Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

December 2023

Journal Recap for December 2023:

December 1: I went to The Coffee Shop. Briant came in as well. He left at 12 and I left at 1. I went to the store and then worked the rest of the day in the living room. I listened to the new music Friday playlist. Kylie and I went to her work Christmas party. We had dinner and played trivia. It snowed most of the day. December 2: I went to Vasa. I watched The Golden Bachelor. I made breakfast and watched Bachelor in Paradise. I started laundry, showered, and chilled in the living room. I watched House of Villains and Squid Game: The Challenge. Kylie and I watched Survivor and The Amazing Race. I did some budget stuff and then got fully caught up on The Voice. I had dinner and watched Drag Race UK. December 3: Up, breakfast, and chilled in my room watching Drag Race UK. I worked on my budget sheet. I went and got gas. My dad came over. We picked up Amanda and Bre and had dinner at Sakana Sushi Bar. We went to the Delta Center to see Adam Sandler. Other people he had with him were: Sarah Sherman, Rob Schneider, Kevin James, Judd Apatow, and Jonathan Loughran. Such a great show! December 4: I went into the office. We picked up Sub for Santa packets and went shopping. Ate lunch at my desk. I stopped at the bank on the way home. I worked on my journal, watched Drag Race UK, and then went to bed. December 5: I went into the office. I watched The Voice. I got ready after work and went to the Lehi office. We had our Marketing Christmas Party. We had Brazilian food and played blackjack. December 6: I worked at The Coffee Shop, watched The Voice, and went to Macey’s during my lunch break. I worked the rest of the day in the living room. I watched the finale of Dancing With The Stars. I put on Drag Race UK, started laundry, did some cleaning, and put on Canada’s Drag Race. Kylie and I watched Winter House, I had dinner, and then The Amazing Race, and The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. I then watched the Squid Game: The Challenge finale. December 7: I went into the office. I watched Canada’s Drag Race during my lunch. Called my dad and he bought tickets for us for Red Hot Chili Peppers. I left work early because I wasn’t feeling great. I stopped at Walmart. I watched Watch What Happens Live, Saturday Night Live, and Canada’s Drag Race. December 8: Slept in and chilled in bed. I went online for a meeting from 11-12. I basically just stayed in my room all day and watched the following: Bachelor in Paradise, House of Villains, and Fear The Walking Dead. December 9: Another day where I stayed in bed all day. I finished Fear The Walking Dead, started and finished The Walking Dead: Dead City, and then started The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. December 10: Started a load of laundry and cleaned a little. I finished The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon and then started and finished The Fall of the House of Usher. December 11: I got ready, went to Walmart, and then into the office. I decorated Brittany’s desk for her birthday. I went to Costco during lunch to downgrade our membership. Kylie and I watched Watch What Happens Live, Survivor, and then I put on RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under. I did some more work, listened to podcasts, and went to bed. December 12: I went into the office. I got breakfast in the cafe. I spun the birthday wheel and got a $50 gas gift card. I watched Big Brother Reindeer Games. Kenzie and I randomly wrote a Taylor Swift poem, haha. I worked on Google’s 25th anniversary puzzle. Jonathan came and surprised me with a ticket to Lisa Barlow’s birthday bash at the Delta Center tomorrow night. Stoked! Kylie and I watched The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Winter House, Vanderpump Rules “Decade of Rumors and Lies”, and Watch What Happens Live. December 13: I worked in the office for the first half of the day. I got a Jazz shirt at the mall. I worked the rest of the day at home. I watched Big Brother Reindeer Games, The Voice, and 9-1-1. Taylor Swift’s birthday! I also got Shinah and I tickets to see Nicki Minaj in Brooklyn. I went up to Salt Lake. I went into the Vivint courtside suite, ate, and chatted with people. Lisa Barlow arrived with John and Henry. I chatted with her about the show. I also had a ticket super close to the court. I got a selfie with Lisa during halftime and chatted with her some more. We got a group pic and sang Happy Birthday after the game. I drank a lot of Diet Coke. December 14: I went to work. We went to Asado Argentinian Grill for Brittany’s birthday. Kylie and I watched Survivor and The Amazing Race. Listened to the new music that dropped. December 15: I worked at The Coffee Shop. I went to the store and got mail during lunch. My next Dolly Parton vinyl came and they gave me a pair of socks. I watched Big Brother Reindeer Games, House of Villains, Canada’s Drag Race, and 9-1-1. I went to the Piano Gallery for Kylie’s recital. She was amazing! I made pasta and we watched Glee and Leave The World Behind. December 16: I stopped at Beany’s To Go and then drove to Wendover. I wanted to go on a long drive. I had lunch there. I listened to my Spotify’s top 100 songs of 2023 playlist. I wrapped presents. I went to Amanda and Bre’s. We ordered dinner. John came over. We hung out on the couch and watched various things. He left, we watched Nicki Minaj on Watch What Happens Live, and I spent the night. December 17: I got up and headed home. I got ready and met Amanda, Bre, my dad, Dustin, Natalie and her family, and then Dionn and Billy at Black Bear Diner in Orem. Billy dropped his car off and then we drove down to my dad’s. We watched football. Andrew, Bre, and Emma came to visit. We then had dinner. My dad made a pot roast that was delicious. I went home and watched: A Very Demi Holiday Special, Christmas at Graceland, and Saturday Night Live. December 18: I went to work. We walked over to Holes during stand up and got donuts. I watched The Challenge: USA. I did journal work, had dinner, and watched The Last of Us. December 19: I went to Dutch Bros and then into the office. I looked up the Sundance Film Festival schedule. I watched Big Brother Reindeer Games and The Voice. I took off at 4. Kylie and I watched The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Winter House, and the Winter House reunion. December 20: I went to Gandolfo’s New York Deli and then to The Coffee Shop to work. I watched The Voice and Big Brother Reindeer Games. I went to Macey’s during lunch and then home. I watched The Last of Us. Kylie and I drove to her coworker’s house. They had snacks and drinks. We watched the Survivor finale. December 21: I went to Dutch Bros and then into the office. I left work around 1:30. I watched 9-1-1 Lonestar. When Kylie got home, we watched Spirited. I started Home Alone 2 and then went to bed. December 22: I chilled in bed most of the day. I watched Big Brother Reindeer Games and House of Villains. I went to Walmart, got Jimmy Johns for lunch, and then watched Canada’s Drag Race and 9-1-1 Lonestar. I went down to Brooke and Andrew’s. Amanda and Bre came. We went in Andrew’s truck to the Festival of Lights. We had Two Jacks at their place and watched old school Christmas movies. December 23: Chilled in my room. I watched 9-1-1 Lonestar, took a nap, went to the gas station, and watched The Super Mario Bros movie. I ordered Thai food, put on Portlandia, watched some more of Home Alone 2, and then went to bed. December 24: I started laundry and organized the pantry, fridge, freezer, and all of the cupboards and drawers. I cleaned my bathroom, swept, dusted, and vacuumed. I went and got socks for my dad at Under Armour. I put away dishes, laundry, listened to podcasts, did budget, and journal stuff. I went down to my dad’s. Amanda and Bre came as well. We had spaghetti for dinner and watched Fatman and A Christmas Story. I went home, watched more of Home Alone 2, and went to bed. December 25: I woke up, made breakfast, had an iced coffee, finished Home Alone 2, and watched Home Alone 3. I went to The Coffee Shop and then down to my grandma’s. My mom, Jody, Gage, Dustin, and Brittany and her family came. We ate and opened presents. Jody, my mom, Brittany, and I went in and got my grandma permanent eyebrows. Brittany also played a prank and has been taking decorations from around her house. We all opened them in front of her, haha. I got a comforter blanket, sheets, ear plugs, and some money. I left and got to my dad’s around 3. Amanda and Bre arrived. We exchanged gifts. I got Dustin some fly fish stuff, a book, and a gift card. I got my dad a whiskey barrel scent warmer, some pine scents, and an Omaha Steaks package. I got Amanda markers and the Trixie and Katya coloring book. I got Bre a lego set. My brother got me my yearly Chai mix. Amanda and Bre got me a cool mug, poster, and a ring that has 13 on it. My dad got me money, an ice maker, a really nice wallet, some sheets, and some other stuff in the stocking. Heidi, Devin, Raegan, Andrew, Brooke, Colby, Aubray, and family came. We had records on, football, 49ers lost, had a great dinner, a lot of desert, and did a white elephant game. I got socks, a bath bomb, and a coloring book. We played Cranium. I spent the night. December 26: Up early and headed home. Organized my gifts. I watched 9-1-1 Lonestar. I went to the bank and Walmart. I ordered Chinese food for dinner and watched Divergent and Dennis the Menace. December 27: I put on 9-1-1 Lonestar. I went to Walmart and picked up the packages in the mail room. I got the ice maker running. I sat on the couch, colored, and put on The Vampire Diaries. I had leftovers and watched Insurgent. December 28: I went to Target, Old Navy, and Walmart. I brought lunch back home. I watched The Vampire Diaries. I had leftovers for dinner. I watched Allegiant, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Portlandia, and Kroll Show. December 29: Up early, listened to a podcast, and fell back asleep. I put away all of the Christmas stuff. I went to the gas station. I chilled in the living room and watched The Vampire Diaries. Kylie and I watched Saltburn. I ended the day watching Portlandia in my room. December 30: I went to Kristi’s and got a hair cut. I went to the mall. I got new clothes, ate lunch, went to the liqour store, and Wandering Stones. I showered and got ready. I went to Dutch Bros and then over to Amanda and Bre’s. Max was there. Bre and I worked on her octopus jigsaw. People came over. We played Sorry. We went to The Habit Burger Grill and then ice cream at Handel’s. Hung out at their place after and then headed home. December 31: I slept in, had some coffee, and went through my closet and drawers to get rid of stuff. I hung up my U.S. travel map and some other posters. Kylie gave me a mushroom scentsy so I got that set up. I posted about my 2023. I read some and then Amanda and Bre picked me up. We celebrated New Year’s Eve at the Gammon’s house. Kirk and Shannon are in town. We ate, chatted, drank, and sang karaoke.

TV Shows:

9-1-1, 9-1-1 Lonestar, A Very Demi Holiday Special, Bachelor in Paradise, Big Brother Reindeer Games, Canada’s Drag Race, Christmas at Graceland, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dancing With The Stars, Drag Race UK, Fear The Walking Dead, football, Glee, House of Villains, Kroll Show, Portlandia, RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under, Saturday Night Live, Squid Game: The Challenge, Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Challenge: USA, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Golden Bachelor, The Last of Us, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, The Vampire Diaries, The Voice, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead, Dead City, Vanderpump Rules “Decade of Rumors and Lies”, Watch What Happens Live, Winter House


  • A Christmas Story
  • Allegiant
  • Dennis the Menace
  • Divergent
  • Fatman
  • Home Alone 2
  • Insurgent
  • Leave The World Behind
  • Saltburn
  • Spirited
  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie


working at The Coffee Shop with Briant, going to Kylie’s work Christmas party, getting to the gym, a good breakfast, chill day watching shows, working on my 2024 budget, seeing Adam Sandler with my dad, Amanda, and Bre, my work doing Sub for Santa, work Christmas party, coffee shop vibes, getting in a groove of getting caught up on shows, my dad gifting concert tickets, being able to leave work early, TV in bed day, TV in bed day round 2, getting fully caught up on The Walking Dead franchise, decorating Brittany’s desk for her birthday, getting to spin and win something from the birthday wheel at work, Jonathan getting me a ticket to an event with Lisa Barlow, getting Nicki Minaj tickets for Shinah and I, Taylor Swift being born, hanging with Lisa Barlow in the Vivint courtside suite, trying a new restaurant, getting socks with my Dolly Parton vinyl, seeing Kylie perform, fun end of the world movies, iced coffee, long drives with music, hanging with Amanda and Bre, brunch with the family, chill day at my dad’s, watching Christmas specials, team walk to get donuts during stand up, seeing what films are coming to Sundance, RHOSLC night, good breakfast sandwich and coffee, Survivor finale party, slow and early out day at work, chilling in bed, lights and old Christmas movies, watching a movie for the first time, getting into a cleaning and organization mood, my dad’s spaghetti, watching A Christmas Story, nice Christmas morning in the apartment, going to my Grandma’s, shrimp, exchanging gifts with my dad, Dustin, Amanda, and Bre, good food, early start to the day, for all of the gifts I was given, getting back into The Vampire Diaries, getting new clothes, The Vampire Diaries binge day, watching interesting and captivating movies, haircuts, getting new clothes, playing games and hanging out, sleeping in, getting rid of clothes, hanging up stuff in my room finally, a fun New Year’s Eve party