Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

May 2020

May 1: TGIF! Had our All-Hands department meeting today. Got off at 3. Went to Jiffy Lube. Laid out on the front lawn listening to my podcasts. We played games and watched Bring It On. May 2: Last full day in Ontario. Made some fun TikTok’s. Had lunch before Taylor and Kaitlyn left. We finished Waco and laid out back. May 3: Left their house at 9:15. Listened to Taylor Swift the whole drive and got home right before 3. Went to my parents, hung out, had dinner, and watched American Idol. May 4: Work. Watched The Voice. Went on a date that went pretty great. May 5: Went and got a haircut from Kristy. Work. Visited my grandma. We had dinner and watched Mean Girls. May 6: Work, went on a walk during lunch. Collected some books to give to Chase and Marissa. Headed up to Bluffdale. Played Pickleball. May 7: Normal work day. Small celebration at Jessica’s to celebrate Danielle graduating with her Masters. We made homemade pizza, played Volleyball, cards, and Werewolf. May 8: Work. I hung out with Bre, Amanda, and Makayla. We called Kylie and played Jackbox TV games. May 9: Cleaned and organized my room. Read. Went on a great 2nd date. May 10: Mother’s Day! Had a BBQ at my parents with my grandma, Dustin, Amanda, and Bre. We hung out on the deck. 3rd date. May 11: Worked in the kitchen today. Went to the car wash during lunch and then went on a walk. Rained. Played Disney Trivia on my friend Tasha’s Facebook live. Had dinner, went on another walk, and hung out in my room for the evening. May 12: Caught up on some shows today. Went grocery shopping and watched the Disney Sing-a-Long Volume 2 with Amanda. Bre got home and we watched Drag Race. May 13: Worked. Went down to my mom’s after. We ate, watched The Voice, and then the Survivor finale. May 14: Work. Sarah came over after. We had dinner and watched Bridesmaids. Went on a Zoom call with Tasha and Maile for the premiere of Katy Perry’s new music video for Daisies. May 15: Work. Danielle and I headed up Provo Canyon and met up with Jessica and friends. We had a fire and played games. Danielle and I hung out at my house after. May 16: Amanda, Bre, and I got everything put together for camping. We met up with everyone in Spanish Fork and then headed up Payson canyon. Sat around the fire and listened to music. May 17: Did not sleep well last night. We packed up and headed home. Took a nap. Had dinner and watched Drag Race, American Idol, and Taylor Swift’s Cit of Lover concert. May 18: Work. Went up to Salt Lake for a date. Went and visited Ciara and Nathan after. May 19: Work. Watched a couple of shows. Went tanning, made a good dinner, and watched some shows with Bre and Amanda. May 20: Work. I watched The Voice finale and 9-1-1. May 21: Work. Moved some of my stuff down to my grandma’s. We had dinner from the bar. New Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Carly Rae Jepsen music came out tonight. May 22: Reputation merch is back! Bought a ring, two shirts, a hoodie, and a jacket off Taylor Swift’s site! Finished work at 3. Had dinner and hung out with Amanda, Bre, Lucy, and Colby. Made a few TikTok’s and FaceTimed with Tasha. May 23: Rough morning. Got gas and a smoothie. I took pictures of stuff in my room to sell. Shinah, Alex, and I hiked The Living Room and then had dinner at her house. May 24: Slept in. Headed to my parents, watched Naked and Afraid and had dinner. May 25: Spent the day with Ciara, Nathan, and friends. We went shopping for a BBQ and hung out at her house eating some good food and listening to music. May 26: Caught up on some shows and worked from home. Bre and I went on a walk. We watched Drag Race when Amanda got home. May 27: Work. Packed up some of my stuff during my lunch break. Went down to my grandma’s after work with some of my stuff. Came home, had dinner, and watched The Walking Dead. May 28: Got off work a bit early. Went with Makayla and Amanda to the mall. Bre joined us. We got dinner and caught up on Drag Race. New Lady Gaga album. May 29: Had the day off. Packed for camping. Went down to my parents. We left around 12 to head up to Strawberry. Justin, Melanie, Amie, Keynon, Courtney, and Ed were already up there. Ate and hung around the fire. May 30: Melanie made scones for breakfast. I finished Colton Underwood’s: The First Time book. Went with my parents, Justin, and Melanie on the side by side to fish. Got back to camp and Oly, Katie, Makayla, Gabe, Colten, and Destiny had arrived. Rainy and windy weather. Hung out in our trailers and then around the fire. May 31: We headed home around 12. Helped unpack things. Went home, got ready, and headed up to Ciara’s for her yellow-themed birthday party. Cool set up out back with pizza and cake.

Gym/Workout Count: Walks.

TV Shows: 9-1-1, American Idol, City of Lover concert with Taylor Swift, Disney Sing-a-Long Volume 2, Naked and Afraid, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Seinfeld, Songland, Survivor, The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, The Masked Singer, The Simpsons, The Voice, The Walking Dead, Waco

Movies: Bridesmaids, Bring It On, Get Out, Mean Girls, The Conjuring 2

Music: Back to Me – Dave Aude Remix: Lindsay Lohan, Stuck With U (with Justin Bieber): Ariana Grande, Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor: Aly & AJ, End this (L.O.V.E.): Hailee Steinfeld, So Will I: Ben Platt, Chris and Bri, Chromatica album by Lady Gaga, Mood Ring by Britney Spears, City of Lover live songs, Daisies by Katy Perry, X and Five More Minutes by Jonas Brothers, If I’m Being Honest by Kaitlyn Bristowe, Rain On Me by Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande, Carly Rae Jepsen: Side B of her album

Fitbit Steps: Total steps: 181,802. Average per day: 5,864.

Gratitude: Fridays, sunshine, Bring It On, Capri, Sawyer, and Piper, fun TikTok’s, good memories, car, safe drive, music, seeing my family, great date, getting my haircut, music mashups, visiting my grandma, afternoon walks, FaceTiming with Andrea, playing Pickleball, seeing friends, Taylor Swift’s City of Lover concert is going to be broadcasted, eating Del Taco for the first time in 2 months, playing games, being organized, reading, a great date, my mom, seeing my grandma, relatable lyrics, rain, shows, my sister, my friends, flexible schedule, hanging with my mom, hanging out with my friend Sarah, Zoom call with Tasha and Maile, new music, canyon, fires, card games with friends, camping, my bed, a shower, Taylor Swift’s City of Lover concert, getting to see Ciara and Nathan, tanning, made a good dinner, hanging out with Amanda and Bre, finished part of a project at work, moved some stuff down to my grandma’s, hanging out at her house, dinner from the bar, new music, Taylor Swift merch, Del Taco, made some funny TikToks, sold some things, hiking, Alex made me dinner, Bricks n Balls game on my phone, energy to leave the house, company at Ciara and Nathan’s house, good food, caught up on some shows, Chick-fil-A sauce, went on a walk with Bre, getting to move and live with my grandma, good dinner, going to the mall, Flaming Wok, new Lady Gaga album, days off, camping with family, scones, finished my book, family time around the fire, my parent’s trailer, Ciara