Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

March 2021

March 1: I worked at my parent’s. I watched American Idol. I went on a walk during my lunch break and figured out Halsey concert ticket refunds. I got Fat Jacks for dinner and watched The Bachelor. March 2: I worked at my parent’s. I finished In Pieces by Sally Field. My mom and I went and got food from Barry’s for lunch. I posted my February blog recap post. My grandma and I had dinner. I watched 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 Lonestar. March 3: Kylie and I worked in the office and carpooled. Shae was in as well. Kylie and I recorded the podcast during our lunch break. Shae and I went on a walk during my 1-1. Kylie and I did some apartment tours, had Chipotle for dinner, went to RC Willey, and drove around. My grandma and I booked a hotel for when we go to Kanab. March 4: Rainy weather. Kylie picked me up and we worked in the office again. We applied for an apartment during lunch. She had an appointment in Draper after and I hung out in the car. We got Jimmy John’s for dinner. A lot of good music came out. March 5: I worked at Kassidi’s today with Kaylee. We took Kaylee’s car to Kassidi’s dad’s house so he could fix something. We had Daley Freeze for lunch. We all got off early. We went to Cosmo Prof and Costco. When Russell got home, we took a dog to his sister in Fillmore. We ate at Chubby’s back in Payson for a late dinner. March 6: I met up with Sarah Tuttle. We got Zupa’s and watched Chaos Walking at the Orem Cinemark. I went into the office and got my taxes done. Went to the Hitching Post and Texas Roadhouse for Amanda and Bre’s birthday with Andrew, Brooke, and Lauren. We hung out at their place after. March 7: Relaxing morning. Chamber and I met up with Brittany, Mitchell, and her kids for Disney On Ice. We got court-side seats from work. I watched Oprah’s interview with Meghan and Harry. March 8: First day of the weight loss challenge. Went to the store and then to my parent’s for work. I watched American Idol, Debris, Kenan, The Stand, and Wanda Vision throughout the day. I went to the gym and then watched The Bachelor. March 9: I worked at my parent’s. I watched 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 Lonestar throughout the day. I went to the gym and then watched Debris at home. March 10: I went to the gym. Kylie and I carpooled into the office. We went to VW during our lunch break so Dustin could change my oil. We signed our apartment lease, recorded the podcast, and ate dinner at Mama Chu’s. March 11: I worked at my parent’s. Shae and I worked on content stuff for most of the day. I headed over to Revere to get my first does of the Moderna (Dolly Parton) vaccine. I FaceTimed with Andrea, Jacob, and Cole. My grandma and I had pot pies for dinner and I watched The Masked Singer and This Is Us. March 12: Iced coffee. I worked at my parent’s. We had our All Hands department meeting today. I made the ramen that is viral on TikTok right now. I had a virtual doctor’s appointment. I watched The Voice. I am feeling achey from the vaccine. I packed for Chase and Marissa’s. I picked up Brittany. We had a game night at Jacob’s. I went to Ciara’s after to spend the night. March 13: I got on the road shortly after 6 to head to Chase and Marissa’s. I listened to Debut, Fearless, Speak Now, and Red on the way up. I got to their home before noon. We met up with Taylor and Kaitlyn and had lunch at Winger’s. We played yard games after and then inside for other games. I watched Kim’s Convenience with Marissa. March 14: We headed to church just before 9. Chase and Marissa spoke. We played games throughout the day. We had a good dinner and watched The Grammy’s. March 15: I got up to start work at 7. I went to the Thai food truck for lunch that I’ve been craving since last year. I played on the tramp with the kids. We watched The Greatest Showman and then Marissa came up and we watched the Great British Baking Show. Psycho wind outside. March 16: I started work at 7 again. Chase and I went to a cafe in Fruitland for lunch. We played out front and played basketball when I got off. Marissa had a couple of friends over. We had sushi and watched the finale of The Bachelor. March 17: St. Patrick’s Day. I made a TikTok with my Niall Horan mask. I watched A Million Little Things and American Idol. Chase and I picked up the girls from school. We all went to a river and went for a walk. We played out on the tramp. Chase and I watched Night Crawler and I had food delivered. Marissa got home and we watched funny videos. March 18: Started work in the kitchen today. Marissa made a yummy lunch. The Bachelorette men pictures were released. We went to Capri’s soccer practice. We had nachos for dinner. Marissa and I watched This Is Us. Lana Del Rey and Justin Bieber dropped albums. March 19: I went to Dutch Bros before starting at 7. I filled out my March Madness bracket. We played croquet during my lunch break. We went to Snively Hot Springs. We got Papa Murphy’s for dinner, ice cream, and watched Yes Day with the kids. March 20: The kids came in to wake me up. We made our way to downtown Boise and met up with Kaitlyn and Taylor. We played at a park before, had lunch, and went to their place. We played games and hung out. We watched American Idol at home after. March 21: Capri and I were on the road by 9. We stopped at Shoshone Falls, although there wasn’t a lot of water. We got lunch at Taco Bell. I dropped her off at Dave and Julie’s around 4. She surprised Julie. My grandma made spaghetti for dinner. I watched A Million Little Things and Debris. March 22: I got an iced coffee and headed into the office. I got sushi at Macey’s for lunch. I watched American Idol, Kenan, had dinner, and went to bed. March 23: I got another iced coffee and went into the office again. Sarah was in today! I went over to Service Desk and got my new laptop. I stayed until around 8 getting everything switched over. I got Del Taco on the way home for dinner and watched Dante’s Peak. March 24: I woke up to missed calls from my aunt. My grandma had to go to the hospital last night because of some stomach issues. Kylie picked me up and we worked in the office. More coworkers in the office today. We walked over to Kneader’s for lunch. Kylie and I recorded the podcast and went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. March 25: I went to my parent’s to work. My mom and I went and visited my grandma in the hospital during my lunch break. She bought us lunch after. I went to visit her again after work. New Taylor Swift song with Maren Morris and remix of Love Story dropped. March 26: Gloomy morning. I got iced coffee and went to my parent’s to work. My mom and I visited my grandma during my lunch break. They moved her out of the ICU and into the Medical Surgical unit. I got off early and met Ciara at her Colur Studio. She took some pictures of me. Her, Nathan, and I ate dinner at the Red Iguana 2. We watched some videos and I stayed the night at their place. March 27: I did some work and then Ciara, Nathan, and I went bumming around. I headed home, relaxed, and got ready. I went over to Brooke and Andrew’s house. Amanda and Bre came over. We ate, played games, and listened to music. March 28: Very lazy morning. I went to Brooklyn’s birthday party over at Courtney and Ed’s. I then went and visited my grandma in the hospital. I went home and watched The Masked Singer. March 29: I worked at my parent’s. I watched A Million Little Things and Debris. I also watched Bad Trip on Netflix per Andrea’s recommendation. I got Fat Jack’s for dinner and watched Kenan and The Masked Singer. March 30: I worked in the office. I watched part of Debris. I went and got my haircut during lunch. When I got home, I watched Debris, This Is Us, and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. March 31: I went to the gym. Kylie and I carpooled to the office. We recorded the podcast episode during our lunch break. After work, we went to Down East and then RC Willey. We found a great deal on a sectional. We ate at Flaming Wok and then took the back roads home.

Gym/Workout Count: Went to Vasa 4 times

TV Shows: 9-1-1, 9-1-1 Lonestar, A Million Little Things, American Idol, Debris, Kenan, Kim’s Convenience, Oprah’s Interview with Meghan and Harry, The Bachelor, The Grammy’s, The Great British Baking Show, The Masked Singer, The Stand, The Voice, This Is Us, Wanda Vision, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Movies: Bad Trip, Dante’s Peak, Night Crawler, The Greatest Showman, Yes Day

Books: In Pieces by Sally Field

Gratitude: getting laundry done, walks, cheese sticks… yum, motivation to do another weight loss challenge, finishing a book, Dolly Parton posting about getting her vaccine, carpooling, having people in the office, the trails outside of the office to walk on, narrowing in on an apartment, getting time off to go to Kanab with my grandma, rainy weather, Kylie driving to work, applying for an apartment, good music dropping, working at Kassidi’s, being able to get off early, using Kassidi’s Cosmo Prof license to buy product, motivation to clean up my room, hanging out with Sarah Tuttle, getting my taxes done, dinner with friends, having a morning where you can just stay in bed, hanging out with Kambree, getting court-side seats to Disney On Ice, productive mornings, busy work that makes the day go by quick, ate healthy today, working in my dad’s office, lunch walks, getting to the gym after work, steam room, working in the office, getting approved for the apartment, my brother doing my oil change, helpful coworkers, got the first dose of the vaccine, having food at my parent’s house, game night with friends, Ciara letting me stay over, Taylor Swift music, my car, a safe drive, staying at Chase and Marissa’s, them buying lunch, going to church with Chase and Marissa, good company, Taylor Swift winning Album of the Year, being able to adjust my work hours, playing with the kids, trying new food places, playing basketball, sushi, meeting new friends, leftovers, picking up the girls from school, nature walks with the kids, playing on the tramp, Marissa making food, playing with the kids at the park, new music, free drink at Dutch Bros, going to the hot springs, Chase buying dinner, the kids coming in to wake me up, fun day in Boise, hanging out at Taylor and Kaitlyn’s house, safe travels, Capri coming with me, my grandma making dinner, people in the office today, productive work day, another office day, got a new work laptop, Sarah in the office, my aunt taking my grandma to the hospital, Kylie driving to the office, dinner with Kylie, working at my parent’s, my mom buying lunch, new Taylor music, had an interview with a student interested in SEO, my grandma getting moved out of the ICU, hanging out with Ciara and Nathan, productive morning, hanging with my cousins, hanging at the Gammon’s house, lazy mornings, hanging out with family, my grandma getting better, junk food for dinners, getting a haircut, getting to the gym, coworkers, Kylie and I found a couch