Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

September 2021

September 1: I worked from home. I watched the following throughout the day: Bachelor in Paradise, America’s Got Talent, and American Horror Story. I went to Walmart and then back on the couch to work more. I put on America’s Got Talent and got caught up on my journal. I put together my August blog recap. Kylie and I watched Big Brother and I had dinner. I sat in the tub and listened to music. September 2: I worked from home again today. I went to Great Clips during my lunch break and Kristy cut my hair. I watched the following throughout the afternoon: America’s Got Talent, American Horror Story, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, and Big Shot. I watched Drag Race Holland. Kylie and I watched Big Brother. I listened to new music and went to bed. September 3: Another day working from home. I went to the mall during my lunch break to get an outfit for Harry Styles. Found flower shorts and then got a shirt from Vans. I got a smoothie from Green Me and went back home. I logged off at 2:25. I went to Kenzie’s house. Her, Jackie, Shonay, Savannah, and I went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We then parked in Timbuktu at the USANA Amphitheatre. We sat in section 306. Kelsea Ballerini opened up. She is gorgeous! Jonas Brothers came on, 22,000 people in the audience. It was a great show. September 4: Danielle, Camille, Estefany, and I got on the road around 10. We got into Vegas after 3. We stayed at the New York New York hotel. We hung out in our room and got ready. We ate dinner at Beer Haus. We then walked over to the MGM. Jenny Lewis opened up the show. Estefany and I got a Watermelon Sugar drink they had. Harry Styles came out and the crowd went wild. It was his first show of the tour. We ended the night going on the rollercoaster at the hotel. September 5: We went to Starbucks in the hotel and got on the road shortly after 8. We got to Estefany’s house at 2:30. I headed up Payson canyon for our annual family BBQ. We had dinner, hung out around the fire, listened to music, and drank. I stayed the night and slept in my parent’s trailer. September 6: Helped clean up and then headed to my parent’s. I showered and went over to Courtney and Ed’s. We went and walked around the booths at the park in Payson. I went over to Andrew’s. My dad, Amanda, and I packed up the big items and headed to their new place in American Fork. I headed home, started laundry, showered, and got dinner. Kylie and I watched Big Brother. September 7: I stopped at Dutch Bros and then went into the office. We did our fantasy football draft during lunch. Sarah and I went and watched Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings at the Orem Cinemark. Kylie made me dinner. I went to the gym at our apartment, watched some Bachelor in Paradise, and then went to bed. September 8: I worked from home today and washed my bedding. I watched Bachelor in Paradise, had lunch, and then put on America’s Got Talent, Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Circle, had dinner, and watched Big Brother. We went over to Bre’s to pick up some shoes she got at Brooke’s for my coworkers. Kylie and I watched the first episode of American Crime Story: Impeachment. September 9: I worked in the office. We went to Cubby’s for a goodbye team lunch for Kathryn. I hung out with Kallie after work. We went to Brick Canvas Cafe and then walked around the butterfly exhibit at Thanksgiving Point. Kylie and I ate and watched Big Brother. I was up late listening to new music that dropped. September 10: I went into the office since it’s Kathryn’s last day. We had lunch together, took some pictures, and said goodbye. I headed down to my parent’s. Kirk and Shannon are in town. Amanda, Bre, Brooke, and Andrew came over. We had pizza, drinks, and hung out. We went over to Brooke’s house. I ended up staying the night. September 11: I headed home and got Taco Bell for breakfast. I got ready and went back to my parent’s for Amanda and Bre’s Bridal Shower. I helped blow up and tie balloons. They set up decorations on the deck. We ate, had Manda’s Mimosas and Bre’s Brews. Kylie and I headed home and changed. We parked at Lucy and Colby’s and we drove back down with them. Hung out at the Spanish Fork house. Pizza, BYU vs Utah game, drinks, and music. I got home around 1:30. September 12: I went over to Amanda and Bre’s around 11. Kylie, Kirk, Shannon, Devin, Colby, and Lucy came as well for brunch. We hung out for a bit. I watched America’s Got Talent, American Horror Story, and The Circle while catching up on my journal and budget. Kylie and I went to the store. Amanda and Bre came over. We watched the VMA’s. September 13: Kylie and I carpooled into the office. After work, we watched Big Brother and the premiere episode of season 2 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. September 14: I went into the office. I left around 4:30 and met Shinah at the Orem Cinemark. We watched Candyman. I stopped at Walmart and got Kylie Nerds Ropes. September 15: Even though it’s a work from home day, I went into the office so I could decorate Shae’s desk for his birthday. I had leftovers for dinner and watched Bachelor in Paradise and Big Brother. September 16: I got into the office late. Shae, Jenn, Kenzie, Jonathan, and I had a team lunch at Block. I had hiccups pretty much all day. I went to Discount Tires after work and found out I have a staple in my back tire. I went to the VW dealership and Dustin patched it up for me. I went home and then down to Kylie’s in Payson. She gave me a spray tan. I got Taco Bell and headed home. I watched the finale of America’s Got Talent. Packed and went to bed. September 17: Taylor Swift dropped her version of Wildest Dreams. I watched Big Brother and posted the weight loss challenge winners. Andrea, Dan, and I went and picked up Shinah. We stopped in Beaver at The Creamery for lunch. We got to the Airbnb and Kaylee and Jenn were already there. I headed to the T-Mobile Arena for night 1 of the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Ryan Seacrest and Chrissy Metz announced Dua Lipa. All Time Low and Teddi Mellencamp announced Cheap Trick. Ryan Seacrest came back out, then Olivia Jade, she announced Walker Hayes and sang Fancy Like. Maddie and Kenzie Ziggler announced Finneas. Ryan then presented Dua Lipa with an award for One Billion streams for Levitating. Jana Kramer and Russell Dickerson announced Darius Rucker. Martin Garrix, a DJ, and someone else, presented Weezer. 98 Degrees presented J. Cole. Ryan and Donny Osmond presented Nelly. He brought out Florida Georgia Line. I left toward the end and headed home. Everyone else had gone to dinner and they got me a pizza. I ate and finished Mortal Kombat that Andrea, Dan, and Shinah had on. September 18: We took an Uber to Area15. We hung out up against the wall barrier a bit from the stage for the day. 24KGoldn performed first and then Russell Dickerson. I got free food at the Wendy’s booth. Tate McRae, Conan Gray, Gabby Barrett, Yungblud, All Time Low, and Saweetie performed. Shinah got through on the 1iota tickets for tonight. Unfortunately we had to leave to get to the T-Mobile arena and we missed The Kid Laroi and Olivia Rodrigo. They gave us lower-bowl tickets. We freshened up back at the Airbnb, went to Taco Bell, and then the T-Mobile Arena. Ryan Seacrest presented Billie Eilish. She was so fun! Bobby Bones presented Sam Hunt. Ryan then gave 24KGoldn an award for 1 billion streams of Mood. The Kid Laroi performed. Mario Lopez and Derek Hough presented Coldplay. DJ Envy and Saweetie presented Lil Baby. Young Blud, Tayshia Adams, and Big Boy presented Khalid who brought out Tate McCrae. Ryan, Debbi Gibson, and Joey McEntire presented Journey. We left toward the end of them singing Don’t Stop Believin’. We stopped at McDonald’s and Del Taco. Everyone had gone to bed. We watched some random videos on YouTube and then went to bed. September 19: We watched Olivia’s performance on YouTube from yesterday and got on the road after 10. We got into Salem around 5:30. I dropped everyone off, did laundry, and relaxed in bed. September 20: I feel like a zombie this morning. I went into the office. I got free tickets for Nightmare on 13th. I bought the signed Taylor Swift Fearless (Taylor’s Version) CD. I made dinner and watched Big Brother and Dancing With The Stars. September 21: I worked in the office. I went to the VW dealership for an oil change and software update during lunch. My brother worked on my car. I chilled on the beanbag and watched The Voice. I stopped at Walmart on the way home, watched The Voice, had dinner, and put on Bachelor in Paradise. Kylie and I then watched the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. September 22: We had our team offsite at the Lehi office building today to strategize for 2022. They provided breakfast and Zao for lunch. Shae, Kenzie, and I talked through things all day. I watched American Horror Story and then Kylie and I watched Survivor and Big Brother. September 23: Kenzie and I carpooled up to Midway for the continuation of our offsite. We met at Adventure Haus. We split into teams and did a side-by-side scavenger hunt. I was on Team Yellow with Lydia (the driver), Loren (the navigator), and Kevin and I were the runners. We got first place! Sarah, Terrence, Kenzie, Jenn, and I went to the Heber Valley Milk & Artisan Cheese store. I dropped off Kenzie and Terrence at the office and headed home. I showered and worked on the couch. I watched the following throughout the day and at night: The Voice, The Masked Singer, American Horror Story, 911, and Big Brother with Kylie. September 24: I worked from home. I watched the following throughout the day: The Masked Singer, Drag Race UK, Drag Race Holland, Ted Lasso, and finished Brooklyn Nine Nine. I went to the store. Kylie got home and we watched Big Brother and then Controlling Britney Spears on Hulu. September 25: I slept in. Amanda, Bre, and I went up to Snowbird for Oktoberfest. We met up with my dad, Dustin, Justin, Melanie, Colten, and Destiny. We hung out and I got a cool mug. We took some photos. Destiny and I got a pretzel. We stopped at home and headed to Colten and Destiny’s to hang out. My dad ordered pizza. We chilled on the couch and hung out. September 26: I slept in again. I went to the store. I got caught up on Drag Race: Holland and started season 3 of Sex Education. Kylie and I watched Big Brother and then I watched part of the Tony’s. September 27: I worked in the office. When I got home after work, I realized I left my charger. I went and picked it up. I had dinner and watched Dancing With The Stars. September 28: I worked in the office. Ended the day chatting with Sarah and left work before 6. I went home, had dinner, and watched The Voice and Bachelor in Paradise. Kenzie and I met at the Thanksgiving Point Megaplex and watched Dear Evan Hansen. September 29: Work from home day. I watched Bachelor in Paradise and set up on the couch. I got Shawn Mendes tickets for Kenzie, Jackie, Shonay, and I. I did some cleaning, got the mail, and went to Macey’s to get flowers and pumpkins during my lunch break. I got caught up on The Flight Attendant and then watched Chernobyl. Kylie and I got Jimmy John’s for dinner. We watched part of the Netflix Britney Spears’ documentary. Her father was removed from the conservatorship today in court. We then watched Survivor and the finale of Big Brother! Xavier won. September 30: I stopped at Dutch Bros and went into the office. Kenzie and I met Brittany at Chubby’s for lunch and met her daughter. I worked on my budget, journal, and blog post recap while watching: The Voice, The Masked Singer, 9-1-1, American Horror Story, and Drag Race U.K.


Kelsea Ballerini and The Jonas Brothers

Jenny Lewis and Harry Styles

iHeartRadio Music Festival – Night 1

iHeartRadio Music Festival – Daytime Stage

iHeartRadio Music Festival – Night 2

TV Shows: 9-1-1, America’s Got Talent, American Crime Story: Impeachment, American Horror Story, Bachelor in Paradise, Big Brother, Big Shot, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Chernobyl, Dancing With The Stars, Drag Race: Holland, Drag Race: UK, Sex Education, Survivor, Ted Lasso, The Circle, The Flight Attendant, The Masked Singer, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, The MTV VMA’s, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, The Tony’s, and The Voice

Movies: Candyman, Controlling Britney Spears, Dear Evan Hansen, part of Mortal Kombat, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Gratitude: working from the couch, medicine, watching Big Brother with Kylie, haircuts, finding an outfit for Harry Styles, packed show at USANA, getting to Vegas safe, seeing Harry Styles, getting home safe, making it up the canyon, hanging out with family, hanging out with Courtney and Ed, new Dutch Bros around the corner, being back in the office, going to a movie with Sarah, having a washer and dryer in the apartment, team lunches, hanging out with Kallie, memories with Kathryn, Kirk and Shannon being in town, Kirk bringing pizza, another day hanging with family, brunch with family, music, carpooling into the office, when a new season of a show starts, going to movies with Shinah, quiet days in the office, medicine, team lunch, Dustin being able to fix my tire, Kylie giving me a spray tan, got to Vegas safely, cool Airbnb, seeing so many cool artists on one stage, live music, Shinah getting through on 1iota, free food, getting home safe, a great weekend with friends, getting free Nightmare on 13th tickets, flexible work schedule to be able to get in late, my brother working at the VW dealership, coffee, planning with my work team, new season of Survivor starting, fun team offsite, getting 1st place, showering, rolling over in bed and being able to start working on work from home days, going to Oktoberfest with family, Colten buying me a beer, my dad getting all of us pizza, sleeping in, being close to work, going to the movie, getting good seats for Shawn Mendes, having motivation, hanging out with Kylie, having lunch with Brittany and meeting her new baby, following a budget