Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

February 2024

Journal Recap for February 2024:

February 1: I went into the office. Kenzie and I went to the mall during lunch. I spent the afternoon getting caught up on tasks. I showered, had dinner, and finished packing while chatting with Kylie. Marissa picked me up at 8. We went to Ciara and Nathan’s. Nathan took us to the airport. I got Costa Vida and we started boarding around 11. February 2: We landed around 6 a.m. in Miami. I did not sleep well. Chase picked us up and took us to the hotel he and Dave and Julie were staying at. We took a nap. We left at 11 and went to Miami Beach. We walked along the path, saw an iguana and a manatee, and then ate at The Taco Stand. We went to our Airbnb. Chase, Marissa, and I went to a Walmart. It was so packed. Liked Black Friday type lines. We got Wendy’s, played games, and then hung out in my room listening to podcasts. February 3: I finally met Murphy! We made our way over to South Beach. Played in the ocean for a couple of hours. We went to eat at La Granja. We went back to our Airbnb, showered, played games, and then some of us went on a drive. February 4: I showered and got ready. Chase, Marissa, the kids and I left. We went to Target. It started to down pour. We picked up Dave and then made our way to our boat terminal. We got there at 12. We dropped off our luggage and went through security. We went to our muster station. Taylor and Kaitlyn were with us. We got lunch and then checked into our rooms. I’m in a room with Chase, Sawyer, and Sebastian. Marissa, the girls, Taylor, and Kaitlyn were our neighborhing rooms. We walked around the boat, got our luggage unpacked, freshened up, and went to dinner at 5:30. Dave, Julie, Ciara, Nathan, Murphy, Chad, Kina, their girls, Bryton, Bre, and Autumn. We went to a family comedy show and then saw Color My World. The Grammys were tonight and Kaitlyn had service. We checked Taylor Swift’s Instagram. She announced a new album our in April: The Tortured Poets Department. We walked around the deck, had ice cream and pizza, and got some of the deck movie, Mission Impossible. February 5: We got ready and went to breakfast around 8. We got our swimsuits on and went down the slides. We got lunch. Chase and I met up with Bri, Ciara, and Nathan for Bingo. I took a nap. We then met up with everyone to check out the Family Feud auditions. I went down to the room around 4 while some of the group played basketball. I showered and started to get ready for elegant night. Dinner at 5. Shrimp, Caesar salad, Chase shared his escargot, ribs and filet mignon, and a souffle. We took some pictures. Thunderstorm and lightning. Went to a couple different spots to play games. Chase brought us pizza. Marissa, Ciara, Nathan, Bryton, Chad, and I went to a comedy show. Checked out Bryton and Bre’s room with their deck. Went to bed. February 6: We went to breakfast at 8. Rainy weather. I went with Ciara, Nathan, Murphy, Bryton, and Bre in a private car. Brittany sent me an incredible recap of the Grammys. Our driver took us into the country side. He showed us his mom’s neighborhood. We stopped at a little shop. They gave us coffee to try. We then made our way into Puerto Plata. We went down an alley that had umbrellas hanging, into stores, and a restaurant. There was a little kitten meowing and meowing. Gave it some of the burger. I got a piña colada and took some pictures in a pink alleyway. We went near the water and then stopped at a pharmacy. Went back to Amber Cove. The sun was finally out. We got back on the ship. I caught the last of the new Little Mermaid. We played games, chilled in the room, and went to dinner. Some watched a show where a guy sat in the middle of our group. Some of us decided to just go watch Chad, Bryton, and Taylor play dodgeball. Kaitlyn and I walked over to the theatre. Ciara, Nathan, Bryton, and Bre saved us seats. Taylor came. We watched the adult version of Family Feud. Got water, pizza, a little something from the buffet, and then went to my room around 1. February 7: I got ready. Chase and I went up to see us get into our port in Puerto Rico. We had breakfast. Rainy weather again. We got off the ship at 10:30. We walked to and through the San Juan National Historic Site. Taylor and Marissa have National Parks passes so we got in for free. We checked out a nearby cemetary. Down pour. Walked the streets and went into different shops. I bought a mug, magnet, and a key chain for Kylie. We went into a restaurant. I got an IPA and crab empanadas. I stayed back with Taylor and Kaitlyn. We went back on the ship. I chilled in my room, went through my photos, and got caught up on my journal. Dinner time. We played a game called Bank that Kina introduced us to. We then went into a comedy show. Bryton, Bre, and I walked around the ship. We went out on the deck above the pool. “Pre-Deck Party Fun” began with a DJ playing 80s music. Chad, Kina, and fam arrived for the ‘80s Rock-n-Glow Party with Louie. February 8: We had breakfast and got off the boat in St. Maarten. Rainy weather. We couldn’t go to Mullet Bay Beach so we went to Maho Beach. We hung out at a restaurant and watched planes land over the beach. Our driver took us to Phillipsburg. We walked around the stores. Swam in the Caribbean Ocean. Went back to the ship. I showered, organized my clothes, and then we played games. Dinner, The Office trivia, and then hung out in the room. We watched part of Bride Wars. February 9: Missed the sunrise. Chase and I went to the casino. He won $700 on a slot machine. We went back to the room and I fell back asleep. I went up and watched people play dodgeball. We did the ropes course. We played Bank. Nathan and I went down the slides and hung out in the Serenity area. Back to the room and got ready for elegant night. Ciara and I went to a lounge. Changed after dinner and we went to a comedy show. We played games. Marissa, Chad, Kina, and I checked out the Top 40 club night. We went to a comedy show. February 10: We were up for the sunrise this morning. Back to the casino. I lost. We had breafkast. I went back to bed. I watched people play soccer, showered, and we had lunch at Chibang! We went to a comedy show. I went to the Golden Jubilee for some drinks. Bryton joined me. We all took pictures on the deck. We went to dinner and then to karaoke. I sang …Baby One More Time, the girls sang Love Story, and Kaitlyn sang Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. We watched some of the third Guardians of Galaxy on the deck. Packed, bed. February 11: I got up at 6:30, freshened up, went to breakfast, and then we got our luggage. We got off the ship. We went to a beach. I chilled on the sand. We went to The Taco Stand, Target, and then to our Airbnb. We put on the pre-Super Bowl coverage, ordered pizza, enjoyed the commercials, the Taylor clips, and had anxiety because it was a close game. The Chiefs ultimately took it. Ugh. February 12: I got up at 4:30. Chase took Ciara and Nathan to the airport. I went into the open bedroom and went back to bed. I showered, started laundry, and then we took the kids to a park. We went to El Palacio de los Jugos. Got some food and an eclair to go. We went back to our Airbnb. We watched Gran Turismo. Made sure my luggage was ready and then went to bed. February 13: I woke up at 3:20. We loaded up and got out the door at 4. Marissa, Piper, Sebastian, and I got the bags checked, went through security, and said bye to Chase, Capri, Addy, and Sawyer. We got Starbucks. Dave and Julie got to the gate. We boarded around 6:30. Queued up podcasts. I put on Matilda and Titanic. We landed shortly after 10. Ciara and Murphy picked us up. We went over to her place and then Marissa took me home. I unpacked, started laundry, and showered. I watched Vanderpump Rules, Vanderpump Rules: After Show, and listened to podcasts. I ordered Chinese food for dinner. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules, Watch What Happens Live, and Abbott Elementary. February 14: I woke up at 7:30, got ready, and went to work at The Coffee Shop. Happy Death Day! I spent the day getting caught up. During lunch, I went to Trader Joe’s to get flowers, Zurcher’s for balloons, the liqour store for wine, and Smith’s to get stuff for dinner. I cleaned, did laundry, and worked the rest of the day from home. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules: After Show. We made dinner and watched Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U. February 15: Gloomy, rainy morning. I went to Station 22. We celebrated Sarah’s birthday there for breakfast. We went into the office. We had our Vivint All Hands meeting. I bought tickets for Amanda, Bre, and I to see Ariana Madix in Chicago when we go to NYC. I went to the mall after work and got Flaming Wok for dinner. I watched the Grammy’s. February 16: I went to The Coffee Shop and then up to work at Amanda and Bre’s. I got McDonald’s for lunch. Bre got home. Devin and Raegan picked us up. We played mini golf and bowled at Fat Cats. We chilled at their place after. February 17: I woke up early, fell back asleep, and finally got up around 2. I went to Walmart. Kylie and I watched Abbot Elementary, Drag Race, and I had spaghetti for dinner. I watched Love Is Blind and then went to bed. February 18: I watched The Last Five Years. I then put on Love Is Blind. I got ready, went to Costco, and then Kylie and I went to the American Fork Cinemark and watched Lisa Frankenstein. We went home, watched Theater Camp, and then I watched the People’s Choice Awards in my room. February 19: I stopped at Beans and Brews, went into the office, and chatted with our new intern. I stopped at Walmart on the way home. I finished the People’s Choice Awards and got caught up on The Traitors. I started a new show called Tracker. February 20: I went into the office. I read Tom Sandoval’s New York Times interview, what a moron. I stopped at Smith’s on the way home. I watched Vanderpump Rules, Watch What Happens Live, and then went into my room. I put on The Vampire Diaries and then watched TikTok’s. February 21: I got ready, had breakfast, and started working in my room. I did some cleaning during lunch. I went to the Lehi office for a marketing town hall. I took Shae to his car mechanic after. I watched Love Is Blind and hung out in my room. February 22: I went into the office. We had bread and cinema club today. Kylie and I watched Abbott Elementary and Quinta Brunson’s Hot Ones on YouTube. We FaceTimed with Maddi, started a documentary, and watched some of The Bachelor. February 23: Up, listened to podcasts, and pieced together the new music Friday playlist. I went to work at The Coffee Shop. I went to Walmart during lunch. I watched Vanderpump Rules: After Show, The Traitors, The Bachelor, and Tracker. I put on True Detective: Night Country but wasn’t feeling it. Ended the night watching Earthsounds on Apple TV+. February 24: I ordered breakfast and finished this season of True Detective: Night Country. I got ready. Kylie and I left around 1 and went to visit her grandma. We then went over to Brendon’s for book club. Kara, Sammie, and Jaidy were there. Brendon made ribs and we all brought sides. We chatted, ate, and listened to music. Kylie and I went over to visit with Jed after and then headed home. February 25: I did some cleaning, made breakfast, and set up on the couch. I updated the calendar on the fridge. I watched The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. I then watched the SAG Awards, had lunch, and Drag Race UK vs The World. I got ready. I went down to my mom’s. I then went over to my dad’s. Amanda and Bre were there. We had dinner and then I headed home. February 26: I went into the office. Kylie got two tickets for Brooks & Dunn. I am going to take the second ticket. I watched RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World and then Kylie and I watched RuPaul’s Drag Race. February 27: I went into the office. Walked up with Brittany. My cousin texted me that my grandma was on the way to the hospital. I left work and headed down to Payson. She was in the ER. I stayed for a bit. Jody said she’d keep me updated. I went back to the office. Food trucks came during lunch. I got Massaman curry and an egg roll. Our team walked through the Black History exhibit they had set up in the cafe. The teaser for Bravo’s The Valley dropped. I went home and watched The Bachelor and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World. I had Chipotle for dinner. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules and Watch What Happens Live. February 28: I got ready and decided to go work in the office today. I got a coffee. We had our morning stand up. I met Brittany and Kenzie at Just Ingredient’s store opening in Orem at 11:10. They gave us a single protein pack and a chapstick upon entering. I bought some pre-workout. I went to The Coffee Shop in American Fork to work for the rest of the day. I got an iced Chai and a sandwhich. I watched Love Is Blind, The Voice, and Vanderpump Rules: After Show. Kylie bought two tickets to Tyler Childers today. I am buying the second one. I watched Tracker. We then watched music videos. I made dinner and we put on Survivor. I talked to my aunt Jody about how my grandma is doing. I went to bed. February 29: I got ready, went to Dutch Bros, and then into the office. Sarah made bagel bread for bread club today. I got a salad during lunch and filed my taxes. I did some budget stuff. A lot of Bravo news today: Rachel is suing Tom and Ariana, Brittany and Jax are separated, and season 2 teaser for The Real Housewives of Dubai. Chatted with Vanessa today. I went to Kristi’s after for a haircut. I then went and visited my grandma in the hospital. Stopped at a store, got Panda Express for dinner, and headed home. I talked to my Aunt Julie. I watched The Traitors. I listened to ASMR, The Killers, and got caught up on my journal. I pieced together the new music Friday playlist and went to bed.

TV Shows:

Abbott Elementary, Earthsounds, Grammy Awards, Hot Ones with Quinta Brunson, Love Is Blind, People’s Choice Awards, RuPaul’s Drag Race, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World, SAG Awards, Superbowl, Survivor, The Bachelor, The Traitors, The Vampire Diaries, The Voice, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, Tracker, True Detective: Night Country, Vanderpump Rules, Vanderpump Rules: After Show, Watch What Happens Live


Gran Turismo, Happy Death Day, Happy Death Day 2U, Lisa Frankenstein, Matilda, The Last Five Years, Theater Camp, Titanic


day before trip productivity, Marissa picking me up for the airport, Dave and Julie having a hotel room already for us to nap, getting to the water, meeting Murphy, playing in the ocean, getting on the ship, having our rooms close to each other, good dinner, Kaitlyn having service to see Taylor Swift news, fun slide on the ship, playing Bingo, experiencing thunder and lightning in the ocean, the rain stopping once we walked through the gates, going with a driver exploring, playing games, a fun night, watching us sail into Puerto Rico, walking around San Juan National Historic Site, getting in for free because of Marissa’s National Parks Pass, good beer, 80s party on the deck, seeing planes land near the beach, getting into the Caribbean Ocean, early night, getting up early and seeing the sun, slower and chill day, drinks before elegant night dinner, getting to a late night comedy show, seeing the sunrise, sun being out, karaoke night, getting all packed up, smooth process getting off the ship, another ocean day, chilling at the Airbnb, watching the Super Bowl, chill day at the Airbnb, getting everything packed up, washer and dryer in Airbnb, quick and easy process at the airport, Marissa taking me home, being home, unpacking and chilling, seeing Kylie, watching our shows, my bed and my shower, getting back into the groove of things, good dinner, Valentine’s Day traditions with Kylie, team breakfast, extension of Chicago with Ariana in it and getting tickets, working at Amanda and Bre’s, sleep, watching fun new movies, having a new intern on our team, a new season of Vanderpump Rules to watch, working from home, new season of Love Is Blind, cinema and bread club at work, working at The Coffee Shop, getting caught up on shows, food delivery apps, book club with friends, productive morning, the new Walking Dead spinoff finally premiering, hanging with family today, organizing day at work, Drag Race night, being able to leave work to go visit my grandma, food trucks, my job having a Black History exhibit, VPR night with Kylie, work from home office quite day, going to a new store with Brittany and Kenzie, working at The Coffee Shop, Kylie getting us concert tickets, my grandma getting moved to a new hospital, new season of Survivor, Dutch Bros, getting my taxes done, haircuts, visiting my grandma, honey walnut shrimp