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July 2020

July 1: Worked at my parent’s. Went up to Dave and Julie’s after work to pick something up for my grandma. Amanda, Bre, Colby, Lucy, and I went to dinner and then hung out at their place after.  July 2: Lindsay Lohan’s birthday (and yes she liked one of my tweets wishing her a Happy Birthday)! Stopped at the coffee truck and worked at my parent’s. Watched The Parent Trap, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Herbie: Fully Loaded, and Freaky Friday throughout the day. Got a TDAP shot from Walgreen’s. Had pasta for dinner with my grandma and we watched Unsolved Mysteries. July 3: My mom came over and we cleaned up my grandma’s spice cabinets. Went to the mall with my mom. Took a nap. July 4: Hung out with the Gammon’s and played corn hole in the afternoon. Went with my grandma over to a park by Justin’s. We had food, chilled on the grass, and watched fireworks. Went back over to the Gammon’s for a bit and then headed home. July 5: Watched Kaitlyn and Ben’s Bachelor recap episodes. Grandma made breakfast for dinner and we watched Breaking Dawn Parts I & II. July 6: Went on a walk. Worked at my parent’s. Finished Ben’s season and watched JoJo’s season. My Taylor Swift merch came. Had my grandma film me for a TikTok. July 7: Went on a walk. Stopped at Payson Market before work and got my mom some flowers. Met Mick, Jessica, Brooke, and Danielle at Red Robin. We went to Fat Cats after and then got ice cream at Cold Stone. July 8: Stopped at the coffee truck. Worked at my parents. Got Subway for dinner and listened to podcasts. July 9: Worked at my parent’s for the first half of the day. Went to Kassidi’s during my lunch break. Had some things printed and brought them back to my dad. My grandma came over to have Kassidi do her nails. We had dinner at Cracker Barrel. July 10: New Music Friday! Worked at my parent’s. Had our All-Hands department meeting. Hung out with Kallie and met her baby, Aela. We picked up dinner and ate it in her parent’s back yard and talked. July 11: Bought a Lindsay and Britney vinyl and a shirt from Ashe and Niall Horan. Harlee’s 1st Birthday party. Stayed and watched the fights. July 12: FaceTimed with Tasha. I watched Songland and World of Dance. Went and picked up my grocery order. Going to eat Vegan this week. My grandma made us steaks for dinner. Watched Dante’s Peak. July 13: Morning walk. They found Naya Rivera’s body. 🙁 Worked at my parents until 4. Went to the gym. Made tofu for dinner. Watched an episode of Unsolved Mysteries with my grandma and the Drag Race. July 14: Morning walk. Went into the office to work and saw Seth and Sarah. 🙂 Went to the grocery store after work and then Vasa for Zumba with Jessica. Helped Jody with yard work. Katy Perry’s performance video for Smile came out. July 15: Photos of the men from Clare’s Bachelorette season were announced. Worked at my parent’s. Phone call with Tasha. Went to the gym. Zumba and a Hip Hop class with Jessica. July 16: Morning walk. Worked at my parents. Went to the gym for Zumba with Jessica. Julie was over helping my grandma clean up her office area. July 17: Morning walk. Worked at my parents. My grandma and I went to the food truck round up in Spanish Fork for dinner. Got ice cream on the way home. Watched World of Dance. July 18: Met Shinah and Mitzi at the mouth of Payson canyon. Went to the Red Lake trail. Started on the wrong trail and it was super hard. Turned back and went on the right trail. Had lunch at the bar. Cleaned up the deck area. Watched America’s Got Talent. Met up with Alex and Cassidy for dinner at Sushi Ya. They came back to my grandma’s house, Shinah too. Hung out, listened to music, and played games. I lost my Taylor Swift ring. July 19: Watched America’s Got Talent. Went to the store. Took a nap. We had spaghetti for dinner. July 20: 22nd Anniversary of The Parent Trap. Katie Couric had a reunion with the cast on Instagram. Stopped at the coffee truck. Worked at my parent’s house. Watched Drag Race. FaceTimed with Jenna. Went to Kristine’s house in Pleasant Grove. We watched The Parent Trap and had Oreos with peanut butter. July 21: Worked at my parent’s. My mom and I watched the last couple episodes of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever! Stayed for dinner. July 22: Went to Payson Market and then headed over to my parent’s house. Lunch roulette with 6 coworkers. Headed home and watched Seinfeld. July 23: 10 Years of One Direction. Woke up and saw that Taylor Swift surprised us all and is going to be dropping her 8th album, folklore, tonight! Demi Lovato is engaged and Big Brother: All Stars is happening. Stopped for coffee. Worked at my parent’s. Dropped a ton of money on Taylor’s merch. Watched World of Dance and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Had dinner at my parent’s. Listened to Taylor Swift’s old music and then listened to the new album when it dropped at 10 out on the deck. July 24: Worked at my parent’s. Brittany, Kenzie and I conducted a group interview for someone looking to join our team. Wedding celebrations meeting with our department. Got off work at 3. Went up to Ciara’s. Had a Taylor Swift themed party because we were supposed to see her in Los Angeles this weekend. Fell long boarding. Headed home. July 25: Shinah, Mitzi, and I headed up American Fork canyon to hike up to Silver Lake. Got in the water when we got to the top. Took a nap when I got home. Had dinner with Kenzie and Sarah T. in Kenzie’s back yard and listened to Taylor Swift music. July 26: Still listening to folklore. Headed to my parent’s. Made some Taylor Swift playlists, one with all of the track 1’s, one with the track 2’s, etc. Had dinner and watched Press Your Luck and other game shows. July 27: Worked at my parent’s. Watched America’s Got Talent and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Marissa is in town. Had dinner at Zupa’s. Back to Dave and Julie’s and we watched The Kissing Booth 2. July 28: Packed my stuff and headed over to my parent’s. They are going camping for the week, so I’m going to stay at their place. Had Chinese food for dinner and watched Queer Eye. July 29: Work. FaceTimed with Kylie. Had dinner and watched Queer Eye. July 30: Got caught up on Queer Eye and started Cheer. Took my suitcase up to Amanda. Got Del Taco for dinner and watched more Cheer. July 31: Was in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID. Not showing symptoms, but got tested. Was so nervous, but it wasn’t that bad. Worked. Picked some stuff up at my grandma’s because I’ll be at Amanda’s for a week watching Harper while Amanda and Bre are out of town. Had pizza and started Hollywood.

Gym/Workout Count: Walks in the morning and during my lunch breaks, 650 pushups, 650 squats, 1,300 crunches, Vasa for the treadmill, Zumba, and a Hip Hop class with Jessica, a couple of hikes with Shinah and Mitzi

TV Shows: 90 Day Fiancé, America’s Got Talent, Cheer, Hollywood, Press Your Luck, Queer Eye, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Seinfeld, Songland, The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever!, Unsolved Mysteries, World of Dance

Movies: Breaking Dawn Parts I & II, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Dante’s Peak, Freaky Friday, Herbie: Fully Loaded, The Kissing Booth 2, The Parent Trap (2x)

Music: folklore: Taylor Swift’s 8th studio album, Juice WRLD’s album, Neon Trees, Smile by Katy Perry

Fitbit Steps: Total steps: 267,489. Average per day: 8,628.

Taylor Swift: I listened to folklore 19 times.

Gratitude: talking with Julie, dinner with my sister and friends, Lindsay Lohan, organizing, a nap, hanging out with friends and family, good food, fireworks, lazy days, breakfast for dinner, morning walk, Taylor Swift merch came, my mom, dinner and bowling with friends, cold brew, Subway, my dad, working at Kassidi’s, new music, fun department, hanging out with Kallie, family time, good food, AC, FaceTiming with Tasha, grandma cooking dinner, they found Naya Rivera‘s body, off early, seeing Sarah M., men of Clare’s season were announced, massage beds at the gym, morning walks, driving through the neighborhood I grew up in, dinner with my grandma, hiking, saw some deer, sushi, sleeping in, spaghetti, The Parent Trap, cold brews, FaceTimed with Jenna, hung out with Kristine, dinner at my parents, getting to bed early, met with coworkers during lunch, 10 Years of One Direction, Taylor Swift announcing a new album and it dropping that night, wine, listening to Taylor’s new music, LoverFest party, cool hike, getting in Silver Lake, naps, seeing Kenzie and Sarah T., Taylor Swift music, hanging out with Marissa, my coworker Brittany, Queer Eye, a bath, FaceTiming with Kylie, new shows, Del Taco, Fridays, blue Power-Aid, pizza


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