Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

Goodbye 2019. Hello 2020.

I started the year off sick in bed with the worst case of strep I think I’ve ever had. 

A few things to note…

This year I had some high highs and some low lows. There were days at a time where I was super depressed, stayed in bed, cried myself to sleep, went silent when hanging around family and friends and had some scary thoughts. I say this because this is the stuff you don’t see on social media. We only post the highlights and stand-out moments of our lives. My word going into 2020 is… Me. I learned a lot about myself and have some things in mind that I want to take on to help me be the best version of myself in this last year of my 20s. Yah, I turn 30 this year… wowza. Anywho, enjoy some highlights from 2019.

January 5: Ate at Chuck-A-Rama with Marissa, the kids, my grandma and grandpa, Dave and Julie.Chase picked Marissa, the kids and I up. We met Jake, Grant and Sydnee at Meadow Hot Spring in Fillmore. January 7: Park City with Sarah T., Sarah M., Kallie, her friend Caitlyn, Maile and her husband Ryan. We checked in around 3 at OP Rockwell for the premiere party for The Bachelor. Ashley I. and Jared were the hosts. Becca and Garrett were there as well. Ben Higgins made a cameo! January 12: La Hacienda for Kaylee’s birthday dinner and then bowled at Pins and Ales. January 13: Game night at Chase and Marissa’s. January 19-20: Kathryn, Eric, Tera, and I went to Las Vegas. Interesting Airbnb… a lot of decorations on the wall. One room, bunk beds, one mattress and one air mattress on the floor. We saw Dear Evan Hansen at The Smith Center. Made funny dance videos back at our place. January 24: Played corn hole with Jacob, Cole, and Brittany. Had Brittany’s baby shower in the office. January 26: Sundance Film Festival with Shinah. Hung out in the Stella Artois lounge. Sarah M. and Sarah T. met up with us. I saw Max Adler, Armie Hammer, Zac Efron, Chris Wallace, and Jason Mamoa. Shinah and I got into Paradise Hills at The Library. The cast included: Danielle MacDonald, Awkwafina, Elza Gonzalez, Emma Roberts and Mila Jovovich. January 29: Sarah T., Sarah M., and I tried to get into the Ted Bundy film in Salt Lake but were not successful. Ate at P.F. Chang’s. January 30: Jenna and I saw Brynn Cartelli, Kelsea Ballerini, and Kelly Clarkson. January 31: Kathryn, Kallie, Maile, Brittany, Jacob, and I went to Sakura for a team lunch.

Television: A Million Little Things, A Series of Unfortunate Events, America’s Got Talent: The Champions, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Celebrity Big Brother, Game of Thrones, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach House, Manifest, New Amsterdam, Schitt’s Creek, Splitting Up Together, The Bachelor, The Bachelor of Provo, The Masked Singer, The Ted Bundy Tapes, You 

Movies: Bird Box, Bohemian Rhapsody Sing-a-long (Maile, Sarah, Marco), Escape Room (Chase), Incredibles 2, Kissing Booth (Chase and Marissa), Paradise Hills, Rent: Live, Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse (Sarah and Marco), The Holiday (Mom), The Internship, Ted 2, Tucker and Dale vs Evil (Jacqueline, Eric, Kathryn) 

Books: How To Win Friends & Influence People in the Digital Age, Radical Candor, Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Music: Ashley Tisdale, Weezer

Steps: 219269 total steps. Average: 7073.

February 1: Game night at Chase and Marissa’s with Jake, Cole, Grant, and Kristy. February 2: Game night and dinner at Julie’s. They have two foreign exchange Chinese girls living with them for a couple of weeks. We had orange chicken and dumplings for dinner. Stepped in dog poop in the living room, bare foot! February 3: Superbowl Party at Cory’s. Air hockey, foosball, lots of food, chilled on the couch. The half-time show, Maroon 5, was so boring. February 4: Nancy, Amanda, and I ate dinner at Simply Sushi and then went to the Vivint Smart Home Arena. We met up with Kaylee and Jen. We were there for Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler. February 6: Jacob, Kathryn, Jacqueline, Cole, and I went to Shoot’s for lunch. February 7: Team Ski Day! Hit the slopes and I was scared. Got off at stop 2 and went super slow. Went a second time by myself. Relaxed a bit and then went a third time. Team lunch at the Foundry Grill. Kallie and I did one more run. Went to Jacqueline’s later that night with Sarah and Kathryn. Jessie visited. We watched Heavyweights. February 8: Tax return came in! Went to Andrea’s with Shinah and Kaylee. Pizza, music, Cards Against Humanity, watched Broad City and chatted. February 9: Game of Thrones binge day up at Sarah’s! February 10: Jenna came over and we had dinner and watched The Grammy’s. February 12: Karaoke night at the Wee Blu Inn with Chase, Marissa, Ciara, Nathan, Grant, Jake, and Sarah T. February 13: Dinner with Amanda and then we went and visited my grandma in the hospital. She had surgery on her back. February 15: Earthquake in Bluffdale this morning. February 16: Went to the park with Chase, Marissa, Jake, Cole, and Grant. Played Spike Ball. Got Del Taco for dinner and then went to their place to watch The Wedding Singer. February 20: Dinner and watched A Star is Born with Jenna. February 21: Dinner and Mario Party and Mario Kart with Jenna. February 23: Shinah, Maile, her mom, and Ryan watched the Jazz warm up courtside and then watched the game from the upper bowl. They won. February 27: Vivint.Pride Speaker Series with Stephenie Larsen, the founder of Encricle. Amanda and I had Thai for dinner. Bought a 55” TV and a TV stand. February 28: Maile and I went to Sun River Gardens during lunch and I got a mini tree for my desk. Amanda and I bought a grey sectional at RC Willey. 

Television: A Million Little Things, All American, America’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent: The Champions, Broad City, Celebrity Big Brother, Game of Thrones, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, Manifest, New Amsterdam, Riverdale, Russian Doll, Roswell: New Mexico, Schitt’s Creek, Splitting Up Together, The Bachelor, The Good Doctor, The Masked Singer

Movies: A Star is Born, Alita (Chase, Grant), Bohemian Rhapsody, Deadpool 2, Happy Death Day 2U (Danielle, Kylie), Isn’t it Romantic (Jenna, Kathryn, Sarah T.), The Prodigy (Kylie, Amanda), The Wedding Singer

Books: The Innovator’s Dilemma, The Saints

Music: Ariana Grande’s new album, Sucker by The Jonas Brothers

Steps: 236428 total steps. Average: 8444.

March 1: Dinner with Delite and then we went to Jessica’s house in Spanish Fork. Game night! March 2: Sleepover with Jenna! Made dinner and watched some shows. March 3: Navajo Tacos and desert up at Cory’s and played games with Chase and Marissa. March 4: Tacos and Survivor at Chase and Marissa’s. March 5: Maile, Jacob and I went to visit Brittany who is on maternity leave. Dinner and The Women Tell All with Jenna. March 6: My grandma and I went to visit my grandpa at the hospital because he had a heart attack. 🙁 March 8: RC Willey delivered our couch. Delite and I went to Chase and Marissa’s for a game night. March 10: Headed down to my parents. Bridget, Sati, Rohn, Andre and Drake came to visit. March 11: Marissa and I went to her cousin Lauryn’s house. Watched The Bachelor. March 12: Had Jenna, Sarah T., and Jacqueline over for The Bachelor finale. Colton and Cassie ended up together. Hannah B. is the next Bachelorette! March 13: Dinner at Chili’s for Amanda’s birthday. March 15: Chase, Marissa, Ciara, Nathan, and I ate at an Indian restaurant. Went to the Thanksgiving Point Megaplex and watched Five Feet Apart in the VIP theater. Ciara full on bawled at the end and Chase, Marissa, and I couldn’t control our laughter. March 16: Amanda’s birthday dinner in Lehi at Tepanyaki. Went to the Hitching Post after. March 18-20: Mastermind Conference in Park City with Jacob, Brittany, Zach, and Maile. Went to the Montage. Open bar reception. Butcher’s Chop House for dinner. The Mine Trap escape room. Hot tub with Jacob and Zach. Day 2: listened to various speakers. Brittany went home. Dinner at Squatter’s. Ice/snow fell from our roof onto the hot tub! We played games at our Airbnb. Day 3: more speakers, lunch and then Maile and I headed home. Dinner and shows at Jenna’s. March 22: Lydia, Kallie and I went to the health bus they had out front to check our blood pressure. Went to visit my grandpa in the hospital. Home, Kylie, Amanda, Shinah, Andrea, Dan, Kylie and I drank, played games, watched music videos. March 23: Delite, Sarah M., Ryan, Maile, and I went to the Gem Fair. Dinner after. March 28: Sick. Chase and I went to UVU for the Presidential Lecture Series with Terry Crews.

Television: A Million Little Things, Abducted in Plain Sight, All American, American Idol, Broad City, Can I Steal You For A Second?, Fyre Festival on Netflix and Hulu, Game of Thrones, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, New Amsterdam, Provo’s Most Eligible, Riverdale, Roswell: New Mexico, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Schitt’s Creek, Splitting Up Together, Survivor, The Bachelor, The Good Doctor, The Umbrella Academy, The Walking Dead, The Voice, This Is Us, World of Dance

Movies: American Made, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain Marvel (Jenna), Five Feet Apart (Chase, Marissa, Ciara, Nathan), Love, Simon (Kylie), Second Act, Snatched, Us (Shinah and Kylie)

Books: Bird Box, Replay 

Steps: 190511 total steps. Average: 6146.

April 4: Face masks with Amanda and Sarah, watched Game of Thrones. April 5: Went to Chase’s after work. Watched Survivor, ordered Chinese food, watched Ellen’s Game of Games, Ninja Warrior, did stuff for The Office Guess Who game, and then went to the Megaplex to watch Shazam. Slept over. April 6: Black Bear Diner for breakfast. Conference. Later, Kaylee picked up Amanda and I. Met Kassidi at La Casita. We then went and watched Dumo. April 8: Sarah and I ordered Domino’s and watched the last three episodes of Game of Thrones. Officially caught up after binging for the past few months. Final season premieres on Sunday. April 9: Sarah and I went to Olive Garden for dinner and then went and saw Mahler’s 9th Symphony at BYU. April 10: Went to Strap Tank with Tasha and family for dinner and trivia night, Geeks Who Drink. We got 7th place out of 7 teams. April 11: Met Tasha and her family at Good Move Cafe in Provo. Had dinner and played a few different games. Went to her place in Spanish Fork after and played more games. April 12: Sarah T., Sarah M., and I went to Sushi Ya for dinner and then went and watched Little. April 13: Maria Bonita’s for dinner with Ciara, Nathan and their friend. April 15: Kenzie’s first day on our team! April 16: Our manager, Scott’s, leaving and we are getting a new manager. April 17: Went up to SLC with Kenzie for the DMC monthly event. Learned about outreach and keyword research. April 18: Went up to The Union in SLC. Josie Dunn opened for Ben Rector. Loved his set. Had a cool movie mashup video. April 19: Kenzie, Maile, Jacob, and I met up with Brittany for a team lunch at Sakura. Met up at Wendy’s for Grant’s birthday dinner. We went to a nearby field and played Spikeball. Went to Chase and Marissa’s for cookies and ice cream. April 20: Nunn’s Park with Chase, Marissa, and friends for a fire, games and food. It started down pouring. April 23: Peace on Earth with Tasha and then had tacos for dinner at Oteo. Ice cream at Brooking’s next to the Megaplex. April 24: Downtown Provo with Tasha. Went to her sister’s dance practice. Cafe Rio for dinner. April 25: Jenna’s for dinner and watched Drag Race. Watched and kept on repeat the premiere of Taylor Swift’s music video, Me! With Brendan Urie. April 26: Scott’s last day. Maile, Evan, Kenzie, and I went to the Megaplex and watched Avengers: End Game. Chase, Sawyer and I had dinner and went bowling at BYU. April 27: Corn hole tournament with Chase. Later, Shinah picked me up and we went up to Salt Lake for a Bee’s game. Andrea, Dan, Emi, Amanda, Nathan, Ciara and crew. Fell walking to the car and hurt my wrist. We went to Mellow Mushroom after. April 28: Three words, Go Arya Stark! April 29: Brittany’s first day back from maternity leave. Won a spot on the guest list for the Lizzo lounge from Mix 105.1. April 30: Went up to Broadway Media in SLC with Amanda, Shinah, and Brooke. Lizzo did a Q&A and sang two songs. Had lunch at Chipotle. Back to work. Found two tickets online for Lizzo’s show tonight. Shinah and I went!

Television: American Idol, Brookly Nine Nine, Game of Thrones, Glee, New Amsterdam, Pen15, PLL: The Perfectionists, Roswell, Schitt’s Creek, Sex Education, Shark Tank, Splitting Up Together, Survivor, The Act, The Amazing Race, The Voice, The Walking Dead, This Is Us, World of Dance, 9-1-1

Movies: Legally Blonde, Shazam (Chase), Dumbo (Kaylee, Kassidi, Amanda), Little (Sarah T., Sarah M.)

Books: What If It’s Us

Music: Con Calma Remix with Katy Perry, Me! By Taylor Swift with Brendon Urie

Steps: 246947 total steps. Average: 8232.

May 1: Amanda and I watched the Billboard Music Awards. May 2: Sizzler with Jenna. May 3: Insta Care. Doctor prescribed me an inhaler because my oxygen levels are low. Amanda and I headed to Sand Hollow. Went to bed early, wasn’t feeling great. May 4: Razr ride. Chilled by the beach. Went to bed early. Everyone stayed up late belting songs. I heard a Britney Spears song come on and I heard Kylie say: Watch Cody come outside during this song, so I did, haha. May 6: Jacob and I went to Fisher’s Brewing Co in SLC for corn hole. We won all three games. May 10: Amanda and I went to our apartment office to sign a new lease. Jenna and I went shopping, Thai for dinner and watched Detective Pikachu. May 11: Amanda and I went up to Bluffdale. Ciara, Nathan, and crew ate at Lucky 16. Went to the Lake Effect and London Belle. May 12: Parents, took a Razr over to my grandma’s at 4. Jody, Gaige, and Brittany were there. Chilled out on the deck, BBQ, music, funny Snapchat filters. May 15: Went up to Julie’s with Marissa. Chad’s dog got into Dave’s chickens and killed one! I looked at Marissa and heard her do this demonic yell: “Chazzzzz.” Haha, oh my. Hot tub. May 16: Survivor finale at Chase and Marissa’s. May 17: Our department went to Miracle Mile bowling alley from 3-5. Sarah and I went to Red Lobster after for dinner, $60… whoops! We then went and watched Long Shot, loved it! May 18: Amanda, Nathan, Ciara, and I went to Slug Mag’s Brewstillery. Walked around City Creek. Went to Sun Trap and then London Belle. Home around 3. May 19: Watched the final episode of Game of Thrones. May 20: Had Kristi over and we watched The Bachelorette. May 23: Maile put in her two weeks at work. 🙁 Got off the wailist for Jimmy Kimmel tickets! May 24: Kylie, Amanda, Shinah, and I went to Midici and then went and watched Booksmart. May 25: Went and watched Aladdin with my mom. Headed up to Julie’s. Dinner, sat around the fire, played games, swing, tramp, Sawyer pooped on the grass, haha. May 26: Went to my parents. Nancy, Natalie, Bridget and crew came over. We had a BBQ. Windy weather outside. May 27: Amanda and I went to Unhinged, had lunch at Guru’s, took some pictures of her. Delite came over. Had Wingers, Sodalicious drinks and cookies. We watched The Bachelorette and then Bachelor Family Feud. May 29: Team lunch at Communal. Piper’s 1st birthday party. Pizza, cake, and Spike Ball. 

Television: American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Dead to Me, Game of Thrones, Glee, Riverdale, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Songland, Survivor, The Act, The Amazing Race, The Bachelorette, The Bachelorette Reunion Special, The Hills, The Voice, World of Dance

Movies: Aladdin (Mom), Austin Powers, Booksmart (Amanda, Kylie, Shinah), Detective Pikachu (Jenna), Long Shot (Sarah), The Hustle (Jenna)

Books: Becoming, The Checklist Manifesto

Music: Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus

Steps: 243819 total steps. Average: 7865.

June 1: Kallie, Sarah, and I met Andrea, Dan, and Emi at the Pride Festival. Walked around the booths. Eva’s for dinner and Sarah T. met up with us. Went to Keys on Main and Tryangles. June 2: Sarah and I had breakfast and then watched the parade. Saw Kaylee and Jen in the parade with Comcast. Met Maile and Ryan and watched Rocketman. June 3: Camille’s first day on the team. June 4: Maile’s last day! June 5: Maile and Ryan picked me up. We got Shinah. Met Brittany and Heidi at Starbucks. Started driving. Stopped in Beaver for cheese curd. St. George, Mesquite then Airbnb in Las Vegas. Dinner. Went to Caesar’s Palace at the Colosseum for Celine Dion. Loved it! She talked about getting a letter from Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool 2, laughed so hard. June 6: Brunch. Park MGM. Toured Haus of Gaga and saw all of her cool outfits. Had dinner. Lady Gaga! Laughed, cried, and danced. Be kind, love yourself. June 7: Maile, Ryan, Shinah, and I headed to California. Got in line for Jimmy Kimmel. He had the 8 Spelling Bee champs on, Kevin Costner, and Tim Robinson. Fun experience. Outside concert after the show with The Lumineers. June 8: Went to Hermosa Beach. Played in the water. Went up to the Griffith Observatory. Went to The Abbey in West Hollywood. Party across the street, Ferris wheel, Ubered back to our Airbnb. June 10: Zac and I went up to Salt Lake for a cornhole game. Won game 1, lost game 2, won game 3. June 12: Team lunch at Kohinoor. Went and visited my grandpa. My grandma, mom, and I went to get Chinese food for dinner. Ran into Justin and Melanie there. June 13: Field trip with Kenley, Camille, Kenzie, and I. We went over to Bath & Body Works. YNTCD out! June 14: Team lunch at Happy Sumo. Dinner with Amanda, Brooke, and Delite. Delite and I watched Titanic after. June 15: Went to Benjamin for my grandpa’s family reunion. Got some family pictures taken. Amanda and I then met Kaylee and her roommate’s daughter. Went to The Complex. Armors opened and then watched Aly & AJ. They were so good live! June 16: Went down to my parents. Grandma, grandpa, Brittany, Gaige, Jody and my grandpa’s grandson Scott came over. We listened to music, played cornhole and had a BBQ. June 17: Chase, Marissa, Capri, Sawyer, and I went to the Valley Fair Mall. Ate and watched Toy Story 4. June 19: Amanda and I met Ciara and Nathan at the Gateway Megaplex. Front row for Annabelle. Ate at The Pie after. June 20: Went to Strawberry Days with Chase and Marissa. June 22: Shinah, Alex, and I had dinner and then watched Child’s Play at Jordan Commons. Headed to Chase and Marissa’s after for a game night. June 25: Watched MIB: International with Shinah and Amanda. June 28: Met up with Becca, Chase, and Marissa at the Lindon Aquatics Center. Back to their place, Amazing Race finale and watched My Best Friend’s Wedding. June 29: Kaylee, Selene, and I went to the USANA Amphitheater. LOVELOUD. We had pit tickets. Long, hot day. Show went until close to 10. Highlights – AJR, Kesha, Tyler Glen and Dan Reynolds. I got one of Kesha’s Alien guitar picks that she threw. Confetti, dancing, crying.

Television: Democratic Debates, 90 Day Fiance, 9-1-1, America’s Got Talent, Big Brother, Black Mirror, Fear The Walking Dead, Gilmore Girls, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, New Amsterdam, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, Queer Eye, Raven’s Home, Roswell, So You Think You Can Dance, Songland, The Amazing Race, The Hills, The Bachelorette, The Women’s World Cup

Movies: Child’s Play (Alex, Shinah), Friday the 13th, Men In Black: International (Shinah, Amanda), My Best Friend’s Wedding (Chase, Marissa), Rocketman (Sarah, Maile, Ryan), Titanic (Delite), Toy Story 4 (Chase, Marissa, Capri, Sawyer)

Music: You Need to Calm Down by Taylor Swift

Steps: 301687 total steps. Average: 10056.

July 1: Delite and I went up to The Depot for Carly Rae Jepsen. July 2: Sarah and I went to the Megaplex. Met up with Sarah T. We watched Spider-Man: Far From Home. July 3: Bluffdale. Food, games, Marissa taught us the two step country dance that’s been going around. Ate too much junk food. Fireworks in the front. July 4: Village Inn for breakfast with Chase, Marissa, and kids. Headed up to Cory’s. Food, games, horse with a kickball, fireworks on the deck, could see the whole valley. July 5: Chase, Marissa, and I went to Slap Fish for dinner. Went to the Thanksgiving Megaplex and we watched the movie Yesterday. Slept over at Julie’s. July 6: Headed up to Ciara and Nathan’s future house. Worked on digging holes and putting together the fence. Leatherby’s for dinner. Chilled on the tramp, by the fire, s’mores. July 8: The Bachelorette with Kristi and Jenna. July 10: Team walk by the river, “If You Love Me Baby, Smile.” Amanda and I went to Aubergine. Kallie and Amy came over. We watched the Prime Day concert with Dua Lipa, Becky G, Sza, and Taylor Swift. July 11: Papa Murphy’s, Chase and Marissa’s. We watched Love Island, The Twilight Zone, and Big Brother. July 12: Presented in the All-Hands meeting. Did The Hills intro video with my team. Delite and I went up to Salt Lake. Ate at Macaroni Grill. We sat by Brittany, Heidi, and their mom at the Vivint Smart Home Arena for Hugh Jackman! It was a fun variety show! July 13: Shinah, Amanda, and I went up to Salt Lake, picked up Sarah and we ate dinner at Simply Sushi. Went to the Vivint Smart Home arena. Social House and Normani (killer dancer) opened. Ariana Grande performed. She was so good live! July 14: Went with my dad to my grandparents. Helped clean their boat. Amanda dropped me off at Canyon View Park for Andrea and Dan’s gender reveal. Had some food, chatted with Shinah, Ariana, and crew. They are having a boy! Went to Brei’s house in SF. Game night, Catch Phrase, Cranium. July 15: Amanda and I went down to Bre’s. Watched The Bachelorette and had wine. July 16: Picked up Amanda. We ate dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Vivint Smart Home Arena. 15th row seats. Alessia Cara opened. Shawn Mendes headlined and was so good. We ran over to the B stage when he performed over there. July 19: Meeting in Lehi with Jacob. Went to 99.5 to pick up Bees tickets I won. Went over to Andrea’s house. We went to dinner, a splash pad and park and then back to their house. Ice cream, funny videos. July 20: Amanda and I met Kaylee, Andrea, and Dan in Draper. I got The Lion King fan pack with a large popcorn in a collector’s tin, a large drink, and a blanket. July 21: Sarah and I went to Lagoon. Went on the Cannibal first. Went into Laguna Beach for the first time. July 22: Bre, Amanda, my parents, Jody, grandma, Kambree and Kayson met at the park. Ate and went to the rodeo. So hot. July 24: Ciara, Nathan, Amanda, Shinah, Andrew, Brooke – ate at Barry’s. Walked around the booths. Shaved ice. Ball fields. Played games. Watched the fireworks. July 25: Went up to Salt Lake with Jacob so he could drop off his RV to someone. Dropped a soda off at my sister’s work. Headed up Payson Canyon for a birthday celebration + food with family. July 26: Surprise party for Brooke. Food, music, and games. July 27: Amanda, Ciara, Nathan, and I ate at Pretty Bird. Delaney got us tickets for Ice Cube’s The Big 3 game at the Vivint Smart Home arena. July 29: Kenzie and I went to Zao for dinner. Picked up Jacqueline. Went up to Jacob’s house. Sarah met us there. Treats and watched night one of The Bachelorette finale. July 30: Jacquline and I headed over to Brittany’s house. Sarah T., and Kenzie came. Ate dinner/snacks/ watched the finale of The Bachelorette. She chose Jed, but he had a girlfriend, broke up with him and asked Tyler on a date on the AFTR. 

Television: America’s Got Talent, American Ninja Warrior, Big Brother, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Democratic Debate, Euphoria, Fear The Walking Dead, Love Island, Orange is the New Black, The Hills, Raven’s Home, Riverdale, Songland, So You Think You Can Dance, Stranger Things, The Bachelorette, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Rock’s Titan show, The Twilight Zone

Movies: Dante’s Peak, Room, Spider-Man: Far From Home (Sarah M., Sarah T.), The Lion King (Amanda, Kaylee, Andrea, Dan), Yesterday (Chase, Marissa)

Books: Presence

Music: Miley Cyrus new music video, Ed Sheeran dropped his collaboration album, Taylor Swift went live on Instagram to talk more in depth about the deluxe albums, released The Archer. 

Steps: 263844 total steps. Average: 8511.

August 1: Andrew, Brooke, and Bre picked up Amanda and I at our parents. Had dinner at Sakura in St. George. Stayed at their friend Ali’s house. Played Uno. Bre, Amanda, and I slept in the living room. August 2: On the road close to noon. Vegas. Pool time. Our Airbnb is pretty sick. Started to get a really bad headache. Andrew made burgers. I stayed on the couch for the rest of the night. August 3: Went with Brooke to get McDonald’s for everyone for breakfast. We went to the mall and walked around. Strip, Miracle Mile shops. Chilled in the pool. Burgers. Britney Spears dance, haha. Uber around 10 and went to Jewel at Aria. Bumpin music, great times. Back, pool, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Went to bed around 4:30! August 4: Buffet for breakfast. Got home around 8. August 5: Bluffdale park. Tried Cowboy Sushi. Big foam area on the grass where the kids ran through. Marissa’s parents are in town. Played pickleball. August 7: Bridget’s. Sangria. Sati came home and we took an Uber to the Vivint Smart Home arena. Sat by Andrea, Dan, and Pam. Backstreet Boys concert! August 9: Digital Marketing Field Day. Brittany and I were cornhole partners. Nail biter against Jonathan and Marco, but we won.Then we beat Kenzie and Lydia. And then we lost to Jacob and Jake. 5 Star BBQ. Played Spikeball, Cover Your Assets, Kan Jam. Headed to Marissa’s. Played Tiki Topple and Bananagrams. Pizza, game night, watched Rat Race. August 10: Chase, Marissa, her parents, the kids, Millie, Grant and I headed up to Big Cottonwood. We hiked Donut Falls. Back to Dave and Julie’s. Food and games. August 12: Went out in front of the gym to blow bubbles and clap for Zuzu as she got in a Cinderella carriage for Make a Wish. Made a paper chain countdown for my cruise. August 13: Haley and went to the USANA Amphitheater. Jacqueline, Grant, and Sarah sat by us. Portugal the Man and Mumford and Sons concert. August 14: Went over to my grandma’s. My grandpa is now on hospice. 🙁 Was in and out of sleeping. Was told he only has about a week to live. His brother’s came over and gave him a blessing. August 15: Went back over to my grandma’s. Visited until after midnight. Before I left, grandpa kissed my cheek and said: “You’re a good boy.” August 16: Team activity at Alcatraz Escape rooms. We did the jail cell one. We accidentally got out when I pressed a button and Brittany guessed something. The Pizza Factory with Chase and Marissa, slept over. August 17: Marissa, Kina, Chad, and I went to South Jordan for the Terrain Race mud run. Started at 8. Went through obstacle courses, made it through the monkey bars, went on our stomachs in the mud. My grandpa passed away at 9:55. Showered and went to my grandma’s. My parents and I went with her to the funeral home. Stayed at her house, went through pictures. August 18: Gary came over to help with funeral stuff. Brittany came over. Decorated for Kambree’s birthday party. So hot outside. BBQ. Went home and packed because I’m going to be staying at my grandma’s until Wednesday. Cleaned out my grandma’s fridge. Oldest thing – expired in 2009, haha. August 19: Went to the mall so my grandma could get something to wear for the funeral. Mortuary to submit pictures. August 20: Grandma and Jody went to dress grandpa. Viewing from 6-8. Went to the bar for dinner, karaoke with Amanda, Bre and crew. August 21: Viewing, and family prayer. My grandpa looked so good. I gave the opening prayer, my dad read the obituary, his brother did the life sketch. The bishop’s son sang Remember When. Jody talked and then it was open to share memories. Marissa and Capri sang Families Can Be Together Forever. Took a limo to the cemetery. I was a pallbearer with my dad, Gaige, Dustin, and four other family members. Took the casket to the grave. D dedicated the grave. Visited my other grandpa’s grave. Ate at the church, helped packed stuff up. August 22: My team got me a card and framed picture of my family. August 23: Stood in line with fellow Swifites outside of Target and bought the four deluxe versions of Taylor’s new album, Lover. Read through each of the books. Kenzie brought in nutella filled cupcakes. Lizzie McGuire is coming back! Jenna’s, pizza, Mario games, slept over. August 24: Alex, Shinah, and I went up Big Cottonwood and hiked Willow Heights trail. Had dinner and then went and watched Ready or Not. August 25: Game night at Chase and Marissa’s. August 26: Had Jacob do a scavenger hunt for a bag of tootsie rolls. We went to Happy Sumo since it’s my three year anniversary in the department. Delite came over. We watched the VMA’s. August 27: Jacob told the team he’s leaving Vivint, :(. August 28: Team lunch at Cubby’s. Kenzie, Brittany, Camille, Sarah T., and I got ice cream at Macey’s after. August 29: Sarah and I went to watch Good Boys. August 30: Met up with Chase and Marissa. Headed up American Fork canyon. Chad and Kina had a spot for us. Dave and Julie came. Camp fire, food, bed by 9. August 31: Julie and Kina made a good breakfast. Fire, games. Headed up Payson canyon. Aaron and family were there. More people came. Fire, had pork shoulder and yummy food. Stayed up around the fire until 3 with Justin, Aaron, and my dad. Slept in the trailer.

Television: America’s Got Talent, Bachelor in Paradise, Big Brother, Euphoria, Love Island, Songland, The Hills

Movies: Good Boys (Sarah), Jurassic World, Pan’s Labryinth, Rat Race, Ready or Not (Shinah, Alex), Stand By Me, The Last Song

Music: Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly, Taylor Swift went live on YouTube, music video for Lover and her album dropped, Normani, Miley Cyrus, teaser for Linday Lohan’s new song Xanax, Katy Perry

Steps: 262712 total steps. Average: 8475.

September 1: Headed back up American Fork canyon. Very dusty. Played cornhole, food, fire, music, s’mores. September 2: Onion Days parade. Courtney, Kylie and family. Had lunch in the bar and chatted with my grandma. September 3: Team lunch. Sakura is closed! We went to Teppanyaki in Lehi. September 4: Kathryn and I bought last minute tickets and went to Elton John for his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. September 5: Alex, Shinah and I watched It 2. September 6: Jacob said his goodbyes to the team. We had lunch in Lehi and went to the aquarium. Delite came over. We went up to Salt Lake for President Nelson’s 95th Birthday celebration. Loved The Bonner Family and Donny Osmond. September 7: Nathan, Chase, Marissa, and I went to Lagoon. Cannibal first. Met up with Marissa’s friend. Favorite moment of the day: we all got in the log at the log ride. Got stuck a couple of times. We got DRENCHED! Ate dinner at Maxwell’s. September 9: Jenna and I went to Sizzler and then back to her house. Played Mario Kart. Went to the Megaplex and watched Toy Story 4. We were the only ones in the theater. September 10: Apple Keynote, new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max announced. Jenna, Jacqueline, Kathryn, and I went to the bar. Tacos and karaoke. For our last song, Jenna and I sang My Life Would Suck Without You. September 11: Farewell dinner at Chili’s with Jenna and her friends. September 12: Said goodbye to Jenna. 🙁 September 13: Woke up just before 6. Chase and I got on the phone with T-Mobile and ordered our iPhone 11 Pro Max’s. Kenzie, Brittany, and I drove up to Park City. Met up with Mitchell. Ate dinner at the Wasatch Pub. Went to the Egyptian Theater to watch the musical Matilda. September 14: My grandma, mom, and Jody picked me up. We went to the State Fair. Walked around the different booths and saw the animals. Amanda and I met Shinah at the Megaplex and watched Hustlers. September 16: Picked up Tasha and went on a drive. Had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. September 18: Lunch interview with potential new boss. Picked up my Mac. Tasha and I went to Doc Brundy’s. Drove around, park, music from Six, her house, darts, pool. September 19: Kathryn, Jacqueline, Camille, Kenzie, and I went to the Bob Ross painting event in the library. September 20: Amanda and I picked up Shinah. Selene picked us up at my parent’s. Beaver for cheese curd. Vegas. Staying at the SLS. Dinner. Went to Piranha, drag queens. September 21: Got into the fairgrounds close to noon. Checked out the booths. iHeartRadio Daytime Stage. Favorite performers of the day: Maren Morris and Billie Eilish. Ended the festival up on the T-Mobile lounge area. Amanda met Alyson Stoner. September 22: Set up my new phone! September 24: Kathryn and I took some fall pictures. Tasha and I went to Peace on Earth and then walked to Station 22 for dinner. Watched Hocus Pocus and built a scary gingerbread house. September 27: Shinah and I went on an adventure to Antelope Island. Went to Ogden. We went downtown and saw Rufus Du Sol. September 28: Shinah and I went to Andrea’s baby shower. Tasha and I went to a corn maze. Estefany picked us up. We went to Pam’s PowerPoint party. Tasha and I presented on One Direction. September 29: Picked up Chase and Marissa at the airport. We went to Black Bear Diner for dinner.

Television: 9-1-1, 90 Day Fiance, American Horror Story, America’s Got Talent, Bachelor in Paradise, Big Brother, Breaking Bad, Dancing With The Stars, Democratic Debates, I Survived a Japanese Game Show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Naked and Afraid, New Amsterdam, Raven’s Home, Survivor, The Good Doctor, The Handmaid’s Tale, So You Think You Can Dance, Songland, The Hills

Movies: Hustlers (Amanda, Shinah), It 2 (Alex, Shinah), The Fugitive (Chase, Marissa), Toy Story 4 (Jenna)

Books: The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey 

Steps: 202733 total steps. Average: 6758.

October 1: Bre, Amanda, and I ate at Midici’s. We then watched Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. October 2: Brittany and I went to Macey’s to get little pumpkins. Chase, Marissa, Ciara, Nathan, Grant, and I went to Jaker’s. October 3: Amanda, Maile, and I went to the Vivint Smart Home arena. Jordan McGraw and Bebe Rexha opened. Sarah got there. The screams were so loud for the Jonas Brothers. October 4: Went down to Santaquin to visit Kylie. We got pizza and shakes and watched random shows. October 5: Ciara, Nathan, and I headed up to the Gateway. Kanye’s Sunday Service. Fans stormed the stage. We stayed on the lower steps for a better view. There was a choir, sermon from a pastor, Kanye sung Jesus Walks. BBQ, games, lights off murder game at Julie’s. October 6: Went over to Chase and Marissa’s. Breakfast, conference. Mini hike around Squaw Peak. October 7: Shae, our new manager’s, first day. October 8: Team lunch at Block restaurant. October 10: Tasha came over. We watched RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK. Had food and dessert delivered. Stayed up late watching TikTok’s. October 11: Shinah and Tasha came over. We headed up to Petersen’s Pumpkin Patch. Met up with Kaylee, Andrea and family. Walked around, goats, pumpkins… We went and ate at Red Robin. Tasha, Amanda, and I went to Wiggy Wash for a haunted wash experience. Pumpkins at Trader Joe’s. Carved an owl and watched Beetlejuice. October 12: Went to Gunnison for my cousin Christina’s wedding luncheon. Played Yahtzee. Visited my grandma at the hospital. Shinah, Amanda, Alex, and I went and had dinner. October 13: Got in the wait room for Taylor Swift LoverFest West tickets at 4:30 with 2,000+ people in front of me. Got through at 6:08 and got lower bowl. Chilled with both Sarah’s and Kenzie in the creative room until close to 9. We watched Dancing With The Stars and Door Dashed Costa Vida. They got through at 8:30 and were able to get their tickets, whoohoo! October 15: Tasha came over. My sister, her, and I had dinner and watched the debates. Music videos, Tik Toks, and played Skipbo. October 16: Lunch with Jacob. Visited my grandma. October 17: Went to Chase and Marissa’s. Had dinner and watched Survivor and the Japanese game show. Amanda gave me a spray tan. October 18: Camille, Kenzie, Brittany, and I went to Saver’s during lunch to get Halloween costume stuff. Got Amanda and headed to a church in Bluffdale for Ciara’s Halloween party. Dressed in an 80s workout costume. Food, played Werewolf and Murder in the Dark. Watched Eli at Julie’s after. October 19: Kathryn and I met Sarah at Fat Fish in West Valley. Rainy weather. Had dinner and the power went out. Went to the Maverik Center. Emily King opened and then Sara Bareilles performed. She was so fun with the audience. October 20: Amanda and I went and visited my grandma. Went to Becca and Ben’s. Chase, Marissa, Juan, and Giselle were there. We had dinner and played games. Lots of junk food and ended the night playing Golf. October 21: Had Jessica’s birthday dinner with Danielle and Jessica’s friend at Red Robin. October 22: Amanda, Tasha, Bre, Shinah, and I went to Peace on Earth. Headed up to the Sundance resort. Played random games and then went on the haunted ski lift. Ate at Chili’s. Watched Nightmare Before Christmas. October 25: Had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte, it was average. Department activity at Cornbelly’s. Corn maze, human size foosball game, walked around. Shinah, Amanda, and I headed up to Andrea’s. Kaylee and Jen were there. Had pizza, chatted, and decorated cookies. October 26: Amanda and I went to Amie’s Halloween party. I dressed up as “Netflix and Chill.” Food, fire, played a saran wrap game. October 27: Parent’s house for my dad’s birthday. My mom made curry and we had cake and ice cream. October 28: A vendor took our team to lunch at La Jolla Groves. Up to Julie’s for Chase’s surprise birthday party. The Office themed. October 29: Chase and Marissa’s Trunk or Treat. So cold, they had it in the church. I dressed up as Andy, Chase as 3-hole punch Jim, Marissa as Michael, and the kids were Dwight, Angela and Kevin. Looked at the different rooms and had chili. October 30: Team is decorating the Llama room Harry Potter themed. Went to my grandma’s after work. Her, my mom, and I went to T-Bone for dinner. October 31: Dressing as Flounder today. My sister spray painted my hair blue and yellow and we did some makeup. Camille is Ursula, Kenzie is Sebastian, Shae is King Triton and Brittany is Ariel. The rest of the department was various Disney/Pixar characters. Headed up to Bluffdale. We had Cafe Rio type food Julie made. Trick or Treating with the kids. Back and played Skull King.

Television: All American, Batwoman, Big Brother, Dancing With The Stars, Democratic Debates, Fear The Walking Dead, Ridiculousness, Riverdale, RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK, So You Think You Can Dance, Survivor, The Masked Singer, The Office, The Politician, The Voice, The Walking Dead

Movies: Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (Bre, Amanda), Step Brothers

Books: Where Am I Now? By Mara Wilson

Music: Kim Petras, Lizzo/Ariana, Lea Michele’s Christmas album

Steps: 227925 total steps. Average: 7352.

November 1: Our department won the decorated room, best group costume and the My Amigo referral competition. Chase, Marissa, Nathan, and I went to the Salt Palace to pick up my swag prizes. We ate at Benihana’s. Met Dave at the Vivint Smart Home arena. Vivint End of Year party. Ryan Hamiltone opened up for Jim Gaffigan. Saw Kaylee and her family. November 2: Went up with Chase and Marissa to Sawyer’s soccer game. Chase and I went to Maria Bonita’s later, while we waited, the band Geneva Road played outside of Macey’s. We got a yummy Pina Colada out of a pineapple. Watched El Camino. November 3: Amanda, Bre, and I went up to shop at Park City. We went to a bar on main street. Sushi in Orem. Amanda bleached my hair and didn’t turn out that great, haha. November 4: Lucy came over and fixed my hair. 23&Me results came in. November 5: Dropped my voting ballot off at the library. Went to my mom’s and had dinner. Watched Disney’s The Little Mermaid Live. November 7: Went to Starbucks and got a free holiday cup. Chase and I worked on Exclusively Utah stuff. Caught up on Survivor and watched the Japanese game show. November 8: Team All-Hands. Spun the wheel and won Beat headphones. November 9: Cleaned my room, organized my drawers and bookshelf. Got rid of all my DVD cases and put the discs in a case. DI, Peace on Earth, Old Navy. Met Colby and Lucy at The Pizza Factory. Went back to our place and played games and music. November 10: Went to Chase and Marissa’s church for the primary program. November 11: Kathryn and I went up to Lehi for a Vivint.Pride training meeting. A few people from Equality Utah were there. Went through different terms and pronouns. Went to watch Jojo Rabbit with Camille, Kaitlyn, Sarah M., Dayne and her husband, Lydia, and Sarah T. November 12: Happy Disney+ Day. November 13: Chase and I met Dave, Julie, Ciara, Ana, and K-man at the Thanksgiving Megaplex. VIP room and watched Midway. November 14: Went over to Chase and Marissa’s. Papa Murphy’s, Exclusively Utah stuff, finished our Japanese game show, watched Survivor. November 16: Bre, Amanda, Shinah, Sarah T., and I went to watch Charlie’s Angels. Olive Garden after and Delite, Ciara, and Nathan joined us. November 17: Went down to my parent’s. My grandma came over. Had dinner, cake, and ice cream. November 18: My team decorated my desk with balloons. Niall Horan mask, Bucket List notebook and Kenzie made me a cake! Brittany gave me smart plugs. Team birthday lunch at Maria Bonita’s. Went to Chase and Marissa’s. They are going to pay for one of our excursions on the cruise. We went to Brick Oven with Grant, Ciara, Nathan and back to their place to play games after. November 21: Department Thankful Thursday. Picked up Selene and went to the Vivint Smart Home arena. We saw Lennon Stella, 5 Seconds of Summer and The Chainsmokers. We had upper bowl seats. My friend Cori had lower bowl first row and left early. She gave us her seats! November 22: Lunch with Jacob. Shinah and I went to dinner. Met Lupe and Kelsey at Kingsbury Hall. We had VIP 4th row seats for Chelsea Handler. Loved the opener. Chelsea’s stand up was so awesome. Laughed, cried. We got to meet her, take a picture and then got a copy of her signed book after the show. November 23: Watched Maleficent. My grandma and I ate dinner at Cracker Barrel. We went to Stadium Cinemas and watched Maleficent 2. November 24: Went and watched Frozen 2. Watched the American Music Awards. November 27: Went down to my grandma’s to spend the night. Went to the bar with Jody. November 28: Watched the parade and the dog show. Helped with Thanksgiving food. Brittany and I made a TikTok pouring gravy to see our grandma’s reaction. November 29: Stance socks and ADIDAS shoes were on our desk as a gift. Department lunch, watched the Great British Bake-Off. Played One Night. It started to dump snow so they said we could go home. Went to Chase and Marissa’s. Watches Survivor, had ice cream, and watched The Santa Clause. November 30: Bed shopping, decided to wait. Fell on ice. Went to Julie’s. We had Papa Murphy’s, cookies, went in the hot tub, chilled in the living room.

Television: A Million Little Things, American Horror Story, Dancing With The Stars (Hannah won!), Democratic Debates, E!’s People Choice Awards, Encore, High School Musical: The Series,  Provo’s Most Eligible, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, So You Think You Can Dance, This Is Us, The Imagineering Story, The Mandalorian, The Masked Singer, The Office, The Voice, The Walking Dead, The World According to Jeff Goldblum

Movies: Charlie’s Angels (Bre, Amanda, Shinah, Sarah T.), El Camino (Chase), Frozen 2, Jojo Rabbit (Camille, Kaitlyn, Sarah M., Dayne and her husband, Lydia, and Sarah T.), Maleficent, Maleficent 2 (grandma), Midway (Chase, Dave, Julie, Ciara, Ana, and K-man), The Little Mermaid Live, The Santa Clause (Chase and Marissa), Zombieland 2 (Shinah)

Music: Celine Dion

Steps: 261675 total steps. Average: 8723.

December 2: Britney Spears’ birthday, listened to all of her albums. December 3: Cinemark with Shinah, both Sarah’s, and Camille. We watched Knives Out. December 5: Spotify 2019 statistics. Taylor Swift is my artist of the year and the decade. Went to Peace on Earth and met up with Kallie. December 6: Sarah and I watched the first episode of Vanderpump Rules. Met Shinah at Chipotle. We walked around the mall. December 7: Got my heater blower in the car replaced. Kaitlyn and Taylor are in town. Game night at Chase and Marissa’s. December 9: Lunch with Jacob. Chase, Marissa, the kids, and I went to Walmart to Sub for Santa shopping. Shopped for 6 kids. Took the gifts back to the Vivint gym. December 10: Lunch with Zac’s team at 180 Tacos. Wrapping for Sub for Santa at 5, got done at 6:30. Went to the AF Cinemark. Zac and I watched Ford v Ferrari. December 11: Brittany’s birthday, decorated her desk. We went to Winger’s for her lunch. December 12: Lincoln Elementary in Salt Lake with Camille, Brittany, Kathryn and Zac to deliver the Sub for Santa gifts. Watched Kindergarten-6th grade students open their gifts. Had our department Christmas party at Tucanos. Got a $100 gift card to Ticketmaster. December 13: Taylor Swift’s birthday. Wore my era sweatshirt. Headed up to Bluffdale. Pizza. We worked on 200 The Office themed Guess Who games and listened to Christmas music. December 14: Shinah, Amanda, and I ate at Chili’s. We went and watched Black Christmas. December 16: Went with Chase and Marissa to the Riverwoods so the kids could get a picture with Santa. Dinner and watched Survivor. December 17: Ian, David, Kolby, Andrew, and I went and watched Jumanji. Wee Blu Inn with Amanda, Bre, Chase, Kathryn, and Jacqueline. Ate, shuffleboard, pool, karaoke. December 18: Amanda, Nancy, Andre, and I went up to the airport to see Irie. She’s coming home from Eugene, Oregon. Went to her Stake President’s house for her to get released. Back to Nancy’s for dinner. December 19: Jessica’s house for an Ugly Sweater party. White Elephant. TikTok’s with Danielle. December 20: Hung out in the creative room on the beanbag. Watched Star Wars movies. Headed over to Chase and Marissa’s and watched the Survivor finale. December 21: Went to Capri’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas recital. Went over to Nancy’s for dinner. December 22: Irie’s homecoming talk. Dad’s side Christmas party. Irie slept over and we watched Superstar. December 23: Irie and I met Chase and Marissa at Black Bear Diner for dinner. Went to their place and watched Elf. Irie slept over again and we watched The Nun. December 24: Spaghetti for dinner. Justin, Melanie, and Gabe came over. Watched Christmas episodes of The Office, Friends, Glee and Eddie Murphy’s Saturday Night Live episode. Slept over. December 25: Christmas! Got money for my cruise. It snowed. We went over to my grandma’s. Ate too much food. Got a massage chair for my chair at work. Watched The Christmas Story and Couple’s Retreat. Dustin’s girlfriend came over for dinner. Home and watched Home Alone and Home Alone 2. December 26: Delite and I watched Fuller House, had Chinese food for dinner and then watched Brink. December 27: Marissa’s parents are in town. We went and had tacos for lunch. Games. We had chicken alfredo for dinner and ice cream. Becca and Ben came over. Played more games. I went home and watched Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. December 28: Found out Chase and Marissa are moving to Oregon. Amanda and I went shopping to get clothes for my cruise. December 30: Went up to Julie’s. Chase’s aunt and uncle are in town and it’s their last day. Had Papa Murphy’s and played games. December 31: Chase and I had sushi for lunch. We went up to Marissa’s aunt and uncle’s house. Their house is HUGE and so well decorated. Had food throughout the night and played games. Watched the ball drop at midnight with a kiss from Piper.

Television: 13 Reasons Why, 9-1-1, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Encore, Friends, Fuller House, Glee, High School Musical: The Series, Miss Universe, Saturday Night Live, This Is Us, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Imagineering Story, The Mandalorian, The Masked Singer, The Office, The Voice, The Walking Dead, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, Queer Eye, Vanderpump Rules, You

Movies: Black Christmas (Shinah, Amanda), Brink, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Couple’s Retreat, Elf (Irie, Chase, Marissa), Home Alone, Home Alone 2, I Am Legend, variety of Batman movies, Knives Out (Shinah, Sarah M., Sarah T., Camille), Superstar (Amanda, Irie), The Christmas Story, The Nun (Irie)

Music: Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Taylor Swift, Halsey, Camila Cabello

Steps: 317831 total steps. Average: 10253.


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  1. You had a very busy fun year and I wouldn’t be able to keep up with you. I’m glad I got to share in the fun with you! It was great for you to share your thoughts and feelings! Happy New Year and keep making good memories! Love you!

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