Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

July 2021

July 1: I posted my June recap blog post and paid rent. It is our department’s first official day back in the office. Katie brought in donuts. Ben, Kevin, Shannon, Brittany, Kenzie, Katie, and I went to Maria Bonita’s for lunch. I had leftovers for dinner and watched America’s Got Talent. I did laundry, took a bath (used a bath bomb for the first time), and went to bed. July 2: Iced coffee and headed into the office. Busy day getting things done before going on vacation. I packed and went to bed shortly after 10. July 3: Kylie took Bre, Amanda, and I to the airport at 5:15. We checked our bags and then landed in Detroit around 1. Kirk and Shannon picked us up and we went to their home in White Lake. We went to a Tigers vs Whitesox game at the Comerica ball park. We ordered in Mexican food. I had food poisoning in the middle of the night. July 4: We got Biggby for breakfast and then watched a couple of episodes of Too Hot to Handle. We hung out in the backyard and played corn hole. We had a good dinner, saw some fireworks, and I saw fireflies for the first time. I fell asleep to The Parent Trap. July 5: We got Biggby’s again. We did two groups on the boat. Andrew, Brooke, Amanda, Emma, and I stopped at Subway’s and met Kirk and Bre at the boat. We went on the tube and then chilled in the sand bar. We watched shark week shows and had pizza. Up late chatting with Colby and Lucy. July 6: Brooke, Emma, and I went on a walk. We then went to the store. I drove their Jeep, first time driving a Jeep. We went to Earth Lore and I got a crystal. We ate at a sports bar. We ended the night playing a game called Buzzed and listening to music. I did a dance to Lady Marmalade, haha. Down pour outside. My dad got Amanda, Bre, and my flight tickets for our cruise next year. I fell asleep to Spongebob Squarepants. July 7: Brooke, Emma, and I went on a walk. Kirk and Bre brought back bagels. Brooke and I went to Costco. There was a heavy rainstorm. After hanging out for a bit, Brooke, Lucy, and I went bumming to a few places. Lucy and Colby made everyone dinner. We got ice cream from Mr. C.’s and played Jackbox. Ended the night watching an episode of Siesta Key. July 8: I got up early and did some budget and journal stuff upstairs. Kirk picked up Devin from the airport. Andrew, Bre, Brooke, Amanda, and I went to Target and Costco. We went back to the house and we all went to the Sea Life aquarium. We walked around the mall. Amanda, Bre, Brooke, Andrew, and I went to A Matter of Taste for dinner. We hung out at the house after. July 9: We went to Walmart to get stuff for the lake. We got their close to 2 and hung out in the sand bar while people took turns going out on the boat. We ordered sushi for dinner and had another night of hanging out. July 10: Had Biggby’s for our last morning. We got to the airport around 3:30. Our plane was slightly delayed. We said our goodbyes and landing in Salt Lake City close to 7. Kylie picked us up. I went down to my parent’s because our Uncle John is in town. The whole family was over. Had food and hung out. July 11: I slept in. Kylie and I went to Walmart and Trader Joe’s. I unpacked and did laundry. We watched The Bachelorette, Big Brother, and Love Island. Kylie painted my nails black. July 12: I worked out. Kylie and I went to work. I brought in my Dolly Parton mug. Kylie and I went to give plasma after work. We went to Trader Joe’s and then watched Love Island and The Hills: New Beginnings. July 13: I went to work. When I got home, I watched America’s Got Talent. Kylie and I then watched The Bachelorette and The Hills: New Beginnings. July 14: Work. We had our team lunch at Happy Sumo. I watched America’s Got Talent. Had issues donating plasma. They sent me home but still paid me. Kylie and I watched Big Brother. July 15: I got to work late. I went and got a hair cut during lunch. I stayed after work and did some journal, budget, and research for hotels/Airbnb’s for Vegas. I had dinner and watched Big Brother. More Airbnb chat with the group. July 16: I got a free medium drink from Dutch Bros and went to work. It was freezing in the building today. Jonathan gave me tickets for the Blue Bird Concert Series up at Sundance. Jenisha met me at Vivint and we drove up. We had dinner there. They had Bob Dipiero, Victoria Shaw, and Gary Burr perform. They are songwriters! Victoria used to be roommates with Faith Hill. We sat next to Kathryn and Michael and then sat behind Dallin and his wife. The songwriters told cool stories. July 17: I took myself to see Black Widow in the morning. Amanda and Bre came over. We met Lauren for dinner at Bohemian Brewery. Kylie and I finally found parking and made it to our seats at the Rice Eccles stadium for Garth Brooks. We sat next to Kathryn and Michael. It was a great show! July 18: Kylie and I went to her cousin’s homecoming in Santaquin. Amanda and Bre came over. We put on their wedding playlist, had mimosas, and put together the center pieces for their wedding. We had food delivered and watched Luca and Drag Race. Kylie and I watched Love Island later. July 19: I went to work. Sarah and I signed up for a Taylor Swift spin class for Friday. I watched America’s Got Talent. I stopped at a couple grocery stores on the way home. Kylie and I watched Love Island and The Bachelorette. July 20: Happy The Parent Trap day. Ciara and I FaceTimed while I got us tickets for John Mayer. I brought in Oreo’s with peanut butter and Ben brought in strawberries. I watched America’s Got Talent and The Circle. Kylie got home and we watched The Parent Trap. July 21: Kylie and I carpooled and stopped at Beans & Brews. Kenzie and I took some photos. We stopped at Smith’s on the way home and then watched Big Brother and Love Island. July 22: I stopped at Macey’s and got cantaloupe, then an iced chai from Starbucks, and headed into work. I got Kylie and I tickets for The Killers. Cupbop for lunch. I put on America’s Got Talent. I picked up pizza on the way home. Colby, Lucy, and I watched the rainstorm from the deck and watched the new Space Jam. July 23: I got an iced coffee from McDonald’s and headed into the office. Had lunch at my desk and watched America’s Got Talent. I left work at 3:30 and went to Torrent Cycle in Sugarhouse with Sarah. The theme was Taylor Swift (Debut) and Fearless (Taylor’s Version). We had food at her place after. I tried dolmas for the first time. We then went to Keys On Main. July 24: I headed to Spanish Fork. Brooke, Andrew, Amanda, Bre, and I went to Costco and Walmart. Colby and Lucy came over. We had food and hung out. Shinah came over and we went to the booths and carnival. Amanda, Bre, Lucy, and I went on a ride and then Lucy and I went on the Zipper. I got a shaved ice. We went back to their house and then a park by the cemetery to watch the fireworks. Hung out at their house for a little bit after and headed home. July 25: I did chores around the house. I stopped at Walmart and headed to my parent’s. I posted about the last two concerts I went to on my @mrconcertlover account. Amanda and Bre came over. We had dinner and watched the Olympics. I went and visited my grandma. July 26: I donated plasma and then headed into the office. I finished the last season of The Circle. Had Cupbop for lunch. Spent the afternoon in meetings. Kristi and Millie came over and we watched The Bachelorette. Fell asleep to nature sounds and Kylie could hear birds chirping close to midnight, haha. July 27: I brought in my back massager to work. I started the last season of Santa Clarita Diet. Brittany and I went to Target and Cafe Rio during lunch. Checked out my Top Fan data from Spotify. I, of course, am in the top 1% for Taylor Swift and have listened to 464 hours and 54 minutes of her on the app. I watched more Santa Clarita Diet at home and Kylie and I watched Love Island. July 28: I went to donate plasma. Had to wait for my blood pressure to lower and they had to use my other arm. I went into the office. Played pool with Shae during my 1-1. I got tickets for Alan Jackson for my grandma and I. Kylie and I watched Love Island and Big Brother. July 29: I went to work and left at 3:45. I went to a piercing shop with Amanda because she got her septum pierced. I ordered some food. Kylie and I watched Love Island, Big Brother, and The Hills. July 30: Rainy morning. I stopped at Dutch Bros and went into the office. I got Little Caesar’s for dinner, did laundry, and watched Santa Clarita Diet and Love Island. July 31: I packed and stopped at my parent’s before getting on the road at 10. I had lunch at The Creamery in Beaver. I stopped at a Lee’s in Vegas to get my dad some bourbon. I am staying at a tiny RV Airbnb. FaceTimed with Brooke. I ate dinner at Roma Deli Restaurant. I went to Usher at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace and had pit tickets.


Sundance Mountain Resort presents 2021 Bluebird Cafe Concert Series

The Garth Brooks Stadium Tour

Usher: Las Vegas Residency

TV Shows: America’s Got Talent, Big Brother, Love Island, Olympics, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Santa Clarita Diet, Shark week shows, Siesta Key, Spongebob Squarepants, The Bachelorette, The Circle, The Hills: New Beginnings, Too Hot to Handle

Movies: Black Widow, Luca, Space Jam: A New Legacy, The Parent Trap

Gratitude: recapping my month, money to pay rent, everyone is back in the office, team lunches, baths, Brittany and Kenzie came in to work today, very productive day, safe flight, Kirk renting the car, going to a baseball game, iced chais, playing corn hole, seeing a firefly for the first time, sleep, Amanda getting me food and a drink, Kirk taking us out on the boat, driving a Jeep for the first time, Shannon ordering pizza, bumming around, got a cool new crystal, music and games with family, my dad getting our flights for the cruise next year, got a walk in, heavy rainstorms, getting a banana split, pay day, going to the aquarium, yummy dinner with an awesome view, lake day, Kirk having a boat, sushi, great trip with everyone, Kirk and Shannon’s hospitality, safe travels, seeing all my family and visiting with John, sleeping in, lazy day, getting to the gym, my Dolly Parton mug, being able to donate plasma, that my job accepts if I’m running late some mornings, team lunch at Happy Sumo, still got paid at plasma even though he was having issues with my veins, haircuts, leftovers, fun shows to watch, free drink at Dutch Bros, getting tickets to go to my first in-person concert post-covid, hanging out with Jenisha for the first time since 11/17/2018, going to the movie solo, dinner with friends/family, seeing Garth Brooks, seeing Kylie’s family, Amanda and Bre coming over to hangout, making plans, buying concert tickets, celebrating movie anniversaries, watching The Parent Trap, morning iced coffee, getting ready early to have some time to myself before having to go to work, getting tickets for The Killers, rainstorms, hanging out with Colby and Lucy, going to a Taylor Swift themed cycle class, meeting new people, night out, sleeping in, Andrew grilling for us, fireworks, getting chores done, dinner at my parent’s, visiting my grandma, successful plasma donation, getting caught up on a show, having Kristi and Millie over, having a nice chair back massager, running errands with Brittany, fun Spotify data, successful plasma donation in my left arm, good meetings with other teams, flexible work schedule, rainy mornings, got to Vegas safely, doing a solo trip, pit tickets for Usher