Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

September 2020

September 1: Was part of The Kelly Clarkson Show’s first virtual audience. The guests were: Beth Behrs from 2 Broke Girls, Jack Quaid, and Gregory Boyle, the founder of Homeboy Industries. Worked at my parent’s. Posted my August blog recap post. Went to the gym. Finished Hood Feminism: Notes from The Women That A Movement Forgot. September 2: The Dancing With The Stars cast was announced. Worked at my parent’s. Lunch roulette with Marco, Kenzie, Seth, and Evan. Attempted to donate plasma but I have to wait until the end of October because of my piercings. Went to the gym. Watched Love Island. September 3: Got Joe’s Coffee and headed to work at Kassidi’s. A couple puppies were dropped off because she is babysitting them. Alyssa came over to visit. We went to Maraca’s Mexican Grill for dinner. Came back and played Mario Party. September 4: Worked at my parent’s. I watched Canada’s Drag Race. Book club. I watched Big Brother and Love Island. Went to Orem and got Flaming Wok. Went to Mick’s place with Jessica and Danielle. We watched Mulan. September 5: Did some laundry and watched Love Island. Headed up the canyon to camp for the weekend. Ended the night around the fire. September 6: Amanda and I came down to shower. Back up and more people came around 3 for dinner. September 7: Headed home. Went to my parent’s. I watched Big Brother and Love Island. Delite and I went to dinner and watched Halloweentown. September 8: Rainy day! Went to my parent’s to work. I watched Love Island and part of Juan Pablo’s season recap episode. I was part of the Capital One Fan Wall for this year’s iHeartRadio Music Festival for Khalid and Swae Lee. September 9: Headed to work in Orem today. Stopped in at Starbuck’s. Brittany and Sarah were in. Kenzie came to Vivint and we went to a Thai restaurant for lunch with Shae. Participated in a virtual concert with Usher for the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Cast interview for James Corden’s segment Know for Some Dough. FaceTimed Tasha and Kylie tonight. Got Del Taco for dinner. Got accepted to part of the game show. Went to Kassidi’s to print some things. September 10: Worked at my parent’s. Stopped at a food truck for dinner. Watched Big Brother and Love Island. September 11: Stopped at Joe’s and headed to Kassidi’s to work for the day with Kaylee. Had Mean Girls Toaster Strudel’s. Lindsay (or her team that runs her socials) retweeted and liked one of my tweets tagging her about the new movie Scream. We had Two Jack’s, watched basketball, and played Mario Party. September 12: We went to the grocery story to pick up stuff for dinner and ran errands. We watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix, played Mario Kart, had dinner, and watched Palm Springs. September 13: Went to my parents. Did laundry and caught up on America’s Got Talent. We had dinner. I watched Lovecraft Country. September 14: Went on a morning walk. Went to my parent’s to work. I watched Big Brother, Love Island, and Lovecraft Country. Went to the gym after work and then watched the premiere of Dancing With The Stars. September 15: Worked at my parent’s. I watched the Apple Keynote. We made a good spaghetti squash meal for dinner. I watched Big Brother and Love Island. September 16: Worked at my parent’s. Picked up Andrea at her car dealership to bring her home. Taco Bell for lunch with my mom. Had Vivint’s Equality Training today. Watched the ACM Awards and Taylor Swift performed Betty. September 17: Stopped at the coffee truck and headed to my parent’s to work. Put on season 1 of PEN15 for my mom to watch. Had pasta for dinner and watched Big Brother and Love Island. September 18: Stopped at Starbuck’s and went into the office. Lady Gaga’s new music video dropped for 911. Went to the VW dealership during lunch so Dustin could clear an error. Bought him and I lunch from Costa Vida. FaceTimed with Kylie. Back to work. I watched AGT. Went to TopGolf with Shinah, Amanda, Bre, Alex, and Cassidy. Hung out at Alex’s house for a bit after. September 19: Went and got a haircut. Watched a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Went to Jessica and Mick’s wedding in Alpine. Hung out at Colton and Destiny’s house after. September 20: Headed to my parent’s. My mom and I watched season 2 of PEN15. Had dinner and watched the Emmy’s. Updated my pages on my phone from the update. September 21: Worked at my parent’s. Shinah and I hiked the Woodland Hills Switchbacks after work. Went into a mine cave. September 22: Starbucks. Went into the office. I watched Paris Hilton’s documentary on YouTube. Went to lunch with Jacob and Brittany. I watched Love Island. Game night at Jacqueline’s with Kathryn, Eric, and Kallie. September 23: Worked at my parent’s. Watched Love Island, AGT, and DWTS. Made dinner and watched the finale of AGT. September 24: Worked at my parent’s. Bought some Vans online. I watched Love Island, Big Brother, and The Masked Singer. Took a nap. Went to Walmart to get stuff for Timp. Watched Big Brother. September 25: Started work at my parent’s at 7. Headed to the store after work and got to bed around 6 after packing stuff up for Timp. September 26: Slept 7 hours. Up at 2. Picked people up and got to the trail at 4. Trouble with parking. Started hiking at 4:42. Hiked with Danielle, Jessica, Mick, Briana, Aubray, Eric, Haley, Ricky, Kristy, Kenzie, Brittany, Hallie, and Shinah. Danielle, Jessica, and Mick unfortunately had to turn around. We got to the saddle at 9:45. Stayed there for a bit. Got to the shack at 11:05. Hung out and it took us 3 hours and 50 minutes to get back to the parking lot. 53,322 steps, 646 floors, 23.44 miles, 678 active minutes. Bath and slept at my parent’s. September 27: Posted my pictures from hiking Timp. I watched The Oprah Conversation, Love Island, The Genetic Detective, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine throughout the day. My parent’s came home for dinner and headed back up the canyon. Spent another night here. September 28: Worked at my parent’s. Got fully caught up on Brooklyn Nine Nine and watched Love Island and Big Brother. We had a new person start on the team today, Gabe. Watched Dancing With the Stars and voted for Kaitlyn! September 29: Went and worked at my sister’s for the day. I watched Love Island and Drag Race Holland. Meetings throughout the day. We had wine and pizza for dinner and watched the first presidential debate. September 30: Worked at my parent’s house. I watched Big Brother and Love Island. I recorded and posted the trailer for my Pop Addicts podcast.

Gym/Workout Count: I went to the gym 3 times, went on a morning walk, hikes: including Timp

TV Shows: America’s Got Talent, American Country Music Awards, Basketball, Big Brother, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Canada’s Drag Race, Dancing With The Stars, Drag Race Holland, Grey’s Anatomy, Love Island, Lovecraft Country, Paris Hilton’s documentary on YouTube, PEN15, Presidential Debate, RuPaul’s Drag Race, The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever!, The Emmy’s, The Genetic Detective, The Masked Singer, The Oprah Conversation

Books: Hood Feminism: Notes from The Women That A Movement Forgot

Movies: Halloweentown, Mulan, The Social Dilemma, Palm Springs

Music: OK Not To Be OK by Demi Lovato and Marshmello, Let’s Love by David Guetta and Sia, Love Looks Better by Alicia Keys, ok on your own by mxmtoon featuring Carly Rae Jepsen, hole in the bottle – ballerini album version by Kelsea Ballerini, Drivin Thru the Night by Petit Biscuit, BGE by RILEY, a new Sam Smith song, new Justin Bieber

Fitbit Steps: Total steps: 184,410. Average per day: 6,147.

Gratitude: being on The Kelly Clarkson Show, finished another book, awesome Dancing With The Stars cast, lunch roulette with the team, Joe’s, working with Kassidi and Kaylee, grilled ham and cheese, puppies, ending work early, Chinese food, Mulan, seeing family, campfires, showers, good food, hanging out with Delite, Halloweentown, virtual concert with Khalid and Swae Lee, virtual concert with Usher, seeing Brittany, Sarah, Kenzie, and Shae, Thai food, concert with Usher, FaceTiming my friends Kylie and Tasha, Big Brother, no line at Joe’s, working with Kassidi and Kaylee, Kaylee brought me a Starbucks drink, meetings with coworkers, Two Jack’s cheese sticks, sleepovers, car wash, playing Mario Kart with friends, good dinner, Toaster Strudels, found my Gameboy SP, morning walk, new season of Dancing With The Stars, Halloween talk for the department, good dinner, got to see my friend Andrea today, my mom bought be Taco Bell for lunch, Vivint Equality Training, Taylor Swift performed Betty at the ACM’s, watching PEN15 with my mom, pasta, new music, working with Shae in the office, my brother fixing something on my car, chatting with Zach, getting to use Vivint’s TopGolf pass, haircuts, Jessica and Mick’s wedding, hanging out with cousins, sleeping in, season 2 of PEN15, hiking with Shinah, rainy mornings, working in the office, lunch with Jacob and Brittany, game night with friends, orange juice, discount code from Julie for Vans, naps, being able to adjust my work schedule, was able to fall asleep early, made it to the top of Mt. Timp with some great friends, chill day, got caught up on Brooklyn Nine Nine, good dinner, Kaitlyn got a good score on DWTS, working at my sister’s, pizza, Love Island season 2 is over… so many episodes a week, posted the trailer for my podcast