Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

May 2021

May 1: Kylie, Shinah, and I went on a hike. I had a lazy afternoon. Shinah and I met up, ran errands, got food at Vegan Bowl, and then went to Estefany’s 21st One Direction themed birthday party in Salt Lake. We hung out with Andrea and Dan. May 2: I spent the day at my parent’s. I published my April recap blog post. I did some work. Amanda and Bre came down for dinner. We watched The Goonies. Brooke, Andrew, and Emma came to visit as well. May 3: I worked at my parent’s. I watched 9-1-1 Lonestar and American Idol throughout the day. I chatted with my grandma about an Alaskan cruise for next year. We had spaghetti for dinner. I watched 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 Lonestar. May 4: I worked at my parent’s. I paid our deposit for the cruise. I watched Big Sky, Kenan, and The Masked Singer. May 5: Kylie and I carpooled into the office. Shae was there. Had Cupbop for lunch and Kylie and I recorded the podcast. Went on a walk for my 1-1. I went to Walmart to get new clothes and packed for Sand Hollow. May 6: I went to my parent’s and did some work. We left after 12 toward Sand Hollow. Amanda, Bre, Colton, Destiny & family, Justin, Melanie all caravanned down. We went on a razor ride, ate dinner, and hung out around the fire. May 7: My dad made breakfast. We started day drinking and set up at the beach. We went on a razor ride later in the afternoon. We had dinner and hung out around the fire again. May 8: Another beach and day drinking day. Some people went on a ride and I stayed back with Destiny, Colten, Courtney, and Ed. Had dinner. Went on a razor ride with Dustin and Maria. Lost his phone, but found it with Find My Friends. Was up pretty late. May 9: Tired. Slowly packed up camp. We left around 1 and stopped in Beaver at Denny’s. We got home around 5. I helped put stuff away, headed home, started laundry, had dinner, and started The Other Woman. May 10: I am groggy today. I worked at my parent’s. I put my laundry away, had dinner, and finished The Other Woman. May 11: I took my mom to the clinic to get her knee looked at. I started work at my parent’s house after at 10. We ran some errands during lunch and had Panda Express for lunch. I watched Taylor Swift accept the Global Icon award as the first female at the Brits. I bought Kylie and I VIP tickets to Ruston Kelly for her birthday, the show is 10/18. My grandma made dinner. I watched 9-1-1. May 12: I got my iced coffee and Kylie and I carpooled into the office. We recorded the podcast during lunch. We got Main Street Pizza for dinner and watched the premiere of The Hills: New Beginnings season 2 and then the first episode of a skin walker ranch documentary. May 13: I worked in the office again today. We had a team lunch at Kohinoor. I had dinner, watched The Wedding Singer, and listened to new music that dropped. May 14: Iced coffee and worked at my parent’s house. I read for book club and then we had our bi-weekly book club meeting. I finished Barack Obama’s: A Promise Land audio book. I had a second date. We ate dinner and then watched Spiral. I hung out at the Gammon’s after for a bit. May 15: I finished Open Book by Jessica Simpson. Napped. I got Chinese food for dinner and watched Titanic. May 16: I went to Walmart, cleaned my room, and then went over to my parent’s. We watched: The Biography, Chris Farley: Anything for a Laugh. I watched some of The Masked Singer. Bre and Amanda came over. We watched Back to the Future I & II. We had dinner. I headed home and watched the MTV Movie Awards. May 17: I went to Joe’s and then over to my parent’s to work. My mom and I went to Costco during lunch to get stuff for my bedding and we ran into Brooke and Emma. I watched The Masked Singer throughout the day. I had dinner and watched The Voice. Kylie came over with a load for the DI. Chatted on the phone with Natasha. May 18: I went to my parent’s to work and watched The Voice throughout the day. I dropped stuff off at the DI and went to Ace to visit Brittany and to get black paint. I had dinner, watered the flowers, and visited Brittany’s two cows she recently got. May 19: I met Kylie at the park and ride. We got Dutch Bros and worked in the office. We recorded the podcast during lunch and then got food from the Peruvian food truck. Shae and I walked along the river for my one-on-one. I had leftovers for dinner and watched The Voice. May 20: I worked at my parent’s. My mom and I went to Barry’s for lunch. I watched 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 Lonestar throughout the day. I got off at 4 and loaded up my car and my grandma’s truck. I moved the rest of my stuff into the living room and the garage. My grandma and I had dinner from a shrimp food truck. May 21: Kylie and I were on the road by 9. We paid and got our keys. We live on the 3rd floor, no elevator. I had two car loads and two truck loads. The last was the TV and TV stand. Kylie and I picked up her Target order, had Pizza Hut delivered, cleaned, organized, and watched TikTok’s on her bed. May 22: I went to Walmart and got my fishing license, a vacuum, a broom, and stuff for the Swiffer. I went to my grandma’s to get a few more things, then my parent’s, and my dad helped me move my mattress up. I went and picked up my Target order. I helped Kylie with a load in her car. We cleaned, organized, and I painted the night stand. We went and picked up my Walmart order after 5. She helped me put together my bed and bookshelf. I went and got food, showered, and went to bed. May 23: I did another coat of paint on the nightstand and did more cleaning and organizing. I sat in my camp chair and watched American Idol in the living room. I got Del Taco. Kylie and I started and got caught upon Drag Race Down Under. May 24: RC Willey delivered our couch and my dresser this morning. I worked and returned our move in checklist during lunch. I watched the Billboard Music Awards. I finished my room. Kylie and I watched The Hills and The Oprah Conversation. Her cousin Camden and his fiance Katy came over. We ate dinner, got drunk, and hung out. May 25: I worked at home today. I went to Walmart during lunch to get stuff for the apartment. Phone call with Jacob and worked on freelance stuff. I watched American Idol and The Masked Singer. I headed home, had dinner, pieced together the podcast outline, and watched The Voice. Ended the night with a bath. May 26: I went into the office today. I got Jonas Brothers and Billie Eilish concert tickets. Kylie and I recorded the podcast and then got lunch at the taco food truck. I watched The Voice. I stayed after work, posted this week’s podcast episode, and worked on freelance stuff. I had dinner and watched The Voice. May 27: I worked in the office. I got a new badge. Brittany came in and we visited during lunch. I got caught up on: This Is Us, 9-1-1, and 9-1-1 Lonestar. Kylie and I noticed that everything in our freezer had thawed. I submitted a work order. I had dinner, updated my computer, FaceTimed Kylie (she went to go dog sit), and watched the iHeartRadio Music Awards. May 28: I started the morning listening to evermore, got Beans and Brews, and worked in the office. We had book club today. I went to Target and Walmart after work. I had dinner and Sarah, Amanda, and Bre came over. I watched The Circle and we watched the Friends reunion special on HBO Max. We then watched The Masked Singer and Saturday Night Live. May 29: I had breakfast, cleaned, and worked on budget and journal stuff. I did some freelance work. I met up with Andrea, Dan, Shinah, Kaylee, and Kassidi at La Casita in Springville. We had dinner. We then went to Nickel Mania. We hung out at a park and had ice cream from Barry’s. We got drinks and went on a drive to the Benjamin house. May 30: I stopped to visit my grandma and then went to the Payson city park for Haylie and Gentry’s going away brunch. I went over to my parent’s. I worked on freelance sttuff. We had dinner. Kylie and I started RuPaul’s Drag Race season 1. May 31: Kylie and I watched more Drag Race. I went to Colten and Destiny’s for a BBQ with Amanda, Bre, Courtney, Ed, and Kylie. We chilled in the backyard, chatted, and listened to music.

TV Shows: 9-1-1, 9-1-1 Lonestar, American Idol, Big Sky, Billboard Music Awards, Drag Race Down Under, Friends Reunion Special, iHeartRadio Music Awards, Kenan, MTV Movie Awards, Saturday Night Live, The Biography, Chris Farley: Anything for a Laugh, The Circle, The Hills: New Beginnings, The Masked Singer, The Oprah Conversation, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, The Voice, This Is Us

Movies: Back to the Future I & II, The Goonies, The Other Woman, The Wedding Singer, Titanic

Books: A Promised Land by Barack Obama & Open Book by Jessica Simpson

Gratitude: first hike of the season, naps, seeing friends, productive day, spaghetti, my grandma, myself, parents, and others are going on an Alaskan cruise, travel money to pay for the cruise deposit, carpooling, Cupbop, new clothes, my parent’s trailer and razor, family, looking at the stars, warm weather, beach days, music, fires, showers at camp, eye candy at the beach, Dustin finding his phone, my mom, traveled safely, dad paying for lunch, iced coffee, clean laundry, flexible work schedule, my mom buying me lunch, Taylor Swift winning the Global Icon award, gift giving, my grandma made dinner, carpooling, the podcast episode went to Apple, hanging out with Kylie, working in the office, team lunch, new Nicki and Katy Perry songs, iced coffee, reading, finishing an audio book, cereal, napping, Chinese food, family dinners, iced coffee, my mom having a Costco card, Brooke ordering the comforter online for me, catching up on shows, visiting with Brittany, Dutch Bros, catching up on shows, recording during lunch, good food trucks, river walks, getting to work at my parent’s for 195 days, my grandma letting me use her truck for moving, smooth moving day, that my back didn’t go out, using my grandma’s truck, no issues with my car going back and forth, pizza, my dad helping me with my mattress, getting my bed and bookshelf set up, new mattress, things coming together at the apartment, watching Drag Race with Kylie, getting our couch, finishing my room, Kylie making dinner, meeting new people, being able to work from my bed, getting more stuff for the apartment, doing freelance work with Jacob, taking a bath, getting concert tickets, office chat, not giving up with freelance work, got a new work badge with an updated picture, visiting with Brittany, getting caught up on shows, listening to Taylor Swift to start the day, having book club at work, having people over, Friends and friends, coconut oil, dinner with friends, visiting with my grandma, getting my Taylor Swift sweater and vinyl, brunch with family, dinner at my parent’s, sleeping in, hanging out with cousin’s