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March 2023

Journal Recap for March 2023:

March 1: I went and worked at The Coffee Shop. I paid rent and posted my February blog post. I watched The Bachelor. I did some cleaning during lunch and made my Survivor bracket picks. Kylie and I watched: The Traitors reunion, Vanderpump Rules, Summer House, and the Watch What Happens Live episodes. Ended the day listening to my Lover and part of Red Taylor Swift vinyls. March 2: I went into the office. I bought a ticket to see Funny Girl in August and a 12 month Dolly Parton vinyl subscription. I went up to Bountiful. Danielle and I ate at Winger’s and then we planned our Idaho trip at her apartment. I got gas, headed home, and pieced together the new music Friday playlist. I watched Demi Lovato’s new Scream themed music video. March 3: Miley Cyrus announced new backyard sessions, whoohoo. I worked from home. VANDERPUMP RULES drama! Tom and Ariana called it quits because he cheated on her with RAQUEL! I went to Smith’s after work, had sushi for dinner, and watched The Real Housewives of Potomac. March 4: I slept in. I went to get some nipple pasties for my concert outfit on Thursday, got coffee at Starbucks, and went to the Harmon’s in Draper. Lisa Barlow had posted her new Blue Jay seltzers were there, so I had to get some. I went home, chilled in bed, and listened to music. I went over to Brittany’s. We had sloppy joes, chips, and salad for dinner. We had a dance party with the kids in the kitchen! Brittany’s friend Rachel came over. We watched Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium tour. I was up until 3:30. March 5: Lisa Barlow replied to my story. I went to Walmart. I started a pot roast and made breakfast. Kylie and I watched the following throughout the day: Abbott Elementary, Survivor, Drag Race, Scream 3, Scream 4, and Scream 5. March 6: I went into the office. I had lunch at my desk and pieced together a design for a Scream shirt. I spent part of the evening installing my bidet that was delivered. I had dinner, did laundry, took a bath, listened to podcasts, and cleaned up the kitchen. March 7: I went into the office, chatted with Sarah during lunch, and then got a haircut at Kristi’s after. I went to Payson picked up Subway, and went to my grandma’s. I helped her set up her doorbell camera. Watched TikTok’s with my mom. I went over to my dad’s and spent the night. March 8: I worked in the living room and watched The Bachelor. I got off early and took my dad to the airport. I went to Michael’s on the way home. I did laundry, dishes, ironed my Scream shirt, and watched How I Met Your Father. Kylie and I watched Summer House, Vanderpump Rules, and Watch What Happens Live. I finished Spare by Prince Harry. March 9: I went into the office. Kristen was spotted filming for Vanderpump Rules today. Kylie and I got ready and put some pink glitter spray on. We went up to Salt Lake City. The following drag queens opened: The Jennatailia, Veronica Davil, and Sally Cone Slopes at Soundwell. Chappell Roan then hit the stage. We made friends with London, Skyley, and Abby and drove them to the Provo frontrunner station. We stopped at Del Taco. March 10: I went to Starbucks and then met Brittany, Sarah, and Kenzie at the Lehi office. We went up to the arena for Vivint’s Home Opener. We went to Avenues Proper for lunch after, dropped them off, stopped at the store, and went home. I got some Vida Tequila and met Cat, Cam, and Kylie at Wing Nutz. We then met up with Shinah and Raquel and the Cinemark. We watched Scream 6. Cat bejeweled a mask and a knife. Took some pictures and videos. March 11: I lounged in bed. I went to Amanda and Bre’s apartment to pick up their keys for them. I went to the mall and then over to Andrea and Dan’s. We went to Altitude Trampoline Park. We had leftover ribs for dinner. We chatted and played games. I stopped back at Amanda and Bre’s apartment and sent them pictures and videos of the place. Up late to see the time change. March 12: I slept in, had breakfast, chilled, and then met Amanda, Bre, and my dad at their apartment. Colby, Aubray, and Theo came too. We got them moved in pretty quickly. I took my dad home. Kylie and I watched Miley Cyrus’ Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions) and Saturday Night Live. March 13: I went into the office. We had a ‘Welcoming the Vivint Team’ meeting with NRG. I filled out my March Madness bracket. Kylie and I watched Drag Race, Summer House, and Watch What Happens Live. March 14: I went into the office. Lindsay Lohan announced she is pregnant! I went to the store and then over to Brittany’s. We made a banana cream pie and had pork sandwiches for dinner. We had another mini dance party with the kids. Brittany and I watched Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions. March 15: I went into the office. We had a Town Hall with NRG. Sarah gave me a Dolly Parton biscuit mix. I finished indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life by Nir Eyal. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules and Watch What Happens Live. March 16: I went to Dutch Bros and then into the office. Taylor Swift announced she is dropping 4 songs tonight. I drove down to Spanish Fork after work and met Shinah at the Cinemark. We watched Shazam! Fury of the Gods. I got Del Taco, went home, listened to Taylor Swift, and then put together the new music Friday playlist. March 17: I worked at The Coffee Shop and wore my Celtic Woman Postcards from Ireland shirt. I picked up Amanda from her office, went to Draper for a doctor’s appointment, Smith’s, and then to their apartment. I took a half day. We watched Vanderpump Rules and attempted to hang their TV. We went to the liquor store, Harmon’s, and back to their place. Bre picked up Cubby’s for us. Lauren, Wyatt, Raegan, and Devin came over. We had drinks and chatted throughout the night. I slept over. March 18: I headed home at 8:30. I got ready and went down to my dad’s. I helped load stuff on his trailer and we moved it into to my mom’s new apartment. We then went and got lunch from Barry’s. I set up her TV and got her logged into various streaming services. I went home, did laundry, and Kylie and I watched Drag Race. I did some cleaning, watched The Bachelor, did budget and journal stuff, and then took a bath. March 19: Kylie and I met Sammie, Jaidy, and Brendon at The Grand America Hotel for afternoon tea for our book club. I loved the harpist. We walked around and took pictures after. We went to Ocean Market and the new Trader Joe’s in Draper. Kylie and I went to Starbuck’s, Walmart, and then home. I made dinner and we watched Abbott Elementary and The Masked Singer. March 20: I went into the office. The Vanderpump Rules mid-season trailer dropped. Brittany, Sarah, Kenzie, and I went to the mall during lunch. I got my outfit for Taylor Swift. Chill night at home watching TV and reading. March 21: I stopped at Starbucks and then went into the office. Sarah and I went to PrimeIV during lunch. I got a B-12 shot, an IV drip, and then both got oxygen and sat in the massage chairs. Sarah and I went to dinner at Maria Bonita’s. My Dr. Marten’s were delivered. I went over to Brittany’s. Her friend Rachel came over. We watched Taylor Swift’s City of Lover Paris concert and music videos. March 22: Rainy day. I worked at The Coffee Shop and watched The Bachelor. I went home during lunch and put on The Masked Singer. I went to my mom’s after work. We watched Miley Cyrus’ Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions) and chatted about her job. I went over to my cousin Kylie’s house for a spray tan and a nose wax. I visited my grandma. My Titanic vinyl came. March 23: Rainy, snowy weather. I went to Dutch Bros and then into the office. Busy meeting day. I picked up Wingstop and went to Amanda and Bre’s. We watched Vanderpump Rules and Watch What Happens Live. Amanda painted my nails. I listened to podcasts, the new music Friday playlist, did laundry, and packed. March 24: Listened to new music, got ready, finished packing, and went to Walmart, UCCU, and the gas station. I made breakfast and got Stadium of Fire tickets for Sarah, Jen, and I. Sarah got to my place at 10:30 and we hit the road. We stopped in Filmore and had Costa Vida. We got to our Airbnb after 5. We got ready and went to Caesar’s Palace. We had dinner at True Food Kitchen. I had ramen and a glass of wine. We then went to Vanderpump Paris. I ordered the: It’s My Fucking Birthday drink in honor of Stassi and some appetizers. We watched the water show at the Bellagio, stopped for donuts, put on face masks, and watched Schitt’s Creek. March 25: We slept in, got ready, went to Starbucks, and then made our way to The Linq. We went into the Ghirardelli store and then ate at Flour and Barley. Sarah had brought her stuff and changed in the bathroom. We parked near the Luxor, took pictures along the walk, and went to the Allegiant Stadium. We ran into Sarah Thompson. We went to our seats in section C109. Gayle and Beebadoobee opened. We heard Applause, then You Don’t Own Me, and then a timer countdown down to 0. And then, TAYLOR SWIFT! Started with Miss Americana into Cruel Summer. Let the concert begin. Albums in order of performance: Lover, Fearless, Evermore, Reputation, just Enchanted from Speak Now, Red, Folklore, 1989, and then our 2 unique songs for our show: Cowboy Like Me and she brought out Marcus Mumford and then White Horse. Ended with the Midnights era. It was fun knowing I had friends and family that were there too. We stopped for food on the way home, watched Unsolved Mysteries, and put on Enya. March 26: I woke up around 8, got my stuff put together, and then Sarah and I went to a bakery. We then went to the gas station and hit the road. Traffic began in Mesquite. We had to take a detour into St. George. Stopped at a gas station and back on the road. I got to my place after 8. I went to the gas station, home, unpacked, laundry, had food, watched Youtube videos, and went to bed. March 27: Tired and a sore throat from screaming at the concert. I went into the office. We chatted about the weekend in our stand up. I posted pictures and videos from the weekend throughout the day. I went to my dad’s after and then over to my mom’s. We moved in a new bed set, TV stand, and her couch. Unloaded the dresser and couch back to my dad’s and had leftovers there. March 28: I got ready and headed into the office. Kaylee and I got tickets to see Kelly Clarkson in Las Vegas. I went to Smith’s after work and then Kylie and I watched Drag Race and Abbott Elementary. March 29: I went to work at The Coffee Shop. Kassidi got us tickets for John Mayer. My work promotion was announced. Amanda and Bre came in. I wrote a recommendation letter for Andrea. I went home to finish the work day. I watched The Bachelor and then Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules and Summer House. March 30: I went into work today in my Eras Tour outfit, pants instead of shorts though. Shae and I went to Dutch Bros during our stand up. We had Cinema Club during the lunch hour today. Morgyn took pictures of Sarah M., Brittany, Kenzie, and I in our outfits. I chatted with Kylie, had dinner, watched Down to Earth with Zac Efron, and Kylie and I ended up booking a Miranda Lambert Las Vegas trip. I put together the new music Friday playlist and went to bed. March 31: I went into the office today. I went through my Google Photos at lunch. I went home at 4 and then down to Payson. I picked up Fat Jack’s and a drink and went over to Kassidi’s. We played Five Crowns, Skipbo, got desert, and then played Mario Party.

TV Shows:

Abbott Elementary, Down to Earth with Zac Efron, Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions, How I Met Your Father, Miley Cyrus’ Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions) (x2), RuPaul’s Drag Race, Saturday Night Live, Schitt’s Creek, Summer House, Survivor, Taylor Swift’s City of Lover Paris concert, Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium tour, The Bachelor, The Masked Singer, The Real Housewives of Potomac, The Traitors Reunion, Unsolved Mysteries, Vanderpump Rules, Watch What Happens Live


  • Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • Scream 3
  • Scream 4
  • Scream 5
  • Scream 6
  • Shazam! Fury of the Gods


  • indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life by Nir Eyal
  • Spare by Prince Harry


  • Opening acts were the following Drag Queens: The Jennatailia, Veronica Davil, and Sally Cone Slopes for Chappell Roan
  • Opening acts: Gayle and Beebadoobee for Taylor Swift


working at The Coffee Shop, Bravo night with Kylie, listening to Taylor Swift vinyls, getting a ticket for Funny Girl, signing up for Dolly Parton vinyl subscription, hanging out with Danielle, Miley announcing new backyard sessions, Vanderpump Rules drama, coffee, getting Lisa Barlow’s new seltzer drinks, dinner at Brittany with her and the kids, a dance party, watching the Reputation Stadium Tour, Lisa Barlow saying my video made her day and was the cutest, chill TV and movie day with Kylie, pumping myself up on the way to work to have a good and productive day, getting my bidet installed, baths, chats with Sarah, haircuts and chatting with Kristi, getting off early to take my dad to the airport, finishing another audiobook, fun concert with Kylie, meeting new friends, field trip work day, drinks and Scream 6 with friends, getting Amanda and Bre’s keys, hanging out with Andrea and her family, Amanda and Bre moving back, seeing Colby and Aubray, Miley Cyrus’ new special, department doing a March Madness bracket, Lindsay Lohan is pregnant, making a pie and having dinner with Brittany and the kids, exciting future with the acquisition, Sarah gifting me Dolly Parton biscuits, finishing the work book club, Dutch Bros, when Taylor makes announcements, movie nights with Shinah, St. Patrick’s day, taking a half day, hanging with Bre and Amanda, getting my mom moved into her new place, baths, afternoon tea with friends, listening to the harp, fun errand outing, getting my outfit together for Taylor Swift, Starbucks gift card, IV drip, massages, dinner with Sarah, hanging out with Brittany, rainy day, my new boots, my mom getting a new job, spray tans, visiting my grandma and mom, hanging with Amanda and Bre, getting Stadium of Fire tickets, safe drive to Vegas, good food, going to Vanderpump Paris, slept in, our outfits were fire, entering the stadium, seeing the stage, getting in our seats, and the entire concert from start to finish, listening to music on a long drive, getting home safe, getting back into the work week groove, helping my mom get her stuff moved in, Kaylee and I getting tickets for Kelly Clarkson, Kassidi getting us tickets for John Mayer, working at The Coffee Shop with Amanda, Shae buying my Dutch Bros, Swiftie coworkers, planning a friendaversary trip with Kylie, quiet day in the office, hanging out with Kassidi and Kaylee

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