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December 2021

December 2021

December 1: I paid rent, published my November blog recap, and checked out my Spotify Wrapped. I worked at Kassidi’s house today. We went to Cafe Rio for lunch. I went with my grandma to Wells Fargo for an appointment at 4. She put me on her accounts. I went back to Kassidi’s. My grandma came over to get her nails done. I stopped at Colten’s and then Amanda’s. I had leftovers for dinner. December 2: Britney Spears’ birthday. I had sleep paralysis during the night. I got Dutch Bro’s and went into the office. Shae, Brittany, Kenzie and I did Sub for Santa shopping. I watched Drag Race Italia, made dinner, and watched Painted With Raven. December 3: I went and got McDonald’s for breakfast. I watched Coming Out Colton. I put on Drag Race Canada, The Masked Singer, and The Voice. I got Chinese food for dinner, watched Pen15, and then Kylie got home. We watched The Housewife and the Shah Shocker. December 4: I slept most of the day. I went to Walmart. I watched Pen15, A Million Little Things, had dinner, and watched Seinfeld. December 5: I did some laundry and cleaning and chilled in the living room all day. I watched A Million Little Things, picked up my Walmart order, had dinner, and watched American Horror Story, and Big Sky. December 6: I set up in the living room. I put on Big Sky and got caught up on my journal. I got a COVID test during lunch, negative. I went to my mom’s and picked up a wreath and a Rudolph block from her. I got caught up on Unidentified with Demi Lovato. I also got caught up on The World According to Jeff Goldblum and had dinner. I put on an episode of Seinfeld and then Kylie and I watched The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. I went to the gym after. December 7: Did some chores and picked up packages. I set up in the living room to work. I watched The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All. I went to Great Clips to get a haircut from Kristi right when they opened at 9. I put on The Voice. I went to the apartment gym after work. I watched more of The Voice, Kylie and I watched the People’s Choice Awards, and I watched the recent episode of Drag Race Italia. December 8: I worked in the living room. I put on The Voice. Shae, Brittany, and I had lunch at Bona Vita Italian restaurant in Lehi with a potential new team member. I went down to the apartment gym before 5. I got fully caught up on The Voice and started Abbott Elementary. Kylie and I chatted and watched Vanderpump Rules. We slept out on the couch tonight. December 9: First day of snow! I started work at 8:30 in the living room. We had our Digital Marketing All Hands. I got to spin the virtual birthday wheel and landed on sunglasses. I chatted with Tasha and we made some plans for when she is here at the end of the month. Brittany and i went into the office to drop off our Sub for Santa gifts. I worked out in the apartment gym. I watched The Masked Singer and Painted With Raven. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules. I took a bath and went to bed. December 10: I worked out in the apartment gym. I listened to the new music Friday playlist and worked in the living room. Unsuccessful getting Olivia Rodrigo tickets. I ran errands during lunch. I watched some of Canada’s Drag Race. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules. December 11: Kylie and I went to Beans and Brews, to my bank, a nail salon for a birthday gift, and then to Costco. We both got a membership. We then went to Trader Joe’s, Walmart, and headed home. We watched a little bit of Vanderpump Rules. I got my grandma’s flights booked for the cruise. I went to Brittany and Mitchell’s to give her the birthday present Kenzie, Shae, and I got her. I stayed over for a slice of cake. Kylie’s friends Jaidy and Andrew came over. We made pizza for dinner, had music videos on, and chilled on the couch chatting. When they left, Kylie and I watched Home Alone. December 12: I went and picked up my mom. We went to Cal Ranch, Walmart, Five Below, had lunch at Chilli’s, and then headed over to my grandma’s. Brittany came over and we helped bring in Christmas stuff and set up the tree. My parent’s had TV trays they aren’t using that they gave to me. I chilled on the couch. Amanda and Bre came over. We had dinner and watched Miss Universe. December 13: I donated plasma and then went into the office. Sarah was in and we had lunch in the cafe. I went up to The Shops at South Town and walked around. I met up with Sarah Tuttle at a restaurant called Fratelli to hang out and celebrate Taylor Swift’s birthday. Kylie and I watched The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. December 14: Worked from home. I watched The Voice. We had a team lunch at Village Baker in Lehi. I worked from Kenzie’s in the afternoon. I went to Maverick to get a coffee. We had a department meeting. Shonay, Daniel, Jackie, Kenzie, and I made our way to The Union for K-Bull 93’s Bull Bash 2021. This is my 150th concert. The artists that performed were: Scotty McCreery, Jimmie Allen, Tenille Arts, Priscilla Block, Walker Hayes, and Nate Barnes. We came out to a snow storm. It took forever to get home. I stopped at Del Taco before getting home. December 15: I worked from home. I watched The Bachelorette and some of The Voice. Kylie and I headed up to my department’s Christmas party. We had it at the Salt Lake Culinary Center. We split into groups and I was part of the steak making group. We had that, salad, potatoes, broccoli, and a desert. They showed a slide show of pictures throughout the year and then we headed home. December 16: I stopped at Starbuck’s and went into the office. Brittany and Kenzie came in around lunch time. I met Sarah M. at Makanmakan Asian Streat Food Fare. We then went to the Alta Performing Arts Center for the Millennial Choirs & Orchestra concert for I Played My Best For Him dress rehearsal. December 17: I set up in the living room and put on Survivor. I went to the American Fork Cinemark after work and watched the new Spider-Man. It was so good! I watched part of Dante’s Peak when I got home and fell asleep. December 18: My dad and I went to a Christmas Party at Natalie and Troy’s. Bridget, her boyfriend, Rohn, Nancy, her boyfriend, Billy, and Natalie’s clan were all there. We had food and played a White Elephant game and Family Feud. I went over to Colten and Destiny’s. Kylie, Amanda, and Bre were there. We hung out, ate, chatted, and played games. I got home around 3:30. December 19: Movie day. I went and watched Encanto, ate lunch at Chipotle, went to Barnes & Noble, and then went back and watched West Side Story. I stopped at Trader Joe’s, headed home, and watched Drag Race Italia. December 20: I worked in the living room. I watched the following throughout the day: Canada’s Drag Race, Painted With Raven, Kenan, The Masked Singer, and The Voice. I went to the store to get stuff for dinner. I made pasta and watched Jungle 2 Jungle and Getting Even With Dad. December 21: Another day working in the living room. Kylie worked from home today too. I watched Big Sky in the morning and then Kylie and I watched The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and Vanderpump Rules. Kylie went to a Christmas party. I watched more of Big Sky, finished the Savage X Fenty show, and Kristi came over for The Bachelorette finale. December 22: I worked in the living room. I went to Walmart and Jimmy John’s during lunch. I got caught up on 9-1-1 throughout the day. I made dinner and watched Big Mouth. December 23: I went into the office. I watched Painted With Raven and had lunch at my desk. I left work around 4. I went to the store, home, did laundry, cleaned, wrapped presents, and watched: Big Mouth, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, and fell asleep during Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves. December 24: I went and visited Kylie. She is dog sitting. We exchanged Christmas gifts. She got me a F**k the Patriarchy keychain, a Niall Horan car freshener, and a Niall mug! I went down to my parent’s. We put on The Santa Clause, watched some Saturday Night Live Christmas skits, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and had dinner. We ended the night watching The Christmas Story and I slept over. December 25: I got up at 8, showered, and had a couple cups of coffee. Amanda and Bre arrived. We opened presents. I got Dustin: a Bass Pro Shop gift card and an Arcade belt, Amanda: a Beatles lyric book, Bre: a Grease book, Amanda and Bre: a gift card to Red Rock Brewery, my mom: Dr. Marten’s, my dad: a massage gun. We headed over to my grandma’s. We had food and exchanged gifts. Brittany gave me a bluetooth lantern. I gave my grandma $100 toward our Alaskan cruise. I got a can of chai powder and a mug from Dustin. I got two kitchen stools, a mat, money, and stuff in my stocking from my parent’s. I got a record player, money, and a humidifier from my grandma. We headed back to my parent’s. Amanda and Bre came a little later and we had dinner. Colby, Brooke, Andrew, Emma, Devin, and Heidi came over before 7. I opened the door to Andrew in his Christmas Story bunny outfit. We drank, listened to power hours, played Catch Phrase, and hung out. I headed home and packed my stuff up to my apartment. December 26: I went up to Dave and Julie’s around 10. Chase, Marissa, and the kids are in town. We went over to Ciara and Nathan’s future house and helped with loading tiles in. We went to lunch at Red Iguana 2 and then went back to Dave and Julie’s. We watched Alone. Had to take pics with the kids using Snapchat filters, they love it! Caleb, Kaitlyn, Taylor, and Rocky came over. We played games and hung out. I watched more of Alone with Chase and Marissa and then headed home. December 27: Lazy morning. I finally got out of bed around 11:30. I did a load of laundry, took the Christmas stuff down, cleaned out the fridge, cleaned up my room a bit, took the trash out, and headed up to Dave and Julie’s. I-15 was closed. I left my place at 3 and didn’t get to their house until 4:30. Charlotte, Chase, Marissa, and I headed to Strap Tank in Lehi. Chad, Kina, Ciara, and Nathan met up there. Blizzard outside. We watched Spider-Man: No Way Home in the VIP theatre at the Thanksgiving Megaplex. Took Chase and Marissa back and then headed home. December 28: I went to The Coffee Shop in American Fork. I got my drink for free because their machine was down. I pieced together my 2022 budget and worked on my 2021 recap blog post. I went to my apartment and then up to Andrea’s house. We hung out, went to the store and got snacks, watched TV and parts of a couple of movies, Doordashed burgers, and ended the night playing Donkey Kong Country and Kirby’s Avalanche. I spent the night at her place. December 29: I left Andrea’s, stopped at Starbuck’s, and went home. I cleaned, watched Sing, and did some work in the living room. I went to Dave and Julie’s around 3:30. Ben and Becca came over. We played a game called: Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. We went to the Thanksgiving Megaplex and watched Sing 2. I went home and watched Bring It On and Tommy Boy. December 30: I went to The Coffee Shop and got an iced chai and a poppyseed muffin. I did some work and blog stuff. I helped Ciara with selecting pictures to post. Amanda sent over their wedding video, loved it. I watched Drag Race: Italia, Painted With Raven, and Big Mouth. Kylie and I made pizzas and watched Vanderpump Rules. December 31: I listened to the New Music Friday playlist. I pieced together podcast episode notes. Kylie and I had lunch, watched Vanderpump Rules, and then recorded the podcast episode. I went and picked up Tasha. We stopped a couple places and then went back to my apartment. She made cheeseburger vegan nachos. We watched the various New Year’s Eve shows: Ryan Seacrest, Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, and Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson. We ended the night watched Broad City, listening to Kacey Musgraves, and we both slept out on the couch.


K-Bull 93’s: Bull Bash 2021

Millennial Choirs & Orchestras: I Played My Best For Him

TV Shows:

9-1-1, A Million Little Things, Abbott Elementary, Alone, American Horror Story, Big Mouth, Big Sky, Coming Out Colton, Drag Race: Canada, Drag Race: Italia, Kenan, Miss Universe, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, New Year’s Eve Live with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party Hosted By Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson, Painted With Raven, Pen15, People’s Choice Awards, Saturday Night Live Christmas skits, Savage X Fenty show, Seinfeld, Survivor, The Bachelorette, The Housewife and the Shah Shocker, The Masked Singer, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, The Voice, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, Unidentified with Demi Lovato, Vanderpump Rules


Bring It On, Dante’s Peak, Encanto, Getting Even With Dad, Home Alone, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Jungle 2 Jungle, Sing, Sing 2, Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Christmas Story, The Santa Clause, Tommy Boy, West Side Story


Spotify wrapped, working at Kassidi’s, Sub for Santa shopping, breakfast run, when a new season of a show drops, sleep, catching up on shows, Walmart pickup, negative COVID test, getting some crafts from my mom, productive day, haircuts, lunch with the team, busy day, working from home in my comfy chair with a blanket, chatting with Kylie, snow, spinning the birthday wheel, still making it to the gym, dropping off Sub for Santa gifts, morning workout, lunch errands, dramatic television, successful errand day with Kylie, getting a Costco membership, visiting with Brittany and Mitchell and her kids, meeting new friends, bumming around with my mom, helping my grandma get her Christmas tree up, my parent’s giving me TV trays, lunch with Sarah M., dinner with Sarah T., team lunches, free concert, traveling safe in the snow, awesome department and Christmas party, having money in my Starbuck’s app, working in the office with Brittany and Kenzie, dinner and a concert with Sarah, seeing the new Spider-Man, seeing family, hanging out at Colten and Destiny’s, spending the day at the movies, watching old movies, working from home with Kylie, meeting heavy day to help make the day go by faster, having Kristi over, heated apartment, quiet days in the office and chatting with Zac, watching old movies, exchanging gifts with Kylie, watching Christmas movies at my parent’s, my Christmas Eve PJ’s, seeing people open their gifts, hanging out with family, spending the day with Chase, Marissa, and the kids, seeing Taylor, Kaitlyn, and Rocky, playing games, productive morning/afternoon, driving safe in the snow, seeing Spider-Man again, Ciara bringing in Crumbl, productive day at a coffee shop, getting my 2022 budget pieced together, spending the day hanging with Andrea, spending more time with Chase, Marissa, and the kids, playing new games, fun movies, another productive morning, Amanda and Bre’s wedding video, watching Vanderpump with Kylie, getting a new podcast episode recorded, seeing and hanging out with Tasha for the first time since March 2020.