Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

October 2023

Journal Recap for October 2023:

October 1: I did some cleaning got ready, paid rent, and published my blog. Kylie and I went to Dutch Bros, stopped at a gas station in Springville for her tires, and then went to Mona. Maddi, Brad, and Gage all blessed their babies today. We had soup, rolls, and treats, chatted, and then helped clean up. We went to another gas station to fill her tires up with air, her cousin’s, Maddi’s, Walmart, and then home. We watched Love Is Blind, had dinner, and then a movie called Sleepaway Camp. October 2: Gloomy and rainy weather. I didn’t feel that great. I left work around 12 to take the rest of the day off. I chilled in bed with the window open to hear the rain. I watched Tick, Tick… Boom!, had lunch, The Golden Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, and listened to podcasts. I had dinner and ended the day watching Seinfeld. October 3: I got Dutch Bros and went into the office. I went to the store after work. Kylie and I watched The Real Housewives of New York, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, and Watch What Happens Live. October 4: I added covered parking to our contract with the leasing office. Safelite came to replace my windshield but I need to take it in instead because the technician didn’t have the right one. I worked in my room. I went to Costco during lunch. Kylie worked from home today. Worked in the living room in the afternoon. We watched Big Brother, Drag Race UK, Dancing With The Stars, Survivor, The Amazing Race, and then finished the DWTS episode. October 5: I went into the office. I ate lunch and watched The Kardashians at my desk. I stopped at the gas station after work. I had dinner and watched Succession and Seinfeld. October 6: I got ready and started work in my room. I went to Safelite to get my windshield replaced. Kassidi came to the apartment. We stopped for Cafe Rio and went to Andrea’s. Kaylee was there and Shinah showed up shortly after us. We ate, played Exploding Kittens, Monoply, and then Kirby’s Avalanche downstairs. I got home around 12:30. October 7: I watched an episode of Love Is Blind, got ready, went to the gas station, and then up to Amanda and Bre’s. My dad and Dustin met us there too. We drove up separately to Snowbird for Oktoberfest. Andrew, Brooke, Colby, Aubray, Devin, and Raegan came as well. We got beers and food. We took pictures and walked around. We went back to Amanda and Bre’s. They then drove us down, picked up Brooke, and we went to Brooke’s parent’s cabin. We had pizza, watched the Michigan game, and chilled on the couch. October 8: I got ready, got breakfast from McDonald’s, and drove around the lake. I got to my grandma’s around noon. We drove up through Payson canyon. We went up to Devil’s Kitchen and then turned around. Loved all of the fall colors. She sent me home with some soup, cornbread, and a desert. I watched Love is Blind, The Golden Bachelor, had dinner, Bachelor in Paradise, and Seinfeld. October 9: I got out of bed late, got ready, and headed into the office. I stopped at the gas station after work, chilled in my room, had dinner, and watched Seinfeld. October 10: I went into the office. Brittany, Sarah, and I had lunch out back today. Kylie and I watched The Real Housewives of New York City, Watch What Happens Live, had dinner, All That, and Strays. I cleaned up, took the trash out, listened to podcasts, and headed to bed. October 11: I woke up early, listened to podcasts, put the dishes away, started laundry, swept, mopped, and got ready. I worked in my room. I put on The Voice. I went to Macey’s to get lunch. Ended the work day listening to Glee songs. Taylor brought Jerzie over for Kylie to babysit. I went to the Cinemark in Sandy and watched Hocus Pocus with Raquel. October 12: Woke up and saw that Beyonce attended Taylor’s movie premiere! I went into the office. Sarah brought cornbread shaped as skulls and brains. I left work at 4. Kylie and I drove to Logan. We had dinner at The Beehive Pub & Grill with Brad, Taylor, and Jerzie. We got Zeppe’s and went to their place. We helped them pack. Jed arrived. We watched The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and Watch What Happens Live. Stayed up late playing Crazy 8. I made the new music Friday playlist. Kylie and I slept on the couch. October 13: Happy Friday the 13th! I got ready. Kylie and I helped pack up a little more. Her dad and Gage arrived. We headed home. We hung out at the house for a bit and then went to the store to get stuff for drinks, Zurcher’s, got treats, and then watched The Exorcist: Believer at the Orem Cinemark. We then got pumpkins and groceries at Trader Joe’s, went to Walmart, and then home. We watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and carved pumpkins. I did Ghostface. We watched Lumpkin the Pumpkin, I made dinner, Troye Sivan’s new music video, and then started Practical Magic at 11:13. The midnight margarita scene came on in time for us to have margaritas with them at midnight. October 14: I showered and went to Kristi’s to get a haircut. We watched the start of the eclipse. I went to Sunny Side Urban Farms because Brittany is selling her baked goods. Chatted with her, got some, and bought some candle melts. I went to the tire shop to get the air checked in my tires. I went to the Orem mall to a shirt store. I airdropped them a pic of Taylor with Beyonce, and he put it on a shirt for me. I got some chicken from Flaming Wok, and then I headed home. I took a nap. I got ready and had dinner with Amanda and Bre at Chili’s. Amanda and I went to the mall and then Cinemark. Sarah T., Sarah M., Danielle, Estefany, and Jaidy met us there. We took some pics, got concessions, and then went into the theater. It’s time. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour. It was freaking incredible to see it all on the big screen. So much fun. Amanda and I went down to Colby and Aubray’s. Bre was down there for poker night. Came in to hang out. Listened to music and chatted. I left, got some Wendy’s, listened to music and some podcasts, and then headed to bed. October 15: I watched The Golden Bachelor, got ready, and met Destiny at CenterPoint Church in Orem. We attended the 10:30 sermon. I went to Macey’s after, went home, started laundry, and chilled on the couch. I watched Bachelor in Paradise, got caught up on my journal, ate lunch, and then watched The Kardashians and Saturday Night Live. I watched Love is Blind, took a nap, had dinner, watched the reunion episode, and ended with Seinfeld. October 16: I went to work, outlined the week, did some tasks, and then had lunch and watched Big Brother at my desk. Met with the Halloween planning committee. I had dinner, watched Big Brother, and House of Villains when I got home. October 17: I headed to the Lehi office for day 1 of our offsite. We all met in a meeting room from 9-11. Our team went into another meeting room, played a couple of games, and then headed down for lunch. We then went back to our room from 1-5. We did an exercise and then each presented. I went to Walmart after work. Kylie and I watched The Real Housewives of New York City, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, and Watch What Happens Live. I then listened to podcasts before heading to bed. October 18: I got ready, stopped for gas, and met Brittany, Sarah, and Kenzie at Harmon’s. They got in my car and we drove to Midway for day 2 of our offsite. We rode in side by sides and took various trails with a guide. Jofre drove ours with Shae, Zac, and I. It was fun going through water a few times. We had lunch Back 40 Ranch House Grill. When I got home, I started laundry, did the dishes, washed some straws, repotted my clover plant, switched laundry, scooped up our moldy pumpkins and put them in a garbage bag, showered, took the trash out, and then set up in my room. I went through my notifications to get caught up on things I’m tagged in. I listened to podcasts and got caught up on my journal. Zac and I watched Dumb Money at the Lehi Megaplex. October 19: I went into the office. Did some more work from home after work. Kylie and I watched Survivor, The Amazing Race, and I went through my old high school dance pictures. October 20: I went to work at The Coffee Shop. I went to a doctor’s appointment and then worked the rest of the day at Amanda and Bre’s. We went to the store and then to her coworkers Halloween party. October 21: Lazy morning and ordered a breakfast sandwich. I got ready and met my grandma at Sizzler for lunch. Kylie and I went to Lindsay’s Pumpkin Patch. We got caught up on American Horror Story and then I went to bed. October 22: I got ready and chilled on the couch. I did journal work and watched Big Brother, The Golden Bachelor, and Bachelor in Paradise. I ordered my Ken costume from Amazon. I went to Walmart. I then watched Dancing With the Stars, Saturday Night Live, Fear The Walking Dead, and Big Mouth. October 23: Scorpio season has begun. Kim Kardashian posted Nick Bosa for Skims, woof. I went into the office. I donated plasma after work, got dinner, and watched Fear The Walking Dead. October 24: I went into the office. Halloween planning today. Kylie and I watched The Real Housewives of New York City, Winter House, and Watch What Happens Live. October 25: I started the work day in my room. I went to Walmart during lunch, got some shirts, blood, and a Celsius drink. I moved out into the living room. I FaceTimed my mom, updated my computer, had The Voice on, and worked until close to 7. I hit my 100 day streak with DuoLingo. Kylie I watched Survivor. I started and finished Britney Spears book, The Woman In Me and went to bed around 2. October 26: I went into the office. Morgyn and I went to Costco during lunch to order platters for Halloween day. I got off at 4, went home, packed for Las Vegas, and then Shinah picked me up. We met Andrea and Dan at Oh Mai Sandwich Kitchen. We went to the Eccles for This Is Important Tour Live from the creators of Workaholics: Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, and Kyle Newacheck. It was so fun and I laughed so hard. Shinah dropped me off. I listened to 1989 (Taylor’s Version) and went to bed. October 27: I got up at 6, got ready, and went to the Provo Airport. Flew to Las Vegas. Kaylee and Alyssa picked me up. We went back to the hotel, chilled, and then went to an Immersive Disney Animation show. We had lunch, back to the hotel, played Heads Up, freshened up, and went to dinner at El Dorado Cantina. We went to Caesar’s Palace and into the Adele store. I got a mug. Weekends with Adele began in The Colosseum. She came out dressed as Morticia Addams. The show was incredible and she engaged with the audience throughout the show. October 28: We hit the road at 7, got McDonald’s, I listened to some podcasts, and took a nap. We got to Kaylee’s car in Santaquin around 2. She dropped me off at the airport. I got food, went home, showered, unpacked, packed an overnight, went to Costco, watched The Kardashians, and bloodied up my sweater. I dropped my stuff off at my mom’s and then went to Jaidy and Andrew’s Halloween party. Loved all of the food and decorations. Matthew Perry passed away. I spent the night at my mom’s. October 29: Up early, back to sleep, and then up around 11. My mom and I chilled on the couch and watched The Golden Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, and then I went to the store. We then watched Saturday Night Live and Dancing With The Stars. We made dinner, watched some Tiktok’s, and then I headed home. October 30: We had a Marketing Town Hall and did a fun marshmallow tower challenge. Morgyn and I picked up food at Costco and then we helped decorate the floor for Halloween. I went with Brittany and her family to their friend’s place. She had her whole front yard, inside the house, and backyard decorated for Halloween. We went to a couple more houses to look at their lights and decorations. I then went to Brittany’s and we put together a balloon arch. October 31: Happy Halloween! Loved all of the decorated areas and costumes. Gretel took pictures of everyone. We had lunch and played a couple of games. I won best individual, Morgyn and Dayna won best decorated area (Hot Wheels), and Spencer’s team won best group costume (Thomas & Friends). Had a few meetings and then headed home. I had dinner, watched Casper, and then part of Scary Movie before heading to bed.

TV Shows:

All That, American Horror Story, Bachelor in Paradise, Big Brother, Big Mouth, Dancing With The Stars, Fear The Walking Dead, football, House of Villains, Love is Blind, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld, Succession, Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Golden Bachelor, The Kardashians, The Real Housewives of New York City, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, The Voice, Watch What Happens Live, Winter House


  • Casper
  • Dumb Money
  • Hocus Pocus
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  • Lumpkin the Pumpkin
  • Practical Magic
  • Sleepaway Camp
  • Strays
  • Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour
  • The Exorcist: Believer
  • Tick, Tick… Boom!



  • The Woman in Me by Britney Spears


hanging with Kylie’s family, rainy weather, being able to take the day off, new movies, chilling in bed listening to the rain, Real Housewives night, caving and adding covered parking to our contract, chill night in my room, new windshield, hanging with friends, going to Oktoberfest with family, driving around the lake, going up the canyon with my grandma, getting home after not having a good day, having lunch with Brittany and Sarah, being in a productive mood, productive cleaning morning before work, seeing Hocus Pocus in the movie theaters with Raquel, Sarah’s fun bread club today, Kylie and I going to Brad and Taylor’s in Logan, a fantastic Friday the 13th with Kylie, haircut, seeing the eclipse, visiting Brittany at her booth, getting a fun shirt made, dinner with Amanda and Bre, seeing Taylor’s movie with my friends, going to church with Destiny, chill day at home catching up on shows, productive day, planning Halloween with coworkers, offsite with the team, Real Housewives day with Kylie, fun offsite day, clean and organized house, seeing a movie with Zac, looking at old pictures, productive work day at The Coffee Shop and then Amanda and Bre’s, fun Halloween party, chill morning, lunch with my grandma, journaling, getting my work Halloween costume, chilling and watching shows, Kim Kardashian blessing our Instagram feeds, successful plasma donation, new season of Winter House starting, energy drink boost, Facetiming my mom, hitting my 100 day streak with DuoLingo, finished Britney Spears’ book, seeing the Workaholics guys with Shinah, Andrea, and Dan, 1989 (Taylor’s Version) dropping, quick flight to Vegas, Kaylee and Alyssa picked me up, going to a Disney animation show, seeing Adele, hitting the road early, getting through my podcasts and my new music playlist, going to Jaidy and Andrew’s Halloween party, chill lazy day with my mom, fun work event, getting the floor decorated for Halloween, hanging with Brittany, a fun Halloween day at work