Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

December 2020

December 1: I went to the gym and worked at my parent’s house, the usual. I got a gift card for my work anniversary! I picked up my Walmart order after work. My grandma and I watched The Bachelorette. December 2: I went to the gym and had a productive day at work. I watched The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and The Voice throughout the day. Kylie and I recorded the podcast and I ate dinner at my parent’s house. December 3: I went to the gym and worked at my parent’s. I watched The Masked Singer, The Voice, RHOSLC, and Big Sky throughout the day. Very productive and busy day at work. I went to the store for my parent’s. Went home, had dinner, and watched The Amazing Race. December 4: I went to the gym and worked at my parent’s. I watched A Million Little Things, The Voice, and Fear The Walking Dead throughout the day. I had a special for dinner that my grandma brought home and watched Mariah Carey’s Christmas Special and Euphoria. December 5: Kylie and I went to the gym. I went and got a haircut. I did laundry and cleaned out the fridge. Kylie and I went to Amanda and Bre’s. We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and then watched the Mariah Carey Christmas special and the movie Godmothered at their place. December 6: I watched The Holiday, Joyful Noise, and The Last Holiday throughout the day as I went through my drawers, closet, and totes. My grandma and I had Del Taco for dinner. Ended the night listening to podcasts. December 7: I went to the gym and watched an episode of Fear The Walking Dead. Worked at my parent’s. Got caught up on This Is Us. Helped Jody bring in some Christmas stuff and ended the night watching TikTok’s. December 8: Kylie and I went to the gym. I went into the office to work. I watched The Voice and caught up on The Amazing Race. Worked on Sub 4 Santa stuff. Sarah came in. Helped Brittany bring her gifts into the gym and she gave me a birthday present. Sarah and I went shopping at Target and shopped for 2 kids. December 9: Kylie and I went to the gym. Worked at my parent’s. I watched The Bachelorette and The Voice. Phone call for SEO freelance work. I went to Kylie’s after work and we recorded the podcast for the week. December 10: I woke up at 6 to a Taylor Swift surprise announcing her 9th studio album and sister record to folklore, evermore, dropping tonight. I went to the gym and then my parent’s to work. I watched Big Sky, The Amazing Race, The Masked Singer, and RHOSLC throughout the day. Attended a virtual Vivint/Equality Utah: We Can Be Allies: The Intersection of LGBTQ and Black Advocacy event. Brittany, Kenzie, and I put together a video for our work Christmas party. I did some freelance work. I then listened Taylor’s new album, a new song with Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys, Noah Cyrus, and a new Kid Cudi album. Bought some Taylor Swift merch: a sweater and vinyl. December 11: I worked at my parent’s and ran some errands during lunch. Kylie and I headed up to Amanda and Bre’s. I dropped a card off to Brittany’s house for her birthday. We then went to Walmart and made pasta. We recorded an episode of Amanda’s podcast, hung out, and slept over. December 12: Kylie and I went and got Dutch Bros and headed back to Amanda and Bre’s. Lazy day lounging. Door Dash’d Penny Ann’s for lunch. Headed home around 5. I went up to Jessica and Mick’s. Danielle came over. We had dinner and looked at stuff for our Costa Rica trip. December 13: Kylie and I went to the gym. I hung out at my parent’s for the day. We had ribs and mac for dinner made out of his Camp Chef. Got my Christmas shopping done and was in bed by 9. December 14: Worked at my parent’s and shoveled the driveway. I watched A Million Little Things and RuPaul’s Las Vegas Revue. Ran some errands with my mom. We had our Digital Marketing Virtual Ugly Sweater Holiday party. We had a variety show and played games. We get to pick a gift from a gift menu and then our boss surprised us and we are all each getting $1,500 to go toward a trip next year. Shocked and had full body goosebumps. Kylie and I went to the gym and then to Chipotle where I got the Guac is Extra But So Is Miley Burrito. FaceTimed with Tasha. December 15: I worked at my parent’s. I watched The Bachelorette and The Voice. Did some side SEO work after normal work. I watched The Bachelorette. December 16: Kylie and I went to the gym. Worked at my parent’s and watched Big Sky and The Voice. 1-1 with Shae and worked on busy tasks throughout the day. Kylie and I recorded the podcast and made a TikTok. December 17: I worked at my parent’s. I watched The Masking Singer, The Amazing Race, and The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. I stayed until around 8 working on freelance stuff. Listened to Paul McCartney’s new album. December 18: Started the morning listening to Eminem’s new album. Stopped at the coffee truck and worked at my parent’s. Had a ticket court hearing for my bad parking the morning I hiked Timp. They dropped it from $130 to $40. I worked on freelance stuff after work and then got Del Taco for dinner. December 19: I met up with Chase, Marissa, the kids, Ciara, and Nathan at City Creek. We walked around and went over to The Gateway as well. We went back to Ciara’s and played a fun game called Loopin’ Louie. Ciara took me to try cyrotherapy. We took food, drinks, blankets, and coats to the homeless. Hung out at Ciara’s for the night, had dinner, and played games. December 20: I met up at Alex’s house in Daybreak. Her, Cassidy, Fedra, and I went to The Metro in Salt Lake for a Diva! drag show. They had Katy Perry, Liza Minelli, Lady Gaga, and Dolly Parton drag queens. It was a fun show. December 21: I worked on and off throughout the day. My grandma and I looked at Saturn and Jupiter. We had dinner and watched The Bachelorette. December 22: I worked at my parent’s. I went to the Utah County Health Department for some shots. I met Brittany at Target, she gave me a gift. I bought the evermore CD. Back home to work. I stayed for dinner and watched The Bachelorette finale. Tayshia picked Zac, and yes, I cried during the proposal. December 23: I ran some errands and then went to my parent’s to work for a bit. Stopped at the store and then met Kylie at the park and ride. We dropped flowers and a card off at my bosses house. We went to Amanda and Bre’s. We recorded the podcast, ate dinner, and hung out. Kylie came over on our way home so I could give her a Christmas present that came. December 24: I wrapped presents, chatted with Natasha, and went up to drop a gift off to Nancy. I went to my parent’s. Amanda and Bre came over. We had dinner, watched A Christmas Story, and opened up our Christmas pajama’s. December 25: Amanda and Bre came down. We opened presents. Headed home and got ready. My family, Brittany and her family, and Gaige came over. We had biscuits and gravy, opened presents, and hung out. I went over to the Gammon’s in the evening. We played games and hung out. December 26: Chill day. I went to Stadium Cinemas. Kylie rented out the theater and we watched the new Croods. Had Chinese food for dinner with my grandma and I watched Titanic. December 27: Kylie and I went to the gym. Hung out at my parent’s house. My mom and I watched The Prom. Amanda, Bre, my grandma, Justin, and Melanie came over for dinner. My dad made a brisket. December 28: Got my iced coffee at McDonald’s. I went to my parent’s. I watched Letterkenny throughout the day. I went through my notes, photos, socials, phone, emails, and cleaned up things. I put together an outline for this week’s podcast. I had Chinese food for dinner and watched Dante’s Peak. December 29: I went to my parent’s. Spent the morning going through the Costa Rica itinerary. I worked on my 2020 blog recap. I met Bre’s dad and step-mom and their kids. Hung out at the Gammon’s house. December 30: Checked out my podcast mic in the morning at my parent’s. I went to Strap Tank for lunch with Brooke and Shannon. I worked on my 2020 recap blog post. I went with my dad to Luminaria with Justin, Melanie, Oly, Katie, Courtney, Ed, Gabe, and Makayla. December 31: Kylie and I recorded and published our 2020 recap episode for The Pop Addicts. New Year’s Eve party at Justin and Melanie’s.

Gym/Workout Count: Went to Vasa 6 times by myself and 7 times with Kylie.

TV Shows: A Million Little Things, Big Sky, Chrisley Knows Best, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, Euphoria, Fear The Walking Dead, Letterkenny, Mariah Carey’s Christmas Special, RuPaul’s Drag Race, RuPaul’s Las Vegas Revue, The Amazing Race, The Bachelorette, The Masked Singer, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, The Undoing, The Voice, This Is Us

Movies: A Christmas Story, Dante’s Peak, Godmothered, Joyful Noise, The Croods: New Age, The Great Gatsby, The Holiday, The Last Holiday, The Prom, Titanic

Music: evermore by Taylor Swift, Britney Spears put out a song with the Backstreet Boys, a new Noah Cyrus song, and a new Kid Cudi album, Paul McCartney’s new album, Katy Perry put out a Cosmic Energy EP, Slow Dancing by Aly & AJ, Wonder by Shawn Mendes, 911 Remixes, Blinding Lights (Remix): The Weeknd with Rosalia, Potential Breakup Song explicit version by Aly & AJ

Fitbit Steps: Total steps: 196,872. Average per day: 6,350.

Gratitude: getting a gift card at work, Walmart pickup orders, Spotify 2020 Wrapped, busy work, TV drama, smooth recording for the podcast, productive work days, running errands for my parent’s, song remixes, my grandma brought me home a special. the Christmas spirit, haircuts, going to restaurants, my clothes, my belongings, being organized, getting out of bed, working in my dad’s office, funny TikTok’s, some lady behind us at the checkout paid the difference for the gifts for our Sub 4 Santa kids, seeing Sarah, Brittany, Kenzie, and Evan today, getting a side gig, Taylor Swift dropping another NEW album, We Can Be Allies event, Brittany and Kenzie, my mentor Jacob, gift cards, payday, lazy days, planning trips, my dad’s cooking, buying presents for people, my mom buying my lunch, my job, department, coworkers, the gifts we received, packages being delivered, my grandma bringing me home a work special, good workout, productive work days, Arby’s mozzarella sticks, Subway, new music, coffee, ticket was drastically reduced, Shinah, hanging out family, laughing, fun games, attending a live event, water, water, water, seeing Jupiter and Saturn, my grandma making dinner, seeing Brittany, kind nurses, chill work days, safe driving, Bre made us dinner, listening to Christmas music while wrapping presents, seeing Nancy, gathering at my parent’s house, Christmas morning, giving gifts, gathering at my grandma’s house, seeing a movie with family, good workout, naps, having dinner with my family, having a very productive day, planning fun trips, Facetiming Andrea, meeting Bre’s family, getting a podcast mic, Shannon buying my lunch, Luminaria, seeing the Jesus statues, putting out a 2020 recap episode for the podcast, good food, New Year!