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July 2022

Journal Recap for July 2022:

July 1: Work from home day. I watched the following throughout the day: American Song Contest, So You Think You Can Dance, Big Sky, and Chernobyl. I posted my June blog recap post. Shinah came to my apartment. We met Andrea at Jinya for dinner. We then walked around the mall and headed to the Draper Cinemark. Raquel met us there. We got concessions and watched The Black Phone. We chatted in the parking lot after for awhile. July 2: Happy Birthday to Lindsay Lohan! I watched Drag Race France and Only Murders in the Building. Amanda and Bre came over and we hung out in the pool. I picked up Sarah and we went to Tsunami for dinner and then saw Bosco at the Metro Music Hall. July 3: Laundry, cleaned, and went to McDonald’s for breakfast. Kylie and I watched Drag Race. I watched Trixie Motel and started the new season of Stranger Things. I went to the store. I spent the rest of the day watching Stranger Things and made pasta for dinner. July 4: Kylie and I went to Dutch Bros and Taco Bell for breakfast. I finished the last 2 episodes of Stranger Things and sobbed. I went to Wandering Stones. I finished my Irish Fairy and Folk Tales book. Kylie and I went to her Aunt Becky’s house. We had great food, chatted in the backyard, and watched some fireworks. July 5: Tired this morning. I went into the office. I watched All Star Shore, Only Murders in the Building, Loot, and got caught up on my journal. I bought the pink All Bird shoes. I got off at 4:30. I went to the Orem Cinemark to watch Elvis. It was long, but good. I stopped at Subway on the way home and started Ms. Marvel. July 6: I worked from home. I FaceTimed with Chase and Marissa. My foot massager came, but it was cracked. I returned it at the UPS store after for a refund. I went to the store and had a night in. I watched the following throughout the day and evening: Ms. Marvel, America’s Got Talent, All Star Shore, The Deep End, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, and Workaholics. July 7: I worked in the office today, Sarah was back in. We went to Bath and Body Works and then got a cookie at Suss during our lunch break. My pink All Bird shoes came. Kylie and I Doordashed Wok the Line for dinner and watched: The Real Housewives of Dubai, Big Brother, and The Challenge: USA. Put together the new music Friday playlist. Bed. July 8: New music playlist, podcasts, and went to work at The Coffee Shop. I ended work at noon today and knocked some stuff off my to-do list. I went to the DI, FedEx to print something, Taco Bell for lunch, and headed home. I watched Drag Race France, Loot, and then started Loki. I read some of Where the Crawdads Sing. I did some sketching, made dinner, and watched Workaholics. July 9: Amanda, Bre, and I headed down to Payson, stopped at Joe’s, met up with my dad, and walked up to the park for the Payson Scottish Festival. Listened to the bagpipes, walked through the booths, and I got an owl bag, a coin purse, a moon scroll, and a few crystals. We met up with Courtney and then Kylie for lunch at Mi Ranchito. I dropped Amanda and Bre off, headed home, stopped at the gas station, and then made my way up to Salt Lake. I met up with Danielle and we attended BYU Vocal Point’s 30th Anniversary concert special. It was packed with no AC, but it was fun. July 10: Kylie and I got a drink and breakfast from Beans & Brews. We watched Drag Race and Trixie Motel. I did some cleaning, went to Walmart, and then back to the couch in the living room. I watched the following throughout the rest of the day: Loki, Life After Death with Tyler Henry, made dinner, watched Workaholics, some of Midnight Mass, and then some Vanderpump Rules with Kylie. July 11: I went to Timpanogos Regional Hospital to attend a pre-op knee surgery class with my mom. I got into work close to 11:30. I brought up a smoothie for lunch and listened to a playlist Andrea made for me. Afternoon packed with meetings. I went home, cleaned up, and Sarah came over. tWe went to The Wandering Stone and then picked up food from Jurassic Tacos. Back to my apartment a little late for Bachelorette. Ciara called me and needed a ride up to her mom’s. Took her, back, ate, and Sarah and I watched Vanderpump Rules. I did some cleaning and then went to bed. July 12: I stopped at Beans & Brews and went into the office. I brought my lunch upstairs. I left work around 1:30 because I started to not feel great. I took a COVID test and it read negative. I watched Workaholics. July 13: Didn’t feel great today. I started and finished The Summer I Turned Pretty on Amazon Prime. I stayed in bed all day except for when I went and picked up a Walmart pickup order between 2-3. July 14: Did not sleep great last night. Another day staying in bed all day. I watched: All Star Shore, America’s Got Talent, Ms. Marvel, Big Brother, and Only Murders in the Building. July 15: Starting to feel better. Another day in bed. I watched: Big Brother, Drag Race France, Canada’s Drag Race, Loot, So You Think You Can Dance, The Challenge: USA, made some chili for dinner, and finished Midnight Mass. July 16: Feeling better. I ordered breakfast from One Man Band and started Obi-Wan Kenobi. I shaved, showered, took out the trash, started the dishwasher, started laundry, and took another COVID test. It is reading positive. I did some budget and journal stuff while listening to podcasts. I finished Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sex Education, and started The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I ordered food from Happy Teriyaki. July 17: I watched The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and got ready. I went on a drive. I went around Utah Lake down to Goshen, through Goshen Canyon, down to Nephi, and through the Nebo Loop out of Payson canyon while listening to my new music Friday playlist. Back home. I finished The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, started How to Change Your Mind, and ordered cheese sticks. July 18: Took another COVID test and it’s still positive. I worked in my room for the day. I placed a Walmart pickup order. I watched How to Change Your Mind and then put on Big Brother. I went to McDonald’s and then Walmart to pickup my order. I started The White Lotus and made pot pies for dinner. July 19: Another day working from home. I watched the following throughout the day: The Bachelorette, Only Murders in the Building, The White Lotus, made dinner, and Love Island. July 20: I worked in my room. I watched All Stars Shore and posted for Marissa’s birthday and The Parent Trap 24th anniversary. I did some cleaning and then went and got a COVID test during my lunch break. Negative! Had a meeting and then went and got my haircut from Kristi. Back home and had a couple meetings. I watched some of America’s Got Talent and then went over to Amanda and Bre’s for a bit. I got Del Taco for dinner and then Kylie and I watched The Real Housewives of Dubai, Trixie Motel, and Drag Race. July 21: I went to Dutch Bros and then into the office. I watched the following throughout the day: America’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother, and Love Island. Kylie came home. We watched American Horror Stories and Real Housewives of Dubai. July 22: I went to The Coffee Shop to work for the morning. During lunch, I went to the bank and then back home. Kylie, Shinah, and I went to dinner at Chipotle and then went to the Orem Cinemark to watch NOPE. Kylie and I watched Drag Race when we got home. July 23: Very lazy day. I eventually got ready and picked up Sarah and Brook. We went to dinner at Tsunami and then went to the Metro Music Hall. We had meet and greet tickets for Willow Pill. It was an amazing show. I took them home after, stopped at Del Taco, and went to bed super late. July 24: I got up around 8. Laundry day. I had a chai and sat on the couch. I watched: Drag Race France, Canada’s Drag Race, got ready with Love Island on, and went to Taco Bell for lunch. I put on Loot, The Challenge: USA, and then made my way to my parent’s. Watched some of Conjuring Kesha. Amanda and Bre came over. Armageddon was on the TV. We had stuffed bell peppers for dinner. Celebrity Family Feud was on. We played a couple of games and then I headed home. July 25: I went into the office. I watched Big Brother and Love Island. I went to plasma after work but couldn’t donate because my heart rate was too high. I went to Flaming Wok for dinner and watched The Bachelorette. July 26: I stopped at Dutch Bros and went into the office. I watched Only Murders in the Building. I went to Trader Joe’s after work to get groceries. I made dinner and went to Vasa. I finished my book: Paved With Good Intentions by C.S. Lewis. July 27: I went to my plasma appointment. I watched America’s Got Talent, went to Trader Joe’s, and into the office. I watched All Star Shore. Sarah was in today as well because we went and got a headshot. I ate lunch and then headed home. I watched Love island, Conjuring Kesha, Children of Men, and more Conjuring Kesha. Jonathan called me and asked if I wanted Josh Groban tickets for tonight. I said yes. I picked up Kenzie and we went to the Vivint arena. We had court side seats and got to eat food and drinks in the suite. July 28: Headed into the office. Today marks 8 years of writing in my journal. Sarah and I went up the canyon for Sam’s send off lunch. We had Cinema Club today. I watched Love Island and Kylie and I watched: The Real Housewives of Dubai, American Horror Stories, and Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. New music dropped including Beyonce’s new album. July 29: I got ready and went to The Coffee Shop to work for the morning. I watched Drag Race France. Kylie had her two cousins over. We went and picked up pizza and drinks and then watched Cruella. July 30: Up early and watched: Canada’s Drag Race, Loot, So You Think You Can Dance, The Challenge: USA, Love Island, and Conjuring Kesha. While I was watching that, I was trying on, and piecing together wedding outfits for later today. I left my house around 2:30 and headed to the venue in Spanish Fork for Estefany and Vai’s wedding. The ceremony started at 3:30. Went back into the venue and chilled at the table while they were taking pictures. Ate food and then changed my outfit into something a little more comfortable. The bar opened. Watched the first dances and then the dance floor opened up with a DJ. So sweaty all night. I stopped at Del Taco and got come close to 11. Showered. Ate and put on The Parent Trap. Turned it off early and went to bed. July 31: I set up on the couch and watched: Love Island, Conjuring Kesha, Big Brother, and posted for the Josh Groban concert. I pieced together my July blog recap and put on The Resort. Did some laundry. Kylie and I watched the Drag Race All Stars finale, Drag Race Down Under, went and got a Mt. Dew, made dinner, and watched a movie on Hulu called Not Okay.


BYU Vocal Point 3oth Anniversary

Harmony Tour with Josh Groban

TV Shows:

All Star Shore, America’s Got Talent, American Horror Stories, American Song Contest, Big Brother, Big Sky, Canada’s Drag Race, Celebrity Family Feud, Chernobyl, Conjuring Kesha, Drag Race Down Under, Drag Race France, How to Change Your Mind, Life After Death with Tyler Henry, Loki, Loot, Love Island, Midnight Mass, Ms. Marvel, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Only Murders in the Building, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Sex Education, So You Think You Can Dance, Stranger Things, The Bachelorette, The Challenge: USA, The Deep End, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The Real Housewives of Dubai, The Summer I Turned Pretty, The White Lotus, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, Trixie Motel, Vanderpump Rules, Workaholics


Armageddon, Children of Men, Cruella, Elvis, NOPE, Not Okay, The Black Phone, The Parent Trap


Irish Fairy and Folk Tales, Paved With Good Intentions by C.S. Lewis


recapping my months, dinner with Andrea and Shinah, chatting with friends, Lindsay Lohan, pool day with Amanda and Bre, seeing Bosco with Sarah, McDonald’s breakfast, Stranger Things binge day, coffee and breakfast runs with Kylie, crying to a show, Wandering Stones, meeting more of Kylie’s family, new shoes, great movies, Facetiming with Chase and Marissa, returning an impulse buy for a full refund, lunch walk with Sarah, finding new podcasts I love, new running shoes coming in, coffee shop days, getting off early, finally knocking some stuff off my to-do list, reading, Scottish Festival with Amanda, Bre, and my dad, lunch with Courtney and Kylie, a fun concert with Danielle, finding a new drink I love at Beans & Brews, TV day, being there for my mom, Andrea making me a playlist, hanging out with Sarah, new yummy drink at Beans & Brews, being able to leave work if I don’t feel great, my bed, a fun new show with a great soundtrack, my bed, medicine, starting to feel better, cool shows, feeling better, drives, saw a deer in the canyon, Walmart pickup orders, blue powerades, how I’ve pieced together my room, love it!, The Parent Trap, negative test, haircuts, Dutch Bros, American Horror Stories season 2, coffee shop days, dinner and a movie with Shinah and Kylie, lazy day, Sarah’s friendship, meeting and seeing Willow Pill, laundry day, chilling in the living room, Chinese food, Bachelorette Monday nights, the hot barista handing me my drink at Dutch Bros, good Trader Joe’s grocery haul, finishing a book, successful plasma donation, getting a head shot at work, Kenzie and I getting court side seats to Josh Groban, 8 years writing in my journal, good TV, hanging out with Kylie and her cousins, being at Estefany and Vai’s wedding, dancing with Andrea and everyone on the dance floor, chill day on the couch