Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

February 2020

February 1: Put together and posted January recap blog post. Went to the mall. Ciara, Nathan, Chase, Marissa, Julie, Dave, Chad, Kina, and the kids and I went to the Joseph Smith Memorial building and watched the first two Book of Mormon videos. Hot chocolate and then went and had dinner at Red Iguana. Slept over again at Ciara and Nathan’s. February 2: Superbowl party at Cory’s house with the crew. The 49er’s lost but Demi, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez killed it! February 3: Bre, Amanda, Devin, Colby, and Lucy came over. Amanda made wings. We watched The Masked Singer and the 3 hour Bachelor episode. February 4: Chase, Marissa, the kids, Ciara, Nathan, and I ate dinner at Maxwell’s. Games back at Ciara and Nathan’s house. February 5: Helped Chase and Marissa move boxes downstairs. Kathryn and I watched The Bachelor at Jacob’s house. February 6: Snowy day. Had to get my windshield wiper fixed at Jiffy Lube after work. Dinner at T-Bone with my grandma. February 7: Submitted for Jimmy Fallon tickets. Crossed fingers. Had our team All-Hands meeting. Headed to the storage facility to help get the rest of Chase and Marissa’s stuff packed. Went up to Dave and Julie’s. We had dinner, desert, and hung out since it’s their last night. Said seeya later! February 8: Productive day. Went to the gym, went shopping for things at the house, read, and went to the Tanya Tucker and Brandi Carlile concert with Kylie! February 9: Lazy day at my parents. Watched The Oscars. February 10: Went to the dentist, 0 cavities. Had a night in with Chinese food and watched The Bachelor. February 11: Colby, Lucy, Makayla, Bre, Amanda, and I watched The Bachelor. I worked on cleaning up my Google photos. Watched Bridesmaids. February 12: Went home during lunch to start a crockpot for dinner. Kathryn came over and watched the season 40 premiere of Survivor. February 13: Went to lunch with Brittany. February 14: Everyone brought treats and we decorated cookies. Hung out with Kylie after work. We watched Fantasy Island with Shinah. Ended the night watching The Parent Trap. February 15: Ciara hosted a Palentine’s Day party. She did a great job decorating. Heart-shaped pizzas, treats, and a fondue machine. February 16: Cleaned up from the party last night and headed home. Chill day with Amanda and Bre watching movies, shows, and having dinner. Worked more on my concert journal. February 17: Amanda has a Vasa pass now. We went to the gym after work. Zupa’s for dinner and watched The Bachelor with Bre. February 18: Got a haircut today. Went to the gym with Amanda and Bre. The University Vasa now has the hydro-massage chairs. I watched: No Se Aceptan Devoluciones recommended by Andrea. Loved it. February 19: Had a dermatologist appointment for my dry scalp. Went to the gym and watched the Democratic Debates. February 20: Finished Range, the book club book from work. Niall released the track list for Heartbreak Weather. Amanda and I visited Bre and had dinner at The Pizza Factory. February 21: Shinah, Kassidi, Kaylee, and I went over to Andrea and Dan’s. We ate and played Skipbo and Monoply. 1st: Shinah, 2nd: Kassidi, 3rd: Andrea, 4th: Me, 5th: Kaylee. February 22: Lazy day catching up on some shows. Kylie came over. We hung out with Makayla, Bre, and Amanda. Drinks, movies, games, and music. February 23: Posted a lot of my concert journal entries and hung out at my parents for the day. Dad made a yummy dinner and we watched American Idol. February 24: Dropped my ballot off during lunch with a vote for Elizabeth Warren. Watched The Bachelor and finished uploading my concert journal entries. February 25: Bought our Beetlejuice tickets for NYC. Local pages went live at work! Brittany, Camille, Kenzie, and I went to UVU to see Tan France speak. Sarah and I watched the Democratic Debates and Vanderpump Rules. February 26: Jacob came in to have lunch with us today. Made dinner and watched Survivor. February 27: Up at 4 a.m. for the hour Q&A with Taylor Swift and then The Man music video premiere at 5. Caught up on some shows after work. Stupid Love by Lady Gaga came out. February 28: Purchased tickets for The Weeknd for Shinah and I. Brittany and I worked on the other side of the floor for part of the day. RuPaul’s Drag Race premiered tonight, going to be a good season. February 29: Caught up on some shows. Went to lunch and the mall with Amanda and mom. Went to dinner with Alex, Bre, Amanda, and Shinah. We met up with Kylie and watched The Invisible Man and then hung out at our place after.

Gym Count: 6 times. Bre, Amanda, and Irie recently got a pass to University Vasa, so here’s to going AT LEAST 12 times in March.

TV Shows: 9-1-1 Lonestar, A Million Little Things, America’s Got Talent: The Champions, American Idol, Democratic Debates, I Am A Killer, Impractical Jokers, Katy Keene, Naked and Afraid, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Schitt’s Creek, Shrill, Superbowl, Survivor, The Bachelor, The Circle, The Masked Singer, The Oscars, The Voice, The Walking Dead, This Is Us, Vanderpump Rules, Visible, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Movies: Back to the Future 1 & 2, Bridesmaids, Fantasy Island, Hereditary (Part of it), Mrs. Doubtfire, No Se Aceptan Devoluciones, Step Brothers, The Book of Mormon (first 2), The Invisible Man, The Parent Trap

Music: Aly & AJ, Britney Spears Toxic remix, Carly Rae Jepsen, Halsey, Justin Beiber, Niall Horan, Nicki Minaj, The Man lyric video, live from Paris and music video, The Pussycat Dolls, The Man lyric video, Stupid Love by Lady Gaga

Books: Range by David Epstein

Fitbit Steps: Total steps: 186,197. Average per day: 6,421.

Concerts: Bring My Flowers Now tour with Brandi Carlile & Tanya Tucker. I went with Kylie. Concert count: 132. I finished uploading all of my concerts to my concert Instagram account here: https://www.instagram.com/mrconcertlover/

Seeing The Book of Mormon videos
Red Iguana
Last dinner before the move
The cutest kids
Piper Jean
Off to Ontario
Brandi Carlile & Tanya Tucker concert with Kylie
Creepy house in Payson
Brittany, Camille, Kenzie, and I at UVU to see Tan France
Another month, still obsessed with Taylor
Alex & Me

Gratitude Journal: Recapping my January, time with family, good food, Demi’s comeback, chill day at work, sister made dinner, productive day at work, travel booked stuff for work conference, dinner with family, for my car, Del Taco, someone shoveling my grandma’s driveway, Kassidi joining Shinah and I on our San Francisco trip, easy car fix, great work department, chats with Sarah M., book club and reassessing goals, Chase and Marissa‘s friendship, my health, money to buy groceries, hanging out with Kylie, lazy day at my parents, momentum on my concert journal, my parents, 0 cavities, productive work day, Chinese food, backed all of my photos and videos on Google photos, warm house, maintenance fixing stuff at the apartment, healthy eyes, Survivor, lunch with Brittany, Cupbop, awesome department, hanging out with Kylie and Shinah, got Justin Bieber tickets, Ciara hosting a great party, comfy bed at Ciara and Nathan’s, rainy weather, pasta, busy work days, was able to help Brittany jump her car, Amanda going to the gym with me, Kristy cutting my hair, hydro-massage chairs at the gym, experiencing new movies, prescriptions for my scalp, pulled into first on Bachelor bracket, spirited debates, finished first book of the year, Niall released track list, free dinner from Bre, book club at work, Shinah, Andrea, Kaylee, Kassidi, lazy days, fun new shows, Kylie, my sister, looking back at all of the concerts I’ve gone to, my parents, Sunday night dinners, being able to vote, finished my concert journal, money for NYC trip, getting to see Tan France, hanging out with Sarah, Jacob visiting, productive work days, FaceTiming with my grandma, new music videos, Starbucks, chill work day, change of scenery at work, money for concert tickets, nights in, productive mornings, lunch with mom, reclining seats at the movies