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SLC PR Excursion

I was able to go up to Salt Lake last Friday with the UVU PR crew. We had appointments with Richter7, Intrepid and Saxton Horne.

Below are some “Golden Nuggets” I wrote down at these meetings.


Interview Tips: Show up 3-5 minutes early, dress professionally, bring your typo-free resume, bring something to write on and a pen, bring writing samples, talk about your role with specific projects, ask questions about the position and company, follow up with an email citing points you made in the interview, follow up in five days, be yourself, smile, demonstrate your ability to get along well with others.

How to stand out: Describe two skills that would be valuable to your prospective employer, body language is crucial, no slouching, seem interested, what how you walk, beware of your resting face.

Resume: Place your experience on top, tailor it to the job.

How to be a fabulous intern: have a race horse mentality, if people like you, they’ll forgive just about anything you do wrong, be likable but do NOT brown-nose, absorb ALL you can, work to improve, communicate with team, always look for more information.

Get up earlier and drive a different way to work. Read books. Spend time with friends in different industries. Challenge yourself to do a different thing every day. Don’t be scared to fail. Don’t make the same mistake twice. Be friends with your coworkersDon’t complain. Always be positive.

REMEMBER, we only pass this place once.


You need to have a body of work. Be SMART with your time. Get as much different kind of experience. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Regular goal planning. Be a productive member of your team. Jump in…! You’ll be on the radar.

SLC Excursion