Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

June 2023

Journal Recap for June 2023:

June 1: Paid rent and published my May recap blog post. I went into the office. We had our All Hands today. I went to Amanda and Bre’s after work. We met up with Sarah at Milk. We had meet and greet tickets for Trinity the Tuck and Lisa Barlow. They both were so nice. We met Lisa’s husband, John, too. Drinks, great music, and a fun drag show. I posted videos to my Instagram story when I got home and went to bed. June 2: I pieced together the New Music Friday playlist. I worked at The Coffee Shop. I got a sandwich and drink to go for Amanda, picked up lunch, and went to Amanda and Bre’s. I worked at their place for the rest of the day and had a very productive work day. We went to Sushi Ya for dinner. We picked up Sarah and went to the festival grounds for the Loud and Queer Concert. We saw the end of Anabel Englund’s set, all of Icona Pop, and then saw Trixie Mattel DJ. Gia Bianca Stephens hosted and performed. Whitney Rose hosted as well and presented Trixie. Such a fun set. I showered at their place because the hot water is still out. I did some cleaning and was up late when I got home. June 3: I slept in. The maintenance technician came and replaced our water heater. I got ready and got to Amanda and Bre’s at 2:30. We chilled on the couch, watched We’re the Millers, and I took a nap. They got ready, we pre-gamed, and went to dinner at The Garage Grill. We went up to Salt Lake, parked, and went to Verse. We got some drinks, watched some drag queens, and danced. Makayla and Kierstin arrived. We moved outside. Bre took their jackets to the car. The line was so long for her to get back in, so we left to join her to try and go somewhere else. Walked to Milk but they were charging $40. Decided to head home. We got food, chilled in their living room, and I slept over. June 4: We slept in. I ordered us McDonald’s for breakfast. We went up to Salt Lake. Once we parked, I started to not feel great. We got into the grounds and met up with Colby, Aubray, and her boys. We walked around the booths and I made several trips to the bathroom. I ended up puking up all of my breakfast. Blah. Met up with Sarah for a bit. We parted ways and Amanda, Bre, and I went to Lucky 13. I ordered a salad but boxed it up to take home. We went back to their place, ate, chilled on their deck, and headed home. They are resurfacing the parking lot tomorrow. I parked up the road. June 5: I walked to my car and headed into the office. Meeting heavy morning. We ate lunch outside and I posted pictures from the weekend. Taylor Swift dropped the cover and track list for Speak Now. 6 vault tracks. A song with Fall Out Boy and a song with Hayley Williams. Sarah and I met at the park and ride. She drove us up to the Lehi Megaplex. We got tickets from 1iota for an early screening of The Flash. It was such a fun movie. I got food and searched for a parking spot. Ended up parking on the side of the road up the street. June 6: The iHeartRadio Music Festival lineup was announced. I’m most excited to see Fall Out Boy, Kelly Clarkson, and TLC. I got ready, went to Dutch Bros, and got into the office before 8. I did budget and journal stuff. Jen and I bought our tickets to Universal Studios. Ate lunch outside. Meeting heavy day. I ordered dinner. Kylie and I watched Summer House, The Kardashians, Drag Race All Stars, and Shiny Happy People. We also had frozen yogurt delivered. I did some cleaning, listened to a podcast, and got caught up in my journal. June 7: I worked at The Coffee Shop and brought my Ariana mug with me. I went to Smith’s during lunch, home, cleaned, and set up on the couch. I put on the uncensored VPR reunion part 2. The maintenance tech came and fixed our bathroom faucets and replaced our kitchen faucet. I listened to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album throughout the afternoon. Kylie and I watched part 3 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion and Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. June 8: I went into the office and then Smith’s after work. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules, The Kardashians, and then I went into my room and watched Seinfeld. June 9: I worked at The Coffee Shop and came home during my lunch break. I watched Human Resources. Kylie got home. We watched Succession, Stars on Mars, and Drag Race. June 10: Kylie and I continued watching Succession throughout the day. I did budget, journal, and work blog work. We ordered in Chinese food and donuts for desert. June 11: I got a coffee and drove around the lake starting up by Saratoga Springs and down into Goshen. I went over to my mom’s. We returned some stuff at Walmart and had lunch at Cafe Rio. We chilled at her place. I stayed for a few hours. I drove around some more throughout Spanish Fork and took the backroads home. I finished Soul Boom: Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution by Rainn Wilson. Rainy weather. I stopped at Smith’s, went home, had dinner, and watched Succession and Human Resources. June 12: I opened the door and window, had an incense stick burn, and got ready. I went into the office. Kristi cut my hair after work. I showered, had dinner, and watched Succession. June 13: I went into the office early. Shinah and I got our flights for New York City. The team went to Sol Agave for Jen’s anniversary/goodbye lunch. I dropped my food off at my apartment on the way back into the office. I got off at 4:30 and went to the American Fork Cinemark. I watched The Little Mermaid. I went home, did laundry, started the dishwasher, watched Succession, and then went to bed. June 14: Rainy weather. I went to Walmart, Target, and then into the office. I went to the mall during lunch and got Blink-182 shirts for myself and Jen. I went to Walmart after work, Smith’s, and then home. I repotted a plant and packed. I watched Vanderpump Rules Secrets Revealed, had dinner, watched Succession, and then went to bed. June 15: I woke up early, listened to podcasts, signed a new lease, and then headed to Jen’s. We went to the airport. Jen’s sister, Janet, picked us up. We picked up Greek food and ate it at her place. We went to the Redondo Beach pier, walked around, and got ice cream. They started Vanderpump Rules for the first time and then we watched the first episode of the new Black Mirror season. We went to the mall and ate at Din Tai Fung. We watched more Vanderpump Rules and then went to bed. I slept on the couch. June 16: I got ready around 6, Jen put in a Starbuck’s order, and we made our way to Universal Studios. We parked in the ET lot. We immediately went down to Super Nintendo World in the lower lot. We did the single rider line for Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge and avoided an over 2 hour line. Everything was so detailed and fun. We rode Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic World, and then did the studio tour. We had lunch at Krusty Burger. We got a churro and basically walked onto Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Closed my eyes the whole time so I didn’t get sick. We left around 2 because we hit everything we wanted to do. We drove by the Paramount Studios, went to the gas station, and headed back to Janet’s. I took a nap. We went to Pump. I got a Pump-Tini and then ordered the Grilled Skirt Steak with Lisa’s Potato salad. We went to The Abbey, another bar, and Stache. June 17: We slept in. We left around 12:30 and went to Hermosa Beach. We ate at Good Stuff. We went to BMO Stadium to get in line around 4. Walked with Jen to the merch booth. We had pit tickets and got very close to the stage. Landon Barker was an opener and saw Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker walk out to watch him. Turnstile was up next and then Blink-182. We stopped at In & Out and went to bed. June 18: We slept in. I went with Janet to get and bring back our breakfast. I then went with Jen to the mall so she could pick up a few things. Jen and Janet went to hang out with family. I stayed back and hung out on the couch. I listened to podcasts, posted concert stuff on my Instagram, watched The Kardashians, ordered Thai food, and put on Seinfeld. I fell asleep shortly after they got back home. June 19: I got ready and listened to the new music playlist. We went to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and the California Science Center. We stopped at Jack in the Box, chilled on the couch, and put on Black Mirror. We went to Nobu. Jen and I got the Yellowtail Jalapeño. I had an eel/cucumber roll, shrimp nigiri, and 2 Wagyu tacos. I had a Mia margarita, carrot cake, and some of Jen’s bread pudding. We drove by and I got out to take some pictures of Something About Her. We went to Urban Light and took some pictures. We watched another Black Mirror episode and went to bed. June 20: I got up early, showered, and packed. We went to Urth Caffe for breakfast. Janet took us to the airport and we got to our gate at 2:30. There was some turbulence getting into Salt Lake. I took Jen home. I started laundry, showered, and watched Black Mirror. I headed down to Spanish Fork to pick up my mom and I spent the night at her place. June 21: I chilled on her couch for a couple hours and chatted with her. We went to the animal shelter and then Petco in Spanish Fork. She adopted a kitten. We got food at Kneader’s and went back to her place. We let her out to explore. We ate, watched Drag Race, and Lilly (the kitten’s name) snuggled up to me. I got gas and then took my dad to Rocky’s to bring his truck back. I listened to podcasts, showered, put laundry and my suitcase away, watered the plants, did laundry, and got caught up on socials, emails, and my journal. I had dinner, updated my computer, and finished season 2 of Succession. June 22: Listened to podcasts, showered, got ready, and headed into the office. I spent the day playing catch up. I booked lodging for when Kaylee and I go see Kelly Clarkson and then for when Shinah and I go to NYC. I had Papa Murphy’s for dinner and watched Succession. June 23: I started laundry, cleaned, and got ready. I went to work at The Coffee Shop with my Taylor Swift mug. I listened to the new music Friday playlist throughout the day. I came home during lunch. I booked a hotel for Kenzie and I for our 4th of July St. George trip to see Kelsea Ballerini. I had dinner and watched Succession. June 24: I got ready and went to Amanda and Bre’s. We went to a coffee shop and then Draper’s Farmers Market. We drove around looking at cool houses. Stopped at Harmon’s and then went back to their place. Pool day. I went back to Harmon’s to get us stuff for dinner. We watched Broad City. Aubray and Colby came over and we played games and sat down by the pool around the fire. June 25: I had breakfast, watched The Kardashians, got ready, and met Kylie at Cinemark. We watched No Hard Feelings. I got lunch, watched Drag Race, did laundry, had dinner, watched Succession, and went to bed early. June 26: I got up shortly after 5. I got ready and went to donate plasma. I got into work after 8. Ate lunch out back with Sarah and Kenzie. I made dinner, did blog stuff, and watched Claim to Fame and The Bachelorette. June 27: I headed to the office. Busy work day. I had dinner at home and then met up with Sarah at the American Fork Cinemark. We watched Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. June 28: I got up after 5 and went to the plasma center. I had my yearly physical today. I then went to VW and Dustin topped off my windshield wiper fluid. I went into the office. I had breakfast from the cafe. I submitted a travel ticket for our conference in August. I went to my grandma’s after work. Her, Kayson, and I went to Texas Roadhouse for her birthday dinner. Took Kayson home after and chilled there until Brittany got home from work. Went back to my grandma’s. Tried to figure out her sound bar but couldn’t. Changed the battery on her doorbell camera and then headed home. June 29: Up, updated the calendar on the fridge to July, went to Dutch Bros, and then into the office. We had our Marketing Summer Party today up Provo canyon. We had BamBam’s BBQ. Zac and I teamed up for the corn hole tournament. We won. We got a hat, mug, blanket, and backpack. I went to Smith’s after work and then home. I made pasta for dinner. I watched Stars on Mars and Watch What Happens Live. I watched the premiere of Olivia Rodrigo’s vampire music video and pieced together the new music Friday playlist. June 30: I worked at The Coffee Shop for a couple of hours this morning and then in my bed for the rest of the day. I took a nap during lunch. I went to the gas station, grocery store, and got food for dinner. Had a night in and watched Succession, part of The Parent Trap, and went to bed.

TV Shows:

Black Mirror, Broad City, Claim to Fame, Human Resources, RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars, Seinfeld, Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, Stars on Mars, Succession, Summer House, The Bachelorette, The Kardashians, Vanderpump Rules, Watch What Happens Live


  • No Hard Feelings
  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
  • The Flash
  • The Little Mermaid
  • We’re the Millers


Soul Boom: Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution by Rainn Wilson


  • Loud and Queer Concert at Washington and Library Square with Icona Pop and DJ Trixie Mattel hosted by Gia Bianca Stephens and Whitney Rose.
  • North American Tour 2023 at the BMO Stadium in Los Angeles, California with Landon Barker, Turnstile, and Blink-182.


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