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May 2022

Journal Recap for May 2022:

May 1: I got ready, did some budget stuff, and posted my April blog recap post. I went to Dutch Bros and then over to Amanda and Bre’s. We went to a couple of stores. Amanda attempted to dye my hair blue but it didn’t work. We went down to my parent’s. My grandma came over. We had dinner and chatted cruise stuff. Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety. I ended the day with a bath. I lit my All Too Well candle, plopped in a bath bomb, and listened to Enya. May 2: I worked in the living room and put on American Idol. I did first of the month stuff. I watched Big Sky and Chernobyl. I went to get a COVID test to calm my nerves, negative. I chatted with my grandma and dad. I went and got Jimmy Johns for dinner. Kylie and I watched Forensic Files II. Bed. May 3: I went to Walgreens to get my COVID test, went to FedEx, and then went to the Draper temple. Chase, Marissa, and the kids are getting sealed today. I chilled in the waiting area with Ciara, Nathan, and Caleb. Blizzard outside. We went to the Olive Garden in Sandy after for lunch. Issues with my parent’s COVID test. I got us all scheduled for tomorrow morning to do a same day PCR test at Premier Diagnostics. I went over and walked Bre through some stuff. I had leftovers for dinner, and watched American Idol and American Song Contest. May 4: I picked up my grandma and we met my parents at Premier Diagnostics in Orem. We had breakfast at TruReligion after. I went to Walmart and called UCCU to set up travel notices on my cards. I took a nap. I packed and went to Amanda and Bre’s. We ordered Costa Vida. Kylie came over. All of our COVID tests came back negative. I went home, took a bath, and went to bed before 9. May 5: Kylie took Amanda, Bre, and I to the airport. We met my mom, dad, and grandma there. We got our boarding passes. First time in first class. We had a layover in Seattle. Our flight was delayed. Spent a couple hours on the phone with Royal Caribbean because we weren’t going to make boarding time. They were able to push back anchors up by 30 minutes and told us to call when we landed to see if they were able to arrange a shuttle. Our flight got in at like 2:20. I called and they said someone was waiting after customs to take our information and there would be a shuttle. We booked it. Got to luggage. The lady told me our names weren’t on the list but everyone else’s names were. We went through and then we all started hearing that the shuttle left. 40 of us stranded at the airport and Royal isn’t doing anything for us. We missed our cruise. Sat at the airport for a few hours while my dad and I were on the phone with Delta. We ended up getting taxi’s to Vancouver Hilton Downtown where my dad got us rooms. We chilled in our room for a bit and then went down to the restaurant and had dinner. Amanda, Bre, and I walked across the street and got DQ for dessert. I looked into COVID stuff for getting back into the U.S. New music dropped including This Love (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift. Bless you Taylor. I slept on the pull out and shared the room with my grandma. May 6: I got ready and went to my dad’s room so we could get our flights home figured out. We went to breakfast. I then scheduled all of our COVID tests for Sunday morning at the airport. My grandma, Amanda, Bre, and I went to a place called Incognito coffee and then back to the hotel at 1. We all got in an Uber to head to Tsawwassen port to head to Swartz Bay. It was about an hour and a half ferry ride. Walked around outside. We got a taxi van and the guy gave us his information so he could drive us back when it was time. He took us to a restaurant called Lure. I had poutine for the first time and some taster beers. We walked around a bit and saw a seal and herring. The taxi drive picked us up shortly after 7 and we headed back. The worker let us board the 8 ferry instead of waiting for an hour. This meant we got to sail away looking at the sunset. We took a taxi back to the hotel and I passed out. May 7: I went down to Tim Horton’s by myself and listened to some podcasts. Amanda, Bre, and I went to the library next door. We chilled outside. We went to a market and had food at Japadog with everyone. Amanda, Bre, and I kept walking and looked at different stores. Amanda, Bre, my dad, and I went to the pool and hot tub. We had dinner at Jinya Ramen bar. Amanda, Bre, and I then took an Uber to D’oro Gelato & Caffe. We got cannolis, ice cream, and a donut. May 8: We took taxi’s to the airport and got there around 8:30. We were able to take our COVID tests early and they all came back negative. I listened to some podcasts and watched The Kardashians. We were able to check our bags after 12. We ate at Sal y Limon and chilled at our gate. We got into Salt Lake around 8. Kylie picked us up. I got Del Taco. May 9: I uploaded photos and posted on Instagram. I went to the Orem Cinemark and watched Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Everything Everywhere All at Once. I got Chinese food for dinner and watched Dante’s Peak. May 10: I did some cleaning. I went to Healing Mountain Massage School in Orem for my appointment at 1. I did the foot spa package with a 50 minute massage. I got caught up on my journal, did some budget stuff with expenses from Canada, and then showered to get the lotion from the massage off me. I went over to Amanda and Bre’s. We went and had dinner at Tamashi and then walked around Target. May 11: Back to work. I worked in my bedroom. I got caught up on Survivor. I had leftover sushi and put on This Is Us and then American Idol. I went to the store. Amanda and Bre stopped by. I made pasta for dinner. Kylie and I watched Annabelle. May 12: Up throughout the night because my smoke detector was beeping in my room. I went and slept on the couch. I went to Dutch Bros and then headed into the office. Shae is working from home. Sarah came over and chatted and I gave her guinea pigs salt and pepper shakers for her work anniversary. Brittany and I went and played pool. Ended the day playing a #CultureTags game with Sarah and the team that I won. I watched the following throughout the day: The Masked Singer and American Idol. I went to the mall, Costco, and then Amanda and Bre’s after. We had French dips and a Caesar salad for dinner. We watched The Kardashians. May 13: Listened to new music and packed for Vegas. Andrea and Dan picked me up before 1. We met Shinah at Andrea’s parent’s house in Spanish Fork. We stopped at Starbuck’s and hit the road. We went to our Airbnb and picked up Pam. We ate at Nacho Daddy for dinner and stopped at Smith’s. We watched a game show called Bullshit on Netflix and then Jennifer’s Body. May 14: We parked in front of Circus Circus and walked to the Las Vegas fairgrounds for Lovers & Friends. There are 4 stages. Shinah and I went and watched Mike Jones and then the Ying Yang Twins. Met back up with everyone. Hot day. Free water and then some water cans for $5. We got some food, teriyaki chicken bowl. We were split up from Pam most of the day. Andrea wasn’t feeling well. We chilled in the AC bus at one point. Saw the following throughout the day: Genuwine, Pretty Ricky, Fabulous, Sean Paul, T-Pain, Akon, Snoop Dogg, Kelis, Mya, Ne-Yo, Ja Rule, Ashanti, Nelly, J-Kwon, Chingy, Ciara, and TLC. After TLC, we went over to the bathroom and to get water. Shinah tapped my arm and I looked and the whole crowd was running toward us. Scary. We didn’t hear gun shots. Ran out of the emergency exit and walked around the block and up to Resorts World to schedule an Uber because at this point, Dan is taking Andrea to the ER from heat exhaustion. We got back to the Airbnb, luckily, Pam had left earlier because we didn’t have service all day. We Doordashed Taco Bell and watched a movie called The Babysitter. May 15: Shinah and I got up around 10. We went and had brunch. We got home around 9. I had some food, did laundry, and watched episode 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. May 16: I got Dutch Bros and went into the office. Sarah and I got AJR tickets. I went to Old Navy after work and ran into Kristine and her sister. I dropped stuff off at Bre’s. I got dinner and watched Human Resources. May 17: I packed and parked my car at the airport. Shae, Jonathan, and I landed in Oakland after 12. We got our rental car and drove south, around, and up into San Francisco. We ate in Mountain View. We went to Jacqueline’s house. We walked around Missions Dolores and then got scooters. We went through Alamo and Golden Gate Park. We saw the Painted Ladies. We went to After Work Bar and then walked down to Nojo for ramen. We went back to her house and played games with Grant. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and made our way into Napa because we are staying at the Marriott Napa Valley hotel. Checked in and we each have our own rooms. I put on Friends, chilled on my phone, and passed out. May 18: I met Shae for breakfast at 8. The conference started at 9. We listened to four speakers and then had lunch outside. We listened to three speakers after lunch. Jonathan, Shae, and I drove separate from the shuttles to head to A Royal Night at the Castello Di Amorosa. And guess what was on the way… Nick & Hallie’s Home, the Napa Valley Vineyard from The Parent Trap. It’s called the Staglin Family Vineyard. It was closed, but I got some pics from the gate. We got to the castle and had wine, took pics, and then we got a tour of the dungeon area. I got a magnet and Jonathan got us a cup from the gift shop. Everyone was already sitting so we had to split up. Had a nice dinner with lots of wine. Went on another tour downstairs and then headed back to the hotel. May 19: I met Shae for breakfast again. They were serving mimosas. I listened to two speakers and we got a gift bag. I packed up all of my stuff and met Jonathan and Shae in the lobby. We headed to the Artesa Winery for lunch. We had to leave early so they weren’t rushed for their flight home. We went back over the Golden Gate Bridge and into the city. They dropped me off where I’m staying next, the Motel Capri. I was there early. Waited in the lobby for a bit and they let me do an early check-in. Chilled in the room, FaceTimed Chase, and lounged in the AC until Shinah got there. We walked up to the Mrs. Doubtfire house on a very steep hill. We walked and walked looking at the houses. We got some scooters and headed toward Lombard street. Scooters wouldn’t make it up. We went down the curvy road. We went to Blue Mermaid restaurant for dinner. I got a shrimp cocktail and Mac n cheese with Dungeness crab. We walked along the water past Ghirardelli square. Down the pier and saw the bridge. We went to a grocery store and up the road back to our motel. We watched Wipeout and chilled. May 20: We took an Uber over to Pier 33. We took a ferry over to Alcatraz island and walked around. When we got back, we walked through the shops at Fisherman’s Wharf and saw sea lions. We went to Fort Point and got some good pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. We had dinner reservations for a sushi restaurant called Shizen. We took an Uber to the Full House home and then walked to the high school in The Princess Diaries. We went back to the motel. We watched Happy Gilmore and Ghost Adventures. We Doordashed some food and just hung out. May 21: We packed up and went to a nearby coffee shop called Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters. We took an Uber to Buena Vista park. Walked some steep hills with my luggage to get to the top. We chilled up there for a bit. We walked down the street and went and ate at Hippie Thai Street Food. It was super yummy. We were in the Haight & Ashbury area. We saw the red Jimi Hendrix house and then Janis Joplin’s house. We went into some stores and I got some crystals. We had an Uber pick us up and take us to the airport. Got through security and over to the C gates. I checked my bag at the desk because the flight was full. We started boarding around 5. Landed around 8. Still light outside. Got my bag and Shinah and I got on the shuttles. I got off at stop 1 and went to my car. Paid for parking and headed home. Was last in line at Taco Bell before they closed and got the Mexican Pizza. I did laundry, listened to podcasts, and watched the new Kardashians episode. May 22: I slept in, put away laundry, and did some budget and journal stuff. I went to Old Navy to return some clothes. I went and got groceries. Kylie and I watched the first 2 episodes of Drag Race All Stars. I made dinner. We put on Annabelle: Creation. May 23: I went into the office. We have a partner in the office today. Ben, Kevin, Shae, and I drove in one car to Black Sheep to have lunch with them. We then met for a few hours. Cole picked up Viviana around 4. I stayed after work and chatted with Sarah and Jake. I met up with Brittany and her family and Viviana at the Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point. We left when they closed and I got Del Taco for dinner on the way home. May 24: I went into the office. I picked up my pride swag. Had a meeting to chat local. I went to the Cinemark in Sandy with Sarah. We watched The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent with Nicolas Cage. It was a fun movie! Stopped for dinner on the way home. May 25: I worked in my room today. I went over to Amanda’s to get a bowl and some plants and then picked up a Walmart pickup order. Secured seats to Harry Styles for Pam, Estefany, and I. I went up to Salt Lake and parked near the Capitol Theatre. I saw Celtic Woman. It was an awesome performance, loved it. I stayed after and got a shirt, a DVD, and the program. Stopped for food on the way home. I made my Cowboy Caviar dip for tomorrow and went to bed. May 26: I went into the office and put my dip in the fridge in building one. The judging started around 11:30 and there were around 10 submissions. Brittany and I played and lost against Jonathan and Kolby in corn hole. I watched the Survivor finale and was happy with who won. I went down to Delite’s house in Salem. She showed me her house. We went and had dinner at El Tapatio in Payson. Back to her house. Watched bloopers from Friends and The Office on Youtube while I colored on her iPad, haha. Headed home. I finally posted pics from San Francisco and pieced together the new music Friday playlist. May 27: I went and got a haircut from Kristi at 9. Worked from home and listened to new music that dropped. I did some laundry, updated local pages, and got off before 3. I watched the following: The Kardashians, Human Resources, and So You Think You Can Dance. Kylie and I watched Drag Race and then Annabelle Comes Home. Slept out on the couch. May 28: I had bad heartburn throughout the night. I chilled in bed and took a nap until like 2. I showered and moved into the living room. I watched So You Think You Can Dance. Kylie got home. We watched The Deep End, Legendary, and Vanderpump Rules. May 29: Another lazy morning. I went to the grocery store, got a blended Chai at Beany’s, did some cleaning, and journaled. Kylie and I picked up Amanda and Bre. We went to Colten and Destiny’s for a BBQ. Colby and Aubray came too. We had great food, sat around the table, played a game, listened to music, and chatted. May 30: I did some chores, got ready, and went to Dutch Bros. I went to Trader Joe’s and got an orchid, some eucalyptus, bananas, and some salad for tonight. I went to Wandering Stones. I watered the plans and set up some watering reminders on my phone. I got caught up on my journal, made a post for the Celtic Woman concert, and then Amanda and Bre picked Kylie and I up close to 4. We went down to my parent’s. I went back up to the apartment because I put an incense stick in the garbage and didn’t wet it first. Anxiety. Brought some games back down. We ate dinner, played games, and then got home around 10. May 31: I got ready, went to Dutch Bros, listened to Taylor Swift, and went to the office. Brittany and I went to Target during lunch. Meeting heavy day. I went to a couple grocery stores after work. I had dinner, started Workaholics, and watched part of the new Chip and Dale movie. Fell asleep.


Lovers and Friends

Celtic Woman

TV Shows:

American Idol, American Song Contest, Big Sky, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bullshit, Chernobyl, Forensic Files II, Friends, Ghost Adventures, Human Resources, Legendary, RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, Survivor, The Deep End, The Kardashians, The Masked Singer, This Is Us, Vanderpump Rules, Wipeout, Workaholics


Annabelle, Annabelle Comes Home, Annabelle: Creation, Dante’s Peak, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Everything Everywhere All at Once, Happy Gilmore, Jennifer’s Body, The Babysitter, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent


Dutch Bros, hanging with Amanda and Bre, dinner at my parent’s, another negative COVID test, getting stuff done at work, watching murder docs with Kylie, seeing Chase, Marissa, and the kids, Olive Garden breadsticks, breakfast with mom, dad, and grandma, naps, all of our COVID tests coming back negative, taking a bath, Kylie taking us to the airport, flying first class for the first time, there being others in our same situation of not being able to make it on the cruise, my dad getting us booked at a hotel, pretty views from our hotel window, securing flights home, getting our COVID tests successfully scheduled, the ferry ride to Victoria, getting a taxi driver to take us into the city and bring us back, seeing the sunset from the ferry, chilling in Tim Horton’s by myself, good ramen dinner and yummy desserts, all of our COVID tests were negative, stress free experience at the airport, safe travels home, Kylie picking us up, lazy movie day, getting a massage, going to sushi with Amanda and Bre, watching scary movies with Kylie, playing pool with Brittany, Amanda and Bre inviting me over for dinner, Vegas trip with Andrea, Dan, Shinah, and Pam, water, seeing some cool artists, brunch with friends, getting home safely, Dutch Bros, Sarah and I getting AJR tickets, running into Kristine and her sister at Old Navy, safe flight, seeing Jacqueline and Grant, riding scooters around the town, being able to attend a conference, seeing Nick and Hallie’s house from The Parent Trap, having dinner and wine at a castle, gift bag from the conference, Jonathan and Shae dropping me off at the motel, early check in, Shinah coming, seeing the Mrs. Doubtfire house and around the city, touring Alcatraz island, seeing sea lions, being up close to the Golden Gate Bridge, good sushi, seeing the Full House home, seeing the school from The Princess Diaries, laying in bed after a long day of walking, pretty parks, yummy food, cool neighborhoods, safe travels home, sleeping, being able to return clothes for a full refund, a new season of Drag Race, having one of our partners in office today, lunch at Black Sheep with everyone, going to the Butterfly Biosphere with Viviana and Brittany and her family, getting pride swag at work, seeing movies with Sarah, getting plants from Amanda, getting Harry Styles tickets, seeing Celtic Woman, fun food competitions at work, going to dinner and hanging out with Delite, looking back through pictures from the San Francisco trip, fresh haircuts, finishing the Annabelle trilogy with Kylie, lazy days to nap, blended Chai’s, BBQ and hanging out with Kylie, Amanda, Bre, Colten, Destiny, Aubray, and Colby, getting an orchid and eucalyptus for my shower, getting new crystals, dinner and games at my parents, iced coffee, listening to Taylor Swift, meeting heavy day