Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

May 2024

Journal Recap for May 2024:

May 1: Another day in bed not eating much and sleeping on and off. I watched Portlandia and Velma. May 2: So tired today. Slept on and off throughout the day. May 3: I woke up feeling better. I went to get gas and then to get mashed potatoes from KFC. That about knocked me out. Back to bed all day. I watched more of Velma. Had the mashed potatoes for dinner. May 4: Feeling good but didn’t leave my bed all day because I didn’t want to overdo it. I spent the day watching the following: Vanderpump Rules, The Valley, Vanderpump Rules: After Show, Summer House, Summer House: After Show, Abbott Elementary, 9-1-1, American Horror Story, Loot, and Watch What Happens Live. Showered and went to bed. May 5: Up and put on Tracker on my laptop. I got caught up on my journal and then worked and published my April blog. I had some lunch and then put on Survivor. I got caught up on writing in my journal. I picked up Del Taco for dinner after a food order came that was wrong. I got caught up on The Amazing Race and then watched The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady. May 6: Gloomy weather. I started the dishwasher, took the trash out, and headed into work. I watched Tracker. I pieced together the week. We had an all hands. I watched the Met Gala live stream. I went to Tuxedo Warehouse to rent a suit. I picked up Subway for dinner. I watched Summer House: After Show and Vanderpump Villa. May 7: I went to Dutch Bros and then into the office. I went up to Salt Lake after work. I met Natalia, Natasha, and Danielle at Zest. We had dinner. We then went toward The Union events center and found some street parking. Just Seconds Apart opened for Jesse McCartney. It was a fun show! May 8: Got out of bed at 8:30. I worked in the living room. I watched The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance, Loot, and more of The Voice throughout the day. Kylie and I watched the finale of Vanderpump Rules, Vanderpump Rules: After Show, The Valley, and then Watch What Happens Live. May 9: I went into the office with my Ariana “For you to die” mug. We had Ben’s farewell lunch at Costa Vida. Night 1 of Taylor Swift’s Paris show. Kenzie and a friend from UVU, Britnee, were there. Taylor introduced The Tortured Poets Department section. Watched the following throughout the day: The Voice and Survivor. Kylie and I watched Summer House, Watch What Happens Live, and Pretty Little Liars: Summer School. I finished the Survivor episode and pieced together the new music Friday playlist. May 10: I worked the morning in bed. I got ready and then worked the rest of the day at Amanda’s. Bre got home. We listened to music, pregamed, and met Michelle, Chase, and Grecia at London Belle. We had drinks and dinner. We then met John at Quarters. We went over to Why Kiki and did the silent disco. So fun! May 11: I met up with Jaidy and Madi for mimosas and brunch at Gourmandise. I chilled at home after and took a nap. I watched Abbott Elementary, Summer House: After Show, and Secrets of the Octopus. May 12: I went to a couple Walmarts, got Del Taco, and then dropped a card and flowers off at my mom’s. I went to my dad’s to get my mail. Got in Dustin’s truck, we picked up my mom, and went over to my grandma’s. I helped set up a TV. Gaige, Jody, and Travis were there. We had food. Left and got my car. I drove back and had desert. I then drove around my old neighborhood. I chilled in bed, had some leftovers, and listened to music until pretty late. May 13: I went into the office. Kenzie is back and gave us a recap of her France trip. I had lunch at my desk while working on wedding stuff. I watched the following throughout the day: The Amazing Race, Tracker, and Vanderpump Villa. I had dinner, went to the gym, and then chatted with Kylie. I showered, listened to a book, and went to bed. May 14: Up early, listened to podcasts, got ready, took the trash out, and got into the office around 8. I worked on my journal. Kenzie and I went on a walk during lunch. Walked around the building with Sarah in the afternoon. I watched The Voice. Kylie and I watched part 1 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion, then The Valley, then Watch What Happens Live. We bought our flights for Los Angeles in August. May 15: I went into the office. The Wicked trailer dropped today. I watched the Vanderpump Rules reunion again because it’s extended and uncensored on Peacock. I got lunch early and then left before noon to meet Kristi at CosmoPro. I stopped at Costco for gas. I headed to work the rest of the day at Amanda’s. I watched Vanderpump Rules: After Show. I took Harper out and put on The Voice. I worked on my blog. When Bre got home, we went to Sushi Ya for dinner. We then went to Capitol Theatre and watched Joey Gay and Pete Davidson. We had gelato at Dolcetti Gelato. Listened to musicals on the way home. May 16: I went to the dentist and then into the office. I watched The Amazing Race finale. We went on a walk and watching people play pickleball during lunch. Brittany, Kenzie, Sarah, and I watched the Wicked trailer again. I went to Kristi’s for a haircut. I picked up dinner at Macey’s and then finished the audiobook of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. May 17: I went to work at The Coffee Shop. I came home during lunch. Kylie is working from home today. We watched Summer House and Summer House: After show. I did laundry and listened to the new music Friday playlist while I worked the rest of the afternoon. Kylie and I left at 5:45 to head to the piano gallery for her performance. She sang Mojave Desert. We stopped at the store, I made dinner, and we watched RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. May 18: I slept in, had breakfast, and watched Survivor. Kylie and I laid out by the pool. I got ready and went to Sarah’s house at 3. She got me blue Powerade and Wheat Thins. We picked up In-N-Out for dinner and then made our way to The Great Saltair. We brought camp chairs and ate our food on the grass. We got front row parking and chilled in line. A bird pooped on my shoes. We entered the venue, got a drink, and chatted. We watched the opener: Samia. She got some merch, dropped it off in the car, and then watched Bleachers. They sang my 2 favorite songs, Wild Heart and Rollercoaster. And then… the wind hit. Huge gusts of wind with the salt. They had to cancel the rest of the show. We got eaten alive by mosquitoes. We chilled in the car, I dropped her off, and listened to the Love, Simon soundtrack on the way home. I showered and went to bed. May 19: I got to my grandma’s at 9. Jody, Brittany, and my mom were there too. We pulled weeds and did yard work. My grandma made chicken salad. I ate that and left around noon. I stopped at Colby’s to pick up my wedding tie and pocket square. I went to Amanda and Bre’s. We had a pool day and Joseph came too. I showered. Amanda and I went to Harmon’s. Bre made us dinner. We had salmon, corn, and salad. We watched Saturday Night Live and then some music videos. May 20: I headed into the office. Brittany, Kenzie, Sarah, and I had lunch and then we went to Trader Joe’s to pick up flowers. I met Kaylee and Kassidi at Spanish Fork High School at 4. They are demolishing the school. We walked around it. We then went to La Casita for dinner. We went to Kassidi’s and played cards with Russell and MarioKart. May 21: I went into the office. We had our team activity in the afternoon. We went up to Nunn’s Park. Brittany ordered some flavor tripping tablets. I brought salt and vinegar chips. We had fruit and various sour candies. When we ate them, it made them sweet. I loved the grapefruit and strawberries. I went and picked up my suit for the wedding and then headed home. I had dinner and watched Abbott Elementary, Vanderpump Villa, and So You Think You Can Dance. May 22: I worked in the living room. I watched Vanderpump Rules and The Valley. I headed up to Amanda’s. I got a gnarly rock chip on the freeway. I stopped at Jiffy Lube to get it fixed. I helped piece together a balloon arch and then decorate their clubhouse for Colby and Aubray’s rehearsal dinner. We had pizza and the wedding party walked through walking down the aisle. I headed home and went to bed. May 23: I woke up at 6 and fell back asleep until 9. I had breakfast. I got ready and headed to the venue at 11:30. I had to come back to get a belt. I helped set up various things for the wedding and made the stand with the mic was set up. We did a run through with the wedding party at 1. The ceremony started around 2:15. I officiated Colby and Aubray’s wedding. We all incorporated Thatcher and Theodore into the ceremony. I loved both of their vows. We took pictures and set up for the reception. They had Handel’s ice cream and a table full of candy. I had my phone connected on their wedding playlist. I danced with Riley, Shannon, and whoever came on the dance floor. We sent them off and cleaned up. I had some Trader Joe’s Indian food for dinner. I submitted their license, sent them a Venmo for their honeymoon fund, did budget stuff, and then got caught up on my journal. I got the mail and set up my Capital One credit card. I put on Survivor and posted stuff from the Bleachers concert. I then pieced together the new music Friday playlist and went to bed. May 24: I woke up around 7 and chilled in bed. I got ready and went to Costco. I then watched Survivor, Abbott Elementary, and listened to the new music Friday playlist. I dropped off my rental suit, went to Trader Joe’s, and then headed home. I watched Summer House, Summer House: After Show, and The Kardashians. I got ready to go out. I picked up Riley and we went to Amanda and Bre’s. We had dinner at Taqueria 27 Downtown. We went to the gas station and then Milk. We chilled, got drinks, and then played darts. We went out back where it was more packed and the DJ was playing better music. We went in for drag shows at 10 and 11. We danced out back until 1. We came inside. A guy came up to me and said I was cute. We danced for a bit. Amanda, Bre, Riley, and I ended the night dancing on stage to Chappell Roan. I dropped them off and I got home 2:22. I showered and went to bed around 3. May 25: I got caught up on Loot. I had breakfast and got ready. I went to Amanda and Bre’s. We, including Riley, met Colby and Aubray at The Rose Establishment in Salt Lake. We had coffee and food. We went to a plant shop, metal shop, a bookstore, and a record store. I bought The Goonies soundtrack. We then went to a thrift store. We made our way to the Clark Planetarium. Devin, Reagan, Kirk, Shannon, and Max met us there. We watched Birth of Planet Earth in the Dome with some annoying kids who wouldn’t stop talking the entire time. We said goodbye to Kirk, Shannon, and Max. The rest of us walked around the planetarium. We then walked over to HallPass, a food hall, and had dinner. We took Riley to their hotel. Shannon was out walking and we got to say goodbye again. We saw 2 rainbows on the way home. When we got to their apartment, it was raining hard with loud thunder. We took Harper out, got our vinyls, and listened to Ariana Grande’s new album with the deck door and windows open. Devin and Reagan came over. We hung out in the hot tub. I went home, showered, and got our tickets for Pride at Milk and tickets to meet Katya the following Saturday. May 26: I got up and went down to my mom’s around 11. We got Dutch Bros, went to Ulta, Maurices, Old Navy, Five Below, and then headed over to Cal Ranch. I ultimately got a shirt off Amazon for the Brooks n Dunn concert on Thursday. We then went to Chili’s and hung out at her apartment. Amanda, Bre, and I got my dad’s at the same time. We chilled on the deck, listened to the birds, and saw a horse and a foal. My dad got me Yahtzee. We listened to a few records, had burgers and homemade fries for dinner, and played a few rounds of Yahtzee. May 27: Memorial Day, a day off, God bless. I went up to Amanda and Bre’s. Heidi, Colby, Aubray, and the boys came up as well for a pool day. Amanda, Bre, and I then met up with Shinah, Andrea, and Dan and watched the movie Babes. I picked up sushi on the way home and watched The Vampire Diaries and Portlandia. I put away laundry and prepped for the week. I listened to Red Hot Chili Peppers while getting caught up on my journal and blog. I listened to Enya, stretched, and went to bed. May 28: I got ready and headed into the office. I brought some coffee I got at Trader Joe’s and it was powerful. Had lunch out back. I pieced together a workout plan. I went to the American Fork Vasa after work. I then made dinner, did laundry, showered, and read. I picked up my shirt in the mail room and chilled in bed before I fell asleep. May 29: I went into the office today. I had lunch at my desk and watched a webinar. Taylor Swift is at night 1 in Madrid. I watched the live to see the surprise songs. I left work early, put away the dishes, packed some stuff for the morning, and watched The Voice in the living room. I had dinner. Kylie and I booked our rental car, hotel, and tickets to Universal Studios for our Los Angeles trip. We watched part 3 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion. We then watched Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed and The Valley. May 30: I went into the office. Sarah and I picked up our Pride shirts at the front desk. We had lunch in a meeting room while watching a training. I left work at 4. Kylie and I then headed up to the Utah First Credit Union Amphitheater. We got a good spot on the lawn. Cat, Cam, and their two friends arrived. I got some tacos. Ernest and David Lee Murphy opened for Brooks & Dunn. It was a fun concert! May 31: I started laundry and then worked in the living room. I watched Summer House. I dusted and vacuumed my room. I had lunch, started the dishwasher, and watched The Kardashians and Vanderpump Rules: After Show. I posted Brooks & Dunn concert stuff. I watched Summer House: After Show. I had internet issues all afternoon. I packed for the weekend, got gas, and went to Amanda and Bre’s. We chilled on the couch. Amanda and Bre watched the Summer House episode. We had dinner and watched various Youtube videos. We left around 8:30 and headed up to Milk in Salt Lake. We hung out in the outside lot. The local Drag Queen hosts were Lady Facade and Eva Chanel Stephens. Barbin performed. The headliners were Violet Chachki and Plastique Tiara. A little chilly weather, which was perfect. It was a fun show.

TV Shows:

9-1-1, Abbott Elementary, American Horror Story, Loot, Met Gala live stream, Portlandia, Pretty Little Liars: Summer School, RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, Saturday Night Live, Secrets of the Octopus, So You Think You Can Dance, Summer House, Summer House: After Show, Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady, The Kardashians, The Valley, The Vampire Diaries, The Voice, Tracker, Vanderpump Rules, Vanderpump Rules: After Show, Vanderpump Villa, Velma, Watch What Happens Live


  • Birth of Planet Earth


  • All’s Well Tour with Jesse McCartney and opening act Just Seconds Apart
  • From the Studio to the Stage tour with Bleachers and opening act Samia
  • The Reboot 2024 Tour with Brooks & Dunn and opening acts ERNEST and David Lee Murphy


  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey


being able to just lay in bed, sleep, mashed potatoes, feeling better to binge shows all day, final day of resting and getting caught up on some shows, getting back to work, getting my suit rented, hanging out and going to a concert with Natalia, Natasha, and Danielle, being able to work from home, VPR night with Kylie, going to Ben’s farewell lunch, being able to livestream Taylor’s show, being able to work from bed, fun night out with Amanda, Bre and their friends, brunch with Jaidy and Madi, naps, chill night in, giving my mom flowers, hanging with Dustin, food over at my grandma’s, running into Alma, music, getting back to the gym, lunch walks, getting flights booked for Los Angeles, Kristi meeting me to get stuff at CosmoProf, sushi, seeing Pete Davidson, 0 cavities at the dentist, haircuts, weather getting warmer, working at The Coffee Shop, working the afternoon from home with Kylie, seeing Kylie perform an original, sleeping in, laying out by the pool, fun concert with Sarah, getting some yard work done for my grandma, pool day and good dinner at Amanda and Bre’s, lunch Trader Joe’s flower run, going through Spanish Fork High School, having dinner, and hanging out with Kaylee and Kassidi, team activity up the canyon, being able to sleep in on work from home days, Jiffy Lube fixing up a rock chip, gathering for Colby and Aubray’s rehearsal dinner, officiating my first wedding for Colby and Aubray, everything going smoothly, hanging out with people and dancing on the dance floor, chilling and getting caught up on stuff in the evening, getting some shopping down, catching up on some shows, fun night out at dinner and Milk, a guy coming up and complimenting me, fun day in Salt Lake that started with coffee, getting a vinyl, going to the planetarium, and getting to spend time with Kirk, Shannon, Max, and Riley, thunderstorms, listening to records, chilling in the hot tub, bumming around with my mom, chilling on the deck with Amanda, Bre, and my dad, my dad making good dinners, playing Yahtzee with the family, day off on Monday, pool day, funny movies, productive evening before the work week, strong coffee, starting weights at the gym, zen time reading in bed, work from home in the office days, getting everything booked for Los Angeles, getting a Pride shirt from work, first outdoor lawn concert of the season, working from home, getting chores done throughout the day, first night of Pride festivities with a fun drag show