Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

November 2022

Journal Recap for November 2022: November 1: Taylor Swift announced The Eras Tour this morning. I went into work and registered for tickets. I took down the Halloween decorations. We went to Trader Joe’s during lunch. Kylie and I watched Midsommar. November 2: Slow work day from home. I started and finished I’m Glad My […]

October 2022

Journal Recap for October 2022: October 1: Kassidi and I got up before 8, put our stuff together, and headed over to the breakfast buffet. We put a dollar in a slot machine, I got a pumpkin cold brew, and then we hit the road. We stopped in Fillmore and then home. I started laundry, […]

September 2022

Journal Recap for September 2022: September 1: I went into the office. Posted my August recap and paid rent. We went to lunch at Zupa’s because Jacqueline is in town. Marco came too! Brittany, Kenzie, Sarah, Jen, and I went to Trader Joe’s after and got some skeleton succulents. Kylie and I left at 6:30 […]

August 2022

Journal Recap for August 2022: August 1: I watched Love Island, Big Brother, and had a successful plasma donation. I went into the office. I paid rent and posted my July blog recap post. We had our cobbler competition at work today. Brittany won, Kenzie got second, and Kolby third. Paid off my credit card. […]

July 2022

Journal Recap for July 2022: July 1: Work from home day. I watched the following throughout the day: American Song Contest, So You Think You Can Dance, Big Sky, and Chernobyl. I posted my June blog recap post. Shinah came to my apartment. We met Andrea at Jinya for dinner. We then walked around the […]

June 2022

Journal Recap for June 2022: June 1: I left my laptop charger in the office, so I had to go in today. I had a smoothie at my desk for lunch and did budget and journal stuff. I put on America’s Got Talent and went through my Google Photos to clean it up. I posted […]

May 2022

Journal Recap for May 2022: May 1: I got ready, did some budget stuff, and posted my April blog recap post. I went to Dutch Bros and then over to Amanda and Bre’s. We went to a couple of stores. Amanda attempted to dye my hair blue but it didn’t work. We went down to […]

April 2022

Journal Recap: April 1: I published my March blog post. I read for book club and then had leftovers for lunch. I finished the work day in Chase’s office. I bought a flight to Vegas for when Shinah, Andrea, Dan, Pam, and I go in May. Marissa made taco salad for dinner. The kids played […]

March 2022

Journal Recap: March 1: I published my February blog recap post. I went to Dutch Bros and went into the office. We went to Cubby’s for lunch and gave Shae baby shower gifts. We went on a team walk. Sarah M., Sarah H., and her husband, and I went to the Orem Cinemark and watched […]

February 2022

Journal Recap: February 1: I worked in the living room. I published my January recap blog post. I went to the apartment gym during lunch and watched The Bachelor. I FaceTimed with my mom. I watched Kenan, 9-1-1 Lonestar, and then Kylie and I watched Drag Race UK vs The World. February 2: I worked […]