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Team preparation and relationship development

Today marks one month until we depart for Los Angeles. We have had a chance to meet as a class once to go over the itinerary and class assignments. We plan to meet a few more times before we leave. Although we haven’t met that much, I have a few of the students in some of my other classes. I’ve also been able to connect with most of them either on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.

Flight takeoff


This blog post ties in well with my monthly goal I have with my manager. There are three teams in my department at work. I know my team pretty well, however, I don’t know the members on the two other teams. My goal this month is to get to know them better.

It’s very beneficial to make connections and build relationships in and outside of work. Those connections start friendships. They can also lead to opportunities you might not have had if you hadn’t taken the time to meet that person.



I think it’s hard in any situation you’re not comfortable with to put yourself out there. Since I’m in my last semester, I’m making sure I don’t hold back. It might be hard to step out of your comfort zone, however, it can be harder living with the regret from not doing so.

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