Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

February 2022

Journal Recap:

February 1: I worked in the living room. I published my January recap blog post. I went to the apartment gym during lunch and watched The Bachelor. I FaceTimed with my mom. I watched Kenan, 9-1-1 Lonestar, and then Kylie and I watched Drag Race UK vs The World. February 2: I worked at home. I went to Zupa’s for lunch with Jacob. I went up to Salt Lake after work. Sarah and I went to the Eccles Theater and watched Hamilton. I got Del Taco on the way home. February 3: I worked, cleaned my bathroom, did laundry, and dropped some stuff off at Brittany’s house during lunch. I worked until 6:30. I packed, had dinner, and watched Drag Race. Kylie and I watched Abbott Elementary, The Amazing Race, and Celebrity Big Brother. I did my taxes, listened to new music that dropped and went to bed. February 4: Lindsay Lohan did a round of interviews today and is in a new Planet Fitness commercial for the Superbowl. I got Dutch Bros, a haircut from Kristi, and went home to work. I dropped something off at Amanda’s and hit the road. I got to Chase and Marissa’s with the kids waiting for me outside at 6. Marissa made dinner. They had their friend over and we played some games. Ended the night watching Can You Keep A Secret. February 5: We went to Addy’s basketball game. We stopped at a burger joint and then went into McCall for their Winter Carnival. We walked around on the frozen lake, saw some ice sculptures, had hot chocolate, and watched the fireworks. We watched Mulan on the drive home. February 6: We left for church at 8:30. Marissa made us crepes for lunch. I got caught up on my journal and everyone dispersed for nap time. Andrea, Shinah, and I got our flights for Los Angeles. Chase and I played Drone Home with Sebastian and Sawyer. Marissa made lasagna for dinner. We watched the olympics and an episode of Murderville. February 7: I started work at 7 at the kitchen counter. I got the three older kids off to the bus. Piper, Sebastian, and I listened to music while waiting for their bus to arrive. I got Taco Bell for lunch. Chatted with Marissa and she got the Valentine’s Day deal with Vivint for Shawn Mendes tickets. Hopped on a call with Brittany. Chase, Marissa, and I chatted cruises. He and I went and watched Jackass Forever, ate dinner at The Plaza Inn, and went back home and watched The Tindler Swindler with Marissa. February 8: I got ready and started work again at 7. I got caught up on Euphoria, 9-1-1 Lonestar, and Joe Millionaire. Chase and I went to the store and then we went to an elementary school for his team’s basketball practice. I had dinner and we watched Why Did You Kill Me. February 9: I started work at 7. I went and got gas during my lunch break and got McDonald’s for lunch. I picked up the kids from the bus stop and had them to do their homework and chores. Marissa made us dinner and went to her youth activity because she is a leader. We watched Forensic Files II when we got back home. February 10: I started work at 7. We had our Digital Marketing All Hands. Chase and I went to the soda shop during my lunch break. Marissa had bought sushi for me. We had another all hands meeting and people in the office did a cookie competition. Marissa and the kids got home. Their social worker came for a bit. Chase made us burgers for dinner. While he went to basketball practice, we watched The Bachelor. When Chase got home, we watched Into the Wild. I pieced together the new music Friday playlist. February 11: Another day starting work at 7. The kids don’t have school today. I got off at 12 and Marissa went and got us Thai food for lunch. Taylor, Kaitlyn, and Rocky came over. We played basketball, the kids did chalk on the driveway, and we played Four Square in the street. Chase and I went to the soda shop. We then went bowling and to dinner at Romio’s. Chase and I bought tickets for the iHeartRadio Music Festival. We played some games downstairs, went upstairs and played Jackbox, and then went to bed. February 12: I got ready around 9. We went to Addy’s basketball game. It was their last game and they hosted a pizza party at their house after. Chase, the kids, and I went to the hot pots. We had a Come Follow Me lesson, Chase and I went to the store, I got Panda Express for dinner, and we watched The Proposal. February 13: Chase, Marissa, and I did a TikTok. I said goodbye and got on the road after 8. I stopped at Dutch Bros, got gas close to Twin Falls, and got food in Tremonton. I listened to a Call Her Daddy podcast episode, started and finished the audio book of The Screwtape Letters, two Kacey Musgraves albums, a Justin Bieber album, Kim Petras, and Orville Peck’s EP. I got to my parent’s around 3 for the Super Bowl. My dad made guacamole and we had pork nachos. The Rams won and the half-time show was so good! February 14: I worked in the living room. I posted some valentines to people on my Instagram story. I went to Amanda’s during my lunch break to get some crystals she got for me. I watched Euphoria and Bel-Air. Kylie and I made pasta for dinner. I gave her chopsticks. We watched Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U. We put on Marry Me but I fell asleep watching it. February 15: First time using my Niall coffee cup Kylie got me. I went into the office. We had a team lunch at Tsunami in Lehi. I got tickets to Orville Peck. Kylie and I watched Celebrity Big Brother. February 16: I worked from home. I watched The Bachelor. When Kylie got home, we watched The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and Drag Race. February 17: I went into the office. Sarah, the new content specialist, came in today too. We had lunch in the cafe. Kylie and I went to the store and then over to Amanda and Bre’s. We had dinner and made a Lavender Lemonade mocktail. February 18: I went to The Coffee Shop to work. I read for book club. I went to Walmart and then headed back home. I watched 9-1-1 Lonestar and Joe Millionaire. We had book club in the afternoon. I packed for Los Angeles tomorrow. Kylie came home and we watched Drag Race UK vs The World, Abbott Elementary, and The Amazing Race. We ordered food from Wok the Line. February 19: Shinah got to my apartment at 8. We went up to Andrea and Dan’s. We had a quick breakfast. Pam took us to the airport and we made our great trek to the B gates. We landed and got to our car rental place at 12. We went to a beach in Malibu and had food. We went to our Airbnb, the grocery store, got food, and watched Jennifer’s Body. February 20: We had breakfast with Andrea’s cousins. We went to the Griffith Observatory. We drove by Sur, Pump, Tom-Tom, and then down Rodeo Drive. We went back to our Airbnb for a bit and then made our way downtown. We picked up food for Andrea. We went to the crypto.com arena for the Kacey Musgraves concert. Muna and King Princess opened. We stopped at McDonald’s on the way home and watched Pen15 and Superstore. February 21: Shinah and I went out to get coffee. We all then went downtown to The Last Book Store. We walked around the corner and had lunch at Yuko Chicken. We stopped by the American Horror Story murder house. We went to Hermosa beach and played around in the ocean. Watched little birds run back and forth with the water. We all picked up food and went back to our Airbnb to chill and hang out. February 22: We left the house around 8. We flew home on a tiny United plane. We took an Uber to Andrea and Dan’s and then Shinah and I drove to my apartment. We were in the car at 2:22 on 2/22/22. I did some laundry. Kylie and I watched the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City finale. I had Del Taco delivered. February 23: I went and worked at my parent’s for the day. I bought a ticket for the ACM awards in Las Vegas. Dolly Parton is hosting. I booked my hotel as well. My mom and I went to dinner at HuHot. I spent the night at their house. February 24: I stopped for an iced coffee and went to work at Kassidi’s for the day. Brittany came over and we got lunch from Cafe Rio. I went to Stoke’s after and then to Salon on Main in Spanish Fork. My cousin Haylie gave me a scalp treatment. Home and listened to new music that dropped. February 25: The Daytime Stage lineup was announced. I got ready and went to The Coffee Shop. Amanda and Bre came too. We had a team lunch at Super Chix because Kenley is going to another company. I went over to Amanda’s after to work for the rest of the day. I got off at 4. We went to Five Below, my apartment, a plant shop in Provo, a vinyl store, Lowe’s, got food, and went back to their house. Aubray and Colby came over to visit. February 26: I lounged in bed for most of the morning and had Celebrity Big Brother on. I got food from El Salvador Restaurante and went to a book store. I went to Jim’s Gem & Jewelry. He has a room out of his house with tons of crystals and rocks. I got seven different crystals. I chilled at home. Estefany and I went to Pam’s place to get her and Andrea. We had dinner at Itto Sushi. We went to The Depot for Club 90’s presents: One Direction night. It was really fun. I got home at 2. February 27: I posted videos from last night. I went to Costco and Walmart. I reorganized my room and did some laundry. I watched Celebrity Big Brother throughout the day. I made pasta for dinner and watched Euphoria. February 28: I worked from my bed today. I watched the following throughout the day: Celebrity Big Brother, Joe Millionaire, The Bachelor, listened to podcasts, 9-1-1 Lonestar, A Million Little Things, and Big Sky. I put on American Idol and then Kylie and I watched The Amazing Race, RHOSLC, and Abbott Elementary. She went to bed. I finished the American Idol episode and then watched Seinfeld.


star-crossed: unveiled tour with Kacey Musgraves

TV Shows:

9-1-1 Lonestar, A Million Little Things, American Idol, Abbott Elementary, Bel-Air, Big Sky, Celebrity Big Brother, Drag Race UK vs The World, Euphoria, Forensic Files II, Joe Millionaire, Kenan, Murderville, Olympics, Pen15, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Super Bowl, Superstore, The Amazing Race, The Bachelor, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City


Can You Keep a Secret, Happy Death Day, Happy Death Day 2U, Into the Wild, Jackass Forever, Jennifer’s Body, Marry Me, Mulan, The Proposal, The Tindler Swindler, Why Did You Kill Me


keeping up with a journal, going to the gym during lunch, lunch with Jacob, seeing Hamilton with Sarah, giving gifts, helping coworkers, giving gifts, Lindsay Lohan, free drink with my Dutch Bros points, safe trip to Chase and Marissa’s, seeing Addy play basketball, fun time at a Winter Carnival, traveled home safely, going to church, Marissa making crepes and lasagna, playing games with the kids, listening to music with the kids, dinner and a movie with Chase, quiet work days, cheap gas in my car rental, Marissa making us dinner, chilling on the couch watching shows with them, all hand meetings, Marissa getting sushi for me for lunch, Chase made us burgers for dinner, getting off early, Marissa doing a lunch run, seeing Taylor, Kaitlyn, and Rocky, bowling and dinner with the family, going to their basketball games, hot pots, movie nights, being able to spend the week at Chase and Marissa’s, safe travels, my dad making great food for the Super Bowl, new crystals, chatting with my sister, dinner and scary movies with Kylie, my Niall coffee cup, team lunches, meetings to fill up the day, being in the office with a new coworker, dinner and mocktails with Kylie, Amanda, and Bre, reading self-evaluation notes from my manager, safe flight, chilling on the beach and at our Airbnb with Shinah, Andrea, and Dan, having breakfast with Andrea’s cousins, being at the Griffith Observatory, seeing Kacey Musgraves, bumming around day, the beach, safe flight home, Doordash, working at my parent’s, getting a ticket for the ACM’s, going to dinner with my mom, working at Kassidi’s, visiting with Brittany, getting a scalp treatment, working at the coffee shop, great coworkers, bumming around with Amanda and Bre, solo lunch dates, finding a new crystal shop, hanging out with Estefany, Pam, and Andrea, lazy morning, getting new pillows, organizing my room, working from my bed, catching up on a ton of shows