Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

October 2022

Journal Recap for October 2022:

October 1: Kassidi and I got up before 8, put our stuff together, and headed over to the breakfast buffet. We put a dollar in a slot machine, I got a pumpkin cold brew, and then we hit the road. We stopped in Fillmore and then home. I started laundry, showered, and chilled in bed. Marissa is in town. Her and Caleb were at Becca’s soccer game. Met up with them there and then we chilled at Becca’s house. I went home and Shinah picked up me up. We headed up to Alex’s house for her 30th birthday party in Daybreak. Listened to music, ate lots of snacks, and chatted. October 2: I chilled in bed in and out of sleep until around 2. I got ready and met my grandma at the American Fork park and ride. We ate at Black Bear Diner and headed up to Salt Lake City. We went to the Eccles theatre to watch The Lion King. It was so good. October 3: I got ready and went into the office. We had a new team member start today, Briant. We went to Redmond Heritage Farm Store for a team lunch. After work, I had leftovers for dinner, and watched Bachelor in Paradise and The Masked Singer. October 4: I got ready, went to Dutch Bros, and headed up to the Lehi office. We had our offsite today. Katie and Shannon had a cereal bar for us and then Zao for lunch. We spent the day in a meeting room chatting about goals and getting into 2023. We learned that our activity tomorrow is car racing at The Grid. Sarah, Kenzie, and I went in Kenzie’s car to her house. We hung out there for about an hour. We then went and ate at Aubergine. Got our own cars and met at the Megaplex. Sebastian, Sarah’s husband, met us there. We watched Don’t Worry Darling. I went to Walmart after and then home. October 5: I got ready and went into the office. I got my flu and booster shot. Left around 1 to head to The Grid in Pleasant Grove. We signed in and got our helmets. I did 5 heats. The second to last one got me in 9th out of 12th place for the final heat. Ended in 10th. Played a little in the arcade. Went to Wandering Stones with Sarah after. Drove down to Salem. My mom is back in the hospital. Had some dinner that my dad made. Feeling exhausted with sore arms. I watched Coraline and then went to bed. October 6: I went into the office but ending up leaving after our stand up. I slept from 11-3 and then relaxed in the living room. I watched The Masked Singer, 9-1-1, Bachelor in Paradise, and Seinfeld. October 7: I worked in the living room and went to the store during lunch. I did laundry throughout the day. I went and picked up food for dinner and watched: Bachelor in Paradise, The Kardashians, some of Return to Oz, Seinfeld, and half of Dante’s Peak. Went to bed. October 8: I went and got breakfast, came back home, and watched Alaska Daily and Fire Country. I did some chores, watched Big Sky, got caught up in my journal, and finished Return to Oz. I went down to Spanish Fork to help Andrea and Pam set up the room for their mom’s 60th birthday party. We had good food and a mariachi band. We went to Black Jack after and then I went and spent the night at my parent’s. October 9: I set up in in the living room and put on The Voice and Dancing With The Stars. I did some work stuff. My dad got home from camping. I left around 2:30 to head to the hospital. I visited my mom from 3-4. I went home, ordered Thai food, did laundry, showered, and chilled on the couch. I watched Seinfeld, The Midnight Club, more Seinfeld, and Saturday Night Live. October 10: I headed into the office. Ran an errand with Brittany during lunch. I headed down to Salem. My dad had Papa Murphy’s for us for dinner. We went and visited my mom. I went over to my grandma’s after, then Payson Market, and home. October 11: I headed into the office early. It’s Annie and Hallie’s birthday from The Parent Trap. I brought in Oreo’s and peanut butter. Brittany, Sarah, and I went to Saver’s and Zurchers during lunch. I watched The Voice and 9-1-1. October 12: I went into the office. Was not successful getting blink-182 tickets. Zac and I went to Holy Taco for lunch. I went to a few stores after work to try and look for stuff for an owl costume. I FaceTimed with Amanda and made dinner. I watched Seinfeld and the Celtic Woman’s Postcards from Ireland DVD. Marco Polo’ed and Snapchatted with friends. I put Seinfeld back on went to bed. October 13: I went into the office. Shae, Sarah, and I went to Communal for lunch. Played pool with Shae during my 1-1. I drove up to Sarah’s after work. We went to the Gateway and ate at Costa Vida. We then walked over to the Vivint Arena. We saw Marina and Panic! At The Disco. I pieced together the new music Friday playlist and then drove home. October 14: Sarah and I went into the office today. Her husband and sister came in for lunch today. We played pool with Spencer. I went to the American Fork Cinemark and picked up some posters. Kylie and I went and picked up her Walmart order and then made our way up to Salt Lake. We parked and walked over to The Union. We saw Empress Of and Carly Rae Jepsen. I got some Del Taco after. October 15: Kylie and I watched House of Dragon and Abbott Elementary. I met up with Shinah, Andrea, Dan, and the kids at Wilkerson Farm in Orem. We stayed there for a couple of hours and went through the corn maze. Shinah and I got a soda at a soda truck. I then drove up to Julie’s in Bluffdale because she is having a Harry Potter Halloween party. Chase, Marissa, and the kids are in town and it’s Sawyer’s birthday. I changed into my owl costume. We played yard games, ate, and played a plethora of other games they had set up. I got in the hot tub with Chase, Nathan, Ciara, and Sawyer. Headed home. I showered and made a sandwich. Kylie and I watched RHOSLC. October 16: Kylie and I watched Survivor. We then went down to Orem to Ulta, back up to Walmart, and home. We watched The Amazing Race, Saturday Night Live, finished the RHOSLC episode, and then she left to go to Maddi’s for her birthday. I put on Bachelor in Paradise and The Kardashians. I updated my concert journal. I watched some of Armageddon. October 17: I went into the office. I got Kylie and I tickets to see David Spade for her birthday. I went to Walmart after work and then over to Sarah’s. Sarah’s sister and her boyfriend were over as well. We had dinner. Tessa, Sarah, and I then watched Hereditary. October 18: I went into the office. I was finally able to get a pit ticket for blink-182 in Los Angeles with Jen and her sister. I went to the Fashion Place mall after work and then met up with Raquel at a Cinemark. We watched Amsterdam. October 19: Worked from home. I did some cleaning and ran some errands. Kylie came home. Missionaries randomly stopped by. We let them in and chatted. Ken Garff finally got the part in to fix something in my car. I scheduled an appointment to take it in. Kylie and I watched Drag Race UK, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, more of Drag Race UK, and the I Love You, You Hate Me documentary. Kylie went to bed. I watched Seinfeld and then headed to bed. October 20: I stopped at Wendy’s for breakfast this morning, inspired by Lisa Barlow. I went into the office. Jen and her team did a chili cook off that we were invited to. We chatted Hereditary in Cinema Club today. Kenzie and I showed Sarah some Taylor Swift music videos. I stayed at work until like 6:20. I picked up Cupbop and went over to Kenzie’s. Taylor announced Midnights Music Movies during the Thursday night football game on Amazon Prime. We watched an episode of Maggie. Midnight dropped at 10 and then I listened to Carly Rae Jepsen’s album on the way home. I pieced together the new music Friday playlist. Taylor released 7 more songs at 1 a.m. Listened to those and then went to bed. October 21: I woke up at 6 a.m. and watched Taylor’s music video for Anti-Hero. I went back to bed. I worked at The Coffee Shop. I went home at 12, Kylie is home today, did some cleaning, and worked in my room. After my meetings, I came out into the living room. We watched Abbott Elementary, House of Dragon, and went to Walmart. We watched RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, Survivor, and I watched a little bit of Drag Race Italia. We watched AHS: NYC. I watched some Seinfeld and then we ended the night watched Teen Witch. October 22: Andrea, Dan, and Shinah got to my place around 10:30. We put on The Fast and the Furious. We then went to Walmart, picked up food at Mo’ Bettahs, and Taco Bell for Shinah. Back to my place. We watched 2 Fast 2 Furious, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and Fast & Furious. They left at like 7:20. I watched the Midnights lyric videos on the couch and then went into my room. I watched some TikToks and then went to bed. October 23: I showered, cleaned, and went into the living room. I put on Bachelor in Paradise, did some journal stuff, and put on The Kardashians. Up next: 9-1-1, The Masked Singer, and Drag Race Italia. Kylie came out. We watched The Amazing Race and some episodes of Dahmer. We went to the gas station and Del Taco. Back and watched the finale of House of Dragon. Listened to some podcasts, Taylor Swift, and went to bed. October 24: I went to the dentist. 0 cavities. Headed into the office. Kenzie and I sat in my car after work and listened to the 3 bonus tracks on Midnights. I went to Walmart, home, packed, had dinner, and watched: Alaska Daily, Seinfeld, and the premiere of the Bejeweled music video. October 25: I went and got McDonald’s for breakfast. I did some laundry, listened to music in bed, had a late lunch, and then met Vai, Estefany, and Pam in Spanish Fork at 4. We loaded up the car, stopped at The Dugout, and hit the road. We stopped in Vegas and had dinner at a place called Tacos and Beer. Vai drove most of the way and had me take over with about 2 hours left. We are staying at Hyatt Place in El Segundo. We got in around 3 a.m., checked in, and went up to our room. October 26: We slept in. Vai and Estefany brought some breakfast up for Pam and I. We got ready, chilled, and went and ate at California Fish Grill. We went back to the hotel to get ready for the concert. Vai dropped us off at the Kia Forum. Ben Harper opened and then Harry Styles hit the stage. I love that Harry has a stage in the center of the floor. It was electric. John Mayer, Meghan Trainor, and Chris were there. We walked a little away from the venue after and Vai came and picked us up. We got food, back to the place, chilled, watched South Park, and went to bed. October 27: Up early, got ready, ate breakfast downstairs, and made our way to Disneyland. We started at California Adventure Park. Up first: Soarin’ Over, the Incredicoaster, Pixar Pal-A-Round (swinging), and then Guardians of the Galaxy. We went to Cozy Cones and got food. We then did the single rider line at Radiator Springs Racers. We then went on Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure. We walked over into Disneyland and went to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. We went on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. We got Turkey legs and went on Pirates of the Caribbean and then on Indiana Jones Adventure. We took some pictures in front of the castle and got in line for the Matterhorn Bobsleds but it broke down. We went on Splash Mountain, got treats, and chilled. We got drenched on Splash Mountain so we were all cold but had some time slots from a couple rides we had to wait for. We went on The Haunted Mansion. We saw some of the Halloween Screams show while we walked over and rode Space Mountain. Our feet are dead. We slowly walked out of the park and took the tram back to our car. I drove us home. Chilled in bed watching TV. October 28: Another morning of sleeping in because we were exhausted. We got ready and ended up leaving around 1. We went to a restaurant called Japonica and got some sushi. We then made our way toward Venice Beach. Parked, walked the beach, watched some crabs, and checked out the people skateboarding. It was getting cold and dark so we got in our car and made our way to dinner. We went to Tacoya. We got some ice cream outside of the restaurant and then went to Ralph’s. Back to our place to hang out. October 29: Made our way to Universal Studios. We parked in the E.T. parking lot. We immediately went into Harry Potter World and rode Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. We then made our way to the lower lot and want on Jurassic World, my favorite ride. Hopped on over to Revenge of the Mummy and then got into the single rider line to ride Jurassic World again. We walked over and got Panda Express. We went to get in line for The World-Famous Studio Tour. Long-ish line. Pam left to explore Harry Potter world. We did the tour and saw the set from Nope, which was cool. We met back up with Pam. We walked around Harry Potter World and then went over to the Simpson’s area. We got slushees. A crying kid came up to us because he was lost. We got help and his cousins arrived. We made our way out of the park and walked down City Walk. I drove us out. We drove down Hollywood Boulevard, West Hollywood, and Rodeo Drive. We went to a CVS, back to our hotel, packed up for a stress free morning, and Doordashed dinner. Pam and I got Chipotle. Watched TV and went to bed. October 30: We got up and left at like 6:30. We made a few stops on the way home. I listened to music, podcasts, and put on Bachelor in Paradise. Estefany took over for Vai for the last little bit. Got my car and got home shortly after 6. I did laundry, unpacked, and showered. I Doordashed a salad and corn from Chili’s. I got caught up on Bachelor in Paradise, The Kardashians, and Seinfeld. October 31: Kylie straightened my hair for me and I put on makeup to try and turn into Edward Cullen. I headed into the office a little early and helped set up decorations. We took pictures, had a meeting, and sent out the costume poll. Ben and Madeline won Best Ensemble as The Princess Diaries. Ryan won Best Dressed as The Joker. Our team won for best production design. Kenzie and her roommates put together a Welcome to Forks sign. Our area was awesome! I stopped at Walmart and then headed home. I made dinner. Kylie and I watched: Abbott Elementary, Barbarian, and Hocus Pocus 2.


The Viva Las Vengeance tour with Panic! At The Disco and opening act Marina

The So Nice tour with Carly Rae Jepsen and opening act Empress Of

Love On Tour with Harry Styles and opening act Ben Harper

TV Shows:

9-1-1, Abbott Elementary, AHS: NYC, Alaska Daily, Bachelor in Paradise, Big Sky, Dahmer, Dancing With The Stars, Drag Race Italia, Fire Country, House of Dragon, I Love You, You Hate Me, Maggie, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld, South Park, Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Kardashians, The Masked Singer, The Midnight Club, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, The Voice


Amsterdam, Barbarian, Celtic Woman’s Postcards from Ireland, Coraline, Dante’s Peak, Hereditary, Hocus Pocus 2 Return to Oz, Teen Witch, The Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious


breakfast buffet with Kassidi, first pumpkin cold brew, got home safe, got to see Marissa, Shinah and I going to Alex’s birthday party, sleeping in, going to dinner and The Lion King with my grandma, getting a new team member, trying a new restaurant, offsite, seeing a movie with coworkers, my work having the flu/booster shot available in the cafe, going to The Grid with coworkers, my mom being in the hospital, being able to leave work, sleep, getting some laundry done, working from the couch, good breakfast, new shows, hanging with Andrea and her family, getting some work stuff done, over to my dad’s for dinner, running lunch errands with coworkers, Zac taking me to lunch, FaceTiming with Amanda, team lunch, going to a concert with Sarah, playing pool with coworkers, seeing Carly Rae Jepsen with Kylie, going to a pumpkin patch with friends, being at Julie’s with Chase, Marissa, and the kids there, chill TV day, giving gifts, Sarah having me over for dinner and a movie, getting a pit ticket for blink-182, seeing a movie with Raquel, work from home days, trying new types of chili that Jen’s team brought in, hanging with Kenzie, new Taylor Swift album, new music, new music video from Taylor Swift, working at The Coffee Shop, movie marathon day with my friends, chill TV day in the living room, 0 cavities at the dentist, listening to Midnights bonus tracks with Kenzie, new Taylor Swift music video, chill morning, getting to California safely, sleeping in, Vai dropping us off and picked us up at the concert, seeing Harry Styles, being back at California Adventure and Disneyland, getting on all of the rides we wanted to get on, sleeping in, feet on the beach and in the water, fun day at Universal Studios, got home safely and at a decent hour, easy hair and makeup morning, fun Halloween day, team getting decorations in order for our area, movie night with Kylie to celebrate Halloween