Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger


January 1: 2019 picture recap on my Instagram and made a recap blog post. It’s my mom’s birthday. Went to their house and visited. Went and visited my grandma.

Grateful for: My dad, mom, grandma

January 2: Sarah and I went and got a Mani/Pedi. My first one. Had Chinese food for dinner. Watched Lizzie McGuire with Amanda and packed for my cruise.

Grateful for: New music, my friend Natasha, Mani/Pedi with Sarah, Chinese food, Lizzie McGuire

January 3: 29&Me blog post. Took off to Phoenix and landed at 9:30. Boarded for Miami at 10:25.

Grateful for: Safe flight, Dave taking us to the airport, Chase and Marissa

January 4: Got to Taylor and Kaitlyn’s hotel when we landed. Boarded the Carnival Conquest around 12. Rick and Michelle arrived. Room 7394. My bed came down from the ceiling. Explored the ship. Games, dinner, movie, piano bar, karaoke, comedian.

Grateful for: Made it and boarded safely, free food and ice cream, looking off the deck at the water

January 5: Games, food, Harry Potter trivia. First formal night for dinner. Had lobster. Front row for the rock show. Marissa and I checked out the club.

Grateful for: Looking fresh in our formal attire. Marissa going to the club with me. Going to the rock show performance.

January 6: Grand Turk. We took a taxi to Governor’s Beach. Swam in the ocean. Skinny dipped. Rainy weather. Walked the beach looking for shells. Walked back, swam in the pool, checked out the shops. Love and Marriage show. 90’s trivia party. Got sent up with 5 other guys to do a Ricky Martin impersonation. I was nervous. Got 3rd place. The person that won, did the worm. Shouldn’t have won, haha. Marissa went up for a girl band vs boy band dance. The girls won. Games, club, watched some paranormal shows in the room.

Grateful for: Swimming in the ocean, iced Chai, sun came out for a bit.

January 7: Puerto Rico. There was an earthquake on the south part of the island last night. We were able to dock. Visited Castillo San Cristóbal. There was no power on the island. We saw a lot of iguanas. Loved the colorful buildings and cobblestone streets.

Grateful for: Beautiful Puerto Rico. Got a pic with an iguana. Earthquake didn’t happen when we were there.

January 8: St. Thomas. Took a taxi over to Coki Bay. Tried snorkeling for the first time. Explored the shops. Formal night two. We took group pictures. The entertainment theme for the night was: Flick.

Grateful for: Snorkeling for the first time. Had a nap. Didn’t feel too sick on the ship.

January 9: Docked in Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic. Rented a van and drove about an hour out to Monkey Jungle. We zip lined 7 sections. There was a “secret” section where we jumped off a ledge into a cave. Went into the monkey section and fed them. They had more monkeys in some cages in a bat cave. The driving was scary and fun with good commentary. The entertainment show for the night was 80’s themed.

Grateful for: Marissa and Chase paid for me at Monkey Jungle, it was my birthday gift. Zip lining in the trees of the Dominican Republic. Hanging out with monkeys.

January 10: Brunch in the restaurant. Relaxing last day at sea. Sawm, played games, watched a Lip Sync battle and watched Aladdin on the deck.

Grateful for: All the food we had on the ship. Getting to spend time with Rick, Michele, Kaitlyn, Taylor, Chase, and Marissa. The entertainment on the ship.

January 11: Rick rented a car and we headed off to explore Miami Beach. Saw Gianni Versace’s mansion. Walked on the beach. We took Rick and Michele to the airport and headed to our Airbnb. Went to a Cuban restaurant for dinner.

Grateful for: Trying Cuban food, Rick getting us a rental car, being able to chill at the house.

January 12: Boarded around 8:30. We were supposed to have an 8 hour layover in Houston, however, Rick was able to bump us up and we only waited about an hour. Landed in Salt Lake around 2. Dave picked us up and we went to their house to pick up the kids. Julie had made us dinner.

Grateful for: Rick getting us on an earlier flight, safe travels, my bed

January 13: Monday, but took today off to reboot. Edited and posted pictures from the vacation and caught up on some shows.

Grateful for: Debt free, all of the great pictures from the trip, The Bachelor is back on

January 14: Day 1 back to work. Got a haircut during my lunch break. Watched the Democratic debate.

Grateful for: back to the gym, haircut, night in

January 15: Got my New York City time-off approved. Picked up Zupa’s after work and headed to Chase and Marissa’s. We watched Catch Me If You Can.

Grateful for: NYC vacation time off approved, hanging out with Chase and Marissa, cleaned out my Google Drive

January 16: Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz are recapping Glee on their podcast. Lea Michele was the first guest! We got new carpet at work! Local Sundance tickets went on sale but all of the movies I want to get into are sold out. Went to Chase and Marissa’s after work. Had dinner, went to the NPS store and then watched Eat, Pray, Love. Booked my flights to Denver and New York in March. The Jonas Brothers came out with a new song and music video. Eminem, Halsey, and Mac Miller have new albums out.

Grateful for: new carpet at work, Jenna and Kevin doing a Glee recap podcast, booked flights for Denver and NYC, Nick Jonas’ legs in his new music video

January 17: Snowy weather. Started The Circle on Netflix. Shinah and I picked up The Pie and went over to Andrea’s. Ate, chatted, and played games. Met Elias for the first time.

Grateful for: upcoming events for the year, working heater in my car, meeting Andrea’s baby

January 18: Caught up on some shows. Headed to Chase and Marissa’s and then up to Dave and Julie’s. She made chicken cordon bleu for us. Yummy! We played Skipbo and Secret Hitler. Had desert. Watched Missing 411 back at Chase and Marissa’s house.

Grateful for: day to binge some shows, not giving in and going to get Wendy’s, Julie making dinner for us

January 19: Went down to my parents in the morning. Watched football. The 49ers are going to the Superbowl! Did my 2020 budget and bought tickets to Six and Company for when Natasha and I go to New York City in March. Booked Airbnb for Denver in March for Oprah. Made a TikTok from texting my grandma the lyrics to Break My Stride.

Grateful for: lazy days at my parents, completing my 2020 budget, booking lodging and getting tickets for upcoming trips

January 20: Normal work day. Played pool with Kenzie. She won. Went to Smith’s and then home to make dinner. Watched The Bachelor with Amanda and Bre.

Grateful for: played pool with Kenzie, set up printer at work, night in watching The Bachelor

January 21: Scared Kenzie for my Scares highlight on Instagram, muahaha. Caught up on The Walking Dead.

Grateful for: gloomy weather, healthy dinner, caught up on The Walking Dead

January 22: Miss Americana trailer dropped. Chills. In second place for The Bachelor bracket at work. Caught up on some shows.

Grateful for: Miss Americana trailer

January 23: Started the day off listening to Red, 1989, Reputation and the Lover album. Wore my album AMA’s shirt. Went to lunch with Jacob, Cole, Kathryn, Kenzie, and Brittany. Finished reviewing a Google sheet for work, phew. Sarah and I had dinner in Heber and joined fellow Swifties outside the Eccles theater in Park City. We sang-a-long to her songs. Taylor arrived shortly before 9. Waved at the fans and walked down the line taking pictures. I got some good videos and was able to squeeze into a picture with the girl in front of me and Taylor. “I had the best day, with you, today.”

Grateful for: Taylor Swift’s music, figured out next steps with a Google sheet, Sarah and I seeing Taylor Swift in the flesh

January 24: Wore my Taylor Swift era sweater to work today. Played some Bananagrams during lunch. My friend Jessica was able to book a condo in Park City through her work for the weekend. Sarah and I headed up to meet her, Brooke and Danielle. We went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Parked and had the shuttle take us to PC main. We hung out in the Acura Lounge and listened to the band JOHNNYSWIM. Walked main and then headed back to the condo. Explored the building, looked like there was a party. Hung out in the condo, chatted, watched TikToks and went to bed around 3.

Grateful for: Starbuck’s, Bananagrams with coworkers at lunch, was able to stay at a condo in PC with friends

January 25: Had lunch at Main Street Pizza and Noodle. Walked main street and we saw Belinda Carlisle (Ooh, heaven is a place on earth!), Jesse Williams, Carey Mulligan and Marcus Scribner. Went to Chase and Marissa’s for their last game night before they move. Pizza, cookies, games. Headed up to Salt Lake. Ciara, Nathan, Dallin, Cienna, Marvin, and his friend. Went to Golden Axe. First time axe throwing. Rode scooters around and went back to their place. Ice-cream. Played Skipbo. Some of Cienna’s friends came over. We played Cards Against Humanity and went to be around 3.

Grateful for: Conversations with friends, celebrity sightings, game nights at Chase and Marissa’s, trying new things, sleepovers with cousins


January 26: Filed my taxes. Chilled at Ciara and Nathan’s all day. Watched TV, had dinner and then watched The Grammy’s. Did a recap for my blog.

Grateful for: body let me sleep in until 10, Ciara made us dinner, The Grammy’s, especially Demi Lovato’s performance

January 27: Amanda made dinner and we watched The Bachelor.

Grateful for: Cupbop, Amanda made dinner, cake

January 28: Took Marissa up to the hospital for a surgery. Got into work close to 11. After work, I picked up Zupa’s, went over to Chase and Marissa’s and we watched Freaky Friday.

Grateful for: Was able to help Marissa, dinner and a movie with Chase and Marissa

January 29: Estefany had a work party at the aquarium. Went with her, Andrea, and Emi. Had dinner with Ciara and Nathan and stayed over at their place.

Grateful for: Got in the aquarium for free, got to spend time with friends, sleep overs at my cousins

January 30: Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2020 with Brittany. Had lunch with Jacob and Brandon. Went to a few different sessions. Had dinner with Ciara and Nathan. Had friends over and played games.

Grateful for: Conference was paid for by Vivint, heard from the CMO of iHeartMedia, free massage

January 31: Worked from Ciara’s couch today. I watched Miss Americana on Netflix and loved it. Ciara, Nathan, Bre, Amanda, and I went and ate dinner at Maxwell’s. Went to The Union and saw Kilo Kish and King Princess. Ciara, Nathan, and I went to Sweet Rolled Tacos, back to their place, and watched Miss Americana with them.

Grateful for: Taylor Swift, dinner with Ciara, Nathan, Amanda, and Bre, first concert of the year

Movies: Ad Astra, Catch Me If You Can, Eat, Pray, Love, Freaky Friday, Home Alone, The Mummy, The Undefeated, and part of The Upside

Television: 9-1-1 Lonestar, America’s Got Talent: The Champions, Democratic Debates, Dr. Pimple Popper, Encore, Family Feud, Glee, HGTV shows, High School Musical: The Series, Impractical Jokers, Lizzie McGuire, Manifest, Missing 411, Miss Americana, Naked and Afraid, Paranormal shows, Queer Eye, Schitt’s Creek, The Bachelor, The Circle, The Mandalorian, The Walking Dead, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, This Is Us, Undercover Boss

Music: Demi Lovato, Dua Lipa, Eminem, Francoise Hardy, Hailee Steinfeld, Halsey, Heidi Montag, Kesha, Mac Miller, Meghan Trainor, Taylor Swift, The Grammy performances, The Jonas Brothers

Steps: 254945 total steps. Average: 8224.