Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

July 2023

Journal Recap for July 2023:

July 1: I got ready and went to Trader Joe’s. I had lunch, watched Succession, and then chilled in my room. Sarah came to my place. We met Jen at The Smoked Taco. We then went to the Stadium of Fire. Journey performed. Loved seeing the dancers, skydivers, and the firework show. July 2: Kylie was home and let me know her grandpa passed last night. Heartbreaking. I had breakfast, fell back asleep, had lunch, and watched The Kardashians and Stars on Mars. I got ready and went to Trader Joe’s. I went to my grandma’s, then my mom’s, then my dad’s. I went to Walmart and got dinner at Panda Express. I watched Succession, The Parent Trap, and part of Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen before heading to bed. July 3: I packed stuff into my car and headed into the office. Quick morning. Kenzie and I had lunch, I got gas, and then we hit the road. We listened to Speak Now and Jonas Brothers. We stopped at The Creamery. We then listened to Niall Horan and Miley Cyrus. We got to our hotel after 5. We went to dinner at Don Pedro’s Family Mexican Restaurant and then Walmart. Kenzie went and worked out. We watched Friends and headed to bed. July 4: We got ready and out the door shortly after 7 with Jackie. We watched the parade, walked around the carnival, and then had breakfast at Tifiny’s Creperie. We went back to the hotel, chilled in the AC, and watched The Office. We hung out my the pool, played cards, and swam. We got ready and met Jackie for dinner at George’s Corner Restaurant. We then went to the Greater Zion Stadium for a 4th of July celebration. There was a choir, flag unfurling, and then Kelsea Ballerini. We moved from the bleachers down into the pit. We chilled on the grass and watched the fireworks. Got home quick and Kenzie and I watched Friends. July 5: I got up, got ready, and packed. Kenzie and I went down to breakfast. We stopped for gas and then hit the road. We listened to Hilary Duff, Harry Styles, Kelly Clarkson, Jake Scott, and part of the Midnights album. I dropped Kenzie off, got gas, Del Taco, went home, did laundry, listened to podcasts, and watched The Bachelorette. Kylie and I watched part of Evil Dead Rise, then Drag Race, and then I went to bed. July 6: I got ready, went into the office, and got a Green Me smoothie. I went through my inboxes and we had our daily stand up. I had lunch at my desk and worked on blog stuff throughout the day. I went to Santaquin after work for Kylie’s grandpa’s viewing. Loved all of the decorations and the amount of people that showed up. I got dinner in Spanish Fork and headed home to watch Seinfeld. July 7: I did some cleaning, had breakfast, and got ready. I went to Santaquin for the funeral. I sat by Kim, a family friend of Kylie’s family. The grandkids sang and Kylie sang acapella to Peace in Christ. The children of Kay and Louise all spoke and it was amazing. I went over to the cemetery for that portion and back to the church for food. I stopped at the store for treats for Kylie, and headed home. We started a show called The Bear. She fell asleep. I listened to Enya, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), and followed along with what happened at night 1 in Kansas City. A new music video premiere starring Joey King, Presley Cash, and Taylor Lautner. I watched the premiere in my room at 10:58 and headed to bed. July 8: I got ready and chilled in my room. I watched The Kardashians and had leftovers for lunch. I went to Ciara and Nathan’s garden themed baby shower. My grandma came too. We had food and chilled in the backyard. Marissa and the kids are in town. I headed home and Kylie and I chilled in the living room. We got fully caught up on The Bear. July 9: I got ready, listened to Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), and did budget and journal stuff. Kylie and I went to Elevated Grounds Coffee and Espresso. We went back home for a bit and then over to the Megaplex to watch Joy Ride. I went to Walmart, home, hung a new shower curtain, laid out by the pool listening to an audiobook, did laundry, chilled on the deck, and then made dinner. Kylie and I watched Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2. July 10: I was up a few times throughout the night. I got ready and went into the office. I finished an audiobook called: Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston. I started Andy Cohen’s The Daddy Diaries audiobook. I went to the store after work, ordered sushi for dinner, and watched Succession. July 11: I went into the office. Zac and I went to 180 Tacos for lunch. Coffee break walk to the other building with Sarah. I listened to Britney Spears throughout the day and pre-ordered her memoir, The Woman in Me. I bought some things for Prime Day as well. I had dinner with Jenisha at Mozz Artisan. July 12: I worked at The Coffee Shop. Vanderpump Rules got their first Emmy nomination. I headed home during lunch. My Dolly Parton vinyl came. I finished The Daddy Diaries by Andy Cohen. I went to Dave and Julie’s. Marissa and the kids are in town. We had dinner, played games, and chilled in the living room. July 13: 10 years since Cory Monteith died. I went into the office. We had our All Hands today. I met my mom, Jody, and my grandma at Chili’s after work. Kylie and I watched Insidious 3. I pieced together the new music Friday playlist and went to bed. July 14: I stopped at Dutch Bros and went down to work at my mom’s. Lu Lu was my coworker today and she was hyper. I went to Nephi during my lunch break. Jaidy and Sammie had their ‘Wet Your Plants’ booth. I got a few plants and a temporary tattoo. My mom got home. I cleaned out my car and went to Wiggy Wash. I sat in the massage chair and watched The Kardashians. I got my stuff at my mom’s, went to Costco, Walmart, got dinner from Teriyaki Madness, and then Kylie and I watched Insidious 4. July 15: I picked up Amanda and Bre. We went to La Barba and then to the Farmer’s/Arts and Craft market in Salt Lake at Pioneer Park. We bought slime. I got a Ghostface magnet, held an owl named Pumpkin, and got a Howdy Weirdo alien shirt from the Doodling Nomad. We had brunch at Pig & a Jelly Jar, went to a plant shop, the liquor store, and then I dropped them off. I went to the store and then back to their place. Bre and I took Amanda and Cassie to a bachelorette party, went to Walmart, hung out, and picked them up at 6. We had dinner at Redemption and then hung out at their pool, hot tub, and in the living room. July 16: I did laundry, got ready, and then Kylie and I went to the American Fork Cinemark to watch Insidious. We ended up leaving 30 minutes in because of a shady guy in there with a bag who kept moving seats. We chilled at home, went to the gas station, and then up to Park City. We went to a couple stores, ate at Boneyard Saloon, and then I got new Nike’s. We drove down to Salt Lake, went to Under the Umbrella bookstore, drove around neighborhoods, went to Harmon’s, and then to Cat and Cam’s. Cam’s sister was there too. We had dinner, watched John Early’s Now More Than Ever comedy/documentary special on HBO, played corn hole, and then headed home. July 17: I went into the office. Kenzie and I decorated Briant’s desk for his birthday. We went to the gym for ‘Celebrating 2M Families’. I went to Kristi’s after work for a haircut. I got Subway for dinner. I watched Stars on Mars and got caught up on my journal. July 18: I went into the office. We went to Mozz Artisan for Briant’s birthday lunch. Kylie and I went to the Orem Cinemark and watched Insidious: The Red Door. July 19: I went to the Orem VW for my brother to do an oil change. Need new tires ASAP. I was able to schedule and buy tires for an apartment at the Lehi Costco tomorrow. I watched The Bachelorette and headed into the office. Sarah was in today as well. We had lunch at our desk and I took a power nap on the couch. We had a sync and then I headed home. I did laundry throughout the afternoon. I worked until 7, had dinner, and watched Drag Race and The Summer I Turned Pretty. July 20: I went into the office. Sarah made pão de queijo for bread club. Shae and I did the river walk for my 1-1. I left around 1 and went to the Lehi Costco to get 4 new tires. I slowly walked around while it was getting done. I got gas, went to Smith’s, ran into Bre, and headed home. I watched The Kardashians, Stars on Mars, and Claim to Fame while piecing together stuff for New York City. I got Shinah and I tickets for Once Upon A One More Time. I pieced together the new music playlist as well. July 21: I put on the finale of Drag Race. Kylie and I went to the American Fork Cinemark and watched Barbie. I went to the bank, McDonald’s, and then met Kylie at her grandma’s in Santaquin. I got a rock chip on the way. Went to the car shop to check out my check engine light. We stopped in Beaver for cheese curd. We checked into the Virgin River. The temperature is reading 118. We chilled in our room, went to the Casablanca for their seafood buffet, and then chatted in our room with Impractical Jokers on in the background. July 22: I slept in. We went over and had breakfast. We got ready and went to the 1 o’clock Bingo session and then hit the road toward Las Vegas. We went to the Vanderpump Cocktail Gardens for drinks and appetizers. Goat cheese balls! I got gas at Costco. We parked at Planet Hollywood, ate gelato, and then went into the Bakkt Theater. We got drinks and then walked right up to the gate for front row for Miranda Lambert. It was such a fun show! We headed back to Mesquite, got Del Taco, watched Friends, and went to bed. July 23: I woke up at 7:30, showered, got ready, and we packed all of our stuff up. We did the 9 a.m. Bingo session. We got Starbuck’s, hit the road, stopped at The Creamery, and then dropped Kylie off at her car at her grandma’s. I went to Smith’s to get stuff for dinner and then went home. I started laundry, chilled in bed, and posted about the concert. Kylie and I got drunk, made dinner, chatted, watched parts of a couple movies, and then she fell asleep. I cleaned up and went to bed. July 24: I went into the office and worked until 4:30. I stopped at Smith’s to get pie and beer and then went up to Amanda and Bre’s. They had some friends there. We ordered Costa Vida, played games, and chilled on the couch. I headed home and went to bed. July 25: I went into the office. I watched The Bachelorette throughout the day and the new The Exorcist: Believer trailer dropped. I met Kylie at the Orem center street park and ride. We stopped at the Walmart in Payson and then went over to Maddi’s for their dad’s birthday. We chatted and had cake and ice cream. I picked up my package when I got home and there was a double rainbow. I had dinner and watched Stars on Mars. July 26: I got ready and went to VW. I worked in their lobby until around 1. They replaced my sunglasses holder and a purge valve. I got lunch and went home. I organized the fridge, pantry, and then finished the work day in my room. I went to the gas station and then over to Brittany’s. We ordered Chinese food and watched Beaches. July 27: I went into the office. Kathryn came to visit for lunch. Kylie and I went to the American Fork Cinemark after work and watched Oppenheimer. I pieced together the new music Friday playlist. July 28: I slept in, listened to music, got ready, and packed. I got to Kassidi’s at 1. She, Kaylee, and I ate at Aroma Cafe, went to the gas station, and made our way to the Virgin River in Mesquite. We chilled in our room for a bit, went to dinner, and then hung out in our room. July 29: I got ready, Kaylee ordered us some breakfast, and then I realized our Kelly Clarkson tickets said they were sent by mail and weren’t mobile. We went over and played Bingo. I was going to meet my dad in Beaver with the tickets but Kaylee was able to get through to the theater and they said we could should my ID. We made our way to Las Vegas. We ate at Blueberry Hill. We then went and played Bingo at Arizona Charlies Decatur. We parked at Planet Hollywood. Kassidi didn’t go to the show, walked around, and had dinner. Kaylee and I saw Kelly Clarkson. It was such a fun show. We met Kassidi right after and drove back to Mesquite. We got Del Taco and McDonald’s, watched some TV, and went to bed. July 30: I woke up at 6, showered, and we hit the road at 6:30 a.m. We stopped at the gas station and then rolled into Kassidi’s shortly after 11. I got some food at Arby’s and gas in Springville. The hose popped off and gas started going everywhere. I had to run inside for them to stop it. I went to Walmart and then home. I started laundry, listened to podcasts, and did journal work. I watched The Kardashians, posted my Kelly Clarkson concert pictures and videos, and then made pasta for dinner. I watched Stars on Mars, Claim to Fame, Drag Race France, and Seinfeld. July 31: I woke up incredibly tired. I got into the office around 9:30. I ended up leaving at 12 to work from home the rest of the day. I stopped at the store and worked from my bed. I went to the gas station after work. I had leftovers for dinner and watched Drag Race France, Seinfeld, Dancing With The Birds, and then more Seinfeld before heading to bed.

TV Shows:

Claim to Fame, Dancing With The Birds, Drag Race France, Friends, Impractical Jokers, John Early’s Now More Than Ever, RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars, Seinfeld, Stars on Mars, Succession, The Bachelorette, The Bear, The Kardashians, The Summer I Turned Pretty, UNHhhh


  • Barbie
  • Beaches
  • Insidious
  • Insidious: Chapter 2
  • Insidious: Chapter 3
  • Insidious: The Last Key
  • Insidious: The Red Door
  • The Parent Trap
  • Oppenheimer


  • Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
  • The Daddy Diaries by Andy Cohen



going to the Stadium of Fire, sleeping, watching movies I’ve seen X amount of times, listening to music on road trips, safe drive to St. George, the shade, pool days in the heat, seeing Kelsea Ballerini, listening to full albums, getting home safe from a road trip, chilling in bed, listening to Kylie sing, having smoothies available at work, productive blog day at work, being there for Kylie and her family at the viewing, a beautiful funeral for Kay Tischner, hearing Kylie sing, hearing all of the great memories, starting a new show with Kylie, a beautiful baby shower, getting caught up on a show that’s been on my list, trying a new coffee shop, seeing a funny movie, getting a new shower curtain, laying out by the pool, making progess in my audiobook, finishing a good book, going to lunch with Zac, pre-ordering Britney Spears’ new book, going to dinner with Jenisha, my new Dolly Parton vinyl came, seeing Becca, Marissa, and the kids, new birthday wheel at work Cami pieced together, dinner with my mom, aunt, and grandma, quick stop at Dutch Bros, working with Lu Lu, visiting Jaidy and Sammie, car wash, Saturday hang with Amanda and Bre, holding an owl, Park City day with Kylie, getting cheap new Nikes, dinner and hang at Cat and Cam’s, Vivint hitting 2 million customers, haircuts, out to lunch for Briant’s birthday, Kylie and I seeing the 5th Insidious movie, Lehi Costco having tires for me and an opening tomorrow, productive evening, getting new tires, running into Bre at the store, chill night in bed, seeing Barbie with Kylie, AC, sleeping in because of a dark room, playing Bingo, eating goat cheese balls with Kylie, being so close for Miranda Lambert, getting Starbucks before a drive home, fun night with drinks and a good dinner with Kylie, chill work day, pie and beer at Amanda and Bre’s, rainy weather, rainbows, hanging with Kylie and her family, my Taylor Swift merch finally arriving, car issues fixed under warranty and quick from Dustin’s friend, being in an organized mood, dinner and a movie with Brittany, seeing Kathryn, long, cool movies, sleeping in, slow morning, safe travels with Kassidi and Kaylee, staying at a hotel with friends, the theater letting us know we could show my ID to get our tickets, yummy food, playing Bingo, seeing Kelly Clarkson, on the road and home early, chilling in bed getting caught up on journal, budget stuff, and shows, being able to work from home