Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

October 2021

October 1: I worked in the office. Marco and I got lunch from the Thai food truck and chatted at my desk. I headed up to Ciara and Nathan’s after work. We hung out, had pizza delivered, started a scary movie, and switched to watching funny videos. October 2: I went to Men’s Wearhouse and got my shirt and pants for Amanda and Bre’s wedding. Kylie and I watched TikTok’s and then I took a nap. Amanda and Bre picked me up. We went to Brooke and Andrew’s and had dinner. The rest of the crew came down as well. We hung out and I got a little too drunk. October 3: I slept in. We were going to go back up to Oktoberfest with Brooke, Andrew, Colby, and Lucy, however, Bre was not feeling great. I went down to my parent’s. Took a nap and had dinner. I watched Big Sky, did laundry, and started Squid Game. October 4: I watched the new episode of Ted Lasso before work, cleaned my room, put away the dishes, and took the trash out. I started Demi Lovato’s Unidentified show on Peacock. We had the Paid presentation this morning. I had lunch at Cafe Rio in Springville with Stacie! I watched Dancing With The Stars at home and did some budget stuff. October 5: I got donuts on the way to work. Our team presented our strategy for 2022. I got my flu shot during lunch and then got Cupbop. I watched Casino Royale, went to the store, had Taco Bell for dinner, and started Squid Game. October 6: I worked from home today and watched the following while working: Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre. I started the finale of Bachelor in Paradise and then headed up to Draper. Sarah and I ate at Sauce Boss and then went to a store called Pirate O’s. I headed home and finished the Bachelor in Paradise finale. October 7: I went to the dentist. 0 cavities. I headed into the office. I watched Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Achey body from my flu shot. I watched Squid Game, had dinner, took a bath, and went to bed early. October 8: Listened to new music that dropped. I went into the office. Last day having the food trucks there. I went over to Colten and Destiny’s after work. We went to Nickel Mania and then had dinner at Denny’s. October 9: I went to Capri and Chantelle’s baptism in Bluffdale at 10. We went to Dave and Julie’s after. We ate, hung out, and played games. I ran home to get my vaccine card. Lauryn came and we met up with Ciara and Nathan for dinner at Bricks Corner. We went to the Vivint arena for The Blessed and Free tour for Kane Brown and opening act Jordan Davis. We had good lower-bowl seats. We ran into our cousin Natalie. I got home close to midnight. October 10: Had a very lazy day in bed. I finished Squid Game, ordered in sushi, started Midnight Mass, and watched the first 2 episodes of the new season of Saturday Night Live. October 11: Did some cleaning before work. We had the Project Management team’s 2022 presentation. We got Vivint Digital Marketing hoodies. I went to the dentist during my lunch break to get sealant on 10 of my teeth. The cafe at work opened today. I went down to my parent’s. We had dinner, watched Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and then Disney night on Dancing With The Stars. I stopped and got my mug I left at Colten’s house on the way home. October 12: Went into the office. We had the Marketing Analytics 2022 presentation. Jen brought in cake to celebrate Marco and Loren’s promotions. Kenzie and I left early to go to the Orem Cinemark. Sarah came too. We watched No Time To Die, Daniel Craig’s last James Bond. I got Jimmy John’s on the way home for dinner. October 13: I listened to all of Adele’s albums this morning. Work from home day. I had a very productive lunch hour. I took the trash out, got the mail, went to the American Fork library and got a library card, went to Walmart, and got air in my tires at Discount Tires. Bre came over to pick up wedding stuff. I watched The Voice. I went to my grandma’s after work. We went to Tadka Cuisine of India for dinner. My sweater, vinyl, and signed Fearless (Taylor’s Version) CD had come in the mail. October 14: I got Dutch Bros and headed into the office. I got a haircut during lunch. I went to Dave and Julie’s after work. We had soup and the kids carved pumpkins. I went to Ciara’s house. Her, Nathan, and I met up with Chase, Marissa, Tate, and his girlfriend at Nightmare on 13th. We went to Leatherby’s after. October 15: I worked from home. I got off at 1 and headed up to Dave and Julie’s. We went to SeaQuest in Layton for Sawyer’s birthday. Sat in with some of the kids in the bird section and they ate from our hands. I stopped and got Vegan Bowl for dinner and went back to Bluffdale. Chase, Marissa, Caleb, and I watched Step Brothers. October 16: Kylie got us Beans and Brews. We went to My Pride Tattoo and she got her ears pierced. We then went to Target and back to My Pride so she could get a tattoo. I went to the Fashion Place mall for Jessica’s birthday dinner at Red Rock. We played games at her house after. I went over to the place Kylie is dog sitting. We watched the Halloween episodes of Parks and Recreation. I headed home. October 17: Lazy morning. I went over to Amanda and Bre’s at 2. Colby and Lucy met up with us. We met Brooke, Andrew, and Rylie at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. We then went to The Complex. While in line, Machine Gun Kelly walked in front of us to head into the venue. jxdn opened up and Machine Gun Kelly killed it. October 18: I went into the office and worked until right before 4. Kylie and I headed up to The Depot. We had tickets for the Greet and Destroy VIP experience. We got a badge, a bag, and a signed poster. Kylie and I were right up in the front. Ruston came out and did a sound check and Q&A session. We got some merch. Margaret Glaspy opened. Ruston came on. It was an awesome show! I got Del Taco for dinner on the way home and the person in front of me paid for my meal. October 19: I stopped and got Dutch Bros and headed into the office. I left work around 5:30. I picked up Amanda and we went to the banquet room at The Pizza Factory in Provo for her and Bre’s rehearsal dinner. We ate, had speeches, and practiced walking. I stopped to get stuff to decorate their car at Walmart after. October 20: I got Knot & Pine around 11:30 and helped Amanda and Bre set up. The rest of the party got in around 12:30. We practiced walking down the aisle and then got ready. The ceremony started shortly after 2. Kylie sang ILYSB by Lany as we walked down. I walked with Brooke. Destiny and Courtney’s girls and Emma walked down the aisle flowers. Bre and her dad went first followed by Amanda and my dad. Their friend Jake officiated and they each read their vows to each other. It was a beautiful ceremony. We walked back down and then made our way outside to take pictures. Kirk and Shannon brought back pizza. I started a TikTok of who people thought would be the drunkest at the end of the night. Brooke and I got the most votes. They started serving at the bar at 4. The reception officially started at 6. They had music playing, Kaylee and Jen came, dancing, drinking, cutting the cake, I caught the bouquet, chatted with family and friends, and had a great time. Lucy, Sam, and Devin helped decorate their car. Took a bus back to Amanda and Bre’s and spent the night. October 21: Bre, Amanda, and I went to the venue to get our cars. I came back home and slept until around 1. I got ready and went back over to their place. I did some work. They are going to Park City and I’m staying at their place to pet sit. I went to Salem and got Cafe Rio on the way for dinner at my parent’s. October 22: I took Harper out and had a productive morning working from their place. I got lunch at Popeye’s because I’ve never tried it before. We had a team activity at Cornbelly’s from 2-5. We went through the corn maze first, got an apple cider slushy, and walked around. I changed and headed up to Salt Lake. Sarah and I had dinner at Chile-Teppin and then went to The Union for the Bleachers concert. The crowd was amazing, it was such a fun show! October 23: I did some tasks for work and adjusted forecasting numbers. I got ready, Amanda and Bre got home, and I ran some errands. I got home, started laundry, cleaned up, ate lunch, put on The Bachelorette, and got up on my journal. I got to Classic Skating at 2 for KiKi’s birthday. Destiny and Colten had a table. I watched Ted Lasso and then got caught up on Drag Race Canada. I ordered Chinese food and ice cream to wrap up this busy week. October 24: I met up with my parent’s, Dustin, Amanda, and Bre at TruReligion for brunch for my dad’s birthday. I watched Drag Race Canada when I got home, did budget stuff, posted wedding pictures, had dinner, and ended the night watching Dancing With The Stars and Saturday Night Live. October 25: I worked in the office. I donated plasma after work. I watched The Voice throughout the day. Kylie and I watched I Know What You Did Last Summer. October 26: I stopped at Starbuck’s before work. I got a grande iced chai tea latte with pumpkin cream foam. It is so yummy! I watched The Voice throughout the day. Jackie and Shonay came in for lunch. I left work around 5:30 after my computer updated. Kaylee, Lauren, Andrea, and I ate at Red Rock and then went to the Jazz game. They won. October 27: Work from home day. I watched Only Murders in the Building throughout the day. I pieced together my costume for tomorrow. Kylie and I watched Scream and Scream 2 for the first time. October 28: I stopped at Starbuck’s before work. Kenzie and I walked into work together. She was Tweety Bird and I dressed as Taz. We took pictures out back in the morning. Our team was the Toon Squad. Other teams were Scooby Doo, The Sandlot, The Addams Family, and Harry Potter. I got fully caught up on Only Murders in the Building. We had pizza, trivia, and a game during lunch. Brittany came in with her kids to visit. Kylie and I watched Scream 3 and 4. I watched The Bachelorette and put together the new music Friday playlist. October 29: Work from home day. I got caught up on my podcasts and listened to Ed Sheeran’s new album as well as the other songs on the playlist. I went to the Orem DMV and ran into Caleb during my lunch break for my license renewal. I got off work at 2 and deep cleaned the house. I watched Canada’s Drag Race, Drag Race UK, and got did some journal/blog stuff. Kylie got home and we watched The Orphan and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. October 30: I got up around 8. I went and got my Walmart pickup order. I stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast. I got ready and then went to the VW dealership to get a tire looked at. I then went to Saver’s. I stopped at Wiggy Wash and washed/vacuumed the inside of my car. I went down to Provo and went to Taylor Maid and the vinyl/collection store. Kenzie, Jackie, and Shonay were at the farmer’s market. I said hi and then got an upside down cross and 666 on my wrist at the henna booth. I went to Walmart. The lines were like Black Friday lines. I got a coffee at Maverick, went home, ate, and pieced together my stuff. I then headed over to Amanda and Bre’s. We got ready and then went to our cousin Kylie’s house in Payson. My parent’s were already there. We hung out, ate, played the seran wrap game that Kylie put together, and danced in their basement with strobe lights. Bre, Amanda, Makayla, and I then headed to their friend Ashton’s house who also lives in Payson. His house was the first hospital in Payson. Loved the different rooms. We hung out there for awhile and ended the night upstairs listening to Britney Spears. Dropped them off and headed home. I showered and got all of the stuff off my face and then went to bed after 3. October 31: I slept in. I got ready in a 50’s look and headed down to Payson. I visited my grandma who is in the hospital with stomach issues. I went to Brooke and Andrew’s. Amanda, Bre, and Colby came over. We had dinner and played games. Kylie and I watched Teen Witch.


Jordan Davis & Kane Brown

jxdn & Machine Gun Kelly

Margaret Glaspy & Ruston Kelly


TV Shows: Bachelor in Paradise, Big Sky, Dancing With The Stars, Drag Race Canada, Drag Race UK, Jeopardy, Midnight Mass, Only Murders in the Building, Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night Live, Squid Game, Ted Lasso, The Bachelorette, The Voice, Unidentified, Wheel of Fortune

Movies: Casino Royale, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, I Know What You Did Last Summer, No Time To Die, Quantum of Solace, Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3, Scream 4, Skyfall, Spectre, Step Brothers, Teen Witch, The Orphan, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (first time seeing it)

Gratitude: being in a quiet office, lunch with Marco, getting my stuff for the wedding, naps, Amanda and Bre taking me home, sleeping in, Taco Bell, dinner at my parent’s, having a productive morning, lunch and catching up with Stacie, good team presentation, flu shots available at work for free, night in, working on the couch, getting through movies I haven’t seen before, dinner with Sarah, my dentist, 0 cavities, baths, rainy and quiet day in the office, hanging out with Colten and Destiny, heat in my car, seeing Capri and Chantelle’s baptism, hanging out with Chase, Marissa, and the kids, seeing Kane Brown, days in bed, sushi, getting swag at work, HSA card, the cafe opening up at work, nights at my parent’s, coworkers getting recognized for their work, going to the movies with friends, music, productive lunch hours, dinner with my grandma, Taylor merch getting delivered, Dutch Bros, haircuts, dinner at Julie’s, free Nightmare on 13th tickets from work, getting off work early, going to the aquarium, day hang with Kylie, Jessica’s birthday dinner and games after, hanging with the crew and a fun outside concert, VIP experience at Ruston Kelly with Kylie, the person in front of me at Del Taco paying for my meal, a great rehearsal dinner, listening to the speeches, great wedding ceremony for Bre and Amanda, sleep, dinner at my parent’s, motivation, team activity at Cornbelly’s, trying a new restaurant, electric crowds at concerts, getting some tasks done on a weekend, going skating, night in, brunch for my dad’s birthday, coffee at work, successful plasma donation, watching a movie I haven’t seen before, new Starbuck’s drink, Jazz game and dinner with Kaylee, Lauren, and Andrea, binging a new show, Kylie and watching movies together, a fun work department, people dressing up, Brittany visiting, Doordash, new Ed Sheeran album, very productive cleaning day, watching Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time with Kylie, very productive errand day, Dustin fixing my tire, caffeine, fun Halloween party night, sleeping in, that my grandma is being taken care of, Brooke and Andrew having me over for dinner