I stayed up late listening to podcasts. April 2: I got ready and went into the office. Kenzie came with me […]

March 2024

Journal Recap for March 2024: March 1: I woke up, did some cleaning, got ready, and stopped at The Coffee Shop. I went up to work at Amanda’s. I ran an errand during lunch and got Subway for lunch. Amanda went to get her nails done. Bre and I hung out in the hot tub […]

February 2024

Journal Recap for February 2024: February 1: I went into the office. Kenzie and I went to the mall during lunch. I spent the afternoon getting caught up on tasks. I showered, had dinner, and finished packing while chatting with Kylie. Marissa picked me up at 8. We went to Ciara and Nathan’s. Nathan took […]

January 2024

Journal Recap for January 2024: January 1: Hungover. I chilled in my room and ordered breakfast from IHOP. I watched The Parent Trap, paid rent, and did journal stuff. I showered and got ready. Amanda and Bre came over and I drove us down to Brooke and Andrew’s to watch the Michigan/Alabama game. I played […]

December 2023

Journal Recap for December 2023: December 1: I went to The Coffee Shop. Briant came in as well. He left at 12 and I left at 1. I went to the store and then worked the rest of the day in the living room. I listened to the new music Friday playlist. Kylie and I […]

My 2023

My 2023 Recap 2023 Highlights: Sundance Film Festival with Shinah Disney Club Night with Kaylee Florida to visit Tasha with Shinah, Walt Disney World for the first time All-Star Weekend Afternoon Tea at the Grand America Hotel Taylor Swift, The Eras Tour, Las Vegas Night 2 with Sarah M. Seeing penguins with my mom Wallace, […]

November 2023

Journal Recap for November 2023: November 1: I paid rent, got caught up on my journal, published my blog, and posted pics from October. I got ready and worked in my room. I took down the Halloween decorations during lunch. A plant was overwatered and went everywhere. I cleaned up, vacuumed, mopped, and took the […]

October 2023

Journal Recap for October 2023: October 1: I did some cleaning got ready, paid rent, and published my blog. Kylie and I went to Dutch Bros, stopped at a gas station in Springville for her tires, and then went to Mona. Maddi, Brad, and Gage all blessed their babies today. We had soup, rolls, and […]