Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

January 2021

January 1: Very lazy day. I listened to Taylor Swift. My grandma and I had dinner and watched the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I watched Armageddon. January 2: Finished listening to Taylor Swift’s catalog. I went to my parent’s. Published December 2020 recap blog post. I watched A Million Little Things. Justin, Melanie, Amie, Keynon, my grandma, and Kayson came over for dinner. January 3: Hung out at my parent’s all day. I watched 90 Day Fiance, The Stand, and RuPaul’s Vegas Revue throughout the day. We had dinner and watched The Avengers. Ended the night at home listening to Oprah and then reading Greenlights. January 4: I got up early, listened to podcasts, posted on socials, and caught up on my journal. Busy first day back to work. Went and got tested for COVID. Dad made spaghetti for dinner and we watched the premiere of The Bachelor. January 5: Normal work day at my parent’s. I got Fat Jacks for dinner and watched Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and read some of my Dolly Parton book. January 6: I worked at my parent’s. I watched Georgia Rule for the first time and loved it. I worked until 6:30. FaceTimed with Amanda and Kylie. Had dinner and watched the news, crazy day. January 7: I worked in the office today and stopped at Starbuck’s before going in. I finished RuPaul’s Las Vegas Revue. Zac was in the office too, so we chatted throughout the day. I stayed after and Kylie and I virtually recorded the podcast episode. I got Del Taco for dinner on the way home and listened to the new music that came out. January 8: Friday! Stopped and got another iced coffee. Had computer issues and worked with HelpDesk over the phone. Twitter suspended Trump’s account. My stimulus check was deposited. I watched the following throughout the day: RHOSLC, The Stand, This Is Us, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. I got a speeding ticket on the way to my cousin Kylie’s house. We had a game night. January 9: Got ready, packed, and headed to my parent’s. My mom, dad, and I went to Park City. We went shopping and I got some shirts for Costa Rica. We walked on main street, ate dinner at the Blind Dog, and hung out at the hotel. January 10: We went down to breakfast, packed, and headed home. I went home, lounged on the couch, read, played with Snapchat filters with Kambree, and took a nap. My grandma bought us breakfast burritos for dinner. I watched Drag Race: Holland. January 11: Kylie and I carpooled to the office. Iced coffee. I went and got my haircut during lunch. I got food at Payson Market after work and watched Drag Race Holland and The Bachelor. I did some work while watching it. January 12: I worked at my parent’s. I watched The Walking Dead: The World Beyond throughout the day. My grandma and I went to T-Bone for dinner. January 13: McDonald’s iced coffee, obviously. I worked at my parent’s. FaceTimed with Jessica and Danielle to go over COVID testing while we are in Costa Rica. Kylie came over and we recorded the podcast. More testing research. January 14: I worked at my parent’s. Helped my dad bring in a new couch they got. Kylie came over and we recorded The Bachelor recap episode. She came with me to Walmart after. January 15: I woke up at 5. I did laundry and finished The Alchemist. My aunt Judy died last night. 🙁 I worked in the office, got Starbuck’s, and chatted with Zac. I went to Target during my lunch break. I did some freelance work after 5. Zumba with Jessica. Over to her house after and Danielle came. We had dinner and chatted Costa Rica. January 16: I went to Walmart, got a spray tan, got cash out of the bank, and went to my parent’s. I worked on some freelance work. I went home and packed. Kylie and I went on a drive. January 17: I packed more stuff, hugged my grandma bye, and headed to my parent’s. I did some work tasks and got caught up on my journal. My dad made a good dinner. I picked up Jessica, Mick, Danielle, and Nathan. He took my car back to park at his place. We boarded around 11. January 18: We got to Orlando around 5 a.m. Our flight to Costa Rica left after 8. We picked up our rental van and ate at a place called El Fogincito. Went to the bank to exchange money. We went to our Airbnb, the market, and made dinner. Went to bed at 9 after a long travel day. January 19: Super windy last night. We left around 10 to head to our place in the Guanacaste Province. Stopped at some stands for food along the beach. We are staying at a nice condo. We ate at a restaurant by the beach and then checked out the ocean. Listened to the noises out on the deck, played cards, and went to bed. January 20: Got up before 7 and typed in my journal. We headed to Diamante Eco Adventure Park. We went to the animal sanctuary first and saw jaguars, monkeys, birds, and more. We went on the zip line. It rained during the first line. My favorite one was the Superman dive. We did a crocodile jump too. Lunch buffet. Went to a sugar cain, chocolate, and coffee demonstration. We looked more at the animals. On our way back, we stopped at a restaurant by the beach. Super delicious seafood linguini. Night swim! January 21: Kathy and Jim made us pancakes. We shuttled down to the pool. We went to Tamarindo. We walked through some shops, at lunch at Witch’s Rock, and then played in the ocean. Stopped for ice cream on the way back. Ate and Danielle and I chatted and played Phase 10. Looked into leaving early and testing and decided to still get tested on Saturday. January 22: We made our way to the Monteverde Cloud Forest. We walked the trails, saw the waterfall and bridge, and Danielle and I hear a growl. We ate lunch there. We made our way to El Castillo and drove around the lake to get there, super pretty. Stopped at the market. Our Airbnb is legit! Hot tub, cards, and had pasta for dinner. January 23: Mick, Jessica, Danielle, and I headed into La Fortuna. Danielle and I got tested for COVID at Unimed Urgent Care. The doctor was super nice. We then went and spent the day at Tabacon Hot Springs. We had a buffet lunch and chilled in the hot springs and pool. Got back into town and got food from the restaurant Jessica’s family was at. Played cards, had hiccups, and went to bed. January 24: Headed out after 7 to make our way to Jacó. We arrived around noon. Ate at Ridiculous Burgers. Went to our place at El Bambu condos. We hung out in the pool. Checked out the beach near us and then went back into town. We took pictures at the Pura Vida sign. Had sushi. Had a bottle of merlot while we played cards. January 25: Jessica, Mick, Danielle, Zac, and I drove to Crocodile Bridge. Went down to Playa Mantas. Played in the water and sunbathed. Back to our place and went into the pool. We headed back to Jacó. Danielle and I hung out at a coffee shop. Walked to the beach to meet up with everyone for the sunset. Danielle and I ate at Wishbone. Went to some gift shops, headed back, packed, played cards, and went to bed. January 26: My body woke up at 5:22. Got ready and made sure everyone was up. Out the door at 6:30. We dropped our rental van off and went to the airport. Left after 11 to Orlando. We had a long layover. Went out to the food court for food. Back in and I watched The Bachelor. We left around 8 and landed in Salt Lake after 11. Nathan picked us up. Dropped everyone off and passed out. January 27: Day 1 back to my parent’s for work. I did laundry and played catch up. My mom and I went to the bank, Macey’s, and she got us Zupa’s during lunch. I watched The Bachelor. Kylie and I virtually recorded the podcast. I went and got Del Taco for dinner. January 28: Worked at my parent’s. I watched Big Sky and This Is Us. I went to Papa Murphy’s after work and headed to Courtney and Ed’s. We ate and then had book club with Jori, Maile, and Kathryn for The Alchemist. January 29: Not feeling too great. Worked on the couch at my parent’s. I watched This Is Us. I ended the work day around 3:30 and headed up. I took a couple hour nap. Ate and watched Dante’s Peak and went back to bed. January 30: Still not feeling too great. I watched the following throughout the day: Drag Race Holland, Drag Race, 9-1-1, 9-1-1 Lonestar, and The Masked Dancer. Went to Walmart mid-afternoon to get Lady Gaga Oreos. January 31: Another day on the couch. I watched RuPaul’s Drag Race, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Saturday Night Live, The Masked Dancer, and Drag Race UK. Had Subway for dinner and went to bed before 10.

Gym/Workout Count: Zumba with Jessica

TV Shows: 9-1-1, 9-1-1 Lonestar, 90 Day Fiance, A Million Little Things, Big Sky, Drag Race: Holland, Drag Race: UK, Naked and Afraid, RuPaul’s Drag Race, RuPaul’s Drag Race Vegas Revue, Saturday Night Live, The Bachelor, The Masked Dancer, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, The Stand, The Walking Dead: The World Beyond, This Is Us, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Movies: Armageddon, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Dante’s Peak, Georgia Rule

Books: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Gratitude: lazy days, watching a music video for the first time, my grandma making dinner, comfort movies, chilling on my parent’s couch, family dinner, new shows, productive Sunday, dinners at my parent’s, reading, early, productive morning, my dad’s spaghetti, working at my parent’s, cheese sticks and the ranch from Fat Jack’s, watching a movie for the first time, seeing the details of the frost on my car windows, chatting with Jacob, my brother giving me a Starbuck’s gift card, seeing Zac in the office, getting pots and pans for work Christmas gift and the gift card for traveling, getting computer issues solved, my stimulus check was deposited, game nights with family, driving safe up to Park City, spending time with my parent’s, my dad paying for dinner, my dad getting the hotel rooms, coconut oil, how my face feels after shaving, playing with Kambree, grandma buying dinner, carpooling to work with Kylie, working in the office, haircut, feeling productive, going to dinner with my grandma, iced coffee, Kenzie helping me with work projects, Kylie coming over to record the podcast, Kaylee, having gift card money, waking up early, finishing my first book of 2021, working with Zac in the office, my car, Jessica and Mick making dinner, spray tan, freelance work, driving around with Kylie, Kambree’s laugh, productive day, my dad made dinner, drove safe, got into Costa Rica safely, upgraded van, driving safe, staying in a cool Airbnb, made it to our next destination safely, seeing the ocean, cards with friends, hearing all of the nature noises, pushing myself to do the zip line, new experiences, seeing animals, sleep, hanging out in the pool, playing in the ocean, walking the trails in the Monteverde Cloud Forest, very pretty drive, awesome Airbnb, kind doctor at the urgent care, super yummy lunch buffet, relaxing in the hot springs, hot weather, hanging out in the pool, sunsets at the beach, negative test result, the doctor lowering the price, seeing crocodiles, hanging out a coffee shop with Danielle, shrimp pizza, getting souvenirs, stress free morning, safe travels, charging ports at the airport, Nathan picking us up, mom buying lunch, going through trip pictures, being able to take time off work, book club with friends, playing games with Brookie, being able to work from the couch, naps, NyQuil, lazy days on the couch, catching up on shows, comfy couches