Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

December 2022

Journal Recap for December 2022: December 1: I paid rent and posted my November blog recap post. I headed into the office. Marketing Operations did their offsite presentation. They had a video of them rapping which was really fun. We had our first meeting of book club today with our new book: indistractable. Having major […]

My 2022

My 2022 Recap 2022 Highlights: Beauty Lab & Laser parking lot with Natasha (IYKYK) Katy Perry in Las Vegas with my mom Seeing Hamilton with Sarah M. Winter Carnival in McCall with Chase, Marissa, and the kids Los Angeles to see Kacey Musgraves with Shinah, Andrea, and Dan Seeing Dolly Parton host The 57th Academy […]

November 2022

Journal Recap for November 2022: November 1: Taylor Swift announced The Eras Tour this morning. I went into work and registered for tickets. I took down the Halloween decorations. We went to Trader Joe’s during lunch. Kylie and I watched Midsommar. November 2: Slow work day from home. I started and finished I’m Glad My […]

October 2022

Journal Recap for October 2022: October 1: Kassidi and I got up before 8, put our stuff together, and headed over to the breakfast buffet. We put a dollar in a slot machine, I got a pumpkin cold brew, and then we hit the road. We stopped in Fillmore and then home. I started laundry, […]

September 2022

Journal Recap for September 2022: September 1: I went into the office. Posted my August recap and paid rent. We went to lunch at Zupa’s because Jacqueline is in town. Marco came too! Brittany, Kenzie, Sarah, Jen, and I went to Trader Joe’s after and got some skeleton succulents. Kylie and I left at 6:30 […]

August 2022

Journal Recap for August 2022: August 1: I watched Love Island, Big Brother, and had a successful plasma donation. I went into the office. I paid rent and posted my July blog recap post. We had our cobbler competition at work today. Brittany won, Kenzie got second, and Kolby third. Paid off my credit card. […]

July 2022

Journal Recap for July 2022: July 1: Work from home day. I watched the following throughout the day: American Song Contest, So You Think You Can Dance, Big Sky, and Chernobyl. I posted my June blog recap post. Shinah came to my apartment. We met Andrea at Jinya for dinner. We then walked around the […]

June 2022

Journal Recap for June 2022: June 1: I left my laptop charger in the office, so I had to go in today. I had a smoothie at my desk for lunch and did budget and journal stuff. I put on America’s Got Talent and went through my Google Photos to clean it up. I posted […]

May 2022

Journal Recap for May 2022: May 1: I got ready, did some budget stuff, and posted my April blog recap post. I went to Dutch Bros and then over to Amanda and Bre’s. We went to a couple of stores. Amanda attempted to dye my hair blue but it didn’t work. We went down to […]

April 2022

Journal Recap: April 1: I published my March blog post. I read for book club and then had leftovers for lunch. I finished the work day in Chase’s office. I bought a flight to Vegas for when Shinah, Andrea, Dan, Pam, and I go in May. Marissa made taco salad for dinner. The kids played […]