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General Conference – April 2020 – Saturday Afternoon

Saturday Afternoon Session:

As I Search the Holy Scriptures

Ulisses Soares

God had a marvelous work for Joseph to accomplish. Joseph received instructions from Moroni regarding how the Lord’s kingdom should be governed in the last days. Emma played an important role in helping the prophet throughout his life and ministry. Joseph was directed to the plates by an angel. The translation process was a miracle. Through God’s power, Joseph translated The Book of Mormon. More than 180 million copies have been printed in more than 100 languages. The Book of Mormon acts as a shield. You can partake of its promises and receive blessings in your life

John A. McCune

We are often required to do difficult things that if attempted alone, may be impossible. Come unto me. He will provide the support, comfort, and peace. Even in our deepest trials, we can feel the warm embrace of His love. Christ is joy. Not every trial we face will have a result we want. There may be times where the only hope we have is in Jesus Christ. Christ is the one who will always keep His promises. Come unto Christ. Labor with the Lord and invite others to come unto Him. Our efforts should be in our own homes. There will be times when family and friends may face difficult times. We should do everything we can to help them feel His love. Love one another. The Church of Jesus Christ is Jesus Christ’s church in these last days. We can do difficult things because we know in whom we can trust. Christ is our life and our salvation.

Gérald Caussé

The entire good news of the gospel can be found in Christ. Come unto Him and receive the blessings of the atonement. All men must come unto Him or they can not be saved. He took upon our sorrows, sufferings, and inflictions. There is no pain or sadness He did not suffer for us. All of God’s children born on this earth will experience the reuniting of their spirits and bodies and will return to Him to be judged of their works. We must exercise faith in Jesus Christ. The Lord’s atonement is an intimate and personal gift to each of us individually. He extends to us a personal invitation to grow on the marvelous blessings of His atonement. Lives can be changed through the atonement and The Book of Mormon. Pattern your life after His example. His influence will come into your life. The Savior will transform you day after day.

Rejoice, The Lord is King!

Dale G. Renlund

Each of us has received gifts we could not have provided for ourselves. Every time we use, benefit from, or think of these gifts, we must remember the compassion and generosity of the givers. A new heart also will I give you. What does it take for you to be drawn to the Savior? Consider Jesus Christ’s submission to His will. His ultimate redemption of you. Are these things not sufficient to draw you to Him? He stands with open arms, hoping, and willing to heal, forgive, cleanse, strengthen, purify, and sanctify you and me. These truths should give us a new heart. Even new hearts are prone to wander. To fight this tendency, we need to remember the gifts we’ve been given each day. Always remember. If we do so, we qualify for remarkable blessings. Remember each day the greatness of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and what they’ve done for you. May this bind your wandering heart to them. You’ll be blessed with added spiritual sensitivity. Hear Him. He loves to permanently mend even shattered hearts. https://www.yesutah.org/

Benjamin M. Z. Tai

If we ran a spiritual evaluation, what would our spiritual physician prescribe? Jesus Christ is the master healer. The Book of Mormon prescribes spiritual nutrition. Each of us can study the Book of Mormon. We can ask God in faith if the teachings are true. Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. I am here and I know where you are, just do your best and I will take care of the rest. Believing and knowing the gospel is true is a testimony. Continuing to be true to the gospel is conversion. You will make better decisions every day if you read from The Book of Mormon. You can be immunized by threats throughout the day including pornography and mind-numbing activities

Gary E. Stevenson

We can benefit from doing maintenance work, even a seismic upgrade. What does my foundation look like? Cornerstones: family prayer, scripture study including from The Book of Mormon, temple attendance, and gospel learning from Come, Follow Me. God is in the details. Faith is what gets me through these dark times. Having faith allows me to believe that there will be light again and that the light will be even brighter. How firm a foundation. Built in a manner that will endure the millenium

Redeemer of Israel

Paris Temple – 5/9/2017