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June 2022

Journal Recap for June 2022:

June 1: I left my laptop charger in the office, so I had to go in today. I had a smoothie at my desk for lunch and did budget and journal stuff. I put on America’s Got Talent and went through my Google Photos to clean it up. I posted my May recap blog post. I went to the store after work and went home. I watched the following: American Idol, finished Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, Workaholics, and Cow Belles. June 2: I went into the office. We had Facts & Snacks in the theatre today. Zachary went first and talked about pride month and being an ally, Seth talked about Organic vs Paid on social, and then Dakota talked about Mental Health. They had bagels for us too. Kenzie gave me a Dolly Parton sticker today she got from Nashville. Kylie is dog sitting. I watched So You Think You Can Dance and The Kardashians. Put together new music playlist. Post Malone dropped an album and it’s the 20th anniversary of Avril Lavigne’s album: Let Go. June 3: Work from home day. I got Panic! At the Disco tickets for Sarah and I. I got off at 2:30. I went to Target and then to Sarah’s place. We took an Uber to Metro Music Hall. We had the meet and greet with Angeria and got a picture with her. The event was hosted by Gia Bianca Stephens. We saw Cera Gibson, Molly Mormon, Kay Bye, Schade the Queen, Sophia Azul, Mya Dvrsty, and a few others. Angeria was a fun performer. June 4: Lazy morning. I finally got ready and went over to Amanda and Bre’s. We headed up and met Sarah at Teppanyaki for dinner. We then went up to The Sun Trap and walked right in. Hung out there, danced, listened to music, and saw a drag queen perform for a bit on the cat walk. When we decided to leave, there was a line down the street of people trying to get in. June 5: I got ready, went to the gas station, and then over to Amanda and Bre’s. Devin was there. We headed up to the pride parade and met up with Makayla and her friends. We saw floats like 15 to a little over 100 when we decided to walk to the park. Got our tickets and went in. It was so packed. We went and ate at Taqueria 27. Sarah paid for my meal! I showered and went to the store when I got home and then watched Fire Island. June 6: Rainy Monday morning. Shannon, Sarah, Brittany, and I went on a walk along the river after lunch. After work, Sarah and I went over to the work gym and did a Taylor Swift treadmill playlist. I went home and watched The Assassination of Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford. June 7: Kept waking up excited for the iHeartRadio festival lineup. I had a dream Taylor Swift was on the lineup. She’s not, but these artists are: Avril Lavigne, Black Eyed Peas, Diplo, Halsey, Lionel Richie, LL Cool J, Luke Combs, Marcus Mumford, Maren Morris, Megan Thee Stallion, Morgan Wallen, Nicki Minaj, Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo, Sam Smith, and The Black Keys. I went into the office. Ate outside with Lydia, Brittany, and Sarah, and then we went on a walk. Shae and I played pool today. I went to the work gym after work and did a Glee treadmill playlist. I went to Harmon’s after work and got my favorite chicken cordon bleu’s. I then went to Fedex, returned stuff at Target, and headed home. Kylie and I watched The Real Housewives of Dubai and Drag Race. The men were announced for The Bachelorette. June 8: I went to a doctor’s appointment, Walmart, and then home. I put together my crockpot meal and worked from home. I watched the following throughout the day: American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and American Song Contest. Kylie and I headed up to the Sandy amphitheater for Orville Peck. She got some merch, we got some drinks, and sat on the lawn. The concert was so good. We left during the last song with no traffic. June 9: I got our Angeria meet and greet picture back. Office day. Lydia, Sarah, and I went up to Orem Summerfest during our lunch break but nothing was open yet. Back to work and ate. We had cinema club today. Pictures from Britney Spears’ wedding started to come out. I watched the first Top Gun. Kylie had her sister and cousins over. Chatted and ate dinner with them. New music dropped, including a new Demi Lovato song. June 10: Worked from home. I got Kylie and I tickets to see Carly Rae Jepsen and then tickets for Kassidi and I to see Demi Lovato in Vegas, so exciting! I did some cleaning throughout the day including cleaning my bathroom. After work, I went down to Provo Center. I went to a book store, got a book, went to Peace on Earth, and then Kaylee and Kassidi arrived. Shinah too. We went into a couple of stores. Andrea and Dan arrived. We ate dinner at Fat Daddy’s. We then went to Orem’s Summerfest. We got matching friendship bracelets. We chilled outside of Menchie’s and then headed home. June 11: Very lazy morning and day. I was able to sell our AJR tickets on KSL. When Kylie got home, we watched So You Think You Can Dance, The Real Housewives of Dubai, and Drag Race. Jaidy came over, always a good time. Kylie made a good charcuterie board. We chatted and chatted. Made some pizzas. Watched Practical Magic for the first time. Jaidy spent the night. June 12: I headed down to the Spanish Fork Cinemark. My dad, Amanda, and Bre came. We watched Top Gun: Maverick. It was freaking good. Amanda and Bre went home. My dad and I chilled in the front area until my grandma got there. She got popcorn and a drink for me. We went in and watched the new Jurassic World. I loved that one too. I headed to my parent’s for dinner. We put on the Tony’s. Loved seeing the Six performance. June 13: I went into the office. During lunch, I went with Brittany, Kenzie, and Sarah to Al’s and then Costco. When we got back to the cafe and Rapid Reboot was there. When you get your blood pressure taken, it’s like those but they put it on our legs. Got food and went back up to our desks. When I got home, I watched American Song Contest and Workaholics. Kylie came out and we watched Thir13en Ghosts and Prom Night. June 14: Woof, tired morning. Running late, so I of course Stopped at Dutch Bros. I got to work at 9:30. Brittany and I went to Zurcher’s for decorations, Als so she could pick up a kayak, and Smith’s. Brought lunch up to our desks. Shae, Sarah, and I had an analytics workshop. I watched Workaholics. Kylie and I watched part of Halloween, but couldn’t get into it. We went to Macey’s to get doughnuts. We started and got caught up on Trixie Motel. June 15: Work from home day. Amazon shopping. I went to HW Romance Boutique after work and got a whip for my Scorpio themed outfit. Kylie has a coworker in town from Canada named Rachel. We met up with her for dinner at Umami Japanese BBQ. June 16: I went into the office. We decorated and pieced together a meeting room for Morgyn’s bridal shower party. Shinah came to our apartment at 5:45. We made our way to USANA. We were in a line of cars for 2+ hours. We missed Vanessa Carlton. Parked, got drinks, and found a nice grass/tree area for Stevie Nicks. Magical. We left during the last song and was able to get out of there pretty quick. Stopped for gas and Del Taco. June 17: I got ready, went to The Coffee Shop, and got a dirty iced Chai. I watched The Kardashians and then put on the new music Friday playlist which included Drake’s new album. I cleaned up folders and other stuff on my laptop. I ended work at 3 today. I did laundry and watched America’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, and American Song Contest. Kylie came home and we watched Trixie Motel, The Real Housewives of Dubai, and Drag Race. I went into my room and watched episode 1 of Hacks and then put on Workaholics. June 18: I met up with Kenzie and Jackie at the Provo Farmer’s Market. I went to the DI and Trader Joe’s after. After chilling at home and grabbing lunch, I met back up with Jackie and Kenzie at the Thanksgiving Point Megaplex for a 4:30 showing of Top Gun. I went to the store, got Jimmy John’s, watched Workaholics, and slept on the couch. June 19: Woke up and put on more Workaholics. I went to Walmart and then Macey’s for brownies. I went over to Amanda and Bre’s by 3. They stopped at Pet Smart and got a pool for Harper. We then stopped at Heidi’s place in Spanish Fork. We then went over to my parent’s. We had dinner and played Yahtzee. June 20: I went and donated plasma and then headed into the office. I got a smoothie for lunch. I stopped at the store on the way home. I put on Workaholics, ordered Wok the Line, and watched more Workaholics in the living room with Kylie. June 21: I stopped at Dutch Bros and went into the office. Our department had a summer BBQ today. I drove our team up the canyon to a park. Scootered in to our area. We played yard games. After work, Shinah and I took the frontrunner from American Fork up to Ogden. Sarah and her friend got on in Salt Lake. We walked over to the amphitheater to see Bleachers. We got a drink, a slice of pizza, and stood in the merch line. It was packed and we couldn’t see the stage at all. Sarah M. arrived. We stood on the side of the stage so we could see a little better. Started walking back to the station at 9:40. Got into American Fork after midnight. June 22: I got ready and went to The Coffee Shop. I got a tan mocha and listened to podcasts. I went home during lunch. I watched About Time. 6 year anniversary since I talked to Lindsay Lohan. I stayed in bed and put on Workaholics. Moved out into the living room and watched that with Kylie. Made playlists for friends throughout the day. June 23: Went into the office. We had cinema club today. I went to the mall, Al’s, Barnes & Noble, and then over to UVU. Sarah met me there. We watched a play called The Normal Heart about the early days of the AIDS crisis. Got food after and went home. New music dropped including Carolina by Taylor Swift. June 24: I got ready and went to The Coffee Shop. Amanda came. Took the rest of the day off. We ran some errands. Ciara got me a ticket to Fletcher for November. I went to Jessica and Mick’s house. Danielle, Brooke, and Nate were there. We had a taco night, played some elimination, and cards. June 25: Lounged in bed and made more playlists for friends. Kylie and I went to Beans and Brews. I got ready and went to Walmart and got food at Arctic Circle. Chilled more in bed. Kylie and I went to her mom’s, Walmart, and then to Colten and Destiny’s. Amanda and Bre were there. Decorated. Astrology themed party for Aubray’s birthday. Her, Colby, Lauren, and Wyatt came. Ate, listened to music, played a game, and had snacks and treats. We dropped the water jugs off at her mom’s and got home at 1. June 26: Up early, back to bed, and back up around 11. I did laundry and some chores around the house. Kylie and I watched Trixie Motel, The Real Housewives of Dubai, and Drag Race. I put on America’s Got Talent and posted the last 3 concerts I went to on my concert Insta. I then put on SYTYCD. I narrowed down pics from last night and then put on Workaholics. I went with Kylie to get her Walmart pickup order, gas station, and back home. I Doordashed Panda Express and watched the premiere episode of Drag Race France. Kylie and I then put on Anchorman. June 27: I went to plasma and then into the office. I listened to the new music Friday playlist. Drained and dehydrated. I had lunch upstairs. I went to the store after work. I finally watched the last two episodes of This Is Us. I called my grandma to wish her a happy birthday. Baked lasagna and chilled in my room. June 28: I stopped at Dutch Bros and went into the office. Sarah, Kenzie, and I went with Brittany to Costco and Trader Joe’s. I dropped my ballot off and met my grandma at Sizzler for her birthday dinner. June 29: I worked in the living room. I watched All Star Shore and America’s Got Talent. Brittany let me know that Costco had the cotton candy grapes. I went there and we walked around. I watched American Song Contest and then Workaholics. I ended the night in my room watching Wild Times with the Irwins. June 30: I went into the office. Brittany, Jacob, and I had lunch at Zupa’s. I donated to Vivint Gives Back. Sarah and I chatted. I had leftovers for dinner. Kylie and I stopped at my parent’s to pick up my jury duty letter, went over to my cousin Kylie’s house so Kylie could get a spray tan, said hi to her sister, stopped at Walmart, and then headed back home.


The Bronco Tour with Orville Peck

Stevie Nicks

Ogden Twilight with Bleachers

TV Shows:

All Star Shore, America’s Got Talent, American Idol, American Song Contest, Drag Race France, Hacks, RuPaul’s Drag Race, So You Think You Can Dance, The Kardashians, The Real Housewives of Dubai, The Tony’s, This Is Us, Trixie Motel, Wild Times, Workaholics


About Time, Anchorman, Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, Cow Belles, Fire Island, Jurassic World: Dominion, Practical Magic, Prom Night, The Assassination of Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford, Thir13en Ghosts, Top Gun, Top Gun: Maverick (x2)


quiet office days, blue powerade, Facts & Snacks at work, Kenzie giving me a Dolly Parton sticker, getting Panic! At the Disco tickets, meeting Angeria with Sarah, good dinner, going to the bar with Amanda, Bre, and Sarah, pride parade, Sarah paying for my lunch, rainy days, getting back to the gym, iHeart finally dropping the night show lineups, another workout in, Brittany finding the chicken cordon bleu’s I love at Harmon’s, yummy crockpot meal, seeing Orville Peck, no traffic heading out and getting home early, getting meet and greet Angeria pic back, seeing Britney Spears’ wedding pics, watching Top Gun for the first time, new Demi Lovato song, the high of getting concert tickets, finding a random cool book store, hanging out with and getting matching friendship bracelets with Andrea, Kassidi, Kaylee, and Shinah, being able to sell concert tickets on KSL, hanging out with Jaidy, movie day, watching the Tony’s, lunch errands with the team, watching scary movies with Kylie, Dutch Bros mornings, dinner with Kylie and her coworker, it was put on their company card, a department that celebrates life events for people, seeing Stevie Nicks with Shinah and Kylie, dirty iced Chai’s, off early, Farmer’s Market and seeing a movie with Jackie and Kenzie, chill morning, good Father’s Day hangout and dinner, successful plasma donation, listening to Taylor Swift, department BBQ, frontrunner with Shinah, seeing Sarah T., The Coffee Shop, new movies, making playlists for friends, bumming around, seeing a powerful play with Sarah, Taylor Swift dropping a new song, coffee shop mornings with Amanda, getting invited to a concert, dinner and game night at Jessica and Mick’s, coffee runs with Kylie, lazy morning, fun birthday party, getting chores done, TV day, new music, finishing This Is Us, a great show, running lunch errands with the team, dinner with my grandma, Costco with Brittany, lunch with Brittany and Jacob, leftovers