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I am going to focus this post specifically on an article found on www.prweek.com titled: 10 reasons why Snapchat is the platform du jour for brandsThis specific article states there are about 100 million daily active users and a niche  18-24-year-old demographic.


From the article: “Snapchat is on a sharp rise,” she says. “So if brands can set themselves up with their super fans and become confident, once Snapchat monetizes and measures properly, they’ll be in a great position.”

Public Relations is all about building a relationship. Snapchat allows businesses to advertise through collective stories or geo-filters users can add to their pictures or videos.

Businesses use well-known social media celebrities to assist in advertising their brands. Creative stories are put together by these celebrities. Taco Bell recently had a campaign where different opinion leaders across the United States held secret meetups to try the new menu item. The new menu item was then revealed the next day to everyone during the Super Bowl.

The article states that “Snapchat is obviously not going to be relevant for a car insurance brand that specializes in policies for the over-30s.” However, they do a great job allowing businesses to take the creative aspect of an ad to another level.

I personally follow and keep up with 78 celebrities and businesses each day. I enjoy watching the ‘Live’ stories from different events around the world. The app also has a ‘Discover’ section where you can view stories and keep up with different news outlets. Snapchat Menu

Snapchat has become my favorite app because of the ability it gives to feel connected to friends, family, businesses and celebrities on a more personal level. If you need advice on who to follow… leave a comment below.

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