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Today was the Regional PRSSA Conference at Cal-State Fullerton. We arrived at the university around 9:30 a.m. and they had the welcome and chapter roll call. When they called Utah Valley University… we stood up and chanted:

PR PR, Utah Valley. WE ARE, WE ARE, the PR CREW!


The keynote speaker was Todd Cooley. He provide us with 25 tips for being terrific during times of turbulence and turmoil.


Don’t get hung up on definitions. Understand three types of media. Become familiar with multiple forms of communications, understand video graphics, future of virtual reality. Don’t neglect “old fashioned” PR. Recognize the power of “in-person” communications. Understand your role in the big picture… and be able to explain it. Learn the business, don’t just remain in PR or Marketing, know all! Gain a general understanding of accounting and finance. Never say “I hate math” – even if you do. Your education never ends. Read and learn continually. Be cautious about sharing your views on controversial issues, think before you post. Consider working in an agency. If you have a chance to travel or work overseas, do it. Develop and maintain a solid and trust based relationship. Maintain your personal and professional integrity, NOTHING is more important. Be courageous. Strive to be ‘Fully Professional’ at all times. Be curious, ask lots of questions. Stay focused. Avoid multitasking. Focus on one thing at a time. Practice mindfulness. Be in the moment. Minds are running so often. All there is… is the present. Take care of yourself. Maintain your sense of humor. Join PRSA… and become involved! Have fun. Don’t ever think you’ve got it all figured out. Because it will change.

  • Gain experience and then if you want more schooling, get a Master’s in Business Administration.


We then heard from Moxxe PR. Key points I took away: You have to love it so people will trust and believe what you are saying. Understand what is most important to them. Always network. Who you know gets you in the door. It’s what you know that keeps you there. 


We then heard from Robyn Harney from Sony Pictures Television. The main takeaway I got from her presentation is to HELP everyone. You never know if someone you help will be someone you are interviewing for in the future. Television publicity allows for change and to really become involved with a show.

We then heard from Vanessa Kromer (Nederlander Concerts) and Michael Barnes (The Hollywood Reporter). They gave advice on how to pitch. It’s important that you get to know people before you pitch to them. Get to the point and pitch to one person, not eight. They also mentioned it’s important to watch everything you say because once you post something, it’s out there.


We weren’t able to stay the whole time and headed to John Wayne airport. Arrived home around 9 p.m. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone. Now it’s time to get to work… write Thank You cards, send messages on LinkedIn and continue to network!


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