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November 2021

November 1: I woke up early, published my October blog recap post, did budget stuff, paid rent, and posted in the book club group. I went to Draper for an appointment. I went into the office. I bought a ticket spur of the moment to a Spring Awakening concert with the original cast, flights, and a hotel stay to New York City to celebrate my birthday. I helped Sarah after work with a poster. I went to the gym and then read some of Untamed. I chatted on the phone with Tasha and made dinner. I watched Drag Race UK. November 2: I went into the office. We had a team lunch today at Baan Thai in Lehi. Kenzie and I went on a river walk and took some pictures. I watched The Masked Singer and had my leftovers for dinner. November 3: Work from home day. I set up in the living room with my Dolly Parton mug with iced coffee and put on The Bachelorette. I worked out in the apartment gym during lunch. I watched The Voice throughout the day. I got off early and went to the Orem mall. I got pretzels and then went to the Cinemark and watched Venom: Let There Be Carnage. I got Jimmy John’s for dinner on the way home. November 4: I worked out at the apartment gym before work and then headed into the office. Shae, Kenzie, and I got tickets to see Dune after work next Tuesday. I watched the Masked Singer. I went to Walmart to get my Moderna COVID booster shot and then picked up Chinese food on the way home. I watched Dancing With The Stars and Kylie and I then watched Superstar. November 5: I woke up not feeling great at all from my shot. I slept on and off from 12 on. Kylie and I watched a documentary and I had Zupa’s delivered. I got caught up on Survivor. November 6: Amanda, Bre, and I went to the Lehi’s Farmer Market. We then went to The Coffee Shop, Big Lots, took pictures at a rainbow wall, went to Beespoke, and then I dropped them off. I went to Walmart and then headed home. I put on Dancing With The Stars. Kylie and I made BLT’s for dinner. We watched half of 21 Jump Street and then Geordie Shore. November 7: I went down to my grandma’s. I made a banana cream pie. Kylie and I got caught up on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and then I watched Canada’s Drag Race. November 8: I went into the office. We had our pie baking competition during lunch. I made a banana cream pie with graham cracker crust. I got 2nd out 14. Some of us went on a walk mid-afternoon. I got caught up on my journal, put the dishes away, and watched Saturday Night Live. Kylie and I watched last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. November 9: I bought a Red (Taylor’s Version) signed CD and the duffle bag. I wished Kylie a Happy Birthday and went into the office. It was rainy today and there was a double rainbow. Kenzie and I went to the Orem mall and got Flaming Wok. We met Sarah at the Cinemark and watched Dune. November 10: Work from home day. I watched The Bachelorette. Kylie and I had pizza, wine, and watched Vanderpump Rules. November 11: Happy 11/11. I stopped at Starbucks and then went to work. I got breakfast in the cafe. We got a Slack message to head home because some recently tested positive for COVID. I worked from home for the rest of the day. I got a test during lunch, negative. I got some wine at Amanda’s. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules. Red (Taylor’s Version) dropped. I listened to that and watched her on Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers. November 12: I listened to new music that had dropped. I went to the American Fork Cinemark. I watched Eternals. I stopped at 5 Below, Walmart, and got Taylor’s Latte at Starbuck’s. I watched the premiere of the All Too Well short film at 5. I went over to Amanda and Bre’s. Shinah picked us up. We went to Andrea’s 30th birthday party at Pam’s place. Kaylee and Kassidi came too. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules when I got home. November 13: I went to my grandma’s and dropped off some prescriptions for her. I then went over to my parent’s. Kylie and I went and had lunch at Sushi Ya. We went to Barnes and Noble and Trader Joe’s. Lindsay Lohan and her siblings went to a Jazz game today. Kylie and I ended the night watching Vanderpump Rules. November 14: I had waffles and watched Saturday Night Live. Taylor was the musical guest and performed the All Too Well 10 minute version. I packed for NYC. I went to my parent’s house. Amanda and Bre were there too. My dad made dinner and Amanda brought deserts. We ate and watched Adele’s One Night Only concert on CBS and her interview with Oprah. Shinah got to our place around 9:30. Kylie took us to the airport. We were in the first terminal. Our flight took off right before midnight. November 15: We landed at JFK around 6. We stayed at a Double Tree Hilton on 8th Avenue somewhat near Times Square. We walked to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and walked through Central Park to get there. We watched I Bet You Think About Me, Taylor’s new music video that dropped before going in. We went into Brooklyn and had lunch. We walked the Brooklyn Bridge. We went down to Battery Park and saw the Statue of Liberty. We checked into our hotel. I went to the Imperial Theater for the 15th Anniversary reunion concert of Spring Awakening. It was fun seeing Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff together. Tired and it was late. Shinah and I got Taco Bell because it was across the street from us. November 16: Shinah and I went to Rockefeller Plaza. We went into the NBC Studio and got a bagel. We went into St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We walked into FAO Shwarz and I saw the large foot piano. We went into Chinatown. Shinah got some food at a Vegan place and I got some dumplings. We went back to our hotel to pick up our bags and then went over into Brooklyn. Our friend, Carlos, who we used to work with lives there. We went to a coffee shop. He walked us down to Williamsburg Waterfront Piers and we had a great view of the city. We made our way to the airport. Our flight was delayed. I watched Love, Victor, and then Titanic. Kylie picked us up. I got Del Taco for dinner. November 17: My Birthday! I went to Dutch Bros for a free drink and they sang to me. Work from home day. I went to Pizzeria Limone for lunch with Jacob and Brittany. Brittany dropped a present off to me from her and Kenzie and then Kenzie dropped off a Lover themed cake! They gave me a popcorn maker, so cool! I went to Bluffdale and picked up Chase. We met Ciara and Nathan at the Ridge Cafe in Draper for dinner. We then hung out in the hot tub at Dave and Julie’s. Kylie and I had a piece of cake. November 18: I got an Irish Cream Cold Brew and the new holiday cup at Starbucks and then went into the office. I went to Dave and Julie’s after work. Chase, Caleb, and I met up with Ciara and Nathan at The District Megaplex. We had VIP tickets for Ghostbusters Afterlife. Adele’s new album dropped. Kylie gave me an All Too Well candle. November 19: I went to Ciara and Nathan’s and let myself in. I worked from their house today with Ciara. She took me to get a breakfast sandwich around 10. I got off around 3. I went to Torrent Cycle for a Taylor’s Version Red VS Fearless class with Sarah. Ciara, Nathan, and I went to dinner at Los Tapatios. We then went downtown to Guthrie Artist Studios so she could pick up some stuff she bought. We hung out at their place after. I slept over. November 20: I went back to Torrent Cycle for a #FREEDBRITNEY class with Sarah. We hung out at Coffee Mama after. I went home, showered, and got ready. I went to my parent’s to pick up my mail and new license. I went over to my grandma’s to drop off her pie pan. I picked up my poinsettia from Courtney’s. Home and pre-gamed. I had my birthday dinner at La Costa, a restaurant just down the street from me. Colten, Destiny, Amanda, Bre, Colby, Andrew, Brooke, Danielle, Jessica, Mick, Kylie, Kassidi, Shinah, Kaylee, Andrea, Dan, Kallie, Aubray, and Sarah all came! Kassidi paid for my dinner. We went to Scorez Sports Bar in Lehi after. Colten, Destiny, and I hung out at Amanda and Bre’s for a bit after. They dropped me off at home. November 21: Very lazy day. I stayed in bed until around 6. I ordered Chinese food and watched part of the American Music Awards. Kylie and I watched The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. November 22: Feel super groggy today. I worked in the office today. Taylor released Christmas Tree Farm (Old Timey Version) on Amazon Music. I went to the grocery store after work, had dinner, watched Saturday Night Live, and went to bed early. November 23: I went to Starbuck‚Äôs and then headed into the office. I listened to the Grammy nominations. We had our team lunch at Feast Buffet. Kevin took me and Shae to Dutch Bro’s for my birthday. Kenzie and I cleaned up Brittany’s desk area because she is coming back to work on Monday. I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up Hannah Brown’s new book. I did some side work, had dinner, and watched The Bachelorette. November 24: I went into the office. I put on The Voice. Zac and I went to 180 Tacos for lunch. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules. November 25: Thanksgiving! I watched the Macey’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I put together some Grammy and then a Christmas playlist on Spotify while hanging out with Kylie. She left to go dog sit. I went to my parent’s. My grandma came over. We had a great meal that my dad cooked for us all. I just brought store bought rolls, haha. Jody and her boyfriend came over for some pie. Amanda, Bre, Brooke, Andrew, Emma, Colby, Devin, and Heidi came over. Colby’s birthday! We drank, played a game, and listened to music. I pieced together the new music playlist and listened to that on the drive home. November 26: Brooke and I met at Einstein Bagels in Orem. We then went and walked around the mall, Costco, Target, Hobby Lobby, and then had lunch at Pho Plus. I got slippers, gloves, a Christmas tree, and some other stuff. I went down to Brooke and Andrew’s just before 6. Amanda, Bre, and Colby got there. Emma isn’t feeling great, so Brooke stayed behind. We pre-gamed. Aubray came over. We went to the Maple Mountain bar. Hung out there for a bit and sang some karaoke. We went back to the house to hang out with Brooke. I slept over. November 27: I left their house close to 9. Chilled in my bed. I went back down there around noon and we watched the Michigan vs Ohio game. I went over to my parent’s and then back home. I lounged in bed. I met up with Andrew, Colby, and Devin at Amanda and Bre’s. We went to the Jazz game from getting free upper bowl seats from work. We had Cupbop at our seats. The Jazz destroyed the Pelicans. November 28: I did laundry, organized the cabinets and fridge, got caught up on my journal, deleted stuff off my phone, cleaned up my Google Photos, pieced together the work week, and did some side work for Chase. I watched the following throughout the day: The Oprah Conversation, The Masked Singer, Dancing With The Stars, and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. I had a yummy dinner and went to bed before 10. November 29: I donated plasma this morning. I got into work early. It’s Brittany’s first day back from maternity leave. I had a lot of meetings today. I had El Pollo Loco for dinner that they had down on the 2nd floor. I watched the premiere of Painted With Raven and then put on Drag Race Canada. November 30: I went into the office. I watched The Voice. Another busy meeting day. Kenzie and I went to Target after work and then picked up Papa Murphy’s. Kristi and Millie came over. We watched The Bachelorette.


Spring Awakening

TV Shows: American Music Awards, Canada’s Drag Race, Dancing With The Stars, Drag Race Canada, Drag Race UK, football games, Geordie Shore, Jimmy Fallon, Love, Victor, Macey’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, One Night Only with Adele, Painted With Raven, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, Saturday Night Live, Seth Meyers, Survivor, The Bachelorette, The Masked Singer, The National Dog Show, The Oprah Conversation, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, The Voice, Vanderpump Rules

Movies: 21 Jump Street, Dune, Eternals, Ghostbusters Afterlife, Superstar, Titanic, Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Gratitude: getting up early, blood work checkups, money to do a spur of the moment trip, getting back to the gym, team lunches, leftovers, river walks, soft pretzels, solo movie dates, Andrea being born, getting my booster shot, my bed, sleep, Doordash, finally getting caught up on Survivor, bumming around, Pumpkin Iced Chai, yummy dinner, making a pie at my grandma’s, working in a fun department, money to buy Taylor Swift merch, Kylie being born, pizza, wine, and a show with Kylie, breakfast at work, negative COVID test, the release of Red (Taylor’s Version), going to a movie solo, days off, celebrating Andrea at her birthday party, sushi, bumming around, books, Taylor Swift performances, Adele concert on CBS, Kylie taking Shinah and I to the airport, safe flight, Shinah coming on this short trip, being able to drop our luggage off at the hotel before checking in, walking around the city with Shinah, seeing Spring Awakening, hanging out with Carlos, great last day of being 30, safe flight, free drink at Dutch Bros, productive work day, lunch with Jacob and Brittany, gift and cake from Brittany and Kenzie, dinner and hanging out with Chase, Ciara, and Nathan, new Starbuck’s holiday cup, movie in the VIP section at the Megaplex, getting a cool gift from Kylie, working from Ciara’s house, fun cycle class with Sarah, dinner and hanging out with Ciara and Nathan, a fun Britney Spears cycle class, hanging out with Sarah at a coffee shop, hanging out at my grandma’s, so many wonderful friends coming to my birthday dinner, lazy days, RHOSLC, Taylor dropping a cool orchestral version of her Christmas song, nights just chilling on my bed, Andrea gave me a Starbuck’s gift card, team lunches, Kevin getting me a drink at Dutch Bros, buying a new book, chats and going to lunch with Zac, Kylie, my apartment, family, friends, my dad making a great meal, hanging out with family, shopping with Brooke, bar nights, chill day watching football, free Jazz tickets, hanging out with Colby, Andrew, and Devin, feeling motivated, getting stuff checked off my task list, Brittany is back in the office, busy days, free dinner, hanging out with Kenzie, Kristi, and Millie