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June 2020

June 1: Worked. Helped my dad move out the couch and other times. Cleaned up the apartment. June 2: Worked from my parent’s house. Delite and I had Chinese food and watched Fuller House. June 3: Worked. Someone picked up my bed and mattress. Went to my grandma’s with the first load. Had Arby’s for dinner. Back up to the apartment for a second load. Gave Delite her vacuum back and she gave me some cookies. June 4: Worked from my parents. Had a date up in Holladay. Ate at a park and then watched Life of the Party. June 5: Work. All-Hands department meeting. We played a ‘most likely’ game and I was voted most likely to make it big in Hollywood and be on a reality TV show. I went to the apartment and started cleaning. Delite came over. We went to her place after, had dinner, and watched Fuller House. June 6: Lazy, rainy day. I got a haircut. Makayla and I headed up to Amanda and Bre’s. Lucy and Kolby came over. We played games and spent the night. June 7: Lucy and Kolby made us breakfast. Headed home. My mom came over. We went through the closet and drawers in the room I’m staying in to put stuff together for a yard sale. My grandma and I watched Carrie. June 8: Work. Went to get some paint shaken up during lunch. My parents came over. Painted the back corner of the closet. Went to Lehi to hang out with a guy. Home, another layer of paint, watched Friends, and went to bed. June 9: Work. More work in the bedroom. My grandma and I went to Sizzler. June 10: Work. Went to the doctor’s. Went to work from my parent’s house because the internet is struggling. Met Jessica, her sisters, Mick, and Danielle at Red Robin. We had an unlimited pass and went to Labyrinth. June 11: Got Starbucks and headed to my parent’s to work. We watched episode 1 of The Bachelor: Greatest Hits. My mom came over to my grandma’s with me. More work in the closet and went through another closet with my grandma. Cleaned underneath the bed. June 12: Headed to my parents to work. Off around 3 and headed to Mona because Dan, Kassidi’s dad, is getting married. I recorded the ceremony for the Facebook live. Kaylee and I grabbed dinner and then hung out at the reception. June 13: My mom came over for a yard sale. I threw my back out. Went to the chiropractor. My mom and I had lunch at Costa Vida. Surprise birthday party for Danielle. Went over and hung out with Colton, Destiny, Gabe, and Makayla after. June 14: Watched Songland. Took a nap. Had pasta and watched Dante’s Peak with my grandma. June 15: Went over to my parent’s to work. Went on a drive up the canyon. Kaitlyn Bristowe is going to be on Dancing With The Stars! June 16: Headed up to Danielle’s. Jessica and Mick picked us up. We headed off to Lagoon. Not that hot and it rained a little throughout the day. We got drenched on Rattlensake Rapids. June 17: Worked from my parents. Picked up a few things at the office and then went to a doctor’s appointment. Went to the chiropractor. Had leftovers and watched Love, Victor. June 18: I finished season 1 of Love, Victor. Loved it so much. My mom came over and we started cleaning the pantry. Had Papa Murphy’s with my grandma and watched The Other Woman. June 19: Stopped at a coffee truck on the way to my parent’s house. Watched World of Dance and Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour with my mom. Kaylee and I went to Kassidi’s. Brittany came over. We had a fire, had hot dogs, s’mores, played games, sat in the hot tub, and watched some TikTok’s. June 20: Painted, took out the carpet, cleaned out the closet, and vacuumed the bathroom in my room. Headed up to Amanda and Bre’s. We picked up dinner. Makayla and her friend came over. Watched Queer Eye, hung out, and listened to music. June 21: Father’s Day. Went over to my parent’s house. My grandma, Amanda, and Bre came over. We had dinner and listened to music out on the deck. June 22: Internet issues at my parent’s. I went in and worked in the office. Went to Jiffy Lube after work to get my car registered. Got a car wash and went to the chiropractor. I started the show Pose. June 23: Stopped at the coffee truck in Payson and headed to work from Kassidi’s house in Santaquin. Went to Spanish Fork for lunch and got some stuff at Cosmo Prof. Stayed at their house after to help with a budget and we picked up The Pizza Factory for dinner. June 24: Worked in the office today. Got to see a few coworkers. My mom came over and we finished cleaning out the pantry. Got Mi Rancherito for dinner. June 25: Worked at Kassidi’s house today. My aunt Natalie was at my grandma’s house visiting when I got home. I had leftover and watched Can’t Cancel Pride on Hulu. June 26: Worked at my parent’s house today. Took my lunch break and went to Salem Pond. Went to T-Bone for dinner for my grandma’s birthday. June 27: Went to Walmart, went to the car wash, and had lunch at the bar. Shinah went with me to get my nipples pierced. It HURT. Hung at Alex’s house after and played some games. Stopped by Amanda’s to say hi on the way home. June 28: Got my haircut. My grandma and I took her boat up to Dave and Julie’s. We had dinner, desert, and played cards. June 29: Worked from my parents. I watched the documentary Disclosure on Netflix. June 30: Stopped by the coffee truck on the way to my parent’s house. Watched World of Dance and America’s Got Talent. We had pizza for dinner.

Gym/Workout Count: Lol.

TV Shows: America’s Got Talent, Can’t Cancel Pride, Disclosure, Friends, Fuller House, Love, Victor, Pose, Queer Eye, Seinfeld, Songland, Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour concert, World of Dance, 90 Day Fiance

Movies: Carrie, Dante’s Peak, Life of the Party, The Other Woman, and A LOT of Lifetime Movie Channel movies because that’s what my grandma and mom have on most of the time

Music: Chloe x Halle’s new album, Moral of the Story by Ashe featuring Niall Horan, How You Like That by Blackpink, March March by The Chicks, Fire Drill by Melanie Martinez, Past Life by Trevor Daniel featuring Selena Gomez, Girls in the Hood by Megan Thee Stallion, Mood Ring (By Demand) Remixes by Britney Spears, Daisies by Katy Perry Remix by Oliver Heldens, Girlfriend by Charlie Puth

Fitbit Steps: Total steps: 157,494. Average per day: 5,249.

Gratitude: took my bed apart to sell, being able to work from my parent’s house, Delite, Fuller House, Chinese food, someone bought my bed and mattress, grandma bought me dinner, Delite gave me some cookies, internet, my car, good date, being able to get off work early, Delite helping me at the apartment, pasta, Fuller House, rainy days, haircuts, game nights with friends, a good breakfast, my mom helping me with the closet, my grandma saved a special from work for me for dinner, working internet, made progress in the room, Friends, Sizzler with my grandma, dinner with friends, fun escape rooms, Starbucks, The Bachelor, cleaned more of the room, dressing up, weddings, hanging out with Kaylee and Kassidi, chiropractor, sweet pork salads, my mom paid for my lunch. surprise birthday parties, hanging out with cousins, naps, pasta, Dante’s Peak, the canyon, Kaitlyn is going on DWTS, McDonald’s breakfast, Lagoon, fun day with friends, going into the office, Love, Victor, pizza, iced coffee, new Niall feature, Taylor Swift, hanging out with friends, first day of summer, finished the bathroom, hanging out at Amanda and Bre’s, my dad, good food, nights on the deck, working in the office, got my car registered, new shows, being able to work at Kassidi’s house, discount prices at Cosmo Prof, seeing coworkers, finished cleaning the pantry, Wellness playlist on Spotify, Katy Perry mashup on Can’t Cancel Pride, lunch at Salem Pond, dinner with my grandma, free car wash, lunch at the bar, seeing friends, haircuts, save travels, dinner and games at Dave and Julie’s, leftovers, documentaries, healthy lunch, dinner at my parent’s

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