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December 2022

Journal Recap for December 2022:

December 1: I paid rent and posted my November blog recap post. I headed into the office. Marketing Operations did their offsite presentation. They had a video of them rapping which was really fun. We had our first meeting of book club today with our new book: indistractable. Having major anxiety today. I stopped at the store, went home, had dinner, and watched Vanderpump Rules, Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs The World, and Painted With Raven. December 2: Taking the day off. I did some cleaning, listened to music, and watched Vanderpump Rules. I went to the store and got stuff to make chicken enchiladas. Kylie came home for a bit to do laundry. We watched RHOSLC. I watched more of Vanderpump Rules and went to bed. December 3: Kylie and I went to the opening of Poppy Books & Gifts in Spanish Fork. We ran into Jaidy and her friend. We bought a couple of books. I went over to Brittany’s to pick up some binoculars. I then headed down and met up with Andrea, Dan, and Shinah, at Andrea’s parent’s house. We stopped at Starbuck’s and went to Sandy Beach to try and look for some owls. We went to Olive Garden for dinner, Walmart for treats, and then the SF Cinemark. We watched Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Took them back up to their cars and headed home. I watched Vanderpump Rules and went to bed. December 4: I got up around 10:30. I got ready and headed to my grandma’s. Jody came over. We put up her Christmas tree. I went and picked up a poinsettia from Courtney, some mail at my dad’s, and more lights at Dollar General. My grandma had made some turkey soup that I took home with me. I called my mom, stopped at the store, and went home. I watched Vanderpump Rules and worked on budget and journal stuff. December 5: I watched an episode of Glee, got ready, and headed into the office. Our team went shopping for Sub for Santa. We then went over to the gym after work to help wrap. I went home and watched Vanderpump Rules, Vampire Diaries, and Seinfeld. December 6: Woke up and saw the emails and texts about Vivint being bought. I got ready, headed into the office, and went to a couple of meetings to talk about it. Our team went to Thai Evergreen for my 10 year work anniversary lunch. I went home after work and watched Vanderpump Rules. Kylie came home. We watched The Amazing Race, Survivor, and Abbott Elementary. December 7: I worked in my room. Had a webinar, did laundry, and cleaned. I went to Walmart and then got gas. I moved to working in the living room. I watched Vanderpump Rules. December 8: I went into the office. We had a Town Hall in the gym. I packed when I got off, ate, and watched Vanderpump Rules. Shinah picked me up shortly after 9 and we went to the airport. We left shortly before midnight and I had an aisle seat. NYC bound. December 9: Slept for maybe max 30 minutes. We got into JFK before 6 am. Went to a random gate, laid on the ground, and tried to take a nap. No luck. Shinah and I got on the AirTrain and then the subway into Manhattan. We went to Tompkins Square Bagels and brought it over to a nearby park to eat. We walked up a bit to Target. We were going to head down to the Statue of Liberty, but our Airbnb host messaged us saying she was having issues with management about our stay. Asked her if we should head to the place to sort it out. She said yes. Got on the subway. Message came through that she cancelled our listing and we got a refund. We stopped at Prospect Park and chilled there while we messaged and worked with Airbnb to find us a new place. Got that secured. We walked a lot and went through Holy Cross Cemetery. Subway to our place and got there a little before 4. The cleaner was walking out and let us in. We ordered in food, watched, Broad City, and went to bed at 7. I woke up at 9 and came out to the couch. Called my mom. Back to bed before 11. December 10: We slept in. We went to Familiars Coffee and then went to Bryant Park for its Winter Village. We walked through Times Square up to Central Park. We then spent hours walking through and exploring Central Park. We had dinner at Beyond Sushi. We walked through the heavily crowded Rockefeller Center so I could see the Christmas tree. We made our way back to our Airbnb. We watched Party Monster. December 11: We both slept in. We went and got food at Seitan’s Helper and went to a witch shop. We then made our way to the Museum of Modern Art. My favorite piece was: The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. We went to Chelsea Market and explored. We then went to the Duplex. We had some drinks and chatted with the bartenders. We walked past The Stonewall Inn. We went back to our place, ordered food, and watched Broad City. December 12: My body woke me up at 8. I showered, got ready, and packed up my stuff. Shinah and I went into DUMBO. We saw the new Notorious B.I.G. statue. We walked along the water and went into several different shops. We went to the Bearded Baker and then ate at Bogota Latina Bistro. We then made our way to the airport. Got through security and You Need to Calm Down by Taylor Swift was on. Got my seat assignment in the 5th row with more leg room. I got caught up on my journal while waiting to board. I listened to SZA’s new album, an audiobook, and had The Holiday, a nature show, and part of Grease on in the background. We landed before 11. Shinah dropped me off. I unpacked, showered, and went to bed. December 13: Taylor Swift’s birthday. I went into the office. I left work early to head down to Payson. Took my mom to an appointment and then we had dinner at Los 4 Amigos. Chilled at my grandma’s for a bit after. I headed home and finished The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. December 14: Started working in my bedroom. Updated my computer and had lunch. Moved into the living room to work. I put on Vanderpump Rules. Kylie got home. I had dinner and we watched the finale of Survivor. December 15: I went into the office. Had a couple meetings and then book club. I went to 180 Tacos for lunch with Zac, Dayna, and Morgyn. Met Delite at my house after work. We headed up to Salt Lake. We parked at City Creek. Lines for restaurants were too long. Walked to the conference center for the Christmas with The Tabernacle Choir Orchestra at Temple Square and Bells at Temple Square featuring Lea Solonga and Sir David Suchet. It was amazing. We went to Denny’s after, home, and then to bed. December 16: TGIF. I worked in the living room. I watched Vanderpump Rules. I ran some errands during lunch. I created a playlist for our work Christmas party. I made my way to Payson to Courtney and Ed’s for their Ugly Sweater Christmas potluck party. We had food, I got a food chopper, and we played Heads Up. December 17: I woke up and watched 2 episodes of The White Lotus in bed. I got up and got ready. I went to Smith’s to get groceries and then back home. I had some sushi for lunch, finished The White Lotus, and watched part of Joyeux Noel. I put on Avatar. I paused it in the middle and took a nap. Woke up, finished Avatar, and made dinner. I watched Vanderpump Rules and then went to bed. December 18: I woke up around 6 and did some cleaning. I went back to bed until 8:30. I watched Vanderpump Rules and got caught up on budget and journal stuff. I picked up mail at my dad’s and went to my grandma’s. We went to the Spanish Fork Cinemark and watched Avatar: The Way of Water. I went home. Kylie and I watched Abbott Elementary and The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. December 19: I got ready and went into the office. We went to Sol Agave for Brittany’s birthday. I left work a little early, got ready, and went to our Lehi office for our casino night Christmas party. I spent the night at the blackjack table. We got sweaters and I made sure we took some group pictures. December 20: I chilled in my bed and sat in the Webex meeting answering questions for jury duty. I wasn’t selected. I went into work and had lunch. Brittany brought in pretzel treats for us to try. Today is the 26th anniversary of Scream. Kylie and I watched that. Ended the night eating the Disney gingerbread man that Kylie brought me home from Disneyland. December 21: I stopped at Dutch Bros and went into the office. Kassidi came in and we had lunch. I made Christmas playlists for friends. I watched Vanderpump Rules and part of Homeward Bound: A Grammy Salute to the Songs of Paul Simon. December 22: I went into the office. Spent the day cleaning up my email folders and computer. I watched Vanderpump Rules and went through some yearbooks. December 23: Merry Christmas Eve Eve. I watched Vanderpump Rules. Kylie came home. We watched the new Real Housewives of Salt Lake City episode. I watched Vanderpump Rules and ordered food. I put together the new music Friday playlist. December 24: I got out of bed around 11. I got ready. Kylie and I exchanged our Christmas gifts for each other. She got me body wash, a magnet, some bath bombs, and a “Karma is my Boyfriend” Taylor Swift shirt, yay! I got her a Barnes & Noble gift card and concert tickets to Chappell Roan. I chilled and packed. I headed down to my dad’s. Chilled on the couch. He went to the grocery store. My dad made spaghetti for dinner. Opened up pajamas and FaceTimed with my mom. We watched Fat Santa and I watched part of The Christmas Story. I spent the night. December 25: I got ready and my mom came over. We opened our presents. I got my dad a Yellowstone glass with his name on it and a $100 Nike gift card. I got my brother socks and concert tickets. I got my mom tickets to the aquarium, penguin encounter, and dinner at Red Lobster. I got Amanda and Bre $50 and a Lisa Vanderpump candle off Etsy. I headed over to my grandma’s. Chilled on the couch. Had biscuits and gravy. I got my grandma an electric toothbrush. She got me a foot massager, frames, and binoculars. Took a nap on her couch. Headed back over to my dad’s. Chilled on the couch with football on. My dad made dinner. We watched I Love You, Man. I went to bed. December 26: I woke up around 6, packed up my stuff, stopped at Starbuck’s, and headed home. I put away my stuff, started laundry, dishes, cleaned my bathroom, swept, vacuumed, and mopped. I put my signed CDs in the frames. I got ready and headed down to my grandma’s. Got coffee on the way to Salem to meet up with Dustin. We went to Petco, Popeye’s, and Costco. He stopped at Stoke’s. Helped him bring stuff in and headed back up north. I went to Trader Joe’s, Walmart, and then the crystal shop. Home. I used my new foot massager. I ordered food and cool whip. I watched Vanderpump Rules, Pocahontas, and part of the new Matilda on Netflix. December 27: I did some dishes, laundry, showered, and got ready. I went to the bank and Smith’s. Kylie came home. I put away my groceries, dishes, swapped laundry, and put on Vanderpump Rules. I had sushi for lunch. Kylie left around 5 and I got fully caught up on Vanderpump Rules at 7. I finished dinner and put on The Vampire Diaries. December 28: I went and got breakfast and an iced coffee from McDonald’s. I watched 9-1-1 in the living room. Kylie worked from home after lunch and we watched Summer House. I worked on blog stuff. Kylie left when she got off. I watched Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs The World and then Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix special: Revolution. December 29: My body woke up around 4:30. Fell back asleep and got up around 9. I cleaned, took the trash out, and set up in the living room. I worked on cleaning up my password list and organized stuff to do my 2023 budget. I got caught up on my podcasts and put on The Walking Dead. I had lunch, updated the calendar on the fridge, and reviewed the films at next year’s Sundance Flm Festival. Kylie and I watched Summer House. I worked on budget stuff, had Little Caesar’s for dinner, and watched Seinfeld. December 30: I went through the apps, photos, and messages on my phone and cleaned it up. I went and got my hair cut from Kristi and then chatted with the T-Mobile rep to chat about upgrading. Chase, Marissa, and the kids are in town. I went with Chase and Marissa to Costco and then back to Dave and Julie’s. Chilled and then helped set up stuff in the basement for their belated Christmas party. Had good food. Chilled and talked on the couch. I left around 9:30. December 31: Lazy morning/afternoon. I chilled in my room and posted 2022 recap stuff. I got ready and went to Ciara’s house for a New Year’s Eve party. She had some friends there and then Bryton, Bre, Becca, Ben, Chad, and Kina came. We ate, played games, and Marissa, Becca, and I made a TikTok downstairs. Sat on the couch and drank some Marinelli’s at midnight. Snowy outside. I got home shortly after 1 a.m.


Christmas with The Tabernacle Choir Orchestra at Temple Square and Bells at Temple Square featuring Lea Salonga and Sir David Suchet

TV Shows:

9-1-1, Abbott Elementary, Broad City, Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs The World, Chelsea Handler’s: Revolution, football, Glee, Homeward Bound: A Grammy Salute to the Songs of Paul Simon, Painted With Raven, Seinfeld, Summer House, Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, The Walking Dead


Avatar, Avatar: The Way of Water, Fat Santa, I Love You, Man, Joyeux Noel, Matilda, Party Monster, Pocahontas, Scream, The Christmas Story, The Holiday


The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid


my blog, awesome coworkers, Enya, getting through the day, taking a day off, new book store, running into Jaidy, adventures with Andrea, Shinah, and Dan, helping my grandma set up her Christmas stuff, taking home food from my grandma’s, watching Glee again, doing Sub for Santa with the team, team lunch for my work anniversary, night in watching Vanderpump Rules, smooth process at the airport, safe flight, breathing the NYC air, getting the Airbnb situation figured out, good walking boots, dropping our bags in our rooms once we finally got in the Airbnb, watching Broad City with Shinah, sleeping in, walking through Central Park, yummy food, seeing the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, watching new bizarre movies, sleeping in, going to the MOMA, taking some shots with Shinah, exploring DUMBO, seat upgrade, smooth flight, Taylor Swift being born, dinner with my mom, finishing a good book, work from home days, lunch with Zac and his team, Christmas concert with Delite, working on the couch, Ugly Sweater Christmas Party at Courtney and Ed’s, chill day at home, seeing the new Avatar with my grandma, going to lunch as a team, work Christmas party, going through the jury selection process, Brittany bringing in treats, Kylie and I watching Scream, Dutch Bros, having lunch with Kassidi, chill day at work, chill day at home, gift exchanging with Kylie, my dad’s spaghetti, Christmas PJ’s, great Christmas morning, naps, another good dinner my dad made, very productive morning, errands with my brother, getting caught up on Vanderpump Rules, starting a new show with Kylie, a new Chelsea Handler special, getting organized, haircuts, belated Christmas party at Julie’s, looking back at the past year